Sunday, January 4, 2009


But, write an interesting blog. Yeah, right, like that’s going to happen today. Not when I’ve got to get the laundry done. Have you ever realized that’s a job that’s never done? You take out the last dryer and if you turn around real quick and look in the dirty clothes bin—Surprise! You’ll find more clothes already in there. How did they get there? Did the laundry leprechaun’s move to America just to torture me or what? The multiplying clothes always baffle me…to know end I tell you! I’m starting to believe they grow from the bottom of the bin. NO really!

Then it’s time to clean bathrooms. Yeah, that’s always a fun job….cleaning…well you know what I’m cleaning. Yet, for the life of me though, I can’t recall as a child telling my parents I aspired to grow up and clean toilets! And lucky me, I have four of them to clean….I always wondered about that too. Why am I the only one who cleans them? And why do we have four of them, when there are only two of us in this house? Hummmm.

Of course Sunday laundry always brings with it the ironing of the ever growing laundry. Yes, some of us women still iron clothes. You’d recognize us…I’m sure you’ve seen some of our men on the Geico “caveman” commercials. Yeah, their married to us cave women…who still iron clothes. ‘nuff said?

Then of course this Sunday is the day to take down the Christmas tree. Why is it that it takes more time to put it away than to put it up? It’s like that every year. I spent maybe an hour and a half putting it up and decorating it all by me self, but it’s taken half a day with DH’s help taking it down. What’s with that?

Naturally, once I got all the bins out of the storage room to put the tree in, I had to clean the storage room. Right? I mean if I didn’t clean and organize the room then my brain would freak out just knowing a cult of dust bunnies had secretly moved in and were plotting my demise. We all know dust bunnies aren’t really all that cute, as the name would imply. Their nasty little creatures whose plan is to take over the world…go ahead a laugh…but the next time you dust – go back an hour later and guess what you find…Yap, T H E Y’ R E B A A A A C K.

So, is my Sunday done? NO. As I start to wonder where the time goes…(now don’t get me started, time’s a whole ‘nuther brain fog I won’t go into now). I realize my dog’s crossing his four legs because I’ve forgotten to take him out for a walk. I can just imagine what’s going on in his mind and what he’d tell a therapist if I gave him a chance. I’m sure he’d tell her I was an over protective owner, and I’m more than sure he’d tell her about my germ phobia. So, o.k., after each walk he gets his feet washed…come on, I ask you, is that so bad? Hey, at least I’m not so compulsive that I’d even consider putting shoes on my dog…Well, o.k., maybe I would …it would be so clean just to leave his little shoes by the door…O.K.! So let’s not go there.

On to more sweet Sundays – }:-/

So, I take a moment out of my busy day to call my sister – I start to tell her about my day and what do I hear her say? At noon she’s still in her PJ’s! I haven’t seen my bed since 4:45 this morning! And she’s just getting out of hers? O.K., I tell my heart to slow down. She’s not a writer, so her days are not as full as mine. WAIT!!! That’s a lie! She writes children books and non-fiction! So why wasn’t she up at 4:45in the morning like me? O.K., she doesn’t write romance. Yeah, that’s the answer. So, I need to change genre. (I’ll make a note of that).

But because my face was starting to flush with envy, I didn’t dare ask her when she got out of bed. Though I duly noted her voice still held that just awake husky sound to it.

Then, as I read part of my blog to her -- in her usual cheerful, sweet and sexy voice of hers, she tells me her sink is still full of dishes and she’s thinking about going back to bed!!!! {{{:-O Where her dust bunnies are running amuck under it.

Aghast, I ask her about her laundry – was it done already? How did she do it so fast? Surely she had a secret I needed to know about! And then, with a giggle, she hits me with the bomb – she has decided to see just how high the laundry can grow before she does any more laundry. {:-O (she’s accepted my growing laundry theory – thank you very much- I knew I wasn’t crazy!)

And I swear from the sound in her voice that she enjoyed telling me – ME - the compulsive, cleaning neurotic, phobic suffering, cave woman that still irons clothes - all of this!

Yeah, right! Here’s to your SUNDAY, SWEET SUNDAY…MY…well you fill in the blank!

So, how did you spend your Sunday?



Lea said...

Sweet Jesus Hawk!!!!

Didn't anyone every tell you housework waits for you? Thats the thing with it though, you just keep doing it over and over and over again. And, it ain't nearly as pleasureable as another thing that I can think of that a human can do over and over and over again if you get my drift. ;)

As for the Christmas shit, yep, you got it right. It goes up quite swiftly and then the de-Christmasatizing is a painful day long process. I did it for the 30th time yesterday and my back hurts more each year. I am pretty neurotic about the way the decorations are stored.

As for the bathrooms - try living with 2 to 3 men at any given time! It is truly an impossibility to keep up with it.

Laundry - eh, it gets done.

But hey! At least it doesn't involve Alphalfa!!!

Great post Hawk, (((hugs))).

Vicki said...

Girl, you crack me up. Don't you know us writers live peacefully with the dust bunnies until our books are completely edited and out the door. Then and only then, do we clean all that mess and start fresh before we hit page one of the next wip. :D

Okay, so maybe that's going a bit to far. I do have to say, I've had four days off this weekend and haven't done much cleaning or laundry. Keep the kitchen clean (always must keep the kitchen clean)and made the bed, but that's about as far as the chains from the laptop would allow me to go.

SG is really pretty neat and our house doesn't get that messy, except my office. Scary place by the time I finish a manuscript.

Now, thanks to you, (super huge hugs)I can clean the house tomorrow night and do the laundry and start on Annie's book. Which surprise to me, I'm itching to do. I thought I'd need a few days off to put my brain back in writing and not editing mode, but Annie is really ready to go. :)

Liza said...

Well I did my laundry on Saturday for a change, so I really didn't have much to clean today(I had cleaned my house on Thursday before my brother arrived).

I got up early this morning and went to church. I got home in time to start the Dolphins/Ravens game and slept thru most of it(I love a Sunday afternoon nap). I've also posted two new blog posts today and read part of a book.

I work all week, so I try and spend at least one afternoon on my off day doing only what I want to do. Tomorrow it's back to work, the gym, and cleaning again.

BTW, my brother plans on taking care of all my dust bunnies while he is here.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

You girls crack me up!

It's the ALFALFA sandwich that gives me the energy to do all the cleaning and still find a minute to write a few pages on my book by days end.
No, no one told me that housework lurked, waiting for me to wake up each day just to torture me...thank's for the heads up!
I'm planning tomorrow mornings attack - I'll let you know how the battle goes! LOL
3 men! OMG, I'd truly die!

Vicki - I was going to tell you how pretty your new picture was until I read about your four days off!!! }:-/ LOL -
Hugs back and you're welcome, sweetie. Hey, it's what friends do for each let's get Anne going and get back to creativity...what writer's are born to do - not edit, proof or crit!!!

Liza - my alfalfa sister! Yeah, my blog title was for you - obviously, you had a sweet Sunday...sounds like a busy week before it tho'. Did your brother help with the dust bunnies as promised?
2 - two blogs??? OMG, it takes me forever to write one! O.K., so you're like 23 or 24 years old right? That's how you're getting it all to flow so smoothly, right? You're young and full of energy, right? Please tell me I'm right!

I'm sending big cyber hugs to all three of you girls! You all make me laugh and you make writing these! Yes, Vicki I said it, o.k., it's fun. ;-0

Here's to 2009 and to friends! xoxoxo

Amy C said...

Hahaha, you're funny!

Well, I started my laundry on Friday and it is now Monday and I still have a load in the dryer, a load in the washer that needs to be rewashed and probably antoher two loads that has accumulated since Saturday. I hear ya, the laundry is a crazy thing in my house too. One day it seems to only be a load or two that's dirty and the next it seems to be spilling out every where. Kinda like Gremlins, you know add a little water and they multiply! Maybe that's what happens, when I add a wet towel they multiply.

I hope you have a better Monday than Sunday! Monday's are always nice in my house! My kid goes back to school. YAY!! LOL.

Lea said...

No matter how one spells ALFALFA, it is still tastes like shit, but hey go for it my friend.

Anything to help us with the seething screaming beast that waits daily for us.... :)

Take care Hawk

Lea said...


I like your new picture, very nice. :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


OMG - your laundry sounds like a heart goes out to you! Hello? Are you still with me or did the laundry get ya'? LOL

Monday? All give you a hint as to how my Monday's usually go - I call them CRAZY MONDAYS!!!! So, can you guess how my day has been so far?
Let's see - I'm lucky if our dog let us sleep an hour last night. He kept us awake until 3:30 and and my hubby's nose kept me up until 4:00 and at 5:00 I pulled myself out of bed to get some peace and quiet with a cup of white Swiss Chocolate coffee before the start of my crazy Monday began.

Maybe, later today, after I tape off my hubby's show car for painting - I'll find time to write a page or two on my book which I wanted to have finished for the nationals in July - I'm on page 125 don;t think that'll happen, do you?

Ah, such is the life of a writer.

Hugs Amy and come back to visit more often!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


ROTFLOL - girl, I can't stop laughing...and I'm starting to think you just might not like ALFALFA or ALPHALFA.


Karen Lingefelt said...

After reading Vicki's blog, I had to come over and see this for myself. ROFL, Hawk!

Every time I think I have the laundry done and put away, the hamper is full again, because my husband has what I call his "secret stash." Somewhere he keeps hidden his own pile of dirty laundry, and he waits till I've done the rest of the laundry to cram it into the hamper.

I have to remember to tell him, "I'm doing laundry today, so gather up everything you've got--including your secret stash!" I also have to tell him to empty the pockets.

Anytime I need change, I just look in the bottom of the washer.

Amy C said...

OMG...speaking of emptying pockets!! Holy Cow, I hardly ever do and I can't tell you how many times my little D would put a small piece of crayon in his pocket. Yeah, I'd go done to remove the clothes from the dryer and there would be whatever color melted all over the entire load!! I've ruined plenty because I get lazy! He's a little older now, so he doens't have much use for crayons anymore. Thank goodness!

*Ahem* Maybe your Tuesdays are better?? :) You gotta have one good day out of the week!

Liza said...

Oh Hawk, if I were still 23 or 24 I would be reading much faster and blogging on a regular basis(I'm 37). However, work and much needed sleep get in the way of my reading and blogging.

Yes, my brother did take care of the dust bunnies.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Ah, your first visit. Well, welcome! Thanks for dropping in. Sorry you had to see this blog...but it was one of those weeks - you know what I mean?


Oh, don't you just hate the kleenex in the pocket?


Houston A.W. Knight said...


OMG, I didn't think there was anything worse than a kleenex in the pocket until you told me about the crayons!!!! OMG, I'd die! Can you get it off the inside of the dryer?

Oh, I'm sure the rest of the week will be the usual...I have a busy life but I love my life...I married my everyday is a good day really...even the crazy Mondays and Sweet Sundays are good.


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hugs babe! God how I'd love to be 37 again ... 24 would be too much to hope for. LOL

Glad to hear your brother's a knight in shining armor and killed off all those nasty dust bunnies!



Vicki said...

Thanks Lea, wait till next week when my group blog talks about beauty secrects or woes. Sometimes it works and sometimes...

Amy C, I'm so with you on the laundry. It can take me days to finish mine. I never have that "it's all done" and turn around to see something, cause it's never all done.

Heehee, just in case she didn't tell you, Hawk is part SuperWoman. I'm sure of it. And it's the ALFALFA she eats that does it. :D j/k,

Houston A.W. Knight said...

ROTFLOL!!!! Vicki - no superwoman here, just an Irish nut who eat alfalfa...who knows a ton of make-up secrets, so if you need any advice....let me know!

Hugs & kisses