Saturday, February 28, 2009


I’m sure some of you noticed this beautiful little award got posted to my blog midweek. I received this wonderful award from Vicki Lane. She has a super great blog. One that’s full of interesting things going on in her life; from writing to house buying and lots of “free give away” contests. Seriously, go check her blog out.
Vicki Lane I wouldn’t miss a day.

Okay, time for the Fabulous Award rules: Write 5 things I am addicted to and then nominate 5 other blogs to pass this award on to!

5 Things I’m addicted to:

1. Writing – I love to write. I can’t stop even if I wanted to (which I don’t). I enjoy creating worlds and telling stories and have for as long as I can remember. 2. Working – Yes, I admit it. I’m a work-alcoholic. I set a goal and once I’ve committed to it…I’m addicted, like a bull dog, my teeth are in the arm for the long haul. LOL.

3. Learning – I know this sounds odd, but I love to learn something new everyday. I’m addicted to the differences in the world. I love to learn about other cultures, lifestyles and beliefs.

4. Happiness – I’m addicted to being happy. I love life and the passion of living it to its fullest.

5. Family – and this includes my dog. Nothing more addicting than a happy, loving family.

The five blogs I pick to bestow the award too are….

1. Roxanne St Claire It’s a must see. No, really! You have to see this blog!
2. Kimberly Llewellyn I love her blog. This sweet woman is not only beautiful but talented! I always enjoy her style of writing. So sit back, enjoy your morning cup of Java and start the day off right, with this super blog.
3. The Seekers Wonderful blog. There’s so much to say about this one and not enough space to say it…so just go and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.
4. Chip MacGregor As a writer I always enjoy this one. I learn something new with each visit. Great blog.
5. C.L. Wilson Who could not love this blog!

When you go to visit their sites please let them know you found them from this blog. If you’ve been named on the Fabulous Blog list above, it’s now your turn to select five blogs. Not an easy job! Good luck.

Wait! I'm not done! I know they said I could only choose five for the Fabulous Blog award…now, for those of you who didn’t know this…I’m Irish…and we never go by the rules. LOL. So, I’m giving honorary “I love your blog” awards to:

Anna Sugden
Judi Fennell,
Donna MacMeans,
Caren Carlisle

Wait! I'm still not done. See the award below? We'll I won it as well this week. My sweet friend Lea, who has a great book review site, awarded it to me today, and now I'm passing it on to fifteen others.

Romance Bandits Awesome site with wonderful writers! Yes, all of them! Hugs to each of you!
Vicki Lane,
Julie Leto and Friends
Authors After Dark,
Angie Fox
Ana Aragon
Christine Wells
C.J. Lyons
Kathy Carmichael
Sia Mckye
Loretta Rogers

This was fun...And yes, I enjoy everyone of these blogs. Each is creative, different and always a wonderful way to start a day! Enjoy.

Have a great week and come back next Sunday to read my blog - Did You Ever Wonder How Our Knowledge Is Organized In Our Memory?

Hugs to all


Lea said...


((Hugs)) I am truly honored by your thoughtful comments.

Your online friendship means a great deal to me and I love visiting your blog too.

Warm Regards

Lea said...


Thank you!!


Vicki said...

Hawk, thank you so much for the blog award. I love it!!!

Your blog is always a must read. In fact, it's most often one that I read a couple of times. You give us so much great info as well thought provoking blogs, I'd never miss it.

I've finally finished the upgrade on mine. Check out the pic at the top. Isn't she beautiful.


Judi Fennell said...

Oh, wow! I'm so honored! thank you!

Judi Fennell said...

And waving "HI!" to Sia McKye, my fellow Writing Wombat!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Every word is true! Your site is beautifully designed and I love your reviews! I also enjoy your choice of reading material and your comments are always honest. It's obvious your remarks come from the heart. I love your reviews!

Now, for our online friendship...there are days I wish I could just reach through this computer and give you a big hug! Yap, I adore you!

cyber hugs instead :-(

Houston A.W. Knight said...


P.S. You are very welcome!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


LOL - surprise! I'm glad you like the award! Hugs!

Wow, your new site is awesome! And always a fun read!

Many Hugs

Houston A.W. Knight said...


You are most welcome! Cut and paste the award picture to your sight, so all your readers can see it!


~Sia McKye~ said...

Wow, Hawk! I'm honored. I truly didn't expect something like this! I've worked hard with my blog and I'm glad people are enjoying it and I do appreciate you calling attention to it!

So, do I get any cookies? Hugs to you too!

*Waving back to Judi. Thank you Judi! you're one of those people whose opinion I highly value and one I admire for how hard you work with promotion, you're amazing, my friend! :-)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


LOL...well you should have young lady! You've got a fabulous blog! That's why I visit it so often.

Cookies - I bake chocolate chip and peanut butter...but I can't do any baking until after the So for now, you've got to be happy with copying your award to you blog so everyone who visits can see you got it.

Hawk - after the nationals we'll talk about cookies! ;-)

Liza said...

Thank you so much Hawk! I'm so glad I found your blog thru Vicki's blog.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Me too!