Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wrong Words

Before I start this weeks blog I want to share this beautiful award that my dear friend
gave's an award that touched me heart. It's a award about friendship...true friendship from the heart. Thank you Blodeuedd. Big Hugs darlin'.

Blodeuedd made me laugh when she said -

"Why friends are like books...
~ We never judge a book by it's cover. (Okay, we do, but only because we love us sum eye candy!! =)
~ Every book is different to each of us, in it's own special way and every book is special to us in every way.
~The variety in our books is the same in our friendship... we are all different, but together, we make up one hell'va a story!!!

~ We know that we can always count on a good book to make us feel better!! We call them keepers!
Those are just a few reasons why friends are like books...
I am glad that I happened upon you... just like so many of my books...You will forever be on my Keeper Shelf!!!
Thank you for being my friend!!"

Hon, you've made me laugh and cry at the same time...and now I'll pass on this award to others just as deserving.

I give this award to:

Lea, no truer friend than she, and with a loyal heart of gold.
Dottie, me friend with the biggest heart,and sweetest soul - I adore you darlin'
Sia, she's all of the above and more.
Cecile, me friend here is the sweetest of sweet. A heart filled with love and trusted I know will be forever! xoxx

And then there's my good friend Carol! What would I do without you, hon! You've show me what friendship is all about and you've been there to hold me hand through some rough times. Hugs - big bear ones
Christine, Now ya' know I adore you! My friendship with you is a lasting one.
I give it to Angie (hugs darlin') a friendship that connected in a quiet way but one that will be a lasting one for sure.
I can't forget Judi...a wonderful person and friend that knows I adore her!
M.V. and Kelly., me newest friends, but friendships I know will be a great ones.
Blodeuedd - me darlin' I have to regift this award to you :-) YOU ARE ME DEAR FRIEND! Ya' may be far away...but our friendship is a keeper indeed!
I love ya' all! Thanks for being my friend!

Now - I have to say I enjoyed last weeks blog and I hope this weeks blog isn't a let down, but you all know me gets to wondering about things...

Did you ever wonder if you’re using the write or is it the right word? Or should I be saying the correct word? What meaning am I really trying to say? Convey? Tell you? Express? Communicate?
Do the words I write tell you if I’m angry as I write this or happy?

As a writer, word choice is something I think about all the time. I love words but English, whether American or British, sometimes throw me off. To me, it’s the hardest language in the world to learn or understand. In English, a word can have odd spellings and silent sounds and let’s not mention how many meanings one word can have.

Take the word CRY…I know what came to your mind – To “weep”, but it also means to “Call Out”. As well as to “sell” by calling out (peddlers) on the street, also called Hawking…which also means a bird of pray, or to carry goods about for selling, or to clear your throat loudly…Hawk is also a flat board like thing that holds plaster…then there are HAWKERS, one who sells and one who hunts with Hawks…See what I mean?

But back to the word CRY - It also means to “Beg” and it means “the noise or call of an animal” or it could mean the “Call to action” or “public voice”.

Are you dizzy yet? I’m feeling tipsy. LOL

Not you, well o.k., then let’s look at meanings and spellings.

Is it Reeking Havoc or Wreaking Havoc?
The correct word is Wreaking Havoc.

Here’s a good one; Regime, Regimen, Regiment? They’re all right but they mean different things…
Regime = Usually meaning an authoritarian government.
Regimen = Usually as a therapeutic diet or exercise.
Regiment = Refers to a large group of people, usually military.

Lightening and Lightning; I see writers get this one wrong all the time.
Lightening = meaning, lightening the mood, or, lightening the workload.
Lightning = lightning strikes, lightning rods, lightening bolts.

How about; Lessen of Lesson? Spelled different but sound the same, and their meaning aren’t even close. Confusing, no?
Lessen = to become smaller, diminish.
Lesson = to learn

Is it Linage or Lineage?
Linage = number of lines in a newspaper ad.
Lineage = your ancestry

What about Overweening and Overwhelming?
Overweening = means big ego, conceited, pretentious.
Overwhelming = something very powerful affecting you. It’s so powerful it’s
overwhelming you.

I’ve got another one, Reknown and Renown?
Renown = fame, known.
Reknown is not even a word.

How about Recur and Reoccur? Am I tricking you? No, both words are used but Recur is preferred.

How about Incidentally and Incidently?
Incidentally means by chance, not on purpose.
Incidently = Ha ha! I gotcha again! This is not a word, but a lot of people spell it like this.

O.k., my final word. Which is correct? Fiance or Fiancee?
They’re both correct BUT Fiance is used when a man is engaged to be married and Fiancee is used for a woman who is soon to be wed. It’s kind of like the word BLOND and BLONDE … Blond used for a man or boy. Blonde refers to a woman or girl.

Oh and don't get me started on Passed or Past... }:-/

Crazy isn’t it? So, what are you’re hang up words?



Blodeuedd said...

Thank be spellcheck, even though it messes with me cos I spell things English, and this seems to be the US spell check.

But nice words there, yes you got me with one. We do have words like that too.

Awww thank you for giving it back Hawk *cyberhugs from me*

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Yes, I love spell check...but it doesn't work on a word like Blodeuedd LOL -

I have to check the spelling of Blodeuedd several times to be sure I got it right! Good thing I adore you or I wouldn't do that! LOL -

OMG! You're giving me a cyber hug! ((HUGS))) OH Blodeuedd - that really means a lot to me ... I know how you don't like to hug!
Awwwh, I told you me Irish ways would get to you sooner or later...see that wasn't so bad. I'm giving you a big hug and a kiss back! Yes,'s on the cheek and it's sisterly! :-)
You'll live through it and a part of you will know this hugs and cyber kiss just lets you know you're a special friend in me heart.

OH NO...English is your second tongue isn't it? And I only caught you with one? Dang, I'll have to try harder next're way too smart young lady!
I believe it was you (yes YOU) who made me tough up on me contest because you outsmarted me! ;-) And all the other girls took your answers!

Instead of Blodeuedd I'm going to start calling you miss smarty pants!


My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Hawk!

Thanks for the sweet blog award, it's greatly appreciated! And thanks to Blodeuedd for creating, (((((hugs to you both))))

As a speech pathologist paraprofessional, I've had lots and lots of training in the use and misuse of the American English language. You literally have to be ready for anyway a kid can throw at you. British English Language, not so much. Do you know how many language classes I've had to take? lol. A ton of them. So, you'd think I would never take a misstep, right? Again, not so much. It's not so much the spelling of words that trips me up. It's the way in which I find people using those words. It's the there, their, they're or were and where. Or double negative, ... there isn't no way..., it means that there is a way. Or contractions altogether. There isn't a plural form of let, lets is let us and should be written as let's. But Americans have become sloppy, it's accepted now to use lets or its without the apostrophe. I'm the last one to complain about spelling errors, I'm a terrible speller, but spell check saves my butt all the time, but it can't check for grammatical errors or errors of misuse, only the practiced eye can do that. We sure could use more practiced eyes (not for authors, because use of language should be written the way it's spoken) but for teachers who provide our children's education, news agencies where most people get their news, our President (past President) of the United State for goodness sakes! Well, I've been on my soap box for long enough, so I'll let it go. I've always had a thing for words, believe me. My dad always says 'worsh the dishes' and I've always corrected to 'wash the dishes' even as a young child. It's strictly a Midwestern thing, regional use of language, which as a speech pathologist is something I've learned to forgive. You're not suppose to 'fix' regional or culture errors in speech patterns. Who knew?

Dottie :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I have to agree with you about words and the laziness of its use these's hard to find the line of what is correct and what isn''s very confusing, specially when our own public speakers don't speak the language correctly.

Now on "let's" as far as I know you always need an apostrophe. But now on it's and its - I was taught and my wrong word dictionary says you would use "It's" for it is.
And "Its" is used for sentence like I made above "its uses, its purpose for being" This is a possessive pronoun that is never split by an apostrophe.

Oh, I know one that drives me crazy...when people say -
"I should have went..."
when in fact it's
"I should have gone..."


Lea said...


Thank you for the award - that is so sweet and kind of you and congratulations! You are most deserving.

My hang-up words?

Well, there are a lot of them.. I see it constantly - the wrong context being applied to a word can really confuse a descerning reader.

then and than for example...

pray - Which means to genuflect.

prey - Which means something to hunt.

The English language is full of them Hawk... lol

Great post as always..


Houston A.W. Knight said...

LEA!!!!! ((((HUGS))))

Thank you for the congrats and for the kind words...I feel the same about you dear friend! You know that!

Oh, you pointed out some good ones! Yes, then and than...this is a hard one for me, but I'm working on it.

pray and prey - nice I didn't think of these two! Awesome point here.

I can always count on you girls to come up with the good stuff!


Judi Fennell said...

Oh, what a wonderful surprise!!! THANK YOU HAWK!!!! And a hundred times back at you!

As for language - I was a language major in college. I love language. But I give you that English is a tough one. I remember teaching the kids to spell/read at early ages and they'd be like, "HOW do you pronounce that?" And I'd just say - it's English. Just trust me on this. Sometimes memorization is the best. But I do hate when the wrong form of the word is used. Thank goodness for copy editors!
((hugs)) and Happy Labor Day Weekend!

btw, my word verification? MISTE (someone doesn't know how to spell mist!)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


OMG...your computer's word verification misspells? I glad to know I'm not the only one with a crazy computer's grammar guide is way out of line.

If I write "I don't have a pencil" my computer will suggest. "I don't got no pencil."
I'd like to know who programmed it.

Crazy life isn't it?

BTW - I've about 1/4 into WILD BLUE UNDER - Judi, what an awesome book! I LOVE IT!!!!
I can't wait to run a contest for this one! Soon! I know the girls will want to win this book!


Cecile said...

Hawk... I want thank you so much for the award... Amazing post woman! You sure have a way with words!! LMAO!!!
((((hugs to you)))
You are a very kind and dear friend!
I hope you had a great weekend!!

Christine said...

Hawk: you are the dearest friend I have met via cyberspace. To think we met again... by the most amazing chance on my way to my first ever PITCH appointment! And wow wow wow! You are the best!

I was born in the Netherlands and I grew up in Canada... married my American Texan at 22 years old.

I still mess up words. And I am notorious for not remembering names or saying things incorrectly: like i-run for Iyern... f'ustrate instead of frustrate... years of listening to immigrants talking!

Love you love your blog!! XO

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Cecile - LOL, girl you make me laugh...a way with words...funny McGee!

That's the wonderful thing about friends...they make you laugh.

Hugs - big ones!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Dear Christine...

It was fate for sure! And I'm so glad fate played her hand...xoxo love ya' back hon!

Now go bring home that Maggie will you?! ;-)

Oh, so much I didn't know about you...yap, we need to sit down with a nice glass of wine and just talk...I'd love to know more...your life sounds fascinating! So, is English your second tongue?


M.V.Freeman said...

Awww! Thank you!, I am touched! I also send the same sentiments to you,a wonderful friend I have just met! ;)

I do have a bit of trivia I picked up in my errr..journey through life. Anyway, I went to the Defense Language Institute in California 20 plus years ago (and as a side bar--I didn't pass..was kicked out but that is another story)Languages were divided into levels..the Easiest are level 1, the hardest level 5
Level 1 languages were Vietnamese
Level 2 can't remember
Level 3, German, French
Level 4 English (we have lots of exceptions) Russian
Level 5 Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Hebrew (all those different characters!)
I don't know all of the languages..but some of classifications stuck out in my head. (Again--its been a while!)
We have so many exceptions in our language.

I am quite humbled at the prescence of a speech pathologist-Dottie- and a language major- Judi-I think that is fascinating! Forgive me though, I tend to butcher the language.

As for words, how about things like:
Witch--a person
Knight--A soldier
Night--time of day.
Love them! but they drive my youngest (8yr old) to distraction. She is not a strong speller.

Love words...the sound, the meanings...but I have a bad habit of mis-pronouncing them (and spelling them).

Ok, I finally have to ask---Blodeuedd, how do you pronounce your name, that is a lovely one!

I do believe I have blathered on enough....

Houston A.W. Knight said...


OMG, that's interesting info' on the Defense Language Institute in California - is it the one near Monterey/Carmel?

20 plus years ago???
you don't look old enough for it to have been that long ago!

O.K., you said you can't leave us all in suspense...why didn't you pass? How did you get kicked out? We want to hear THAT story...kicked out stories are what novels are made out of! LOL

Now I'm surprised Russian is a level 4 I love that language...I learnt Russian in a very short time - I love it. I found the Russian language to be more precise than English. It's a very Romantic language.

In Russian when I say "I'm going out side." the one who hears me say this will know if I mean I'm stepping just outside the door and will return within a few minutes, or if I'm leaving forever, or if I'm leaving and taking a train and won't return for a English - you have to ask more questions to know what I meant when I say "I'm leaving".

Now I'm told Spanish is the easiest language to learn...OMG, I can't feel I can't learn it for the life of me! French, I'm not crazy about either...I can read it well but I have no idea what I'm saying. Janpanese, it was pretty easy but I'd never try to read it!

It's all the exceptions in our language that make it hard. I don't know how non-speaking English people do it.

((I am quite humbled at the prescence of a speech pathologist-Dottie- and a language major- Judi-I think that is fascinating!))

ME TOO! OH, you'd love both of these ladies...two wonderful people here! And so down to Earth. I adore them.

Witch--a person
Knight--A soldier
Night--time of day.

Oh, good words...and yes, I bet your daughter gets them confused - they're not easy! Both sound alike as well as being spelled very much alike!!

I'm not a great speller meself! ;-)

(((Love words...the sound, the meanings...but I have a bad habit of mis-pronouncing them (and spelling them)))

I believe my bad spelling comes from exactly that...the way you pronounce a word can cause you to spell it incorrectly. My father was 100% Irishmen, his father only spoke Irish (Gaelic) so me dad spoke English with an accent...mispronouncing the I grew up saying the words like my father, hence spelling them wrong like me dad.
It's hard to spell a word if you're not saying the word correctly.

As I got older, I learnt/learned (Help Dottie! Judi??? which is it???) the correct way to say a word and got rid of the Irish accent in me. But I'm still a backwards talker if I'm not watching meself.

I tend to put my sentence structure in the form of Irish format...EX. Throw mama from the train a kiss good bye.
IN English structure - I've just asked someone to toss me bum off the train...not such a good idea - In English I would have to say (to be understood) Once you get on the train, throw a good bye kiss to mama.

Ah, isn't life fun!

Christine said...

Hi Hawk: English is my second tongue--I immigrated to Canada with my family when I was four years old. I grew up in a northern mining town -- not a nice place to live. I left when I was 16, on my own, and then eventually got to Vancouver BC, Canada. That's where I met my darling husband. He brought me to the south... Knoxville TN! Talk about a change. I think I was meant to be a southern girl, but not a belle.

We moved to Northern VA and lived there 9 years and now we reside in Alabama. My hope is to get to Florida and retire there... I love the climate.

Blodeuedd said...

Hi Hawk,
Lol nope spell check will not work on my name, but you do get it right every time. Most forget an e :)

I know, freaky isn't it, me giving a cyberhug, but sometimes it's just right.

Yes second tongue, and like with everything online I sure need spellcheck cos I hardly watch what I write, in any language. How nice I knew almost all, yay.

Hahs Miss Smartypants, well I thank you for that lovely title :D

M.V.Freeman said...

Hawk, don't you love people's stories? I do! Now I am quite intrigued about yours.

Christine, you know one day, I need to extricate the full story from you, we tend to digress so much! :)

As for that dratted tale-story (or tail-an appendage- that's another word!) of my inglorious removal...I was at the tender age of 20. It's not that cool of story, just somewhat amusing.

I was initially sent to learn Russian, at DLI in San-Francisco (It has since been torn down--I mourned that!). Our instructors were Russian (We were in the middle of Russian town), I met my husband there too (He passed the class-go figure). Turns out I can recognize language but my propensity for memoriziation leaves MUCH to be desired--and add that the russian instructors disliked females, I was "Kicked out for not learning Russian Fast enough" We were in total immersion in the class--I still love the sound of how Russian is spoken (So neat that you speak it).

So, I was sent to Monteray to learn German. Hahaha. Within 2 months I was kicked out of that for the same problem. Why? Because I was in class and was asked a question and I answered correctly (actually what I did- was I answered in a mix of Russian and German, I said the right words-wrong language). So I was sent on to a different job (Which I did pass).

See, nothing horrible, just amusing. I never do anything the easy way.

Hawk, I am fascinated about your father! LOL Do you speak Gaelic as well? I always wanted to learn it..LOL, but I'll work on a language another time.

I find that I am terribly fascinated by everyone, and I don't have enough space to write, so I am going to leave now, and learn to be patient and talk to everyone a bit at a time.

I better get back to writing, I have promised myself a chapter today...and Christine. :)

May this day give you moments of joy and lots of great inspiration.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Oh've had an interesting life, and it started so young! 16? OMG, shows just how strong a woman you are. Amazing where strength like that comes from at such a young age!
I bow to your courage!

Retire to Florida?!!
I've got a courtyard home for sale...not far from Tara my writers chapter!Want to come by and look???? LOL

It's got a guesthouse so you won't even need to stay at a hotel! :-)
I'll have dinner on the table by 6:30 and LOTS and LOTS of wine....just enough to make you fall in love with the house and want to buy it... LOL. The devil I am, aren't I? LOL

All kidding aside - I want to move out West...The climate you love about Florida is killing me...I can't breath here because of my asthma. Problem with being born early.
I need dry land...I hope to retire in Nevada one day soon, near my twin.


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Miss Smartypants,

M.V. wants to know how you pronounce BLODEUEDD. You told me once but I can't remember.
The meaning of the word is beautiful too!

Hey, I feel honored for the cyber hugs from you! xo
A rare hug is better than no hug and being that it is so rare...all the more special! Hugs Back, sweetie.

I adore you

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Yes, I do love people stories. It's the story of their lives that make them who they are and makes it easier for you to understand why they say and do what they do at times.

Intrigued by mine? LOL, you'd grow old listenin' to mine. Too much to tell. Irish people live Irish lives...full of lots of drama.

I'm with you about Christine's story.

I've got an idea...Let's get all the girls here together and meet at my place. Then we'll just eat drink and be merry for three days...we'll listen to everyones life story and enjoy life for a wee bit!
Would be an awesome way to get closer in our friendships, wouldn't it? Wish we could...kind of have our own bloggers retreat thing.

O.K., M.V. if you don't get it out of her before the next RWA Nationals - you and me, we'll gang up on her and make her talk! ;-) Until she spills all the beans! LOL, are you in it with me? Is this a deal?

((I was initially sent to learn Russian))
Kahk dee-lah? (phonetically speaking anyway - how are you?)
I don't know how to use Russian fonts in here.

((The russian instructors disliked females, I was "Kicked out for not learning Russian Fast enough"))

OMG, can they do that? Was this for the government, that you went to the language school?

I had a friend who went there while in the Army...he spoke fluent Russian and became what they called a "TRANSLATOR"
He had a five letter clearancy while working at NSA (The National Security Agency).

He was teaching me Russian...gosh, this was over thrity years ago.
I learned fast because I loved it but I've forgotten most of it because I've had no one to talk to in Russian...just like my Japanese...after 40years without talking - you forget.

Funny, I would have loved to have heard that Russian and German mixture! Hahaha.

(((I said the right words-wrong language). So I was sent on to a different job (Which I did pass)))) Oh, rotflol...this is funny!

(((See, nothing horrible, just amusing. I never do anything the easy way.)))

{{8-O Oh ahahahahahahahaa!

((Hawk, I am fascinated about your father!))

Me dad? He was a good man...never got over the English and what they did to our family line. It's what forced us to come to America. Long I rarely tell.
We were bluebloods of the McGowan line who married into the bluebloods of the O'Riley clan. We had a castle on the boarder of the North and South that the English took from us after a long fight for it.

My family line started what was called the fighting free Irish filled with Noblemen who wanted their lands and castles back...and the rest is history.
But about four years ago...relatives of ours, still in Ireland finally got the English government to give back the family castle...I wish me dad had lived to see that.

(((Do you speak Gaelic as well?)))
Only what my Irish neighbor, Bob has taught me.
Me dad didn't pass that on...I don't know why but I think it had somethin' to do with my mom.

The words below my picture are in Gaelic ... it means a thousand hello's. This is a standard greetin' in Ireland.

(((I better get back to writing, I have promised myself a chapter today))) Oh goodness...get going! I know I should be working too...I want a complete MS by Nationals next year...that's what? Ten month away...and I've only got nine months to work on it in between everyday life...not a lot of time!

(((May this day give you moments of joy and lots of great inspiration.)))
And I send this beautiful wish back to you ten fold!


M.V.Freeman said...

I think it is a deal Hawk, we'll sit Christine down and she has to tell us all! ;-P

I also like the idea of all of us getting together. When the time is right, it will happen. LOL

And your story of your father and his family, I was transfixed. I am sorry, that your father did not see the reclamation of the castle. I could talk about this for ages...Have you been to Ireland? I have not. I long to go, I've flown over it many times but never been. I have no idea why I have that longing, but there it is.

My father was tortured soul, and has stories he tells of his Irish family..are they real? Who knows. I could never tell the tall tales from the real.

And you mention "40" years, I also have to say---you do not look like you should know that length of time! I think writers age differently...Hmmm, how's that for a theory? LOL

I must get back to work,

Oh wait, I know one word in Russian...besides "da" yes. Its "Dosvydonya" LOL.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Mary - ah I like that, I had an aunt by that name.

O.K., 'tis a deal with you think she knows we're plottin'?

((I also like the idea of all of us getting together. When the time is right, it will happen.)) LOL
OMG wouldn't that be fun?

(((And your story of your father and his family, I was transfixed.)))
Funny, my twin and I were just talkin' about how most people don't research their family history.

I our family (being Irish) we had no choice but to hear it - that's what we Irish do....comes from the old druid background. Our family line comes from what is called the "Dark" Irish...we are not the red headed ones...but the black hair and blue eyes.

((I am sorry, that your father did not see the reclamation of the castle.))
Me too, but he was aware that our cousins were attempting to get it.

(((I could talk about this for ages...)))
LOL, when we get together and can share a glass of wine and a wee bit of time.

No, but I feel the tug at me heart...I know if I go I'll never leave.
(((I have not. I long to go, I've flown over it many times but never been. I have no idea why I have that longing, but there it is.)))
Once an Irishmen always an Irishmen...Once you've felt this green Land in your heart ...there is no leavin' steals your soul forever.

(((My father was tortured soul, and has stories he tells of his Irish family..are they real?)))
There's always a grain of truth to an Irishman's tale.
Have you researched your history?

((Who knows. I could never tell the tall tales from the real.))
remember...Ireland is a land of mystery...our history is long and filled with people of teh druids. As any Irishman will tell's all in what you believe...because believing makes it so.
WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY -Even todays modern scientist will tell you this is a truth to our world.
Men of the past new more about our world and how it work then men of today...the modern man has forgotten more than they remember...and how our reality really works.

((And you mention "40" years, I also have to say---you do not look like you should know that length of time!)))

Ah that's sweet of you to say...I've seen forty years plus 13 more! I'm 53.

((I think writers age differently...Hmmm, how's that for a theory? LOL)))

LOL, but I love it!

((I must get back to work))

Me too...I'm working on getting on Twitters but I don't know how to answer people on it or find the ones I know...just trying to wrap me brain around it.

Dah vstryehchee
meaning (See you later)


M.V.Freeman said...

I know, I know, I should be writing, but I just had to answer!(I also want to blame the hot tea--caffiene gets me chatty ;-P)

Hawk, you have a twin?? I don't want to sound incredibly odd...but I have a twin as well--although that is a convoluted relationship.


((Have you researched your history?))
I know a distant family member who researched the English side, but not the Irish side. My grandmother's maiden name was Greely..much like "smith" here. I should look, I really should. All I have are one or two stories, nothing big. My family is not the most functional.

((Once an Irishmen always an Irishmen...Once you've felt this green Land in your heart ...there is no leavin' steals your soul forever.)) I agree. :)

Mary--LOL, I forgot to tell you that is my name
M.V. (Mary Victoria)
Bitter Victory...what a name!

As for Twitter...I got an account, but I am clueless. I'm MVFree, but I never get on it.

I've run out of Russian endings...
Have a glorious evening,

(I'm still getting used to using my initials...*sigh*)
P.S. I'll hold you to the wine! LOL :-)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


(I'm still getting used to using my initials...*sigh*)

{:-0 Oh, so are you writing under M.V.? If that's the case I'll address you as M.V. not Mary.
It'll help you get use to it.

Yes, I have a twin sister.
We're what they call "Mirror" twins...we're like Identical twins (we look alike) but she's left handed and (most of the time)I'm right handed...I'm ambidextrous but when we were in school we never told anyone so when we played switch and the teachers saw me write lefty they assumed I was her.

Awesome that you're a twin too!
((--although that is a convoluted relationship.))
Oh, how so? Did you let the singles part ya' bond?

((I know a distant family member who researched the English side)))
{{8-O oh me gosh darlin', don't ever admit ta' that's only a wee bit of English anyways - so 'tis best left unsaid, wouldn't ya' agree? ROTFLOL, I'm just kidding with you...but that is something me dad would have said IF he liked you and found out you had some English in you.

OMG...the night I brought home an English boy for dinner...OMG, I'm still mortified! Needless to one got dinner that night...'tis the night me twin and I got an education in being Irish.

(((My family is not the most functional.)))
ROTFLOL...whose is? I don't believe there is such a thing as a T.V. type (father knows best, Andy Taylor, Leave it to Beaver)functional family.

LOL on the name - You've got the Queen Mary and Elizabeth battle as well as the Irish and English battle going on just one name!!! Now I can imagine your life.

So tell me about your twin relationship my e addie is

(((As for Twitter...I got an account)))
Yeah, me too }:-/
but I'm not sure what to do with it.
Can they think of any more stuff for us to do so they can yank us away from writing a book?

I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY we HAVE to do all this stuff. It's hard enough to find writing time and then we're told we have to do this as well!

(((I am clueless. I'm MVFree, but I never get on it.))
CLUELESS - ME TOO! When I get it figured out...I'll let you know.

(((I'll hold you to the wine! LOL :-))))
LOL I would hope so -

Hugs Darlin'

Danni said...

Congrarts to all the nominees! You have a beautiful blog A.W. Knight. :)

Christine said...

Now Mary -- get back to writing my darling. And Hawk--you are a mirror image twin? That is SO COOL. And Mary? What are the odds that I have two friends who are twins and .... hold your breath .... my fifth germ of a book has MIRROR IMAGE TWINS in it.... haha. true.

Golfers tho' -- don't know if you'll know the golfing part, but I am most intrigued by the twin stuff.

And you may ply me with wine... l might talk.... haha... but I'll say anything for a wee drop of the golden nectar.


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Just saw your site - it is awesome! I had to link you up here under Author friends.

I'm so glad you came by! As I said I will be running a contest for a free signed copy of Wild Blue Under soon! So, do come back...I post a new blog every Sunday!

Welcome and Hugs are a must here!
;-) ...yes, even Blodeuedd has to put up with a hug...I'm a hugger!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


M.V. and I found out neither one of us are good for more than one glass but, we'll give you lots and lots of apple juice ... I'm told they use it to make spies talk! They say the golden nectar really works.....ROTFLOL!

I'm a mirror twin, hon...there is no mirror "image" twin label that I know of. So if you're writing about it don't use the word image.

Funny, I have twins in every book I write...I'm not sure how not to have a life has always had one so my books reflect that.

So, are you and M.V. CP's?
Speaking of that we all need to get back to work!

Hugs to you both!

Rick and Monique Elgersma said...

I love words and I loved this post and I thoroughly enjoyed your post.

And I'm glad to find you!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Rick & Monique!


I'm so glad you found me blog and that you love the post.

We like to have fun here and enjoy the laughter of life when possible.

I hope you come back often - I post every Sunday...looking forward to see you both!