Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Walk Among The Wildflowers

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry I'm late with this week's blog. I thought since we were on the subject of ghost ~ I'll tell you about another kind of experience. I think you will find it interesting or at least thought provoking. It's an article I wrote. It was published a few years back in a Literary Magazine called The Pepper Tree - actually, it was my very first publication. Enjoy.

I’ve had a secret for more than forty years. I can no longer watch in silence as my loved ones mourn their lost loves and say nothing. Too many times they’ve turned to me and asked, “Is there really a heaven?” My secret is their answer.

“Are you sure you’re ready to go?”
“Oh, yes!” I said eagerly, as he led me toward the most beautiful field of wildflowers I’d ever seen.
“Are you sure?” he questioned, as I placed my tiny hand in his warm and caring one. Looking up into his awesome blue eyes, I gave an anxious nod and noted the angel-like glow of his whitish-blond hair.
“What about your twin? She needs you. You have to go back and take care of her,” the tall, slim woman with him added in a gentle voice. “It’s not time for you yet.”

Suddenly, I felt a rending suction sensation. I was being drawn back into my physical body with a vengeance. But how had I left my body in the first place? Who were these two beings who were leading me down that breathtaking path?

All questions faded as I rapidly became aware that I was in a dead body and it was mine. Not a sound did it make. The raging river noise of my blood rushing through my body wasn’t there. It’s a sound you’re born hearing, but you become so accustomed to it you don’t hear it—until it stops. My eyes opened and widened with fear. What was I supposed to do? I tried to call out to my father for help, but I had no breath; my lungs had no air.

Get up. Go to your father. The angel man’s voice said in my head.
I thought with a bit of annoyance, I can’t, there are snakes under my bed! To a nine year old, death played a minor part in life compared to snakes. Snakes can kill you and I wasn’t really dead – I was still alive, I had a body of sorts, and I was communicating with these two very nice beings. If this was death, then it wasn’t so bad. I was still alive! I didn’t need that body that lies in my bed, blue and lifeless. That body was like clothing, the real me was this one, the one who wanted so badly to walk the blue path among the wildflowers.

Before I could change my mind and slip out of that inanimate earth form, I felt the two beings place their hands under each of my physical arms and lift my body up. Pound on the wall, the angelic man whispered in my mind, and I did. I felt only pressure against my hands. I heard nothing as my tiny fist banged and banged. Without breath in the body, your ears do not hear, but I pounded, as the divine man had asked.

Suddenly, my father appeared in the room, and I felt the heavenly beings release me. My body fell limp to the bed. Abruptly, I found myself once again standing beside the spirit people. I watched as my father grabbed my expired body and rushed from the room to a more lighted one. I felt the fear that gripped his pounding heart as he mournfully stared into the puffy, blue face of his child. The baby wasn’t breathing!

I heard his prayer to God, and once again, I was imbibed into that defunct body. My eyes opened just long enough to see my father’s face full of terror, his eyes filled with a father’s love and determination to bring his child back to life. His face got closer, and my world went dark.

I remained in this darkness for several hours. The spirit people had some work to do on my body. You see, it had been dead for more than ten minutes—there was damage that needed repair. So the body, to all appearances, was sleeping calmly through the night into the late morning hours.

When I finally did take control over this physical form of clothing for my spirit body, with God’s blessing and the angel’s hard work I awakened without brain damage. Of course, I know some of you reading this would say I had lots of brain damage, but what can I say? It happened.

Through the years, this experience has never left me. At times I’ve questioned its validity and my sanity. Then one day, a beloved friend showed me a book by Robert A. Monroe. It was called Journeys Out of the Body. I finally understood what had happened to me and to others like me who have had a near-death experience.

To those of you who believe me, take comfort in knowing your loved ones live on. Don’t ever be afraid of death. There’s a wonderful world on the other side with beautiful people just waiting for us to return and walk among the wildflowers.



Vicki said...

Wow, I didn't know that one. Thank you for sharing it with us. It's an amazing story and although it's never happened to me, I do have a family member who it did. Only they weren't around wild flowers, but described a beautiful stream, lined with trees, their leaves the colors of autumn. Perhaps each of us finds the place we are meant to be.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Sweet Vicki -

Yap, you know I can't be NORMAL in my life...I always have to do something weird. I'm told it's because I'm Irish. Giggle

True, the image will be what moves the soul, or needs to move the soul. The wild flowers were shown then but turn out to be a lesson that showed up later in my life. I'll share that another time.

You know me, I have to keep the mystery.