Sunday, November 23, 2008

Did you know or wonder?

Up date on me little tike – as you can see, he made it through his surgery and is doing fine. A million thanks to all of you who sent him your thoughts and prayers. Now I’ve got about three more weeks of intensive care… and naturally he’s taking advantage of that. The minute DH or I step out of his sight, we get “THE SQUEAK” and have to come running back to see two soft brown eyes looking up at us with that sad “How could you even think of leaving me for one minute” look. And we feel guiltier than a murderer on trial.

I’m almost sure the vet is in collusion with my little tike. I think he’s the one who told him he could use this paw thing to keep me away from all the incessant tapping I do at the keyboard, my dog’s always hated my typing, you know.

And don’t go saying I’m paranoid! I’ve almost gotten proof the vet taught him to give me that “You’re disturbing my much needed rest.” look. I find it suspicious how my little tike cocks his head to the right and gives me that heartrending gaze to make me stop ~ when he does that, he looks just like his partner in crime…the vet! And though I’m still searching for this indisputable evidence, I swear ~ out of the corner of my eye I saw my little tike slipped the vet a money filled envelope, when he thought I wasn’t looking. }:-/ And the vet looked like he’d just taken a peanut-butter cookie out of the cookie jar!

So, little writing is getting done on my sexy western novel that I’m hoping to complete by this coming year’s Nationals.

O.K., for this week’s blog –

A few interesting things to think about.

I’ve been hearing a lot of people rave about using Red Yeast Rice and Guggul. What’s that you say? Well apparently health foods stores can hardly keep it stocked, it’s selling so fast. Some Doctors are even recommending it over regular FDA approved medicines that aren’t working.

It’s said Red Yeast Rice lowers cholesterol while the Guggul increases HDL and reduces the LDL in your body and lowers Triglycerides.

Apparently – it’s working and making a lot of senior’s and even younger
(40 to 50’ish) people very happy and healthy. {:-D So, I’m tucking this info’ away for future use.

Then I heard about a new natural sugar, called STEVIA – you can get it at any health food store in your area. You can buy it in granular, powder, or liquid forms. And you can cook with it just like regular sugar, or pour it in your coffee just like sugar. And from what I hear; there is no awful aftertaste like you get with sugar substitutes because this is a natural plant. You’ll use less of it than real sugar because it’s sweeter than real sugar, but I’m told it taste like sugar. And best of all - it’s natural.

Have you read your toothpaste tube lately? It has a WARNING on it, did you know that? Aquafresh, as do most of the others say: “….If you accidentally swallow more than for brushing, seek professional assistance or contact a POISON CONTROL CENTER RIGHT AWAY! {:-O E-gads! And they don't even tell you what amount you're suppose to use for how do we know?

Now this may be revealing my age, but when I was young the toothpaste didn’t have such warnings – these warnings came when they started putting fluoride, FDA approved Fluoride, in it.

Isn’t that odd? Why the warning? They keep telling us that fluoride is good for us. Even my dentist says fluoride is good for me. So, why the warning?

Well, it got me Irish mind going (that’s always a danger – just ask the English) and I found out that ALFALFA is an amazing herb that naturally makes fluoride. O.K., fluoride has to be good for us then because Alfalfa is good for us. So, this has to be what the FDA and our dentist keep referring to....right?

Oh, sorry, but it isn’t. IT ISN’T????{:-O

No, THEY tell us how good fluoride is for us BUT they tell a white lie. They leave out the fact that the fluoride they’re giving us is not from ALFALFA – they’re using an artificially manufactured aluminum Sodium Fluoride (that our FDA - BTW has approved as good for us) but neither of them are telling us that what THEY give us is actually A POISON! A POISON we can find in nearly all of our toothpaste.

Oh. [:-?

I’m amazed the FDA allows it, but then they’ve never really cared about the public as they say they do (or they wouldn’t allow us to be poisoned, now would they?). Even more horrifying are our dentist (who actually know better, but tell us differently) and who insist on putting it in our mouths every chance they get – guess their insuring future business.

And don’t get me started on X-ray and those lies we’re being feed.

Oh, and if you’re thinking you’re safe from being poisoned from your toothpaste because you don’t swallow – you’re wrong. Your gums absorb what you put into your mouth…it goes into your system…so, the way I see it ~ we’re being poisoned little by little.

BTW, if you doubt what I’m saying - go read a tube of toothpaste? It gives warnings about SWALLOWING - I advise you to get up right now and read the tube…but remember; they conveniently forget to mention your gums absorb – clever advertising, huh? They appear to care, yet forget to mention other ways it can enter your body where it’ll do the most damage. Do you think that’s why more and more people today suffer with gum disease? Hum, I have to wonder.

But you don’t have to worry about being poisoned – you can change it to a natural toothpaste (you can find them at your health food store – BEWARE your choice though, there too you can find fluoride in some). And yes, they have ones that whiten your teeth as well as clean them.

Anyway, on to more pleasant things. Speaking of Alfalfa – do you know anyone who suffers with ARTHRITIS? Well alfalfa can help it – I tried it and it’s amazing. My hands feel normal again. I noticed a change within two weeks. Did you know Alfalfa is also great for allergies and asthma? Why don’t allergy doctors tell you this? Have you ever heard one suggest this to you first – before giving you pills with all those horrid side affects? Hum, I wonder why?

I’ve read that Alfalfa helps those who suffer with Bell’s Palsy and Bursitis. And it’s known as a great Colon Cancer prevention.

I discovered some time ago that it was good for those with Diabetes. And I’ve been eating alfalfa sandwiches for years because my grandma told me it was good for digestive disorders. But recently I’ve used it for Fatigue, both mental and physical and it works when nothing else did. As a writer I work long hours and I’ve found this herb to be wonderful in helping me stay energized.

Now I’ve heard other say it helps their Gout and I’ve have read this in several herbal books as well.

I think everyone’s grandma will tell you it works for, Nausea, Morning Sickness and Lactation.

I’m not sure how, but I’ve read it can be used for hemorrhages, maybe in a poultice paste?

And obviously it’s good for tooth decay….all that “natural” made fluoride!

Two other interesting diseases I’ve read it’s good for, are peptic ulcers and the pituitary gland that suffers with Cushing’s Disease.

Did you ever wonder what Bayberry is good for? OMG!!!!

 Hawk


Lea said...

Yee Gods Hawk!

It's always an education!! I just ran to the 'lavatory' to check my toothpaste tube!!! Especially with the whole dental thing etc. etc. yikes!

I'm am so relieved your cutie is doing well. They do have a way of tugging at our heart strings that is for sure. I just go into a state of apoplexy every time one of my babies requires a vet visit. And, surgery - OMG I'm a total wreck so I can certainly relate. They are like children though and will try and milk the whole "poor me" thing.

It is always nice to chat with you and see what you are up to! I know your sexy western novel will "burn up the trail" as it were!

One small favor. I completed a review of Jordan Summers "Red" and posted last night. She is a really nice author and no one has left a comment. When you have a moment would you mind?? If it is not too much trouble, I'd so appreciate it.

Also I wasn't sure if you saw my post because your blog was mentioned and I wanted to make sure you had seen it. :)

Look forward to chatting soon.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


It was because of you I wrote this blog. your toothpaste safe?

Thank you for your kind words about me tike - I'm like you, I dropped him off at the vet's and spent the rest of the day crying until I could pick him up...
But my sweet DH was understanding and gave lots of hugs to pull me through the day.
My hero won't admit it, but he loves the tike as much as I do.
Oh, and BTW, DH gets played by my little tike even more than I do with those sad, sad eyes! LOL

Hey, are you smelling my westerns smoke up there yet? Keep sniffing you will! :-D

I dropped in for a visit and after reading the review for Red - hey, I didn't have to do you a favor - the books sound awesome. I will be buying it for sure.
But I'll besure to tell my Taran sister about Jordan's visit - over our chapters loop. I'm sure they will be interested in visiting your site as well.

Oh sweetie - what a surprise! I can't thank you enough for the blog recommendation! xoxo


Liza said...

Glad your cutie is doing so well. My dad's dog will bark if he picks up a phone and grab his hand if he tries to use the computer. I thought he was kidding about the computer thing until I was there last time. She picks up your hand with her mouth. It's very funny that she doesn't want anyone on the computer.

I did know about the toothpaste warning, only because I saw it when I got my last tube. I don't think I swallow my toothpaste, but I never thought about it getting in my system through my gums. Thanks for the heads-up. I have super sensitive teeth, so I'm pretty limited to my toothpast choices(even in the sensitive toothpast lines).

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Liza!

Oh my little tike hates the computer! So, I'm not surprised to hear about your dad's dog. I'd love to see, must be so cute to see.

As far as your sensitive teeth - the health food store's have special toothpaste for sensitive gums and teeth - that don't have fluoride - check it out. They might work better for your teeth - try to find one with "tea tree" in it.