Monday, September 29, 2008

Fast Cars and Girls - which are you?

Which best describes you and why?

Are you the classic sexy black Riviera - a refined woman who loves the finer things in life?

Or the fast Camero sporty kind of girl, who’s always on the go?

Maybe you’re the cross between the Riviera and the Camero – the Reatta, a racy yet elegant girl?

Then again, you could be like me, yap that’s right - I’m the old hot rod – a cropped and dropped 1930 Ford Vicki kind of girl - I'm ready to heat things up and make enough noise so everyone knows I'm here.

So tell me which are you? BTW, this old hot rod just won the best of the best in show!



Vicki said...

First, major congrats to DH for the win on the car. Okay, congrats to you too, but I know he's very happy. :)

Hmmm...which car am I? Do you really have to pick one? Because sometimes I'm total classic and very refined, but then there are times, I'm the always on the go kinda girl. Wait, maybe I'm the cross between the two. Yep, that's me.

With a little bit of hot rod, I'm really since the car has my name or I have the car's name, I've got to be a little bit of that one too.

Love this post, it's fun. :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Vicki - you make me laugh! I adore you, sweetie!


Alyssa Goodnight said...

I think I'm more of a Volkswagon Bug. ;)

And congrats on the car--it's a beauty!

Anonymous said...

As usual, I don't see one to fit me, so here's what I think...
I'm just like my bright yellow Sunfire.... I consider myself dependable and try to look for the good in every situation. Most day's I'm bright and sunny like my Pontiac...