Sunday, January 11, 2009


The classic image of a hero is tall, dark and handsome, with bulging muscles and a bit of a bad boy way about him. Kind of like a wild Stallion. O.k., so he’s pretty to look at, but what makes him the hero in our world?

Is it a man with old fashion beliefs that draws your heart? A man of few words, but when he speaks he says a colorful mouthful? A man you know will ride into the sunset with you to live that perfect life you’ve always dreamed of?

Or is it a man of style that has a dangerous and secretive side that pulls you in. A man you’re never sure of, but like a water drop on the lips, has got to be licked? A man you’ll never know what he’s thinking, but that’s the draw, isn’t it?

Maybe it’s the tough guy image or even the thrill of a real bad boy that catches your interest, like a mafia boy. A man you know everyone fears, but you. It’s the excitement of the life he lives and his ability to protect you at all cost? His ability to provide every desire…except his heart, and that’s the chase you crave.

Or maybe the draw is a man with confidence in who he is, that makes us flock to him. It shows in the eyes – this inner knowing and pulls us in like a black hole sucking in the universe…we just can’t help ourselves. The beauty of the unknown is so tempting.

Then again, maybe what captivates us to our handsome heroes is the fact that he’s all this as well as our friend, our lover, our protector, and the perfect father to make the family we want and need as women.

Our heroes, with all their mysteries, imperfections and over-confidence…we know in our hearts are just men doing their best to please us. That’s what makes our men heroes in our hearts.

So tell me about your hero.



Lea said...


Sweetie, GREAT post.

Well, that lunatic Tom Cruise certainly doesn't do it for me.

However, Matt Damon, yep honey he's my man. It's the smile, the big blues, the intelligence. And, he is Jason Bourne! What can I say, I don't often get excited about movie stars but Matt, *sigh*.

How are you anyway?

Looking forward to chatting soon.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Lea! Hey Sweetie!

Teehehehehe on the TC comment.

Interesting on the MD yummy comment.

As you can tell by this very short e I'm running - but I will e you maybe tomorrow when I have more time.

I haven't had much time for reaing lately - I'll tell you all about it later!

Until then Hugs!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well what can I say.....I'm still are men..............yap that's


Houston A.W. Knight said...


ROTFLOL - and you've said a mouthful! ;-)

cyber hugs

Vicki said...

I like them all especially Johnny Depp even though he's not pictured here. :)

I'm thinking you're like you some Cruise since you have 3 of them. Heehee. Just kidding. The first pic of him was stop you in your tracks and pant when the blog opened.

I like the bad boy with a sweetness behind closed doors kinda guy. Yummy.

Vicki said...

JESUREE - OMG, Hi and hugs from here in the Sunny State. :D

You my dear are an amazing person. The bond is deep.

Liza said...


I don't have my own real life hero yet, but I like your description of a man that is flawed but just trying to do his best. Tom Cruise did it for me in his "Top Gun" days, but he seems to have lost his mind now. I do agree with Vicki that Johnny Depp is pretty hot.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I go from Elvis Presley to Orlando Bloom - he's pictured here in the article.
Yeah, I'm sorry about Johnny Depp -I searched for a piture of him but I couldn't find any sexy ones - so he got skipped. Maybe the next article on men.

When you're not looking or you've given up the search in finding the right guy is when he shows up. So keep your nose down and your Mr. Right will show up soon enough.


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Why you're a hungry and greedy little one aren't you! ALL OF THEM?????

LOL on TC - Nope you guessed it right, not hot for the Cruise just good at marketing. aren't in the modeling biz for the thousand plus years that I was and not learn something about the market and what moves it! SEX!

;-D Hawk