Monday, January 19, 2009


I know I’ve talked about color before, BUT, did you ever wonder WHY THE GODS CREATE COLOR?

Our world is full of it – there has to be a reason, and more than color just being pretty to look at.

The EARTH is joined with the colors of Green, Brown and Blue. Native American Indian’s call the earth the second spirit path; the first spirit path is a translucent color…its path we take when traveling from the second path (of earth) to the third spirit path, sometimes referred to as the blue path, or as the white man says – heaven.

The green, once abundant on Earth, showed the universe we were a planet of wisdom and knowledgeable in the ancient ways. Today, so little green is left…symbolizing our loss of intellect and the denial of our core truths.

What happened?

Why haven’t the human’s remembered? Why don’t we know wearing green jade will deepen our knowledge of the unknown, which was once the known to us? Believe it or not, man back in the 1400’s knew more about our core truths than we do today. Yet, those today claim to be of higher intelligence. Hum, are we really?
Then why don’t we know we could gain the privilege of sight to the old wisdoms we once lived by and believed, if we carried or wore Jade? Did you know you can grow and maturity your soul if you wear this semi-precious stone?

If you’re drawn to possess Jade, the stone’s pull is telling you, you need to bring more compassion, stability and happiness into your world. You can ground a wayward soul and see the spiritual light of self-awareness with Jade in your possession.

And why does it seem more women desire semi-precious stones than men? Is a woman’s sixth sense trying to tell her something? Why aren’t we women listening? (Find out in next weeks blog)

When life appears foggy and unclear, you can blow away the mist by carrying or wearing a clear male crystal (females are the cloudy crystals). The male crystal will bring clarity to your sight and give purpose to your life. The clear stone will add confidence to your path and encouragement to your will to “just do it”. The crystal will give strength to your unknowns and the bravery to confront them like a warrior.

Yes, in the far past there were women who were warriors that fight side by side with their men. They carried a power as strong or stronger than the man they fought next to. So, how is it we women have forgot this power?(Next weeks blog)

The Earth is surrounded in blue signifying the fire within mother earth. Fluorescent blue can do the same for you. This color can shine a light on the inner fire that rest within you, that inner strength, power, and knowledge you know is there but are afraid to acknowledge.

The ancients believed the color of Violet encourages spiritual growth of the soul. This is a color our children should wear often. It will help them evolve into wonderful adults. They will become beings who are responsible for their actions. The color of violet gives humans stability in their emotions and relationships. Violet heals all.

The lighter shade of Violet is Lavender and this color represents TRUST. This color grants absolutes, in trust, faith, honesty and innocence. If you want to make a secretive mate more open, Lavender can help you do this.
Perhaps a touch of Lavender on his pillow or the underside of his pillow case will reach his secret side and give comfort to reveal a more open side of him.
Just know; those who are secretive usually don’t like the smell of Lavender. So go easy with it. Or if you've got one of these with a fussy nose to Lavender - try, dried, crushed lavender flowers sprinkled on the mattress (under the sheets and pillows).

The Gods gave us the deep shade of pink for love. The color of a rose. We were told this color would bring true love, and commitment from our lover’s heart. Of course we can’t ask our lover’s to wear rose all the time (men usually frown at any color that isn’t gray, brown, blue, tan, or black) So, how can we make sure his love, compassion and joy is true? How do you make sure yours is? And how do you keep the true love you share from fading?

The answer…you already know. As a woman, it’s in your blood. I’m sure most of you saw it. Yap, right in front of you. But you never ask why…we’ve been taught not to. (Again, next weeks blog)
The answer was in your Grandmother’s house or possible in your Great Grandmother’s house…back then women knew….How do you think those marriages lasted so long? The answer; it's in that beautiful picture frame with the dried flowers you loved so much. You remember, the one Grandma kept on the piano.

Get a deep shaded rose. Let it dry in the sun. Find a picture of you and your lover and put it in a picture frame with a Violet background. Then place the dried rose pedals around the picture within the frame, while you’re doing this FEEL the love you have for him and the love you FEEL from him…feel this emotion go into the picture. Spray the frame with some Lavender oil and display it for him to see. When he asks about the picture, tell him the truth ~ it’s the symbol of the true love shared between you, to last forever. Then tell him how much you love him.

Love is a powerful thing…it grants appreciation, it’s a healer and stabilizer that will bring comfort to your soul.

There is so much more to share but there isn’t room here. I’ve shown you the colors of the East and the South. Perhaps another time I’ll share the power of the colors in the West and the North. So keep reading my blog.

Ever wonder why the Gods gave color to our food? The colors affect us there too. If you want to know how, keep an eye open for the article I will write on the color in our food.

Until then, remember, color is more than just something pretty to look at – it’s a healer, a shaper and it’s alive with vibrations that affect us daily in everything we do, feel, see, and eat. So, enjoy the colors and enjoy life.



Vicki said...

Wow Hawk, I loved this post. I'm such a color girl and reading about them was great. :)

Vicki said...

Hey, question. Are the cars in your video bar T's?

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Sweet Vicki,

Yeah, I thought you'd like this post. LOL

And on the car question - if you're talking about the U-Tube strip of cars - no, those are not T's. The post I did awhile back were.

Are you getting any writing done?


Lea said...

Hawk My Friend:

Fabulous, well thought out post. Interesting color analysis. Maybe one of them can help me get rid of this hellish cold I'm in the midst of.

And, no I'm not going to eat any Alfalfa....

Hope all is well with you.


Houston A.W. Knight said...


B-b-but alfalfa will reduce a fever! And it's good if you've got the flu! }:-/ O.k., stop you're screaming - I hear you all the way down here; you're not going to take alfalfa!

Well, then will you try Echinacea, Goldenseal, and vitamin C? Yes, they make it in pill form!

Yeah, I hear the reserve in your voice so I'm guessing it's a "Yeah right - NOT!" that I'm hearing out of you - so least try to stay warm and get lots of bed rest.

Hugs babe, I hope you feel better soon!


Vicki said...

Writing? In a word, No. Not much at all. It wasn't all that great of a weekend and now I'm not feeling too good.

Hey, I'm givine away two copies of HOT FLASH. One on my blog on Friday and one on the group blog today. Thought you might like to know. And the rest of your readers too.