Saturday, February 21, 2009

Do you believe in Fairies?

Some say fairies are from the imagination of storytellers…but are they really? And if they are, why is there still such a draw to them today?

I understand people in the past could have created fairytales to liven up an evening (after all, they didn’t have TV back then) but why the fascination today? Is their apart of our inner knowledge that knows…something…we don’t today?

When I was a little girl my father always talked about the fairies. He’d tell me and my sister about them and how they’d help our grandfather when he was a little boy growing up in Ireland. I believed then, my father spoke about fairies just to entertain us. But I started to question this when my father came to live with me for a short time many years later.
Knowing how my father loved gardens, I'd planted one for him to occupy his time. Then one day I saw him out there talking away, just like he did when I was young. When I asked him who he was talking to, he looked at me as if I were a nut and said, he was talking to the fairies.
It was then I realized he’d been talking about them and to them since I can remember.

Mind you, my father was a highly paid business man. Respected by his peers. The man wasn’t insane….So, who was my father talking to in his gardens for all these years?

FYI – in every town we lived in – there wasn’t a neighbor near us that didn’t envy my father’s garden. His vegetables gardens were the most flavorful and abundance in town. His colorful rose gardens grew in towns that couldn’t keep a cactus alive. When asked how he did it…he’d laugh and say, “Why don’t ya’ know? ‘Tis the fairies, the little people that give a glitter’in touch ta’ help me gardens grow.”
Of course everyone would laugh…but my dad. He’d look down at me and my sister with a smirk and I’d see that secret twinkle in his bright blue eyes. He knew…something…we didn’t.

So, I have to ask. If fairies aren’t real, then who in their right mind would spend so much time inventing so much DETAILED information about them? As a writer who creates worlds…I can tell you this, it’s not an easy job that can be done in a matter of weeks, months or even years. Creating a whole history about beings, who don’t exist, is not an easy task.
The kind of information you can find on fairies today…a writer wouldn’t have that much time or energy to create them or their world in the magnitude of details that has been created, so who did? Or is all this information on fairies based in fact?

Let’s start with D.J. Conway. In his book called Celtic Magic, he talks about a place called, TIR-NAN-OG, pronounced teer na nogue, supposedly this is Fairyland, better known as Avalon; Isles of the blest.
Look it up, you will wonder at the detail description of this land…its mind boggling.

Now, my father said he was talking to the wee ones, small fairies only a few inches high like the Pixie (known in Ireland as Heather or Moor spirits)…supposedly they have a blue or green color to their skin with huge eyes that slanted upward at the outer corners. Larger pointed ears and small delicate translucent wings. From what I remember my father saying, they had silver or golden auras around them. They didn't walk when they sought to leave a human’s attention, they dematerialize and that’s why my sister and I never saw the ones talking to my father…or so he said.

Now, it’s not these small ones that intrigue me…maybe that’s way my gardens look like dead weeds. The ones that fascinate me are the fairies from The Land of Arda, known as Elves. Yes, Elves are fairies. The lore of the Elves is mesmerizing.

If they are real, these beings would stand anywhere from 4’10” to 5'8” and are very human looking. There are two types of them. The first, calling themselves Elves. They have supernatural powers and naturally - pointed ears…

BTW, have you noticed some humans have pointed ears? Is it possible they are descendants from these Elves?

I saw an actress on a soap opera. I believe she plays the roll of Sharon Newman/Abbott on The Young and The Restless, HAVE YOU SEEN HER EARS? They are pointed, like an elf’s…how did they get that way? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Anyway, back to my point (LOL – sorry for the bad joke) it’s said, these Elves are extraordinarily beautiful beings with expressive eyes and white/golden hair. They usually are around the 4’ 10” height.

Then you have their other half. They’re called the Drow Elves. They’re usually the taller ones at the 5’ 8” height. They are the opposite of the Elves, with dark hair, fluorescent eyes though still very attractive in appearance. These Drows are the deadly force or protectors of the Elf race.

My question is…if they look that much like a human, how do we know they are not real and just walking around mixing in with us? Is that how an actress like Sharon Case gets ears like that? How do we know there is not a secret race of beings living along side us that have kept their identity, their powers and their race hidden?

I’m the kind of person that believes there has to be a grain of truth behind any lore or legend…people just can’t be that creative or we’d still be creating new and original stories.
Georges Polti says in his book, The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations…those are the only plotlines we writers work from…there are no new plots. Polti says, as a writer your story will fall into one of these 36 plotlines.
Oh, we as writers can add twists and surprises…but we have not, nor will we ever create an original work like the legends of yore.

I say if we human’s can’t create and build original legendary stories like they did in the past - then it’s because these wondrous tales came from a grain of truth, from a world we don’t know or understand today…we humans can’t write about a creature if we don’t know it exist.

So, just perhaps, there were dragons in our distant past, a past long ago forgotten. And mayhaps, there was a race once called fairies. Giants…well, we still have giants today. Our history says they came from the race of the gods, known as – Tuatha De Danann, pronounced tootha day danan, and supposedly, from what our history says, the Giants lived not far from Avalon, the land of the fairies. Hummmmm.

And what about the “little people” of today, like the Roloffs? Small people we once called dwarfs…where does a dwarf's bloodline stem from? Why are they so small? Are they a modern form of the Kobolde or Fin Folk Fairies? It's reported those fairies were about the same size that the Roloffs are now.

Some say the Twlwwyth Tegs fairies would live and breed with humans. They say the Tegs are the link between human and fairy bloodlines. So, have we intermixed with them so much, there is no longer a (full blooded) fairy race anymore?

So...I ask you, did fairies really live amongst us? Or is my Irish blood just as crazy as always...for believing in the fantasy?



Ivet Writer said...

Very nice blog, Houston. Congrats.
Perhaps you would like to see my blog and even post there a comment. It would be great for me!
Kisses from Spain.

Lea said...

Hey Hawk!

Great well thought out post as always.

Funny, but as soon as I saw your post was about fairies I thought of Ireland.

I've read a lot of books about Irish lore and history and one can't help but believe. I don't know if you have ever read any of Morgan Llywelyn's books but they are steeped in the lore of Ireland.

Cool story about your dad and his garden too. Maybe I need some of that fairy magic here - man I am one of those black thumb people - nothing grows for me. lol

Listen, I'm holding a gift card giveaway over at my blog. It runs until Friday. You should stop over and thow your hat in the ring. It is in honor of my 100th blog post! ;)



Vicki said...

Love the post Hawk and I truly believe in Fairies. I do think of them as being from Ireland as well, not sure why, but I do. :)

When I was a little girl, I always loved Tinker Bell and wished I could meet her.

I would love to see one of your dad's fairies. Or maybe have my own little one to sprinkle a little of magic dust toward me.

As far as dragons, yes, I believe they existed. I think some of our own smaller lizards and such are descendants from them. I think as the world populated they may have shrunk. Sort of like if you put a gold fish in a small tank it will only get so big, but if you put it in a larger tank it will grow larger. Same with some of our animals, I think the populations of the world, building, and such has caused them to no longer reach the size inwhich they did thousands of years ago.

So, if your dad had his fairies, how come you never found one to become friends with? Or have you ever thought about that?

I'm thinking we're needing to do some fairy searching. :D But then you know I love fairies.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Welcome from America! I hear Spain is beautiful this time of year.

I post every week. So, every Sunday morning you can find a new posts on my site...I hope filled with an interest and thought provoking blog. I try anyway.
Yes, I will drop by and visit you. I do hope you'll come back and see me.


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Sweet Lea...

How's my girl? Is it getting warmer up there yet?

Ireland and fairies...can't have one without the other can you? LOL

LOL, I didn't have to father was a walking story-teller of Irish lore and history...

You said, "one can't help but believe." I have to agree with you...there's just way too much on them not to believe.

OMG, My sister just told me last night she bought me three research books and I think she said one was by Morgan Llywelyn! I'll let you know when I get them. If not...I guess I'll be going to the book store again! LOL Thanks for the tip! AWESOME! Thank you Sweetie! ;-X

I swear by the blessed's all true about my father and his gardens.

Black thumb huh? Looks like I might have to send a few up your way. lol

GIFT CARD? I'm on my way over to your blog! Anyone else here at mine click on Lea's pic or hit the link I have for her on my home page and come with me! Let's celebrate Lea's 100th blog post together! WOOHOO!

Super cyber HUGS

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I went to your blog but couldn't post a comment...I did try.



Houston A.W. Knight said...


I think the fairies are at work...I wrote you a long answer to your comment and my blog accepted it and I thought it said it posted but as you can see no post. HUMMMM.

Long answer now short...
Yes there are fairies in Ireland and Scotland.
You have Kappa fairies in Japan.
There are Buccas, brownies and pixies in England. Nixes and Kobolds in Germany.
Elves & trolls in Scandinavian countries (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland)
Hawaiian's tell about the menehune (dwarf like beings).
And tho' I can't remember what they were called... American Indian's had stories about fairies as well.

As I said before...Yes, I would have loved to have seen one of my father's fairies.
But fairies are funny...just because we were related to my father didn't make us automatic friends to them.
To them, each human man or woman has to gain their trust...

And there are rules... rules they don't tell you about before hand.

Be very careful calling the fairies to you...there are good and bad fairies...and some, their only purpose is to make humans fearful.

As I said... there are rules. Beware and NEVER step into a fairies circle!

As far as seeing them, there are two ways to do have to have the natural sight or you have to know the secret herb to eat to see them.

As I had said in the first reply... (shortened answer)before my father passed over to the other side...he told my sister all the sescrets to call the fairies and all the little things you have to do to get them to come.

Once he handed these secrets to her (the girl who couldn't grow a garden) now grows the most wonderful and magical gardens I've ever seen.


Houston A.W. Knight said...

OMG! I had to enter this reply three times to get it to go...odd!

I didn't tell the why the fairy hassle.


Lea said...


You didn't enter the contest! Here is the link - you must throw your name in the hat girl. (The hat is getting a little full but throw it in anyway - yikes. lol)

You had to scroll down a bit in the posts to get to the Giveaway one.


Lea said...


If you have trouble let me know and I will enter you, but try the link I gave you, it should work.


Vicki said... do I know if I step into a fairy circle or not? Really, would like to know the answer to this one.

And no, I'm not calling any of them, but still to see a nice one, one who has only my best interest at heart would be cool, since I'd only have their best interest at heart as well. But calling to them...nope, I wouldn't know what or who I was calling and I do know better than that. :D

Besides, you have taught me well and I continue to learn from you

My Blog 2.0 said...
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My Blog 2.0 said...

Hi Hawk, thanks for stopping by!!

I think I've seen a fairy-once or thrice, out of the corner of my eye. Difficult little buggers. And you're right, there are good ones and bad ones--so be careful for what you wish for.

Also wonder about the intermixing of the species.....hmmmm....things to ponder.

They seem to get very protective of their family lore--so, it's hard to gain knowledge about them. If you discover the secret--send a smoke signal, but be careful. Being cursed by the fairies can lead to dusting, you don't want to go there.

I too have inherited the BLACK thumb curse, my mom can grow tomatoes in the dark. I just killed the last of the cacti I had growing in the kitchen.

Great blog and I'll be back soon,


(Hawk--computer keys sticky today--accidentally delete my own comment-Duh!! I swore I just moved one little finger!! Sorry {grinning stupidly})

Vicki said...

Hawk, You've been chosen for an award. Check it out on my blog. :D

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I think I got it this time! Thanks for the link!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


There are many types of fairy circles but most common I'm told are...a circle of very green grass that circles a dead patch of grass, and the other is a circle of mushrooms. Usually red cap mushrooms.

Don't step into the circle. Bad fairies will try to trick you to step making you follow them until you realize you're in it or they will put something (usually something that is a weakness to you, that you can't resist)in the circle and wait for you to step in to get the object you desired.

Yap, tricky little guys huh?

It take years to nurse them into trusting have to gift things (secret) to them and keep them happy. But once you've been accepted, they will protect you, or so I'm told.


Houston A.W. Knight said...


I enjoyed your site!

((I think I've seen a fairy-once or thrice, out of the corner of my eye. Difficult little buggers.))

LOL...Fairies are a funny race for sure.
Nice to know other people have seen them other than my Father.

((And you're right, there are good ones and bad ones--so be careful what you wish for.))

Good advice and very true.

((Also wonder about the intermixing of the species.....hmmmm....thingsto ponder.))
LOL, that was the purpose for this, what did your pondering say? what do you think? Have we humans mixed with faires long ago?

((They seem to get very protective of their family lore--so, it's hard to gain knowledge about them.))

Again very true. Once they trust you - you can gain some information, but still...these little guys play close to the vest.

(((If you discover the secret--send a smoke signal, but be careful. Being cursed by the fairies can lead to dusting, you don't want to go there.)))

I agree. It's no game.

((I too have inherited the BLACK thumb curse, my mom can grow tomatoes in the dark. I just killed the last of the cacti I had growing in the kitchen.))

ROTFLOL!!! Girl, you're funny.

((Great blog and I'll be back soon,))

Dottie I hope you do come back. I loved your comments and your humor.


(Hawk--computer keys sticky today--accidentally delete my own comment-Duh!! I swore I just moved one little finger!! Sorry {grinning stupidly})

Dottie, How do you know it wasn't the faires playing with the computer. I had to post my answer to Vicki three time before I could get it to post. My computer said it was posting it but it never showed. My reply to Vicki got shorter and shorter...I gave fewer details and then it went through...

Hey, go check out an old blog I have on a ghost was real! Odd thing about that blog is when all the girls in my writer group looked at it most of us saw something different...

My Blog 2.0 said...

Hi Hawk--me again

I do believe that fairies and humans have intermingle, combined DNA. Fairies existed long before humans started hunting dinosaurs. Most humans don't remember fairies, and that's just the way the fairies like it. Humans have trouble accepting things are different from themselves, see Area 51. Without fairies, gardens wouldn't grow, flowers wouldn't bloom, and we'd be run over by pixies!! (They may be a wee bit upset with secrets being revealed, hence the blog problems.)

I went back and read your earlier posts, especially enjoyed--what I say--all of them!! You have great insight, great sense of humor, and I'll just bet you're a great storyteller!

I really liked the ghost blog!! This may surprise you, but I also believe in ghosts, psychics, and all things paranormal. Mystery surrounds us all the time! There is always some grain of truth in the old legends of ancient lore. Some nations of American Indians believe they could shape shift into their animal guides. Who am I to say this didn't happen?

May the luck of the Irish always be with you!!



(Kept my fingers strictly on the keyboard--I've already committed my stupid act for the day!!)

LKap said...

Great Post - you know I love Fairies and believe in them!!!

Liza said...

I love the post Hawk. I do believe in Fairies. I've always wanted to go to Ireland and I figured I would see the fairies when I was there.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


You'll find a lot in Ireland...just take care which ones you see.
Arver is where my Grandfather was check there for friendly ones.

These would be the tiny ones with the fields or gardens.

Good luck and let me know when you go...I just might join you!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


I think I've angered the fairies...for the life of me I can't get my replies to post.
My computer says they're posting but they don't...

So they're mad or maybe the fairies are trying to show the readers, that don't believe, they really are here...

I don't know, but I know this is my third post to your comment...ERRRRR!

For Pete's sake, I haven't told any secrets...I hope they let this post.

All I had said was that I'd hope to do a dragon blog soon. Do you think they don't like the competition? LOL


Angie Fox said...

Loved this post!

If you ask my 5-year-old daughter, she'll tell you fairies most certainly do exist. Perhaps I'm a bit slower on the uptake, but I'd never really thought about it until now. Very interesting!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Angie Fox!!!

OMG what an honor to have you visit my site! Thank you so much for coming by. And thank you for the kind comment on loving my post!

Children are free of the restrictions life usually veils an older child's eyes or an adult's sight with. It's the rules we agree to play by when we agreed to come play in this game of life.

LOL --> "... I'd never really thought about it until now."
Then I've done my job right! I try to blog on subjects that will make people go HUMMMMM. ;-D Guess I've got you going HUMMMM.

If you want to make that sound again...I've got a real ghost picture in an older blog...if you check it out, let me know what you think!It's not just a white shadow - you can see the guy - Spooky!

I post a new blog every Sunday.
I'm so glad you found it interesting!
Come back any old time and visit! It was Great of you to come...why I'm floating on cloud 9 with excitement. What a wonderful way to start my day!

BTW - love your books! They're awesome reads people - check Angie's books out.


My Blog 2.0 said...

Hi Hawk!

I nominated you for an award!

Come by and pick it up!