Sunday, June 14, 2009


First I have to say…this was not an easy contest to judge and I’m grateful I didn’t have to do it. I don’t think I could have. Each and every one of you were awesomely creative and entertaining with the stories that went along with your hero/ines. Carol and I enjoyed reading about them on your blogs. We enjoyed giving this contest and loved the laughter and friendship you each showed to us and to each other this week. Hugs to you all.

Note: All winners contact me at with your snail mail addresses so your prizes can be mail to you as soon as possible. If you do not contact me at this address by June 21 the prizes will be gifted to another contestant.

Drum roll please, so Carol can announce our winners!

The Third Place Winner is…

The Glorious Watered Down Condor (Lea): Flying down from the blinding sun on a hot tropical afternoon a strident-spear type weapon on fire to do damage gets a vote in my book. The small feathers allow her to flit through the rainforest like a yellow macaw with her all-seeing (no eyes) 6 and 7th sense to guide her toward danger.

The second Place winner is: The Great Whipped Lash (Blodeuedd): Perfect color of the jungle, love the skirt which gives her that romantic, heroine element, (and the whip – something about being in control), and although the blue reminds me of the macaw, the butterfly wings tells me she’s a gentle soul, but can be tenacious (the whip) when called for.

Thank you, Carol. Now, each of these winners will be getting Carol’s cookbook, The Berry Branch Fruit & Vegetable Nut Breads. I have this book and it is awesome if you’re into morning specialty breads for breakfast! Carol gathered 22 years of recipes! It’s a wonderful book.

At this point, we’d to make a special HEROINE’S HONORABLE MENTION and it goes to: (Captain Feathered Knight) Carol said, Sia, I love her colors, the feisty red hair and the smaller wings that would make it easier for her to flit through the rainforest. And that laser light would cut those overgrown vegetation in a hurry.

We feel Sia was a true heroine this week taking care of her wounded hero as any good heroine would, and because of that she wasn’t going to be able to play in our contest…but as we all know…every true heroine has lots of good friends who care. So along with this Honorable Mention there is also an award that is being offered to two caring friends… Dottie and Cecile.

Both of you girls show us what friendship is all about, and we couldn’t be more blessed. This award is for you both and Dottie because you actually made Sia her hero/ine Carol wants to honor you with a cookbook as well. There’s nothing better than a little nut bread, and a cup of hot tea to go with a good friendship. Enjoy. ;-)


NOW, THE WINNER of this contest is: The Fancy Cold Blooded Reptilian (Cecile’s heroine): This Heroine speaks to me in so many ways. First, the green and her scaly body, reminds me of what you would find in the rainforest, camouflaged so that she can sneak up on the enemy and kick ass before they knew what was happening. And with her bare hands – no other weapon needed. Not much more to say, except You Go Girl!

WooooHOOOOOO!!! Congrats winners!

The rest were just as fun and creative, so Carol left you a few comments as well about your H&H's.

The Glorious Flying Whiplash (Dottie’s Heroine): I know the wings are that of a condor, but they’re just a bit too angel like and not really rainforesty – they’ll likely get caught up in all the lush vegetation as she tries to glide through the treetops or underbrush. And while Admiral Flying Condor’s physique is manly, the glasses/goggles detract from his handsomeness, and the wings seem like they’d only get in the way while fighting off all those jungle beasties. Although the natives would have a ball making all those feathered earrings once they captured him in their snare nets.

The Great Kino Philanthropist (Mary Ellen Carmody): Loved the cape and the blonde hair, but the grocery bag just didn’t fit in with an Amazon warrior figure; although had it been a backpack filled with the necessities, I might have given it considerable thought J.

Baroness Von Whipped Jones (Vicki’s Heroine): I love the whip, although I realize that it might get tangled up in all that vegetation in the rainforest and not be as affective as I might imagine. Love the slanted snake eyes, the blonde hair, and the colors of the macaw, however she does seem more timid than kick-ass. I always said that I might not know what I’m doing or able to do it well, but damn I’m going to look good doing it!

Admiral Scaly Snake (Vicki’s Hero): Whoa! Had this hero been wresting with this green viper/anaconda he’d be a hero in my book. But to be part of the hero – I donno, those fangs could turn on his other head and find a good meal, or a slight squeeze and he’d kill himself. Did however love the greenness of them, and the blue and red of the macaw, but I’m afraid I’d have nightmares thinking about this hero coming to save me.

Captain Whipped Jones (I Heart Book Gossip Heroine): Yes my office is done in shades of pink, lavender, etc., but I’m not seeing my Amazonian heroine slinking through the rainforest in anything but green – she needs to blend a bit more.

The Talented Splintery Condor ( Sia’s hero): Again with the condor wings – He can fly high and leap tall buildings, but he’ll get caught up in the dense rainforest in one full swoop. And although the stick is probably what he’d find laying around the rainforest floor, it really isn’t going to do any good. The wildlife will only laugh in his face. Without the winds, this hero looks like he could fight his way out of anything all on his own.

The Fantastic Sharpened Pike and the Fantastic Sharpened Warrior (Cecile’s heroine): The brown reminds me of the muddy Amazon River, and the large arrow that the Fantastic Pike is carrying is very indigenous to the area of the Amazon, I’m not a fan of all that muddy water and what’s hiding beneath, and I’m more partial to the lush shades of green, which makes me think that I’m still liking Cecile’s Reptilian heroine soooo much better.

So, there you have it girls. That's how Carol came to her picks...and it wasn't easy! Thank you all for visiting and playing with us the past few weeks. Have a great day and we’ll see you all next Sunday for another mind bending blog from me. ROTFLOL. Yap, time to dust off the old brain cells! I know, I know, I’m mean! ROTFLOL…but you’ll all live! Heck, what would you do without me? DON’T ANSWER THAT QUESTION!




Blodeuedd said...

yay, 2nd place :D
Congrats to Cecile, your heroine and her story was so good.

This was so fun, and I did see some great pics around

Vicki said...

Congrats to the winners and the honorable mentions. And major thanks to both Hawk and Carol. This was a super fun contest. Coming back each day and reading the comments was great. :)

Carol Henry said...

I've a big day ahead with my book launch party this afternoon (my sister is hosting, but it's at my house). I wish I could invite all of you to join me, it's been such a great few weeks with all of you. My fist book signing at Barnes & Noble in Ithaca was super successful yesterday -- what a great time.

But, I did want to stop in early to congratulate everyone, winner or no, for the great fun and effort everyone put into this contest. You all made it very hard for me to decide, but I loved every minute of it. If any of you are headed to RWA in July, I'd love to meet up with you, your creativity is beyone bounds. Let Hawk know and we can arrange something.

You all have a fantastic day, Carol

Cecile said...

OMG.... I can't believe this!!! Everyone's hero/ine ROCKED!!!! This was such a funnnnn contest!! Thank you Hawk and Carol!!!! This was awesome!

Lea said...

Thank you so much Carol and Hawk!

This is just so wonderful of you. I have to say, I think all the super heros of this contest were the best so I don't feel very worthy.

Congratulations to everyone!

Carol - good luck with your book launch - I'll be on the look out for it here in Canada.


~Sia McKye~ said...

Yay for Cecile and Dottie, they were sweethearts and made my week. :-)

Congratulations to the winners!

It was an inventive and fun contest and I enjoyed looking at all the pictures. :-)

Wishing you success, Carol!


Carol Henry said...

Again, Congrats everyone, I had fun as well. You are a very creative bunch.

The book launch was fantastic. My daughter and granddaughter bought plastic alligators and put them in my pool. They decorated the gazebo and the party tent in a jungle theme, and for those who haven't read the book yet, there is an incident with a native Amazonian feathered earring that was given to Holly. My granddaughter bought funky earrings and added a feather to them. Everyone who came to the book launch got to wear a single feathered earring. I added a real one from the Amazon to mine to add to the dangleness of it. What a great time. I wish you all could have been here.

Take care, and all the best in your own writing. ~ Carol

Sha and Michelle said...

My Mom is here (for a week). She drove down the car she bought me!! Yay!!

Unfortuately I have to still work while she is here! We went to the pool before I had to work tonight. Tomorrow we are gonna try to get all the car paperwork done before I have to go in (ick!)

Not sure what day I'll get to introduce A...sometime this week though!

Hope u are good!


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Woo Hoo! To all of you!

It was fun wasn't it! So, now I don't have to listen to all of you tell me I made the contests too hard! Right??? LOL...but you girls are aware that no one said test are to be easy! Right?

Gosh, I may never be able to run another contest - how will I out due this one!? ((((panic setting in))))

LOL - oh, me Irish brain will have to be thinkin' real hard about this one. I'm sure to come up with somethin', I'm Irish ya' know. Our brains are always workin' overtime.

Hugs to all - and I've yet to hear from Lea! Hey girl I need your addie!
Dottie, I've got yours.


My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Hawk and Carol!

Thanks for all the fun and a great giveaway!

I'll enjoy the award too!

Dottie :)

Liza said...

Congrats to all the winners! I wish I could have entered the contest, but my internet at home was down most of the week and almost all weekend. Everyone did an awesome job! Congrats on the new release Carol!