Sunday, June 21, 2009

Run, Run, As Fast As You Can!

By Jesuree (First published - Taft College Literary Magazine, EGO AND ESSENCE)

Don’t let it get to you! Run, run as fast as you can! It rolls in like a thunder cloud, threatening all who dare to cross its path. It has no decency. It’s like a cancer that grows, leaving you in a sick fog of doubt and distrust. It will leave you there, never to find your way out until there is nothing left but the decaying of your soul. For it take all hopes and dreams, and crushes all goals.

Don’t let it get you! Run, run as fast as you can! Be careful, for it is an impostor! Sometimes it comes as if it were a wayward child, seeking happiness and joy. It lies dormant, enticing you like the spider to the fly until it weans you of all your happiness and joy. Do not let it adhere to you.

For if you do, you will become its clone.

What is this treachery you ask? I’ll give you a clue. It says things like, “If”, “Just”, and “I can’t”. It says things like, “Somebody up there hates me”, or as one man I know says, “Each morning I get up and God looks down at me, and says…I don’t know what it is about you boy, but there’s just something about you that just pisses me off!”

It’s NEGATIVITY, man! Don’t let it get you, run, run as fast as you can!”

And this is the point of my blog this week. Negativity and how it’s affecting us.

Times are tough for all of us these days with the way our economy is running amuck. One never knows if their retirement fund will be enough to carry them through to the end of their lives. The younger people don’t know if there will be any jobs for them when they get out of school and those caught in between have no idea if they’ll be able to keep the jobs they do have. ‘Tis quite depressing, don’t ya’ think?

With the stress of this modern day depression we’re all in, people seem more short tempered, meaner and more cut throat then ever before…they’re choosing to deal with these tough times in a very negative way, instead of using a more positive approach. ‘Tis a pity, don’t ya’ think?

Negativity is spreading like wild fire in dry brush; in a short time it will be unstoppable. Unless people smarten up and learn how to be Positive. But to do that we have to be honest with each other, and respect one another. The majority of society needs to grab hold of the positive energies and not let go.

I won’t lie to you. Being positive in today’s world isn’t easy, but you can’t let the negativity from others beat you or our world down. It is not a physical battle we’re in to save our future…it’s a mental one. And the clue to that fact lies in a very wise man’s words….“and the meek shall inherit the earth.”

It’s not brawns we need to move the mountain of negativity that is killing us, our children, our planet, and our souls, but the strength of good will. The mind with positive thoughts cannot only move the mountain of negativity but the world into a better place, a more positive place.

My challenge to you; try being nothing BUT POSITIVE about everything (Even when something bad happens – you’re to find that silver lining behind the dark cloud.) for two weeks and see the miracles that begin to happen in your world. Then imagine what you can do for everyone or thing around you by passing a more positive attitude on instead of dumping a negative thought.

YES, negative thoughts count! Do not think them. Those are the ones that defeat you on a more personal level of negativity. When you think to yourself, as you squeeze into a pair of pants that fit last week, “Dang, I’m getting fat.” Your brain hears “GET FAT.” And guess what? YOU WILL. If you hear a friend say something very impressive and you think, “I’m too dumb to think of something so cleaver.” Your brain will agree with you and get lazy so you won’t think of funny things to say. When you say “I can’t.” YOU WON’T. So this challenge includes all negative thoughts as well. When you think one, replace it with a positive thought right away.

It’s time to make a change, and to do that, we each have to start with ourselves and the secret of positive thinking. If you try it and practice it you will be amazed at the wonderful effects in your life. We have to become less self doubting, more self assured and less negative about everything around us.

We need to believe in ourselves, no matter what station in life we’re at. We need to see a waitress is as important in the scheme of things as the President of a country. No one is below anyone else. We all have purpose and we all need to be proud of who and what we are.





Blodeuedd said...

Good post and so true, I need to think like this too. But it's hard.

-what a nice day, i am happy :D
and go from there

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hey Sweetie, how are you?

I'm so glad you liked the post...and agree that the world needs a more positive light. Just that agreement shows there is hope for a better future.

In knowing what is wrong makes it possible to fix. Yes, it's hard but we are women, we are strong and we CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our world. WE DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Love and Hugs

Lea said...

Well said Hawk!

We all need to stay positive despite tough times.

I hope things are settling down in your world and we get to chat soon. ;)

BTW I'm holding a contest at my blog starting tomorrow so throw your hat in the ring!


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Hon!

Gosh, I wish I could take credit for my sister's beautiful words about Negativity...but I can't.

Her words so impressed me, I had to post it. And I've watched her change her life with positive thoughts...she has so taught me the power of positive thinking and the power of being a woman.

I am positive it will be the power of good women who will change this world and bring it back to the way the Gods meant it to be.

Yes, sweetie...I've missed our chats...I will be getting this back to norm once I get back from the Natioanls...I promise! Thanks for being so understanding in the mean time!

OH...a CONTEST?!!! ON YOUR SITE!!! Awesome...I'll hop right on over but only after I put a shout out and a link for it on this blog!

Hugs my sweetie!

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Hawk!

Busy month, hmmm, you'd better e me!

I agree, stop the negativity, stop the hate.

Do we need to write hate into our constitution?

Do we need to limit rights?

Do we need to keep those that are different shunned from society?

Do we need to settle differences with fists?

Isn't this what romance writers give the world, more love, more hope, more peace? A better world.

Dottie :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...

As a romance writer I try...that's why I don't write suspense...even though I've been told I'd be good at it.

I'll write you both soon!


Cecile said...

Hey Ms. Hawk!! Your words (or your sisters) are very awe inspiring! And very truthful. Always think positive, no matter what!!

I believe you are right... we can make the difference.. It all starts with one gesture, word, action... something. For someone to see someone else make a difference, they will in turn realize that they can do it too!
Thanks for this wonderful, uplifting post!!!
Hope you had a great weekend!!!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey, Ms. Cecile! ;-)

The inspiration of beautiful words at the start of this blog came from my twin sister...all you girls would love her...if I can just teach her how to post a could hear from her yourself!

I know you'd love her. She's quite an awesome woman in my eyes and heart...she has taught me many wisdoms in this life.

I'm glad (with her help)I was able to post an uplifting article for you all this week.

It is a wonderful world for those who WANT to see it.

Cyber hugs my dear!

Liza said...

Awesome post Hawk! I'm all for more love and hope. Thanks for helping me see things from a more positive light.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


With that beautiful sunrise as your photo...I can tell you're one of Love and hope...and I give credit of this awesome post to my twin was her wonderful story that opened my eyes so long the positive energy and light within us and the power of a woman.

Hugs darlin'

Treethyme said...

Ah yes, the dreaded Imposter Syndrome. I know a lot of my friends get attacked by self-doubt when they get feedback from contest judges. I imagine published feel that way when they get negative reviews.

It's an awful feeling, but one we all get from time to time. I don't think there's a way to avoid it, so the important thing is to push past it -- don't let it stop you from writing.

Thanks for writing about this!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Treethyme! Thanks for dropping by! Yes, negativity hits us on all sides in every aspect of our lives...even writers.

Its extra hard to stay positive when you get a rejection but the way I've learn to deal with that best is to see this as just part of the business...a book is like a dress...some of my girlfriends will like what I picked out to wear that day and some won't. Each of them will have something to say about it for sure!

What holds in the end is that I liked the dress, I bought the dress and I wore the dress no matter what they thought...good or bad...and so it goes for a story. I write the story and I try to sell the story and some will like it and some won't...either's my story told the way I told it....and I'm happy with it like I was the dress.

Life is too short to let bad thoughts enter your mind or your actions...if you do... you miss too much of the good stuff passing you reach out and catch the brass ring! It's there for the taking...if you're brave enough to reach for it...just like in's not always the best writers that get's the bravest ones, the ones that hung in there.

So come back and hang with us more often Treethyme! BTW, two great contest going on at Lea's (closetwriter) and Dottie's (My Blog2.0)....check my side bars for the links...lots of things to win!


Vicki said...

Great post Hawk and your sister's words are beautiful! Sometime to read again whenever the negative times try to over take any of us.

Thank you for sharing them. :)

Carol Henry said...

As one touched by negativity that held my writing career captive for over a year, I can more than relate to your great post, Hawk. I was fortunate to attend a president's retreat at national during the period I was experiencing this negativity and the topic was all about negativity and these toxic people. I realized I wasn't alone in the plight and that I had to distance myself from this toxic person. It gave me the encouragement to run as fast as I could and distance myself from the person/situation. And although it did it's damage for awhile, I overcame, regained my confidence and became published! As a true friend once told me, success is the best revenge.

My message to others would be to don't let this kind of negativity squelch your creativity, be confident in your crative abilities whatever they may be, and know that you are your own best judge of your work. Be strong in your convictions, but be wise enough to know your own short-comings. And then work on them.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

I stand and applaud your truthful words, Carol!

As women, as people, we have to TRUST ourselves first and go with that. I've learned, like you, the hard way, to trust my gut.

But the Gods will reward honesty and truth in the end.

Hugs to all

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Ah, Vicki...I see you've sneaked in under the wire with a comment...glad you enjoyed my sister's words of wisdom. I have more I'll be sharing with all of you soon!

My twin...she's a smart lady!


Blodeuedd said...

What a week, the heat is killing me at work these days. But cuties bday tomorrow so taking the day off ;) 3 day weekend yay, gonna play some catch up now before I bake muffins.

Yes, we should all think like that, it's hard, and the media isn't really helping. But it will help