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This question takes me back a mere four hundred and fifty thousand years to the “original” Sumerians, who were "Gods" by all authenticated Sumerian historical records, and who sudden appeared on Earth (long before humankind) with a knowledge and wisdom that far surpasses ours, even today.

Hum, you readers know me by now, and you know mysterious information like this gets me Irish brain cooking…so I’m asking,
How did they get here? Where did they come from? Why did they come? What are they? What did they look like? Are they real or mythical? How are we humans related, if at all? So, if they were here before humans then how did we get here and why did we come? Where do we come from? Or did we come at all…maybe we were created.

Remember…I’m only hypothesizing here. I’m not making any claims. I’m just putting out evidence that has been authenticated….so I’m only theorizing…stirring the gray matter so to speak. {:-D

O.K., let’s start with who and what the Sumerian’s were. They were first known as the Annunaki, and much later referred to by the Judeo’s as Nephilim, which means THE GIANTS.
Hum, does this remind you of a past blog on Giant and Faeries I did just recently? Again, myth or reality?

Anyway, it is said by man’s own Biblical documents that the Annunaki were given their knowledge by “their” GODS. Then they came here to Earth (we’ll talk about later) which they called the 7th planet in our solar system, not the 3rd…(we’ll talk about that later too) and lived here in beautiful grand cities, with homes, stores, theaters, museums, food markets, industrial facilities, parks and government buildings. They were known for their step pyramids of worship and they even had libraries (a little different than we have – they didn’t use paper books, they used clay slabs for record keeping – best when needing document to last through the centuries. Paper won’t.)They enjoyed all the things we humans enjoy today. And the Sumerian’s suffered with all the faults we suffer with as well, jealousy, envy, love, devotions, sorrows and happiness, lies and lust. BUT THEY WEREN’T HUMAN…they were GODS.

Which gets me to wondering about the definition of GOD. These Sumerian Gods had very PHYSICAL forms. They had too be…they created physical buildings to occupy.
They also had unbelievable life spans. It seems mystical to us human’s anyone could live that long. But let’s take a quick peek back in human time.
I assume most of us humans accept the life span of Methuselah (a human), who is said to have lived 969 years. Or Noah, who lived to be 950 years old. So if human’s lived that long then a God could live longer, right?
Gosh, it’s said Noah’s son, Shem was 98 years old when the flood came and he lived to be 600 years old. Heck even Moses (son of Amram) lived to be 120 years old. We still have some human’s living into their hundreds today. But have you noticed as we move forward in time, the humans started having shorter life spans? This sudden change seems to have occurred around 1426 BC. Have our genetics been re-programmed to extinguish faster? Why? Did the Gods do this to us?

The Gods life spans were unbelievably long. One Sumerian God ruled over Sumer (their city here on earth) for 1,036,000 years. This was a God named A-la-L-Gar Nun. Mind you, they ruled by SAR YEARS and a SAR year was equal to one revolution of their “Heavenly Abode” around the Sun (it’s unclear if this was their home here on Earth spinning around our sun or their original homeland and sun – if it’s the Earth than her path must have been vastly different than it is today, more on this later.)

Anyway, this SAR path equals about 2,160 to 3,600 Earth years – depending on who you talk to.
BUT EITHER WAY…that’s a heck of a long time. This one God ruled the earth for 1,036,000 years…and they don’t say if he died or just handed the job over to the new God, named, En-Me-En-Lu-An-Na Bad-Tabira who ruled on Earth for 1, 243,200 years after A-LA-L-Gar NUN.

The similarity of the mythical concept of Faeries strike you? The realness of Faeries have always been in question because their long life span was questionable…after looking back at our own Biblical history of Moses, Noah and others…I don’t understand why Faeries long life spans would be in question…unless Moses and Noah’s realness are in question as well?

Anyway, back to my point, were these Gods Mortal Deities?

They had to be. And they had to have traveled through our solar system to get here. How else can you explain how they knew our solar system so well and long before telescopes were invented. How could they know the galaxies so well, they were able to make exact documentations of it and others in their records? Records we humans now have…though our “religious leaders” keep hidden from us. They know the truth…about the GODS. These records have told them.

But our own human people can’t hide all the evidence from us (though they do try)…We have proof of the Gods’ transport, if we’re willing to accept it - HUMAN painted pictures of spaceship inside the pyramid of Egypt? Native American Indians did the same on rocks inside caves? Native American Indian’s tell us the “Star People” brought them here.
Again proof the Gods were physical and they traveled through space.

Which gets me to wondering…why did the Sumerian’s call the Earth the 7th planet from the sun? Historical records show they knew our solar system better than we know it even today. They knew back 450,000 years ago about the planets Uranus (they called it ANU), Neptune (EA) and Pluto (called Gaga). We humans didn’t discover Uranus until 1781, Neptune wasn’t in our scope until 1846 or so, and Pluto we didn’t discover until this century!!! But they knew about them and described them to a tee! Their records prove this.
As well, Sumerian records showed two more planets out there beyond Pluto that they called Marduk and Nibiru. Today, I believe we now admit to another planet out there past Pluto that we call Vulcan (Marduk?) I believe. We’ve yet to discovered Nibiru….but I’m sure in time we human’s will announce to the world that we discovered (actually – rediscovered) a planet way out there. Taking care not to bring up how the Sumerian’s had already mentioned this planet so long ago in their historical records.

Just as our leaders (religious or otherwise) haven’t told the masses about the Sumerian theory that suggests our solar system wasn’t as it is today. As I understand it, their records show Earth was once the size of Jupiter or Saturn, I can't remember now. But Earth was huge.
Unfortunately, there’s another planet that crosses over from one solar system into ours and it’s on the same path as Earths. This Planet comes around every ????? years, swinging into the Earth’s path…
As the Sumerian’s tell it, the last time this planet came into our shared space, it collided with the Earth busting our planet in half (we now live on this half) our moon is really a fragmented portion of our original planet, now, trapped as our satellite.

I don’t know if you’re old enough to remember when President Reagan put out the idea of having a STAR WARS system put up in space so we could deflect any large meteorites from colliding with the earth…
There are rumors of a meteor heading in Earth direction and is expected to hit us sometime in the future…our scientist have been tracing it for some time now.
Was Reagan told the truth about our solar system sharing a path with another and that it’s due to cross again? This President was also interested in U.F.O.’s… why, what did Reagan know?

Is this rumored Meteorite we see today really the left over portion of that colliding planet so long ago?

Where the Sumerian’s right? Were we once the 7th planet from the sun and because of this massive collision, ended up becoming the 3rd planet from the Sun?
Will this modern day meteor (once a planet) stay on the old course and hit Uranus (now our 7th planet) instead? Or did its course change with the past collision and will hit Earth again?

So far all the historical records from the Sumerians seem to be quite correct.

So, where did the Sumerians go? Why did they go? And how did we humans get here?

Come back next Sunday to find out! ;-)

I’ve kept you long enough already…I promise you this – you will be surprised!



My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Hawk!

Can't wait to hear the answers to your questions.

I believe that life on this planet is a transplant from another world, maybe a dying world that wanted to preserve itself. The gods that the ancient Egyptians spoke of as well as others (this is documented well in your piece) are that race of beings coming to check on the up start world new to the galaxy. That's not to say that life on this planet didn't evolve from lower life forms, life forms can and do evolve. The Gods helped when it was a time of need or maybe generally wondering.

Reagan's star war plan....not sure about anything to do with Reagan ... he's a whole other pondering. Interesting topic though.

Dottie :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Hon,

I like your ideas about how man came about to be here...I've heard this concept told in reverse by UFO abducted humans who said UFO people are taking humans from here (with the right Genes)to a look alike Earth.

Interesting, huh?

I wonder what the turth is?

ROTFLOL...per Reagan. Dottie!!!!! {:-D
Hugs darlin' come back next week and I'll tell you what else I was wondering about.


Yvonne said...

Very interesting post! I'll be back next Sunday to see what the answers are :)

Blodeuedd said...

Loving the post :)
I have read books dealing with different idea, and I am so for the alien idea. Cos of things said in the old Hindu texts and so forth.

So perhaps some aliens dropped by and posed as gods. And helped us along the way

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hey Hon, how are you? I thought you might enjoy this glad you did. I'll be looking for you next Sunday! ;-)


Houston A.W. Knight said...


The word "God"...what does it really mean? Is it simply a being who can do something another can't that makes him a GOD?

I think back in history...and how many times Explorers went to uncivilized (those with a lesser technology) countries, and tribes people called the explorer a God because he had a ship and things they'd never a gun...the gun was magic to the tribes people, making the explorer a GOD LIKE being to them.

Are we human's making the UFO people into GOD LIKE beings because they have a technology more advanced than ours?

Are they Gods or just advanced beings that know more about the way our worlds work? I wonder.

But yes...I've seen too many UFO up close to "NOT" believe.
I thank the Gods...{:-0 hum, maybe I shouldn't be thanking them - lol - who knows...
that I haven't been abducted by an UFO....that I know of...but I've seen many. Starting the week I was born....sooooo loooong ago.


My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Hawk!

Revisiting the alien idea.

Ancient neanderthal man would not have understood the difference between gods and aliens. Gods takes care of their charges as long as they're needed. Maybe that could be an explanation. Hmmmm....still pondering....

Dottie :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...

LOL Dottie!

;-D I gotcha huh?

But you're correct about the neanderthal man not understanding the difference between gods and aliens.
And if they were told by the Alien to call him God then that's all they'd know to call him.
And it is said the Gods had egos.

There are so many interesting possibilities, aren't there?

Hugs sweet Dottie!

Sha and Michelle said...

hey sweetie.

Just wanted to let you know things are going good.

"A" and I are hanging out alot. We went to dinner last night. It was a blast.

Guy friend - I haven't spoken to him and he hasn't tried to talk to me - so at least he's not hurting my feelings anyone. I'm just gonna let that go...



Houston A.W. Knight said...


Great News, hon! Glad to hear it.

{{{"A" and I are hanging out alot. We went to dinner last night. It was a blast.}}}

Good to hear that and it's so much nicer knowing everyone is happy with the situation now with "A".

Sad, but it was time to move on from the "Guy friend" some would say, you're learned all that you could from that relationship and it was time to move on.
Remember the good things and be happy you had them to share...
Now's the time to make new ones, to one day cherish as well.
People come and go in our lives...that's just the way it is...

{{{so at least he's not hurting my feelings anyone.}}}

You mean, YOU'RE not letting him hurt your feelings any more because you controlled your fate, and have decided to move he can't treat you badly.
He can't hurt you unless you let him...see what I'm saying?

{{{I'm just gonna let that go...}}}

{:-D smart girl! Remember we all create our own reality by what we think and do. If we don't like something, change it... Yes, it's that simple.

A lot of people are afraid of change...I embrace it, it makes your inner life (your minds comfort) a happier place to live in. You won't feel depressed, or have anxiety or feel frustrated...because you've taken control of your life. This is an awesome feeling, isn't it?


Judi Fennell said...

Hi Hawk! I'm just getting back to some semblance of real life after the RT convention - and this hypothesizing hurts my poor tuckered brain. So I'll wait to see what you post next Sunday.

take care!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Ooops, this weeks blog is a continuation of last skip this week too...BUT COME BACK NEXT WEEKEND! I'll be running the contest for your book!

Glad to hear you had fun at the RT!


Judi Fennell said...

I had a blast, but getting back into normal life is kinda tough!

talk to you!