Saturday, November 1, 2008

Would you rather be doing ....


1) I’d rather be signing a contract for the sale of my futuristic book to a big publishing house. Then again it could happen – there’s still 17 hours left to go in this day – Publishers do work on Saturdays don’t they?
2) If I can’t do that then I’d rather be sweating it out in the humid jungles of Peru fighting (Rambo style) an unknown United State’s government source who is secretly hiding the last of the people from Mars in some mountainside cave, somewhere deep in the White Sands of New Mexico; the new area 51. Naturally I’d have to rescue them first. I hear they eat green slimy stuff – does anyone know where I can find it ‘cuz they’re getting mighty hungry.
3) Alright, how about I’d rather be back in my twenty year old body but with the brains (and confidence) I have now. That’s a good one, don’t you think? Man, I’d rule the male world like no woman ever has – move over Cleopatra!
4) It’s seven fifteen in the morning. I’ve been up since two – my brain if fried from writing, so I’d rather be in my overalls under my hubby’s car changing the oil. Yes, an ex-model with manicured nails can change oil in a car and enjoy doing it. Ever see VIVA Las Vegas?
5) O.k., I admit it – I’d rather be interviewing the devil himself on who will win this year’s election and other politics issues. ROTFLOL – Oh, come on, that was funny! O.K., give me a break, I’ve been up since two – my creative juices are dried out.
6) Oh, I know – I’d rather be … nope, I’d better not go there - O.K., before I get myself in trouble with the English again – where would you rather be?



Lea said...

I'd rather be staring into the enigmatic turquoise eyes and running my sweaty palms over the rock hard six pack of a 6 1/2 foot tall Navy SEAL. This would be while lying on a beach in Hawaii and thinking extremely naughty thoughts about what I was going to do to said SEAL (and what he was going to do to me).

Of course this is after I've stepped into a time machine and been warped back into my 22 year old body with my current __ something year old brain!

Yep - that is what I'd rather be doing.... :)

Well hell Hawke - you asked!!! lol

Lea said...


Hey Hawke:

I do hope you get to sign that contract for your book with a big publishing house. Considering the long hours you have devoted to writing today this is a fun post by the way!

Take care and get some rest...

Best Regards

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Lea - Girl you made me laugh! Your guy with Turquoise eyes "rather be" sounds fascinating - does he have a twin? Tee hee hee. }:-( not for me - for my sister.
Truth be known - I have one of those but he's got Hazel ones.

Thanks for the wishes for that contract - it will come - one day, I know I'll get it.

Now, I'm headed over to check out your blog to see what you've been up to!

HawkE {:-D

Anonymous said...

You know me, I want to be on a beach getting carressed by warm sunlight (ok and my man) with fins and a snorkel so I can check out underwater life. Then have plenty of time to write on my laptop, in the cool evening breeze, before heading off to curl up next to my loving husband.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Awesome idea that you share with Lea and her Navy Seal.
Gosh, isn't there anyone who wants to be fighting side by side with aliens or changing oil? Hummm, must be the Tom-boy in me. LOL

BTW, it about time you dropped in to visit me!


Vicki said...

I'm with you, I'd rather be signing a contract, but if we're going on the 'rather be', it would be a contract where I could quit the day job and write full time.

Okay, I have two 'rather be's'. I'd rather be in Ireland, staring out over the lush green land and wrapped in SG's arms. Heehee

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey - all you girls are thinking romance - Could it be you're all romance writers? HUM.

Where's the adventurer in y'all? Even romance has a secondary plot of adventure. No saving the world, or fighting an epidemic in Kansas or spying on a world enemy? Come on! Think out of the box - don't leave me alone out here in the jungles of Peru, or under a car covered in oil....
Besides being wrapped in muscled arms what would you rather be doing?