Monday, January 26, 2009

What are men so afraid of?

Now is it just me, or is there a power women have that we don’t know about, BUT OUR MEN DO?

Have you noticed the reality shows? Take “Survivor” have you ever noticed how the men RIGHT FROM THE START form a “Man Group” who plot to get all the strong women out FIRST? Why is that? What do they fear in the women?
And why is it the only women the men do keep around, are the one’s they’re involved with in a showmance, or ones whom they can control?

It makes no sense, why the men vote a strong, health, young women out of the competition and keep a lazy young man or a weak older man in the game when they know neither man can win even one challenge for their team.
So why when the woman has proven herself worthy in strength and abilities – do the men vote her out? Why do they see her as such a threat and so early in the game no less? Is she THAT POWERFUL that they have to get her out ASAP?

No, I won’t agree if you say “Well, women are the weaker race.” That’s just bull cocky! Back in time, in the land of Erin (Ireland, as it is called today) when our druid blood was stronger – women fought side by side with their men. Yes, we worked the sword as brave as any man, and killed as many of our enemies as any man.

Back then, a man knew a woman could protect his back as well or better than another man. Some men even preferred women at their backs because women have a stronger focus and a sixth sense. A sense most men refuse or can’t tap into. Women were strong fierce fighters…some so strong, they were even feared by man. That’s how great a warrior women could be. Yet, you’ll never see her name mentioned in our history books, WHY?

We are not a weaker race. We are different.

Back then, combined with our natural sixth sense and a strong intellect, as well as a good arm with a sword…women were becoming unbeatable. What our physical strengths couldn’t match in men, our wit and cunning replaced. This is what they feared and still fear.
This is why they get the women out as soon as possible…they fear our intelligence and if they leave a woman in the game too long, her mouth will speak and bring logical reasoning. Her words will make the men think. Make them see. And make them follow her.

Women were a foe to be reckoned with. And still are. For those of us women who know of our power…we know most men don’t respond well to women who have the knowledge of this personal power.

This game of survivor reflect true life.

When did a woman’s power vanish, and why?

The why is easy…men feared the power women had. And obviously, still fear it today. Even though, through time, most women have forgotten their powers.
Then I have to ask, have we really forgotten or has it been browbeaten out of us, until we gave it up?

And though I do not intend to insult anyone’s GIVEN beliefs, there is ample evidence that shows MAN, through many different religions, has found a way to curtail, browbeat and force woman to obey…to give up their powers.
When the soft persuasion of mans religion didn’t work with the stronger women – man used force. When force didn’t work, they made up a danger (WITCHES) and used that to mutilate, abuse, and kill as many women as they could. All on made up charges!
IF YOU DOUBT WHAT I SAY – read the truth of the witch hunts. Here in America as well as in Europe. Check out why it really began. Research who was behind the hunts and why.

Put what MAN made religion you’ve been raise under, aside (Noticed, I didn’t say give it up) just put it aside, and read with an open mind what really was done to squash the power of women out of our minds and keep us down.

Sad part is; women have betrayed themselves. When was the last time you trusted another woman? I’m mean really trusted one? I know there are a few of us who do have women we trust, that are close to us, and we’d do anything for them…but we also know this kind of trust is rare. Why don’t women trust each other – why is there no real sisterhood? Who made the distrust between us?

On survivor, have you ever noticed the women never really band together? The one show that did manage to band the women together was brought down by a women who betray the other women to the men…BTW, the men betrayed her in the end.

Is it possible man put that distrust between us? Did they do it with intent? Is it possible man found the woman’s weakness – LOVE, and used TRUST to rip women apart?

Is it possible men found and used women who suffered with an inferiority complex to help them bring the stronger women down? Using her weakness to sway her into becoming a trader of the stronger women?
Just like they do on survivor?

Did man purposely make the weaker woman fall in love with him? Then cheat with the stronger women(he wanted to bring down)in hopes of getting caught? Once discovered…he steps back and lets the women fight. How many times have we seen this in today’s world? When a man gets caught cheating on his wife, who does the wife go after…the other woman…not her man.

Personally, I’ve never understood that. I don’t care how beautiful the other woman is…if I ever found my hubby with another woman - it’s him I’ll lace into, because I know HE KNOWS BETTER! I don’t know what the woman knows. BUT I live with him and I know what he knows. And he knows that is not acceptable.
And that time tried feeble excuse that man is weak around beautiful women, won’t slide with me…as it shouldn’t with any woman. Man is supposedly the stronger race, so temptations shouldn’t be that hard for him to fight…unless it’s chocolate, then I totally understand that.

So what do men fear? Why do they want to keep us below them? Remember when women weren’t allowed an education? WHY? Why did men seek to keep us women “barefoot and pregnant”? What were they afraid we’d (re)discover in our education? Our personal power – powers a man can never have?

Somewhere in the past women weakened. They stop fighting for their power or just give in…I can understand why when I read about the atrocities men did to women (just don’t read your history – see it! See what is left unsaid between the written lines of history! Most of it was written by a man) We were beaten down one by one. We were forced to back off on what we knew and believed in…and that’s still in affect today.

Most women will admit to having a sixth senses(to other women)but few will use it openly. Or when they do use it, they don’t admit to it. How many times have you (be honest) tiptoed around trying to find a way to tell your hubby or boyfriend about a feeling you have without telling him it’s your sixth sense? And when you do, most, not all (there are a few smart guys still out there), but most guys will make fun of you for saying it.

How many times have you played poorly in a game so your guy can win? COME ON, LADIES!!! WE’VE ALL DONE THIS!!! Our mothers told us, BECAUSE THEIR MOTHER’S TOLD THEM - “always let the boy win”.

How many time did I hear growing up about the “man’s fragile ego” AND LIKE FOOLS WE WENT ALONG WITH PROTECTION THE MAN’S “FRAGILE EGO” and we’re still doing it! WHY?

If a woman can beat a man fair and square, why does he see this loss to a woman more defeating than a loss to another man? If the woman is his equal in talent… and wins… shouldn’t his loss to her be the same as to another man?
Yes, yes, yes … I hear you saying “Well, his lost to a woman is more defeating because women are the weaker race”.
REALLY? Who told you that? A MAN?

And let’s not think man has finished with us yet … because he hasn’t! They’re still at work on us today…ever wonder why, you, as a high powered business woman still make less money than you’re male counter parts?
Is it another way to make sure women remain powerless and dependant on men?
Have you noticed mans excuse is; “Well, men have families to feed, or alimony to pay, so a man should be paid more.”
Bull crap!
How many of you women have carried the burden of raising your children alone without a red cent from the X?
Go tell your male boss that you’re raising your family without help and see if you get a raise – most likely he’ll tell you to get a third job to make your ends meet, (because you’re probably already working a second one). Or worse, he’ll tell you to go get married and be a good little wife.

Do you see what I’m talking about, Ladies? Not long ago, women had to obey every thing her husband or father demanded, because if she didn’t, he had the right to lock her away in a psychiatric hospital. Most “bad wives” were left there to be abused until they died! Women had no human rights. They were at the mercy of man….and we still are in many ways…when will we wake up?

Please don’t see this as male bashing – It isn’t, I’m sure a lot of you out there, like me, have wonderful men … My God, I couldn’t survive without mine … he’s that wonderful, as I’m sure your mister right is as well. I’m not here to bash our good men or bash men in general either.
I’m trying to show you what the men in the past took from us as women…and our men today, without knowledge of it, has continued on this path. Most of the men today are just as forgetful to the past as we women are.

I ask my DH all the time – why do men fear women? I get a blank stare or shake of his head and then he says…”I don’t fear women”. Yet, when I listen to comments between men or watch a reality show…I hear and see their fear of women. They don’t even know it…it’s been so long ago this war between the sexes started. They now fight without knowledge … something ingrained in man through the centuries, I guess.

I’m writing this in hopes of WAKING WOMEN UP to the powers we have and the fear to acknowledge or use. We have been convinced (through religions) our woman’s power is the devils work. We’ve be beaten (accused of being witches and gypsies) into giving it up. And made to fear our god given powers because MAN couldn’t gain it for him self.

Sad part is our Great-Great-grandmother and Great-grandmother as well as our grandmother’s knew of this power, but were so fearful of being accused, most refuse to pass it on even in secrecy.
But they practiced it daily.
Don’t forget the rose peddles in the frame that Great-Grandmother kept on the piano (she knew its power), or the herbs Grandma healed you with when you were too young to tell anyone she’d done it. Don’t forget the book you found after her death, that had a photograph of her and granddad stuck between the pages of an old herbal book, and when you read her handwritten words - discovered it was a spell (back then it was called a prayer) for true love. Or the red ribbon with a coin she hid under the front door mat, so there would always be enough money in the house. Or the time you saw your mom sprinkle salt across the front doorway of the house you just moved into, and she told you she did it to protect the family from evil…these acts are of the old ways…the acts are the power of woman…rediscover them and gain your powers.

Powers that were a gift to women from the Gods...not the devil as man would have us believe.



Lea said...

Wow Hawk, Um, Just Wow....

That is quite a rant. lol In actual fact my husband is afraid of me so I don't think ther is any issue with the "what are men afraid of".

And, while I am an introvert I don't appreciate man, woman or beast who may tries the whole "I come from a better place then the rest of humanity".

So while I hear you, I guess I'm stupified!!! lol

I'm going to have to ponder this one a little! LOL

You Rock Hawk

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Oh gosh hon, I didn't want the article to come off as a ranting...I was trying to make it informative, on how women once had a personal power and lost it.

I hope I didn't offend you or anyone else.
I did think of my male readers when I wrote it and I did a test read/reaction on my DH to see his reaction and find out if he would be offended by it...he wasn't and even said he found it to be an interesting blog.

BTW, I have had men admit to the fear. What I've stated in this blog is based in facts - there are many books on the subject.

I was hoping to make women aware of what they've lost. And unfortunately it was men who took it away...I can't change the truth of our history.

The point of the article was... why, and what about this power did men fear?

LOL, on your DH being afraid of you...I know you're kidding about this but...
if you fact most men really are afraid of us...
I don't know about you, but I don't want them to be afriad of me. That's why I keep asking "What are men so afraid of?"

Good God - I hope I didn't come off with "Women come from a better place then the rest of humanity"

I truly don't believe women are better than men BUT I do believe woman are equally as good as's men who seem to think they are inferior to women...since they have this unspoken fear of us.

I stand on EVERYONE as being EQUAL!

And Yes, I expect to be treated as an equal or my Iriah wrath will make an appearance that everyone will wish hadn't.

I don't believe in talking down to anyone and I'll be damn if I'll allow anyone to talk down to me.

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not one who believes in "I come from a better place than you..." attitude. BUT, I will put the facts of truth out there and IMHO they stand on there own. Like them or not.

We are ALL GODS children - we are all equal!
I just wish everyone felt this way and put an end to the battle of the sexes.

Hugs Hawk

Lea said...

Hey Hawk:

No, no worries at all, I is an interesting blog and I didn't mean anything when I made the "rant" comment.

I understood perfectly what you were saying. Personal empowerment is important for us women. :)

Maybe it was I that was "ranting". lol

Your posts are always interesting and informative. They show you care about issues that should be important to us all.

(((Hugs))) Back

PS: My DH is afraid of my wrath... lol

Houston A.W. Knight said...


You're such a sweetie, I can't imagine anyone being afraid of you...or your having a wrath for them to worry about...but then again, you know what they say about still waters running, Lea's hubby, run!!!lol

I'm so glad my wonderigns didn't upset you. That's the last thing I want anyone to feel when they read my stuff...
I want to put a seed in the minds of my readers and then let them draw their own conclusions on the issues I write about.

Sometimes I think life is so busy we human's don't have time to stop and ask questions...we just accept and move on...there's a hidden danger in that. And being Irish, I HAVE to god, you can't be Irish if your sentence doesn't end in a question, now can you? (oops, see what I mean) Teeheehehee.

I do care about women. I do care that we can't see what we wonderfully strong beings have lost. That personal power had a purpose, a reason why we were granted it and our duty to use it to move all human's male and female and of all colors toward our "Human" destiny.

I hope by writing this, my small voice will one day be a shout.

Hugs always

Vicki said...

Wow. First I do have to say, Aye, back in Ireland woman may have done so, but we live in America and most women didn’t go to battle. Although you do have readers from all over, so they may not agree with me. :)

But I don't think all men fear women and I don't think all women cower down to men. I work in the corporate world and many women are strong, in fact, most of them are very strong.

I do think we as women sometimes forget the power within, but that has nothing to do with being brow beaten unless someone is in an abusive situation. Be it verable or otherwise.

Again, wow.

Vicki said...

Oops, I forgot to add another thought provoking post. I love to come and read them. :)

Liza said...

Wow Hawk. Very interesting post. I do think that women come off more and more as the weaker sex. I'm lucky that I have many strong women friends and family members. I was never told that I couldn't do something just because I was a girl(my biggest cheerleader was always and always is my dad). I think when you limit a person to dreams because of their sex, you take away their power.

As for reality shows, I really wonder how much of what we get to see is real and staged.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

O.K.,, you're my CP and friend .... can I ask where you found the word ALL men or ALL women in this post?

If I used the word All then that would have to included me...and you know me...there isn't a man or God alive or dead that could hold the tongue of this Irish lass...or take away my inner power.

Girl, you know I NEVER speak in ALL's...never.
Nothing is ever an absolute in my world of words...or beliefs.

Funny girl...women in Ireland doing battle today? ROTFLOL

Now you know I was using our history to show what has happened in our modern world...our history shows we were equal with our men, and how we really aren't today.

Yes, I agree with you. We have many women in high positions today...the hard facts are...the high powered business women in your with other companies are still NOT making the money a man would be making in that same position...sad but true.
Oh, I'm sure you could find a few power women that have made more than a man in the same position she's in and I yell, ALL THE MORE POWER TO YOU, WOMAN! YAHOO for you and any woman who follows in her steps!!!! But SHE is NOT the average.

Physical Abuse of women and why those women allow a whole 'nuther article to write about. But not one I'd care to's too sad a subject. My heart feels for those women who feel stuck in situations like that.

This subject was done to make women aware that we do own a power that so few of us women know about and fewer still who want to know...the power I'm talking about is one a lot of women are afriad of themselves.


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Strong women AND an awesome dad too! Boy oh boy - you're very lucky to have a man like that in your life, and the women as well. Awesome balance! I'd say you are truly blessed.

I know there are a few of us women out there that have found, or are lucky enough to have been born with a GOOD MAN in our lives.
I found mine, and it's amazing just how wonderful life is when you've got the male and female energies working together...
THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THIS FEELING! It feels RIGHT. PERFECT. It FEELS powerful...for both of us.

When a woman is free to express her powers to work hand and hand with the physical strengths of her's the Grand Canyon at sunrise.

If you've ever seen the canyon at the rising've seen God's world.

This male female power thing works so well when each are free to be who the Gods made them to be.

Yes, I've noticed the weaker image women have been showing...and believing about themselves.
That's why I wrote this article. Women have to stop believing they are weak and remember their inner powers and find that energy to stand strong.

More women need to reestablish their trust and faith in other women and find that power we share as sisters.

Only then can we balance our world as one.


Vicki said...

Okay, you got me on the all word. ;)

And you're right most women in high powered positions don't make what men do. One of the exception is the industry inwhich I work.:) Which is probably where that came from.

Being sick, tends to make the brain not read as clearly as it should.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Teeheehee - I knew I would get ya' on the All.

I'm so sorry you're feeling sick...I'll send the thoughts.

Cyber hugs - big ones
I adore you hon and thank you for taking my joking around with you so well when you're feeling so bad! xoxoxo