Saturday, July 11, 2009


Some would say that depends on the hand with which you write, but here’s a little test I found on the Herald Sun News site that might help you decide. Look at the picture below and see which way the dancer is spinning.


If she is turning clockwise you’re seeing with the right side of your brain, but if you see her turning counter-clockwise, you’re seeing with your left side of the brain. Now for the real trick -- try seeing her turn the opposite way from the way you’re seeing her turn right now. Make the other side of your brain work. It can be done, I know because I’m ambidextrous and my mind can see her dance in both directions.

My twin always says (quite proudly) she’s the only one between us that’s in her right mind. I guess you can safely assume from that statement, I’m a right handed person, whereas me twin is a lefty….we’re mirror twins but that’s a whole ‘nuther blog.

Facts are, most of the time I use my right hand to write, but because my twin is a lefty (only), all the things she taught me (when I was a child) like tying my shoes, pouring hot water from a pot, I do it with my left hand. Even now (when my left handed hubby) first taught me the computer, he set the mouse to our left, so I move the mouse with my left hand still to this day. Whatever I learn to do in the left handed way, I don’t convert it into a right hander’s style, unlike my twin and hubby, who managed to take the things I teach them from a right handed point of view and convert them into a lefty way of doing things to make it work for them.

So, this got me to thinking…. Oh, stop with the sighs…this is going to be interesting, I promise! Just use the left side of your brain for a wee minute! LOL

It got me to wondering if the side of the brain we use most, make us different people from those who use the other side of the brain? Can a person use only one side and never use the other half? By using the left brain most of the time, does that make me one kind of a person over being another kind of person, if I used the right brain more? What about a person who use both sides equally…are they more intelligent or just more confused? Does the dominant brain’s way of taking in information affect how we relate to others?

I asked myself more questions than this but I won’t torture you guys this week. LOL

So, does the side of the brain we use most make us different people?
The answer to this question is yes. The difference is HOW they arrange the information they get in their minds.

Left sided thinkers tend to be more linear in thinking. They see the details of a project, logically arrange all the parts of the situation and then they address the whole of the bigger picture. So, as a storyteller they will be more inclined to include all the little details of the costumes, characters and scenery, as well they might include the back story of what happened before the story begins and they won’t forget to embrace all the five senses within the telling. To the left brain person, it’s the journey of the tale that’s important not just the destination.

Where as a right brain thinker is more holistic in their views, they see the big picture first and don’t really worry about the details until after the job is done, and that's only if asked about them. As a writer they will writer short stories or stories that are very fast paced, few details or description. They’re going to get right to the meat of the plot. The end is the important part. At the end they may fill the reader in on some of the finer points that made their characters act the way they did...but don’t hold your breath. And you really don’t want a right brainer to tell you a joke; they tend to tell the punch line before they give you the set-up.

A right sided thinker has to know why they are doing something before they do the job, whereas a left brain thinker doesn’t really care why they’re asked to do a job, they only care about how they will complete it, and they will make out a detailed lists of what and how things will be done before they even begin to work. Lefty brainer’s love order. They love the process of how to do things. Their list will be numbered in sequential step on how it will be done. They would be good at writing “How to” books.

Right brain people are very good at multitasking because they usually fly by the seat of their pants anyway. So if you want a lot of things done, get a right brainer to do it. He’ll start it and be done with the job before the lefty has his list made. A lefty brain thinker is a "one job at a time" kind of guy.

Ever notice some people who study the cover of a magazine before they open it. Then they start reading it from page one all the way to the end? Yap, well that’s a left brain person. A right brainer picks up the mag and goes directly to the article they want to read, or they could start at the back and work forward.

A lefty will have an itinerary for his trip and will not be waylaid by anything along the way. A righty just goes, and out of the blue will suddenly take a side trip, even if it’ll make her arrive at her destination two days later than planned.

So, here are a few features to let you know which half of the brain does what:

Good with numbers, spelling,
linguistics, letters, names, dates,
symbols and memorizing formulas.
Loves puzzles and logic problems

Can understand voiced directions
uses North and South to give directions

Can express their thoughts verbally or

They work from knowledge
They’re reality based
Present and past

Not so organized
Needs to color code list to keep interest
Remembers faces better than names
Have a high sense of color
Hates brain teasers. Prefer concrete
Ideas, very visual learners.

Needs visual points to spot along the
way and will give landmarks when
Giving directions

Hard to express their feelings,
need visual reinforcements, they need
to feel the hug or see your tears of

They work from emotions
They’re fantasy based
Present and future
Risk takers

Can a person use only one side of the brain and never use the other half?
No, most people use both sides of their brains, but there is a dominant side.

By using the right brain most of the time, does that make me one kind of a person over being a different person if I used the left brain more?
Yes, as you can see from the list above you’d be totally different if your brain dominance where the opposite of what it is right now. The trick is to find the balance between the two sides.

What about a person who use both sides equally…are they more intelligent or just more confused?

Neither, they just have a balance on how they intake and put out the information they gathered. By being more balanced, they might have a better edge on interpreting life around them…they can see an issue from both sides and deal with the problem faster with fewer hang-ups over it. Hence having that “Got it together” appearance.

A righty’s emotional view will keep her wondering WHY. A Lefty’s logical view will keep him preoccupied with how he could solve the problem, and the right and left balanced person will see the problem and quickly deal with it. Their attitude being “if you can’t beat them, than join them.”

Now, my final question is, if my sister is a lefty and thinks on the right side of her brain, which she does most of the time. And I’m a righty, thinking on the left side of my brain, which I am most of the time. How is it me hubby is a lefty who does most of his thinking on the left side of his brain, which he does. So, the big question is - does the hand we write with really have anything to do with which brain we use most of the time?

So, which are you? A right brainer, a left brainer, or a combo of both? And which hand do you write with?

From me left brain – talk to you later! And from me right brain – Hugs

P.S. Just wanted to say thanks to each of you for all the wonderful wishes about my back. I’m grateful to you all and touched by your beautiful thoughts, I’m much better and I will be getting on that plane for D.C. on Tuesday for the Nationals (hence the early posting this week!) I’ll write you all when I get back. xoxox


Houston A.W. Knight said...

MY Picture isn't dancing! I'm working on fixing it!



Lea said...

Hey Hawk!

How are you my friend? Getting ready for the nationals? I hope all is well with you. :)

I think I am left brained, although sometimes I think I could fit into both categories looking at the clutter that is my house these days!! lol

As you know, I like computers and shit like that so I think it fits into a more lefty type of brain model. Hard to know really. I don't think there is any hard and fast rule because as humans we all have so many variables that influence our aptitudes.


Blodeuedd said...

Hi Hawk,
Hope all is ok :)

I saw it with my right side, and yes many of those things are so me, but then so are many of the left side things too. I am so organized and I like order. At the same time I have my head in the clouds and always daydreams...yup always! I must be a mix

Houston A.W. Knight said...


So true are your words. I think it's as I said - all of us use both sides of the brain, but we tend to fall into the use of one side more than the other.

I think it's because we just like being more like that side of the brain allows us to be. I also think how we are raised comes into play a lot here as well.

Yap, I'm off to the Nationals come Tuesday! I'll be back on Sunday Morning and I'll post and let you know how it went!

Hugs - I wish I could take each and every one of you with me...we'd have a great time I know!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


I can't get the image to move...she's suppose to be in motion when you see her for you to see if she's turning right or left. Right now she just stuck...I'm hoping I can get her fixed before I leave town...or this part of the blog didn't work.

It was really cool...she actually does twist around.

LOL, my sister says I'm the only person she knows that alphabetizes the seasonings and herbs use for cooking. My closet is color coded and my pantry has all the labels facing forward...I'm a neat nick for sure. I used to keep an orderly refrig. until my hubby started helping me in the kitchen....I kept the top shelf for all the drinks, second shelf for leftover food, third shelf for fruits and the drawers for vegggie and breads. Now, well you'll have to ask me hubby - cuz I can't find a thing with his method! Everything is everywhere!


Lea said...

Okay, my friend, your lady is a spinning.

It's a .gif file, so you can't upload as a picture and you can't size her down.

So, she is bigger but she's spinning. :)


Lea said...


When I look at her she is spinning counter clockwise.... So, I guess I'm a left brainer.. :P


Houston A.W. Knight said...


You're the best! AWESOME! I knew you could do it!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Super cyber hugs - so when are you going to teach me all this stuff that you know?
Come on girl let me pick your brain!


Liza said...

So I saw the dancer dancing both clockwise and counter-clockwise. I write with my right hand, but my dad(a lefty) taught me how to bat lefty and it is still the only way I can hit the ball. I have most of the traits of a left brain person, but had several traits of a right brain person too. So I guess I'm a bit of a mix.

Glad you are feeling better, Hawk. Hope you have a wonderful time in DC!

Blodeuedd said...

Aha, I thought you should just see it like that, very well she is sure dancing left...I can't see her dance the other way...must try again

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Thanks for the good wishes for the Nationals and my're such sweetheart. (((hugs)))

Yes, tomorrow I will get as much as I can into one tiny carry on bag....ah, that's for six day of clothes...which includes a formal gown and shoes, not fun.

Traveling today isn't what it use to be that's for sure.

You seem to be like me both a lefty and a righty. Hopefully that means we're balanced, working from each side equally. But these days I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

I wonder which side of the brain can tell me that?


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Keep trying...turning clockwise means you're in the right side of the brain, that's the artsy side of need to try to be more logical to catch the other brain, so try reading a word or two to the left of her and see (out of the corner of your eye) if she changes directions.

If shes turning coubter-clockwise then focus more on her body lines, enjoy the art of her and see if she changes directions.

Then let me know!

Remember if you don't hear from me I'm in D.C. and will write you on Sunday!

You girls have a fun week while I'm gone and know I'll be thinking of you and wondering what you're all up to!


My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Hawk!

I'm a lefty, but not all the time. I write, eat, compute with my left hand. I cut and catch with my right hand. I can bat left or right. I works with my feet the same way. It depends on what I doing as to which hand I'm using. Weird I know, but it's how I was made.

When I was in grade school, they said I was undecided and they tried to force me to use one hand or the other. I shut down and quit working all together. Literally. I quit writing, eating, everything. My mom just about went nuts! I remember her telling me that I could eat with my fingers if I would just eat. Then, one day I just got over it and started to do my thing again. No one has bothered me since.

So, I have items around the house for lefties, and when I play catch with the kids, I still drag out my brother's right handed mit. One of my sons is a pure lefty, does everything backward, but he gets by. My daughter and other son are righties, and they do everything the same as the rest of the world. My pop's a lefty and Mom's a righty. I guess I had the best of both worlds.

It's interesting with your dancing picture, I had no problem seeing going clockwise or counter clockwise, all I had to do was blink. I tend to be an organized seat of your pants kind of person. I love creating short stories, but always want more details. I might rework it in a more involved story or then again, I might not. The interesting thing is I used to hate short stories, both reading and writing, but now I love both. I tend to visualize and verbalize, I need both. I've always tend to be dramatic and sober at the same time. I love to laugh, but easily cry, so embarrassing for my kids who hate to go to the movies with me because the tiniest thing can lead to tears or an outright belly laugh that won't quit.

So, what does that make me? I'm not ambidextrous. I use both sides of my brain, no preference. I tend to be artistic, but not always, it's kind of a mood thing.

Have a great time at nationals and sell your project, you know I loved it!

I'm glad to hear that your back is better, really sucks to not be able to do what you want to do.

Dottie :)

Carol Henry said...

Hi, Hawk,
Great blog this week. I'm a combo for sure. Before I even finsihed reading your commentary I saw the lady switching back and forth. After reading, it explained my personality to a 'T'. I'm a right-hander, but, I learned to use the mouse with my left hand from the beginning, although I have it positioned on the right. When I was in highschool I cut my fingers on my right hand (almost lost them) and did all my homework with my left hand -- no problem. In fact, at the time I used to write back-handed with my right hand and people though I was left-handed. Strange, but I'm really not ambidexterous,really.

I'll see you at nationals!

~Sia McKye~ said...

Glad to hear your back is doing better. It's awful when it hurts and noting you do seems to relieve it.

Seems of late that I'm always late getting here, dang it. I've had lots of family popping in and out.

I loved your dancing figure. At first glance it was dancing clockwise and then she move counter. It was fun to switch from one side to another.

I'm am ambidextrous. I can write with either hand altho my right produces clearer writing. I can eat with either hand comfortably, ditto with batting. I'm more left side with my writing altho, mmm, there's a blend really. And sometimes a battle between the two, lol!

Looking at your list I can see a blend of the two. Balance is important to me.

Enjoy Nationals!

Yvonne said...

Hey! Just stopped by to say hi! I'm so behind on visiting blogs.

Have a great weekend!

Christine said...

Hi Hawk:

I am more of a Right brain thinker than I thought... I like order and clear goals i in my universe but I am not into free form stuff.

back to the rvevisions1

Houston A.W. Knight said...


That's cool. Are you a lefty?