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UFO’s; Unidentified Flying Objects, are they real?

I’ve been wondering – is it just me or does it happen to all of us? From the day I was born there have been “things” in my life I can’t explain. I’m not a person to “Label” things, never have been. I’m not a person to “jump to conclusions”, and then insist that my conclusions are the only answers…And I’m not fanatical…but I am scientific in my approach to something supernatural, and I allow for all possibilities, BUT I won’t deny what I have experienced, just because I can’t explain it.

I was born on an island in the Gulf of Alaska – and I was told, just days before my birth, everyone on the island watched for five consecutive days, cigar shaped objects in the night sky. They had appeared night after night right after sunset. The super large objects would release baby cigar shape objects that shot off in every direction of the earth, returning to the mother objects that hovered in the Alaskan sky until their return, just before dawn. This was the buzz of the island for five days … yet no one on the main land reported the sightings. WHY?

I have to wonder, what where these huge cigar shaped objects? And why were they sending out smaller images of themselves to roam the earth? What were they doing? Who were they? And why am I saying “THEY”?

From what I’ve been told – those Islanders who watched the sky in horrified fascination for that week, reported those cigar shaped objects as ships, crafts of some kind that didn’t belong to the earth. But the rest of the world never heard about this until now, some fifty years later...from my big mouth, WHY?

When I was very young I used to “Protect” my sister from the “Stick People” Yap, that’s what she called them. Some kids have green eyed monsters, my sister had stick people. But there was something different about her experience. It wasn’t the normal childhood make-believe monsters. Most children’s fears could be dispelled with a word of courage from their parent … there was no consoling my sister’s fear.

As was the normal family ritual, my dad would tuck us kids into our beds at 8 o’clock every night when we were wee ones and we’d sleep until morning, undisturbed. But every now and then…after our dad had turned out the lights, my sister would whisper to me, “Their coming tonight.” My sister always knew when “they” were coming.

I’d have to get up and check to be sure our bedroom closet door was closed, she said that’s where the stick people came from. Then I’d crawl into her bed and take the position on the outer edge, so she could use me as her shield and hide behind my body, with the wall that her bed was against, at her back. That way the stick people would have to get me first, I believed, never to reach her.

Come morning, I’d wake in my own bed, not knowing how I got there. For years I assumed my father must have found me in her bed and put me back into mine after we’d fallen asleep…. Two years ago, my sister told me what really happened.
Inevitable in the morning after one of these nights, she would report to me with fear filled eyes about the stick people, how they had come for her, and how she hated their wand. And, it never failed…our bedroom closet door would be open.

One day, I asked my sister to draw a picture of these beings, since I never saw them. She drew small thin beings with large heads and big black eyes.

We never told our parents. And I still don’t know why? Except some how we knew they wouldn’t believe us if we told them the stick people were real. When I got older, I happened to have read a report about a sighting of a UFO and the article had a sketch of the beings the person reported seeing. I was shocked to see a similar sketch to my sister’s (so long ago) drawn sketch of the stick people.

I wondered; how was it someone we didn’t know and so many years later, drew the same picture?

At this point I know you’re wondering if I’ve gone off half cocked…I’ve wondered that at times myself, but I appear to be normal. My daily activities are the same as most peoples, except I write books. Yap, I’m told you have to be a bit looney to do that, but other than that most people think I’m normal. Some people even say, I’m intelligent....makes me wonder about their IQ.
I do know one thing - I don’t do strange things in my life like make shrunken heads in my kitchen, or say odd things to random people as I’m walking down the street, nor do I talk to myself – well, then again, I do tend to yell at my computer when it isn’t working right, but I’m told that’s normal.

U.F.O’s….Have any of you seen them? And I’m not talking just lights in the sky – I mean SEEN them up close? Any encounter of the third kind? What is your take on them?

Have you ever noticed the Egyptian’s have space craft drawn on the pyramid walls? Why would they draw that…unless they saw something in the sky?
Have you heard the legend of Native American Indian’s who claim they came from the “Star People”? Or seen their rock pictures with crafts in the sky?

Some say – those that have reported seeing U.F.O.’s are all imagining it – Well, maybe that’s why I’m a over worked imagination – or is it the desire or the need to report what I know?
But then there are those who say, people who claim to have seen a U.F.O. are saying it to draw attention to themselves – WOW, I can’t imagine that – the kind of attention claimer’s get isn’t what I’d call awesome attention – it’s scorn and ridicule.
Guess that’s why most people don’t claim seeing them – for fear of being made an outcast.
So, that brings to mind another question, for those people who have never admitted or have told anyone about seeing a U.F.O. – how does the attention theory hold up?What good is it to make up a U.F.O. story in their heads – no one else knows their secret story…are they in a form of self delusion? What do they gain by telling themselves a made up story about strange beings – when they know it’s all made up?

Yet, how do we explain the other ones? Not the crazy ones, or the nut jobs but those few brave ones that step up from every walk of life and claim to have seen a U.F.O., from Doctors, high ranking Army personal, waitresses, attorneys, plumbers and policemen. From adults to children. And they all have similar stories, odd isn’t it?

WHY? Why do these people risk speaking out? What drives them to tell what they saw, when they know most everyone will call them crazy?

I really can’t say…except maybe they saw something that is supernatural...something yet to be explained. Or maybe what they’re telling us now about U.F.O’s is kind of like the first adventurers when they came back to England and talked about long necked horses with spots, that could eat from the tops of super tall trees with sticky, long black tongues. I’m sure back then it sounded pretty strange to those who hadn’t see an animal like that – they could have said long necked horses didn’t exist, and they may have even thought the adventurer was just a crazy drunk with a big imagination…that is until he produced a giraffe.

Maybe it isn’t aliens from outer space. Maybe what people are seeing is a parallel reality? Or quanta leap from our own future. Maybe we’re not alone…who knows. I don’t and I really can’t say because I come from a land of people who believe in ghost and talk to Leprechauns…yeah, wee little people…hummm, kind of like the stick people my sister used to see when we were young.

So, what have you seen?

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

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Lea said...

Hey Hawk!

Another great post. I can't say that I've ever seen anything that would qualify as exterrestrial but I certainly believe there is other intelligent life out there. The universe is too vast for just little old us to be the only planet with life.

What shape that life takes and if they have the ability to travel in space remains to be seen. However I think the great pyramids certainly raise questions as to whether interstellar travellers perhaps had some involvement in our planet eons ago. Who knows?

And, who knows what the future will bring.

I added a post to your last blog post in response to your friend's post. I didn't want her to misinterpret my comment about Ms. Ward's series.

Anyway, I didn't mean to offend anyone.

Hope all is well with you and that Zeus is doing okay. :)


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Morning Lea!

Thank you for the complement on the blog - I was wondering what readers would think of me after my telling a secret only my sister and I have shared for so many years.
But then I thought about it and said to myself, my readers already know I'm odd, so what the heck, right? LOL

Like you, I believe in life else well as visitor's coming here. There are too many signs of it happening and having been reported for a very long time....from today, to Amercan Inidan's stories, to Pyramid drawings. It can't be denied anymore. Something or someone is coming to visit.

I think some disbelieve obvious evidence or deny it because of conflict with religious beliefs. When they realize one has nothing to do with the other, I think everyone will admit to seeing or experiencing something with the visitors at sometime in their lives, if they can recall the experience...memory plays a big part here.


Vicki said...

I'm kinda in the middle. I know what I saw when my daughter was young in the sky of our backyard and still part of me can't say for sure it was some the gov. wasn't working on. It hovered directly above me and then lowered for a moment before it was gone. Yes, I said gone as in there one second and gone the next.

Hey Lea, no worries, you didn't offend me. I think you're great and it's cool if you no longer enjoy that series. :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Nice to hear I'm not alone in seeing strange things in the sky and other things.

I really think everyone has seen something but some people tend to rationalize or deny odd or supernatural things they don't understand.


Lea said...

Hey Vicki:

Thank you. I'm so relieved that there were no hurt feelings. I do hope you and yours have a wonderful festive season!


You busy lady! Did you get those Christmas cookies baked yet?

All the best.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


:-( No, I didn't get my X'mas cookies done....and with the way things are going down here I don't think I will this year.

Between the dog and DH I've been busy playing nurse...not baker. LOL.

So, my boys will have to do without X'mas cookies this year. But I do hope to get a pie baked. Notice the word "HOPE" :-) yeah, we'll see. LOL

Hugs Lea!