Sunday, November 16, 2008

Divination, where does it come from?

We’ve all been to one – well, most of us have paid good money at one time or another to have some “Psychic” tell us nothing of value. Or like me, you’ve been hawked in by a gypsy at a carnival who told you “TRUTHS” - truths denied at the time out of fear, though inside you knew what she said was the absolute truth. I’ve even had a stranger stop me at the mall to tell me something they were told by the other side. And I wonder.

Whether the seer uses a Crystal Ball, Astrology Charts, Cards, Stones, or just holds a personal object of yours as she speaks her predicted truths – where do you think her divination comes from?

Is it from the devil? Is there really a devil or just our belief in one? Or maybe psychic abilities are implanted talents from UFO people? O.k., we won’t go there.

Back to my question ~ God. Is “Seeing” a gift from God? Maybe it doesn’t even come from that high up. For that matter, is it just an over-soul (angel) guiding us all to the paths we seek? Perhaps the psychic’s abilities are readings from our own reflections of the mind … so it’s not psychic at all, she just telling us what our minds already know. What are our options of this reality the psychic has exposed? Can we change what she’s offered up as our future? Or must we live with it? If we can change it, are we interfering with God’s will? How do we know? Who in the other realms grants this ability? Or is it just some crazy old woman telling tales to entertain us for the afternoon?

And IF you knew someone who had these answers, WOULD YOU WANT TO KNOW?

{:-D Just wondering.



Lea said...

Hi Hawk:

Interesting post! One of my close friends is psychic. She says she knows how she is going to die, she can see spirits, and sometimes gets "feelings" with respect to people. She is also a firm beliver in reincarnation and senses some of her past lives.

Is she a loon? Absolutely not. I've witnessed some of her predictions come true. She has a definite aura about her.

If I could know my future, would I want to? Hmmmmm I don't know about that one. I've never been to a tarot card reader or had my palm read - chicken I guess. Plus, I'm not sure I would have faith in someone who is providing such a service for monetary gain. lol

I would love to know what I know now and somehow be catapulted into my 18 year old body again though! lol

Hope your pooche is okay!

Best Regards

Liza said...

Interesting post. I think everyone has the ability to "see" something. I've had "feelings" on more than one occation that kept me out of trouble. Of course, I also dream stuff before it happens. Never know if a dream will come true or not, but it keeps life interesting. If I was given the choice to know exactly what the future holds, I wouldn't want to know. I think it would change how I live to have that kind of knowledge.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you found it and are enjoying it.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hi Lea!

I'm glad you found the post interesting -

I believe there are those with the gift of sight, and I believe that sight comes from the great spirit(God) I guess you can tell I'm of Native American Indian faith.

Interesting, I've had some people ask me how I come up with my book Ideas ... the book I'm working on right now is based on a past life memory of mine.

I don't think your friend's a loon and I think those with the sight have a great burden to carry...they know things...important things that people don't always want to face or hear do you help when those you're trying to help don't want to hear it?

Those without the sight don't have to worry about the working reality of our human lives here. They just live....

LOL, chicken? I don't see you as a chicken.

Fear is what most of us face when we're confronted with white light knowledge - HOW will we deal with it? That's what we fear. CAN we deal with it? Will the "Truth" the white Light knowledge burst our "taught" core beliefs?

In the old days a good psychic usually didn't charge - but in modern times that has changed - S. Brown, J. Van Praagh and others for example...yet, you can't deny thier sight. They are correct in what they see.

OMG!! Me too - if I could be in my18 year old body with the mind I have today - watch out world I've come to conquer. LOL


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Thanks for stopping by!

I agree with you about all of us having the ability to "see", but it seems the path man picked to walk though time has turned our minds away from tapping into that white light I fear we are further away from the "knowing" than those in the past.

Would we really live life differently with the knowledge or BETTER?


Vicki said...

Great post and one that makes you think.

I believe we all have some realm of physic abilities. That feeling you get in your gut when you know you should or shouldn’t do something. Do some have more abilities than others? Yes. Is it because they’ve practiced and/or learned their abilities deeper? I don’t know.

I mean, pretty much anyone can learn how to play the piano, but does that mean everyone will be able to play Beethoven’s 5th Symphony or Jerry Lewis’s Great Balls of Fire? No. Some will never be able to play more than Mary Had A Little Lamb. Sure they know the notes on the page. The line for “G” is just that. But they may never be able to accomplish more than knowing what the notes are and where they live on the actual piano keys. While others practice and learn to play beautifully and still others sit down and just play, no practicing and no lessons.

So, I do believe, and yet I also believe that some have stronger gifts than others and some do not live in the gifts they have.

And yes, I believe there is a devil or a dark side, but you already know my thoughts and beliefs on this.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I wrote this post for you, young lady. ;-)