Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How do colors affect us?

For those of you following my dog’s progress, just a note of update. I’m late with this week’s blog because my little tike had a set back with his stitches. The results were not good and I won’t get on my soap box about Vet’s…I’ll leave that for another blog.

Just know; my tike’s in my care now and I WILL see him back to GOOD HEALTH.

Now, my questions for you this week – Have you ever wondered what, and if, there are any effects from color? What made you pick the color you’re wearing today? Why didn’t you pick it out for yesterday’s outfit? Does color therapy work? Why did you paint your house the color you did? Why is your bedroom that color? And why are you driving a red car?

I got to thinking about it and did a little research. Did you know; if you have an insane person who is out of control you can put them in a (pepto)pink room and they will immediately calm down?
BUT if you leave them in that pink room for more than thirty minutes they will become agitated again.

Most everyone knows if you drive a red car you’ll get more speeding tickets than a guy driving a white car? But why? Red is a color that draws the eye and emotions. Red is seen as fast, so you could be driving only five miles over the limit and the guy in the white car is ten but you'll be the one that's stopped...because to the eye red looks fast.
I wonder if that's why they called it the "red light" district - the women were fast. LOL, you've got to wonder, don't you?
At first you’ll feel happy in a red room but be careful how much time you spend in it - you’ll discover you'll have more arguments in that red room than in any of the other rooms of another color. But, you'll also have more kisses there (if you know what I mean)Passion!

Electric blue – now this is a color most of us wouldn’t paint a room, but if you need major relaxation time – find a room this color to rest in. You will find it’s a color to soothe the mind and soul. Just be sure to put a lock on the door or you’ll have everyone and their brother coming in to join you. This color brings PEACE.

If you want to sell a house faster – paint the front door yellow instead of white, burgundy, or brown. Yellow is inviting to the buyer.

What are you saying when you wear black? Black states high intelligence and says you are ready to listen and absorb.

White shows you are ready to talk and share who you are.

Green shows one of wisdom and healer.

Did you know; if you paint your house exterior in a soft gray you have a higher percentage of break-ins over a house that is painted blue, white, or yellow?

Ever wonder why you picked the blue outfit to wear today instead of the green one? Our minds know colors affect us. When our spiritual mind knows something isn’t right (even before our physical brains discover we don’t feel good) our mind will send the brain a message to pick a particular color it knows will help us. Be it to give us energy, soothe a bad stomach, or keep us from getting depressed…that’s what motivates us to pick one color over another on any given day. So, the next time you pick a color – take note. What is the body telling you?

Have a colorful day!


Lea said...

Oh Hawk:

Sorry to hear about your baby! I do hope he is on the mend (again).

Actually, I did know that color affects folks. I do think it depends on the person and their psychological make up.

Red is definitely an interesting color. I think it is a color that is associated with sex, speed etc. I think men are definitely attracted to it. Remember the song, "Lady In Red"? lol

As for me, I tend to choose whatever is clean in the drawer -yikes! lol No time for dressing up or being color conscious.

Although, when I do shop I tend to go for the muted colors. Gray, black, etc.

I have pictures up on my blog of my babies. FYI

I haven't had time to write any reviews lately. I'm working overtime at my day job and with Christmas on the way my extra time is dwindling to nothing. lol

Gotta love the "Silly Season".

Happy Reading (and Writing)

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Lea!

How's the weather up your way? As you can see it's now sweatpant weather here...tonight we expect to get a freeze....there goes DH's green grass.

As you can see from the photo my little tike (the black blob)is playful, but is still healing, I hope to have him turned around soon. Good OLD FASHION herbs will do the trick. I've yet to see them fail.

Lea! The dryer!? LOL.

Oh, I remember the Lady in Red - I was the lady in question for one week of a local small town paper with a headline that read "Guess who the Lady in Red is."

The paper ran a contest for the town to guess who was this "lady in red" with their #1 quarterback of the football team.

My date (said Quarterback) forgot to tell me his school prom theme was pastel. I showed up in a red gown with silver gloves and shoes.

Yeah, the "lady in red" had crimson cheeks!

Yes, hum - RED! }:-/

tee hee hee

Vicki said...

I'm glad Z is in your care now. You know how to help him heal. :)

Color. I love color, all types, but I do wear black, alot.

Lea said...

Well if he is playful that is a good sign Hawk! I'm so glad he is on the mend, poor little guy!!

Make sure you go snooping over at my blog, because my pooches (all 3 of the them) are up for display.

It is cold and miserable here, that was part of my last post!

Take care. :-)

Oh, and the quarterback story! Sounds like good fodder for a romance novel to me? lol

Houston A.W. Knight said...


After working with you on my ALP MS - I know you're a color girl! LOL
Remember the color chair? Hopefully one day the rest of the world will know about it too - that was such a creative idea and really showed the reader the future world of Lamuria.
Ah, one day...I hope to see it in print.
I think the readers would love to read about a world that has pirates, kings, and powerful magical futuristic beings - that deal with faeries and witches of the past! I really think they'd love my three worlds if they could only find my book in print.

It's a good story, one day I can only hope a Pub will stop being afraid of breaking new ground, and see there are readers out there that are looking to read something different, something COLORFUL. LOL There are LORD OF THE RINGS - fans out there and this story is similar.

Oh hum...I guess I have to wait...so on to a western.


Houston A.W. Knight said...


My whole life can be made into a romance of some kind - some of it whimsical, other parts humorous, and even some mysterious, and then there were parts of it that were down right a horror script...but I'll leave that kind of writing to Karen Rose. And she does do horror very well. Have you read any of her stuff?
I'm into the light kind of romance with hot sexy scenes of passion! I love the fantasy of life.


Liza said...

Sorry to hear about your little one. Hope he feels better soon.

I knew colors had meanings, but never really think much about it when I get dressed in the mornings. I have always avoided buying a red car due to the higher number of tickets given(I tend to drive too fast).

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Liza -

I'm an ex-lead foot! {:-D
These days I do the speed limit...age and a DH that won't let me drive... have kept me within the limits.

But I still love fast cars and speed. These days I know there's just a better place to race at than on the streets.

And a local cop, after seeing my 1930 Ford Vicki cropped and dropped hot rod with a 460, told me at night our small town closes the airport - the lanes are great for dragging...he promised not to ticket me until after he saw just how fast my Vick could go.

But he did add that if I tried to beat it out of there he wouldn't chase me...said the cop car would never be able to keep up with my Vicki! LOL

Hawk - who hasn't pushed her luck... YET!