Sunday, September 14, 2008

Do you believe in ghost?

I’ve a couple of ghost pictures to share and a true story to tell that was told to me by my mother. Read and enjoy the tale then decide how you’d answer this question….

Do you believe in ghost?

My parents had just returned to America. Being young with a large Irish family already forming in their embrace, my father accepted his uncle’s inexplicable offer to let us stay in the old family estate. After all ~ no one was living there.

Not more than a week after moving into the house my father was off on another business trip and mother was left there to finish unpacking in this beautiful two story home with two young sons, ages eleven and twelve, and her twin baby daughters, me and my sister. What my father had forgotten to tell her … spoke up for itself later that night.

The thunderstorm rumbled. Bright flashes and bolts of lighting splashed across the sky and the black clouds rolled like giant bowling balls across the heavens, frightening my brothers. They decided to take refuge from the storm, sleeping in my parent’s room on my absent father’s side of the bed…of course, my older brother now claims; it was to protect our mother. Me and my twin? We were tucked safely way in our crib sound asleep in the next room.

The hours ticked by. The boys feel asleep as the storm moved on and mother put her book down to rest for the night, it was close to nine o’clock now. The moment she turned the nightstand lamp off and snuggled down into her covers, the sound of someone entering the house stirred the silence. Then a light down stair in the living room came on. A few sounds in the kitchen brought her up in the bed with a start. She sat there listening, her heart pounding as the gradual sounds of people arriving filtered up the stairs. She woke my brothers to listen.

They too heard the noise from down the steep, dark staircase. Seeing my mother was too terrified to move, my older brother decided to be brave and stop the intruders. After all he had to live up to his image. At six years old he’d been honored with an award of bravery for stopping a robber at a toy store…now that he was all of twelve…he had to step up. It was one thing to be afraid of a bad thunderstorm; you couldn’t control God’s will. But for him to fear another human just wasn’t in his book. He could control the situation and he did.

Taking my young brother with him for back up, he crept down the stair. The noise got louder and it seemed more people had suddenly arrived, but the minute he peeked around the corner the doorway into the room he was greeted with silence and an empty space. No one was there. No one alive anyway. Realizing this was not a situation he could deal with he ran across the room, turned off the light and headed back to my parent’s room to tell my mother no one was there. It had to be ghosts.

Once they had mother calmed and reassured no one was in the house, they settled in again for a nights rest. A few minutes passed then like a snap all the lights down stairs went on and the sounds of people talking, laughing and crying echoed at full pitch.

Mother and the boys sat up in bed with hearts pounding like humming bird wings. Suddenly, fear covered them in sweat as they heard male foot steps thumped up the stairs. Terrified of ghosts, my brothers hide under the covers cowering in fear. My mother stared in horror as she watched the adjacent bathroom light come on, but she saw no one enter the room. The door swung shut and after a moment the toilet flushed. The door opened and she heard the ghostly steps walk down the hall and stop at the doorway of our room. The moment the heavy footsteps entered the room my mother screamed at my brothers,

“The ghost is in the twin’s room! Go get them!”

Needless to say, neither boy moved from under the covers. And even though my mother could tell the ghost was attempting to wake us, she was paralyzed with a terrifying fear that came from a horrifying childhood experience, leaving her unable to come to our rescue.

The twin babies … we didn’t know we weren’t suppose to see and hear ghost at that age - so we answered the ghost with coos and laughed at whatever the ghost did.

For the next three nights this event repeated itself. It wasn’t until my father returned on the forth day and saw my mother had repacked the entire house for MOVING OUT that he told her what she’d heard was just the family wake of my great-grandfather. Every year for those three days the wake repeated itself.

The odd part about the repeated haunting was the fact that not just one ghost, but several of the ghosts stepped out of the patterned reenactment to visit with the newest additions to the clan…me and my sister.

Here is a photo of my twin and me together in sin city with an unexpected ghostly orb to my twin’s right. Not so scary, but look at the photo below.

This picture was taken by Dirk, a friend to a writer friend of mine. He told her he took the photo of this ghost in his house on his cell phone. Spooky – I sure wouldn’t want to run into this spirit, would you?

So, we are back to the question I asked at the start of this tale … DO YOU BELIEVE IN GHOST?


Anonymous said...


Since I am the one who gave you Dirk's picture...I would have to say I believe there is something here with us, but I've never witnessed anything, yet.


Hawk said...

Hey Sweetie,

Yap, you're the writer friend I was talking! Glad you stopped in to visit.

I can't thank you enough for sharing it...makes for an interesting topic and comments, don't you think?

Well, as far as not seeing anything yet - come stay for a week at my house and you'll get an eye and ear full..."HE'S" been busy of late.


sharron said...


My husband and I never "saw" the ghost in our house but we both heard him - we both just knew it was a him - many times. He liked to walk down our hall at night and come stand by our bed, sometimes on my side, sometimes on my husbands. You could hear his footsteps, very soft but clear. One night it was my turn to be stared at and I told him that I understood he would never hurt me, but he was scaring me and I asked him not to come back. He never did! I kid you not, this is a true story. I almost felt bad, sending him away. I suppose he was lonely.


Anne-Marie said...

Yes, ma'am, I'm a believer.

My BIL had a house in Columbia, SC that was definitely haunted. Yep, real scary.

While I visited France, my husband and I stayed in a haunted castle where I found out first hand it was haunted. Didn't sleep the entire time we were there. On the outside wall, no rooms around us, we'd hear a scratching noise and several knocks like someone was trying to get out. It kept up steady with 1/2 hour breaks at different intervals from 2am until 6am. It lasted the entire 4 days we were there. Yep, I'm a beliver.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Oh no, I don't like it at all when they stare at you. And I'm not a fan of the image in the mirror either. I don't mind them appearing in front of me when I can see their image, but when they appear as a dark blob...I'm not happy.

Don't feel so bad about asking him to leave. You may just have helped him to find his path home - his path to heaven. It's sad to think of a soul lost here just wandering.

Thank so much for sharing your ghost story.


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Welcome back AM!

Sounds like you've had several experiences with a ghost. O.k., at the retreat you've got to tell me the other story and I'll tell you mine!

I don't think I'd be too happy with that ghost keeping me up all night ~ with all his banging around.


Vicki said...

I believe and have had a few odd experiences, nothing to scary, or at least it didn't scare me at the time.

Vicki said...

Oh by the way, you won Rocki's book on my blog. The other winner never emailed her address and I asked for it several times. So, last week I said I'd choose a new winner if I didn't here from her and you were randomly chosen. :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Come on girl - share the story! What did you hear or see?

AWESOME - I won the giving away book from your blog...I'm going over right now to see!

super hugs

Christine said...

Hi Hawk,
I'm pretty undecided about Ghosts and many other unseen entities. I haven't ever experienced anything first hand, but I'm open to the possibility. How's that for a vague, roundabout answer?

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Girl, you make me laugh, and I love your honesty! I'd say as long as you're open minded to anything being a possibility you've got ahead start on those who don't...