Sunday, April 12, 2009

Have we really advanced?

I was doing a little research the other day and I found a drawing of a Roman house around 400 A.D., I was shocked - it looks just like my house! And no my home isn’t THAT old, nor do I live in Rome. The sketch had visitors enter through a front door that opens not into the living area of the house but to a courtyard area with a pool. Hum, mine too! I looked at the details of the sketch and realized this could be a modern home. Well, this got me to wondering – has man really advanced through the centuries?

Let’s see, back in 400 A.D. Rome was a lively fast paced city just like New York or San Francisco is today. Hum, my town’s not so busy. But I’ve lived in San Francisco and other big cities, so I know what they’re talking about when they say “bustling” city. Well, o.k., we still have bustling cities today….That hasn’t changed or advanced, really.

They had government buildings – unfortunately, so do we.
They had solar architecture (something we’ve only just gotten into in the past decade or so), forums, shopping plazas like our malls. They had schools, libraries, theatres filled with culture and entertainment. So this hasn’t changed either.

Their standard of cleanliness was as high as our own. Records show Romans used lots of water. It’s said they used half again as much water per citizen as our New Yorkers do today.
And they preferred using German soap over Gallic soaps for their “solar heated” bathtubs!
{:-O They had solar heated baths? Well, I’ve got electric…not so free – rather costly, really. Hummm? And I have no clue where my soap comes from, do you? Does this make the Roman’s more advanced than us?

They had public facilities as well – So do we. Oh, BTW, in their homes they had bathrooms with toilets – they didn’t flush but there was a very advanced sewer system. I sure hope their non-flushing toilets gave them fewer problems than my flushing toilet gives me! Darn thing, I always have to jiggle the handle to quiet it down….I guess the flush is more advanced…but I’m not putting money on it. Not mine anyway.
Still today in China, as they did in Rome – they use baby’s urine to whiten teeth.
Ah, thank the Gods we don’t do that here in America that I know of. If I had to use urine to whiten my teeth - I’ll live with yellow teeth.
Fortunately, I don’t have that problem, when I was a child my parents gave me baking soda to brush my teeth. I’ve found it to be better than any market brand toothpaste. With baking soda you don’t get any film or tarter build-up, like you do with toothpaste. So, I still use baking soda just like they did back in Roman times. Some Roman’s used salt, yap, regular table salt to clean their teeth. I’ve heard Native American Indian’s did salt for washing and cooled campfire ash for whitening. I’ll have to try that one day…but I need to get a fireplace to do it.

Roman’s had gold crowns and bridges for teeth, and they had razors too, didn’t ya’ know?
How did they know all this? More important - when did we forget it? It's possible it was lost to us during the DARK AGES.
I don’t know about you, but the Roman’s sound a lot like us? So, where is our advancement over them?

The wealthy Roman neighborhoods had town-homes and regular homes. Just like we do today, and they had rentals apartments that were as high as five stories. Yap, we’ve got apartments that high in our county – how about you?

The wealthier homes had solar and coal heating, pools and ponds, tile roofs, glass windows, mosaics, frescoes and paintings, marble columns, gardens, skylights, heated stone floors (new for us), wood flooring, and atriums. Sound familiar?

How many of you have tile roofs? Wooden flooring? Most of us have skylights…well, I don’t but…most people do. I know we all have glass windows, and most of us have something on the walls in our home. They had beds with mattresses…I think most of us do too. They had carpets, couches, stools, tapestry, tables, boxes…Yeah, the Roman’s had a thing for boxes, go figure. Interesting enough, all their furniture resembled the modern furniture of today.
So…how have we advanced?

Alright, we invented electricity…the Roman’s didn’t have that. They had lighting by candles mostly. They did have lamps (oil burning or wicks) that were available, but they seemed to prefer the candle. They sound like romantic people to me…and every modern woman today, over 25 years old knows WE women look SOOOOOO much better by candlelight, over electric lighting….Yeah, let’s bring back candlelight! We can do without the advancement of electricity!
All the toxic waste our nuke power has given us - hasn’t advanced our planet’s health at all…but that’s just in my humble opinion.

YES, they had clocks…they were called water clocks and they also had hour glass time keepers. And don’t forget their sundial. What more do we need than that? Today we really haven’t improved on time.

Their streets were lined with retail shops and inns just like ours, so there’s no advancement there. Their cement (lime mortar – we had to rediscovered that) buildings had Graffiti on them just like ours do in the big cities. Hum, now that I think about it, even small towns have graffiti…so Kilroy’s been around a long time…must be a vampire, that Kilroy. He’s been leaving “Kilroy was here” graffitied on bridges, walls and trains forever!

Roman’s back then, just like the adults today, complained about teenagers being out of control. Hum, some things never change, do they?

Like us, they drank milk, beer, water and wine. They even had ice cubes; yap by storing water in an earthenware pan and placing that in a bed of straw, the nocturnal radiation and rapid evaporation caused ice.
They enjoyed baked breads and pastry. Their candy was healthier than ours - they had honey type candy. So, we digressed there. }:-/
They had things they stored in glass bottles and they ate cheese, fruits, meats and vegetables, just like us. We haven’t found anything new in the food category…actually, we’ve lost a lot of the variety they had. Again…no advancement there.

I’m know the women had to cheat on their diets with cakes made of butter….but I’m not guilty of that, O.K., so I’m guilty of that! I admit it! Toss my butt in the dungeon! Oh, they didn’t have dungeons…dungeons didn’t come until later during the DARK AGES. O.k. then, toss my behind in jail.

Roman’s had coin money, that’s when money really was money not worthless paper like we have today. They had sewing needles, buttons, thimbles, scissors, combs, hairpins, tools, water mills, Iron.
Hummmm, I could be describing today’s world, couldn’t I?
Yes, they used pens (made from goose quills) and (papyrus) paper. Hum, their goose pens seemed to have worked better than my ball point…mine skips while writing. }:-/ I just hate that. Don’t you?

They wore silk, wool, and cotton as well linen. Thank the Gods they hadn’t invented the Nylons and Rayon’s yet….all this fake material makes me smell funny…I refuse to wear any of it! Hate the fakes! Give me good old fashion Roman materials any day! You spend a fortune to wear natural materials today…YEAH, that’s an advancement – NOT!

They had gloves, shoes (sandals, clogs, slippers, boots) of wool or leather…far better than the plastic shoes we have today, and I’ll bet they lasted longer.

They enjoyed the fine items of pottery, dishes, iron pots, glassware, stoneware, blowpipe glass, pastry crimpers while preparing their meals.

And like any woman today, the Roman women had jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, wigs, and stockings….well, hum? Oh, I know! We’ve got acrylic nails! {:-D They didn’t have those back then…

So…the only things that hold us above our historic ancestors is electricity and acrylic nails? That’s all we’ve advanced in all this time? OMG! Can this be true?

Not to be negative, but….is it just me or does it seems fewer people today have logic or common sense?
Have you seen T.V. lately? OMG, I’m glad I’m a writer – I don’t have to watch it that often! They actually have a program called something like “Not So Smart Robbers and Thieves on Tape” or “Dumbest Crimes Caper” – something like that. Anyway, it shows dumb things criminals do when commenting a crime.
A guy had a rifle…he used the butt to bust through the glass doors of a convenient store, yeah, the barrel end was facing his face!
{8-0....After taking a few packs of smokes, /:-? he tried to leave. But he kept falling back on his butt because he couldn’t think “logically” to turn the rifle vertical to get out the door….????? He was like a Great Dane with a huge stick in his mouth trying to come through a Chihuahua’s doggy door….ain’t happening, if you don’t turn the stick! You know what I mean?

Yet, we’re advanced compared to the Roman’s right?

Do you think Roman soldiers had troubles getting through doorways because they forgot to turn their swords vertical before going through? I really have to wonder.

How about the modern day mother who buys her son drugs then complains to Dr. Phil her son’s hooked on them. He’s been in the 9th grade for three years (3 YEARS!) She afraid he MIGHT have a learning problem because of the drug…and she doesn’t know what to do – OMG, she’s a school teacher??? {:-O

Where’s the LOGIC? Where’s the COMMON SENSE? Where’s our advancement over the Romans?

I have to admit - when I hear things like this, I’ve got to ask…have we really grown wiser than our historical ancestors? Or have we, modern man, digressed into our own dark ages?

And don’t say we fly to the moon – Egyptian tombs show flight travel. Native American Indian’s talk about the star people (who came here by airships). No, they knew – they all knew about air travel. Hells bells, they probably did it better than us to begin with.

Are we really more advanced or are we now just recovering and re-discovering what our ancestors already knew?

What about Nostradamus? How did he know so much and we don’t know half of what he did? He kept most everything he discovered a secret. I’d venture to say…he was our first true Remote Viewer…a technique we’ve only just begun to tap.

Hummm, I really have to wonder, has mankind advanced at all or are we just fooling ourselves? Are we lying to protect our egos…because we really haven’t left our mark on the world as grandly as we like to think?

You tell me.



Judi Fennell said...

The common sense thing resonated with me. We do seem to have lost that, especially when a group of people get together and act as a mob. Though, I guess that really hasn't changed.

Happy Easter, Passover/Spring, Day You Woke Up!

~Sia McKye~ said...

Very fun to read this Hawk. I've seen some Roman homes pictured and had similar thoughts. What I found fascinating was when the Roman military moved to places like England and brought their technology with them, heated baths, floors, heating systems,and water systems. For sure, I'd take a Roman bathroom over a castle system of jakes, blech.

Wise King Solomon once said there is nothing new under the sun, and he was right. :-)

I enjoyed this. Enjoy your day.

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Hawk!

We haven't advanced far, that is very true, Medieval Times or the Middle Age is the result of that forgetfulness. You know, where people ate so much, they had to...what we call bulmia without the need to be super thin or actually cutting the neck to drain the food away (- all gross - I minored in psyche...maybe we should have spent time going over this phenomenon.) So, gluttony was a result of this forgetfulness as well.

Why did the Roman Empire fall? They had all the modern conveniences known to man. Their way of life is similar to our own, maybe better. At least they were trying to kill the Earth, intentional or not, that's what's happening.

The causes of the fall of the Empire are said to be many --- most likely causes, lead poisoning from their water system and dishware, Christianity - to different from the beliefs of the government, trying to govern to large an area, and then, trying to put people in power who were corrupt or ineffectual, inflation, and military decline - again corruption and ineffectual. Hmmmm.....still seeing similarities....I am. Today in the US, we try to force others to be like us, impose our governing style on others, corruption, inflation of our money, poisoning our bodies and the Earth.

Maybe we should try to learn from the mistakes of the Roman, but then, we have to make mistakes to learn. Let's hope the learning curve as improved since Roman times.

Love your blog Hawk!


Dottie :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Judi!

It's funny, I wondered this often...common sense seems to be as rare as honor.

The mob mentality has always been the down fall of man.
Too many people willing to follow and let others decide things for them. They live with an inner fear.
Fewer and fewer people want to stand up and be the first to say "I Believe In This" and stand strong by their convictions...usually because they face an angry MOB.

But on a happier note -
Happy Easter to all!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Oh yes, I agree. I'll take the Roman system over castles systems.
Tho' most castles did have bathrooms...It's True. They had them but the flushing system was not as good as the Roman's system to remove body waste.

King Solomon's words are words of wisdom...nothing is new.

Happy Easter to you darlin'

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Sad thing is...we haven't learned from our mistakes, have we? We keep repeating them over and over through the centuries.

That's why we're in the middle of seeing the fall of America...we're in the shadows of it now and we're not doing anything to stop it.

HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF - and will continue to do so until humans wake up and accept responsibility for their actions. ALL THEIR ACTIONS.

Man/woman has to stop thinking only of him/herself and start thinkings of life as a whole - HUMANS, ANIMALS, PLANTS AND PLANET!

Human's need to see the bigger picture in our growth.

Thank you, sweetie - I love your blog too! ;-)

Cyber hugs

Lea said...

Hey Hawk!

Another great post!!

Well, in actual fact today I don't feel like we have advanced very far if you would like to know why come by my blog and read my post from last night about Amazon.

I hope all is well Hawk.

Warm Regards

Erotic Horizon said...

The common sense in your post does certainly seem to be missing, and at the rate it's going now - it's ain't coming back...

I enjoyed this post..


Houston A.W. Knight said...


I went to your post and left a comment and I signed the Amazon pet.


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Thanks for coming by and I'm glad you enjoyed the article.

It's crazy what's happening in our world...but how do we stop it?


Liza said...


You always make me think with your post. I agree that history will continue to repeat itself until we learn from the mistakes of the past.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hugs Darlin' I'm glad you liked the post...I had fun with the comparison...not much has really changed has it?


Anna Campbell said...

Wow, Hawk, fascinating post. Actually I remember visiting Rome and looking at the ruins and thinking we hadn't come far at all!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I don't know if I should be amazed or sadden that we haven't advanced that much in all this I think about it, maybe it isn't the physical things that need advancing...but the spiritual in humans that needs it the most...yap, I'm going with that...buildings and such will always be...but humans can use a lot of work on the spiritual side of things. We need a lot of work done before we can advance to the 8th root race, that's for sure.

I'm so glad you came by for a visit...I've missed you, young lady from across the sea!


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Anna (((C))),

Gosh hon...I'm sorry. I got you mixed up with Anna S. Cyber space does make it hard to SEE who we're talking to at times. But you know I adore you both!

You need to have a picture of your pretty face in that side box, not that sexy hunk of a man. Show off your blonde locks! Then I could never confuse you with Anna S.