Sunday, September 27, 2009



In 1999 the American farmers had over sixty million acres of genetically engineered crops. That’s nearly a quarter of our country’s soybean, corn, potatoes, and cotton crops.
Add that to the 500,000 or more dairy cows that are being injected with Bovine Growth Hormones and you have to ask, what are we doing to ourselves?

Did you know Bovine Growth Hormones are BANNED from use in every industrial country but ours? The Canadians as well as the Europeans are way too smart to do this to themselves…SO WHY HAS THE AMERICA GOVERNMENT MADE IT LEGAL FOR OUR USE? ARE AMERICAN’S BIONIC PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT AFFECTED BY GENETICALLY ENGINEERED FOODS OR BOVINE GROWTH HORMONES LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLDS POPULATION SEEMS TO BE?

In 2000 it was estimate approximately 60 to 75 percent of processed foods have Genetically Engineered ingredients in them. Makes you wonder what that percentage is today. The worst part is… these Genetically Modified Foods can be found in the most common of foods, making it impossible to avoid. It’s in our infant formulas and baby foods, cake and brownie mixes, the cold cereals our young and growing children eat. They’ve allowed it in the snack foods like potato chips and pop corn and most of our dairy products. It’s in salad dressings and even soy burgers, squash and our tomatoes…no one, not even a heath watcher can escape this inhuman TEST our government has allowed to be done to us.

The British Medical Association claims Genetically Engineered foods are NOT SAFE! They won’t even import certain crop from the U.S. because they know these crops are not safe for consumption by humans or animals! OMG!!!

Obviously, the BMA is right …and we Americans have been lied to (again). Did you know the pollen from Genetically Engineered corn crops is poisonous to Monarch Butterflies…and what is it to humans?





Just something to think about.



Blodeuedd said...

Yikes, dunno about that here, but it sure sounds bad. I don't wanna get poison in me

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Sweetie!

LOL, no I don't think any of us want to be poisoned...but I'm guessin' my government either doesn't care about its people or they see us as lab animals free to do test on.

It's sad. And most of us are way too busy working to feed our families and pay taxes - we don't have time to defend ourselves against a government that is supposed to be looking out for us.

Sweetie - I'm hoping your country is better to your people than mine is to ours.


Stephanie Faris said...

The bad thing is, we don't even live in a part of town with a whole foods store. We have a tiny section in our grocery store that's organic, but the rest is all normal stuff...processed stuff. In order to shop organic here, you have to be wealthy enough to live in the sections of town where the houses are four to five times as expensive.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I live in the same kind of town as you ...just small sections and very limited...thta's one of the things I'm enjoying about being here in Vegas with my Twin...not only do they have SUPER SIZED STORES (Just like a regular Food store) but they have a lot of them!'s wonderful here...real food at good prices.

Like you - in my town it's super expensive and it's almost as if "they're" making sure people can't afford to buy the real food.

But, I thought if I buy what organics they do offer sooner or later .... maybe they'll bring more in.

The way I see it, as far as price, I can pay the high price and stay healthy (not paying doctors until MUCH LATER)or I can eat bad food and pay the doctors NOW. Either way I spend money - I just have to decide how I want to spend it... on good food or on a doctor...personally...I'd rather eat good food and let the doctor earn his living another way.

The thing I find sad is, I've lost trust in the American government, if they can use their own people as test subjects...


Blodeuedd said...

Gross, does not sound good at all. Why do they have to do that. Sighs, but that is life.

I think we are somewhat better, or at least I hope so, and of course I know there are things that are safe (worked on a farm some summers) and it doesn't cost different than other things either. But then there are the rest, important things and so on

Liza said...

I go with lots of organic produce and only drink organic soy milk. I only buy dairy that states on the packaging no growth hormones are used. I'm in a bigger city, but none of the grocery stores are near me.

Sad thing is, I've been told the whole "organic" definition isn't really written in stone. Makes you wonder how much of the organic food that is out there is really organic.

Vicki said...

It's scary. And what's worse is when you have a loaf of bread that stays good for several weeks. Really. I wouldn't let Science Guy eat it, but we kept it for 2 1/2 weeks and never did it appear to go bad. That didn't happen when I was younger.

I hate to think what we put in our bodies, many times without thought.

How's your sister? It sounds like you're loving Vegas. :)

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Hawk!

I try to buy organic, but sometimes you think you're buying organic or all natural, and it isn't. You have to read labels very carefully. And they don't put on meat packaging whether or not growth hormones have been use. Organic beef is about 5 dollars a pound for hamburger. And chickens, don't even get started on chickens, how they're kept and what they are fed. It's worse than inhumane.

We shop at all of organic markets, Whole Foods, Food Fantasies, Strawberry Fields, but it's incredibly expensive. And some of the items that you need just aren't available or too costly to be a viable option. I will say Whole Foods in St. Louis has a great selection of products, a nice bakery, deli, and pizza factory which are all organic and tastes great (Strawberry Fields in Champaign IL has a great bakery that's all organic too.). The problem is that it takes 3 hours to get there (St. Louis) or an 1.5 hours to Springfield or Champaign, so when we shop, we have to carry coolers with us. It makes for a long day. And we can't do it all the time, add the cost of gas into the equation and major $$$$ are lost.

County Market and Walmart have started to carry limited organic products. Amy's products (frozen or canned items) are quite tasty, but again expensive. One frozen pizza that will feed 2, cost 7-8 dollars, and it takes 3 to feed my family of 5. $25 dollars for frozen pizza is quite a price tag!

Kids mature younger every year, diabetes is on the rise, as it heart disease. All the things put into food to make it last longer, stay fresher, and cheaper to produce makes us unhealthier. But does anyone care? The FDA recently said that they were concerned with the increased height in corn, safety issues apparently, so, they going to make adjust the enhancements to take care of this safety issue and still produce massive amounts of corn per acre. See, they aren't concerned that we're being poisoned, just about the safety hazard extra tall corn would cause. It's good to have someone watching your back isn't it?

Hope you're having fun and taking care of Tink!

Dottie :)

Christine said...

I confess, I am a naughty eater. I love my food! And I believe much of it is hormonally imbalanced (like moi). Now that we are in AL, I am two hours away from a Trader Joes and 1.5 hours away from Whole Foods. Regular groceries here are abysmal. I love to eat healthy food, but it's hard to find here. I blame it for some of my issues. But what is a girl to do? If I am not slogging on my writing, I am scrambling to get to the local store, let alone the good ones oh so far away.

I shall be one well-preserved corpse.

BUT I am going to Atlanta in 3 sleeps. There is a TJ's there and I'm stocking up before I head home.


So flipping excited.


Cecile said...

Wow... I read your post and everyone's comment. And you are all right.. WTH!
I would like to think that I am being careful about what I put in my body and my families bodies, but there is no way to be sure anymore. Like Dottie said, you have to read the labels... but I do not have hours on end to read label after label in the grocery store.
I try to buy healthy food, it is not all organic but whole wheats and things like that. But again... you are all right....It is EXPENSIVE!!! I can buy a huge bag of M&M's for 2 bucks... but fresh fruits... um... how about 3 a pound. Okay... so if I want unhealthy food, I can stay on budget, but if I want to be health conciseness about what my family eats, then I am over budget! So what is a person to do.
And the nearest whole food for us is about an hour and half away from us and not to mention the price tag for the items there.

I just say a prayer over the food that we eat and hope that I can live and be healthy. I am very jealous of those that live with a fresh market (of fruits, veggies and even meats). Wish we could get that, but most of our stuff is at the local chain market. Some times, ever once in a while, the stores will carry the veggies and fruits that our local farmers have to sell. But not often enough.

Great post Hawk!
Hope you are enjoying your time with your sister!! (((big hugs to you and her)))
Enjoy yourself!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Who can say why any of our government do what they do...and stopping them .... ???

I agree, having lived outside the USA...some countries have it a little better...then there are other countries that a far worse. To me, it's all sad.

But we will survive...we have no other choice.


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Yes, like you I don't have any real Org. Place to shop...that's what I love about Vegas...huge store here with all organic's wonderful!
Then I return home and do what I can organic...we do our best.

That's all we can do...our best.


Houston A.W. Knight said...


It is scary...but what is even more scary is how many people don't know...

Me sis is doing fine. Thanks for the wishes.


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Sweetie Dottie!

Yes, Tink is having a grand time here in Vegas...I see her all over town, leaving her mark on T-shirts, keychains, cups on everything! You'd love it here!
Because of her I'm thinking of you all the time!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hey - don't forget to call me from the M&M! I'll be sending me thoughts your way and I've got everyone here in Vegas thinking about it! I'll be there in thoughts with you so call and let me know!

Excited hugs

Kelly Moran said...

huh. scary to think about.
how have you been? been nuts around here.

Christine said...

Dear Lady Hawk:
I am soooo going to have to update all my cell phone contacts -- today i had hair done and my darling hairdresser did my hair for the night to show me what to do! What a sweetie. DH took pics... now I must duplicate!

I'll call... just happy to go...

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I'm having a great vacation with my sis. Her recovery is a little slow but she's doing well. Hugs and thanks for asking, sweetie.

So, what's going on with've been a busy little bee?


Houston A.W. Knight said...


OMG - Send pictures! I want to see you!

All in all just have the best time of your life, hon, and know I'd be there if I could to share in your celebration! Just being up for the award is awesome, so as far as I'm concerned you're a winner either way!


Christine said...

Regardless of whether or not I win, I will sip champagne on Saturday night. I shall sip some in honor of you, my friend :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hon, I'll be doing the same right here in honor of you and your my mind YOU ARE A WINNER!

Love ya'

Houston A.W. Knight said...


OMG! HOw did I miss you're comment - I'm sorry sweetie - lots has been going on here...Yours got past me...Forgive?

My sister thanks you for your kind wishes and she's working on her recovery!

We're having a great time in Vegas! I'll write and tell you all about it once I get home!