Sunday, October 4, 2009


“Thou Shall Not Think Of Beast As Man.”

REALLY. Now maybe I’m just a dumb Irish girl, but I’d like to know, who is the idiot that proudly said this?

Maybe it’s the romance writer in me that makes me believe my dog has a soul with his own fate and karma to fulfill, while living his life here on Earth, or perhaps this belief comes from my Irish bloodline and the fact that I’ve been raised to believe in the leprechauns and faeries. That or I’m just a nut and happy in my craziness. What is it they say…ignorance is bliss? Whichever the case, I believe other animals of Earth deserve our respect and understanding.

Yes, I said OTHER animals.

I could never understand people who treat their dogs badly and then say STUPID things like, “It’s just a animal” as if the dog didn’t feel anything! I’m sorry, but if you look at life on this planet, be it a human or a dog or a dinosaur, WE ARE ALL ANIMALS. YES, HUMANS fall into the animal category!

WE ARE ALL ANIMALS OF EARTH. But I’ll tell you this…it is not just animals who have a consciousness…I’ll explain more on this later. First let’s talk about animals.

Now, some say the human animal is of the highest intelligence on earth…but again, I’m sorry, I have to disagree…Human’s are not and cannot be the most intelligent species. My first proof…look at this planet…an intelligent being would never do to the Earth what man has done.

Second point to support my theory - Native American Indians will tell you the dolphin speaks with “the breath of life” that the dolphin is the keeper of “the sacred breath”. Native Americans say the dolphins were given “the gift of the primordial tongue”. How did they know this?

American Indian’s say the Whale is the “Record Keeper” that he carries the history of the Mother Earth. But isn’t the whale like the dolphin - just a mammal? And if so, why give a these mammals such respect?

Maybe the Indian’s were just being romantic in their descriptions….but if that were the case then why would a psychoanalyst physician, who specializes in biophysics, neurophysiology, electronic, computer theory and neuroanatomy agree with them?

I’m talking about a man named Dr. John C. Lilly and his studies with cetaceans (dolphins, whales and such). On his sight at you will see statements he made such as,

A dolphin named Peter was being taught to count to ten in English (that means the dolphins have their own language). The dolphin learned how to count and once he did they gave him a sequence of numbers like three through five and Peter would the give the next number; six. But the amazing thing is, in this statement Lilly says Peter then changed the rules (I assume he got bored with the game) and the next time they gave him three through five instead of telling Lilly six, Peter said “four, three, two, one...count backwards."

Peter had never been taught to do this…so if Peter is “just” a mammal without thought or self awareness…how did he do it?

Lilly said he’d participated in a conversation between two dolphins, but that it had drove him crazy because the dolphins had communicated too much information, and way too fast for the human mind to comprehend. Well, seeing that most Cetaceans brains are our size or larger and the fact that they’ve been around on this Earth for 25 million years and humans have only been here for what a
1/20th of that time….Who do you really think would be smarter? In my book the whale wins.

And for those of you who think Peter counting backwards could have been a mistake…how about a dolphin named Elvar who got impatient with a trainer and sounded the words "let's go, come on let's go!”
Elvar sounds like my hubby when we’re getting ready to go out for the night….rather human if you ask me…then again…maybe me hubby was just being an “animal” about the time.

So, does my dog have a life to live, karma to pay and a soul to grow from this life experience here on Earth? I say yes. Does my dog think? I say yes. Does my dog feel? I say yes and he gets scared and hurt feelings as well. My dog might even get depressed if he wasn’t so spoiled. Could my dog have obsessions about things like wooden floors or certain sounds? I say yes. And yes, he knows when he’s in trouble and like children, my dog tries working hubby against me in favor of what he (the dog) wants.

Tell me my dog can’t think or feel and I’ll tell you this…it has been tested and proven that if a victim is murdered in a house or office that has a house plant…and police bring in a file of suspects to walk past that house plant…that plant can identify the murderer, if the CSI unit had it connected to a machine that has been specially built to register the plants life field. THAT PLANT FEELS THE SAME FEAR IT FELT WHILE THE VICTIM WAS BEING MURDERED!

Tell me this can’t be…I’ll tell you it’s been done by American Scientist.

Tell me that’s crazy…then I guess American Indians went to a lot of trouble they didn’t need to go to when they’d talk about cutting down a tree while standing next to it, then they’d dance around that tree in a cutting ceremony, but at the last minute, they’d surprise the tree next to the tree they’d been dancing around and cut that one down…and they did this so the tree they took wouldn’t know she was about to be cut…they didn’t want to stress her out before her cutting. BUT WHAT DID THEY KNOW?




Liza said...

Hawk, I totally agree that animals can think and communicate. My dad's spoiled rotten dog is a perfect example(love this dog like she is mine btw). I was visiting one weekend and was watching a movie with the dog. At one point I went to put my feet up on the coffee table and she lifted her head up and barked once letting me know she could no longer see the tv. Once I moved my feet, she went back to watching the movie with me.

Blodeuedd said...

I agree too, I had a cat, I loved her beyond all and I remember once when I had pneumonia she stayed in my bed all day, she did not go to eat or pee cos she knew I was sick. And she did not let me move cos she new I was in pain (cracked rib. She cared for me.
And anyone telling me she was just a dumb animal, well they are the dumb animals

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Liza -

OMG! What a wonderful story to share!

I know my Zeus (also spoiled; by the hubby - NOT ME) that I love dearly will express himself with little things like that daily.

If the human is willing to listen -they will hear them - it's really none verbal but that doesn't make it less voiced - if you're listening.

I loved the story you told!

Hugs Darlin'

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Blodeuedd -

Oh, you girls have such beautiful stories to share!

I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way about animals...and I know our LEA feels the same as us as well.


Judi Fennell said...

Some of my favorite books growing up were Hugh Lofting's Dr. Doolittle series - all about animals talking. And, heck, they talk in mine.

I'm with you, Hawk!

~Sia McKye~ said...

I don't think loyalty and love can be given without the ability to think. I was threatened a few years ago and went into my horse pasture. My horses banded around me and chose to protect me. I didn't ask them, they CHOSE to defend me. And quite spectacularly too. I was amazed. They put me in the center and the gelding stood point, even going so far as to run at the guy. Had he come any closer, I have no doubt the horses would have fought. Unfeeling animals? pfffft.

I've seen cats and dogs defend their people. that's a conscious act based on thinking, love, and loyalty.

Great post, Hawk!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Like you, I'm an animal lover for sure...and I love the way they talk in your books!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


OMG...that is the most beautiful story...I find the loyalty and love of our animals amazing...because it's so pure...we humans have soooo much to learn from them.


Kelly Moran said...

got a great contest and giveaway going on now at my blog...

Vicki said...

I totally agree. Meisha is more verbal than Sassy. Meisha will actually sit and make funny noises at me until she's sure I understand her. Sassy not as much, but then she is partially deaf. But her expression makes up for it.

Science Guy, who used to say they're dogs and don't really understand complete sentences, has changed his mind too. He was listening to me telling the girls someting the other night and when Meisha jumped down and went to where I was talking about and pushed open the door, he finally figured it out. :)

Christine said...

My darling elderly cat, Clancy (named for Tom Clancy by my DH--his idea of a "famous literary figure....") missed me so much while I was at M&M for the conference, the family was starting to worry.... now she just sits with me as much as she can and I am convinced it is because she knows I am leaving in two days for the beach.... poor baby!

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Hawk!

I know my dog can sneak, connive, love, be happy, sad, and even depressed. Does he think, hell yes! I can even see the wheels spinning sometimes.

Here are a few of the things he done in the past:

I had went out to get supper for us one night. As soon as he saw that there was none for him, he started tearing up one of my daughters papers. She jumped up to stop him and put her paper in her room, and he climbed up on the table and gobbled up her dinner. He knew he was going to be in trouble, so he went and hid for hours. He was still in trouble, but the punishment of being sent to sit by his chair was delayed. (yes, he has his own chair and when he's in trouble, he has to lay down by the chair.) I thought this was a fairer punishment than sending him to his kennel because he has to use his kennel for sleeping on trips or when we have company. I didn't want him to think he was being punished everytime I had to kennel him.

When he is in trouble, he'll go to my son's room and sit next to him hoping for protection. He likes to make us arguing whether or not he needs to be punished for misbehaving.

And he has the sweetest smile! He loves being outside and he smiles the whole time. I wish there was a way to let him out more, but he's just a westie and a coyote would make short work of him.

He used to be ambivalent about the mailman, now he hates him. He was outside one day and the mailman for some unknown reason hit him with a magazine. I was right there. Now he hates all mail people indiscriminately. I don't say it was fair, but he hates them all anyway.

And sometimes when the kids are all gone and he's sitting at the door waiting, he gets sad eyes and the look of true depression. When he's like that, all he wants is to be left alone.

Dottie :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


A GIVE AWAY!!!??? OMG, I'll be over later today!

GIRLS - Kelly's got a GIVE AWAY contest going ON!!!!! Hop on over NOW if you can!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


I agree, anyone that spends TIME with a pet will SEE they do think and feel....they also pit mom against dad to get what they want as anyone with a new puppy or kitten...WATCH OUT!!! Pets are just like children and they will take over if you allow it!

Thanks for sharing this cute story, Vic!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Honorable mention at the M&M is awesome! wOOhOO, GIRLFRIEND! yOU'LL WALK AWAY WITH IT NEXT YEAR, SWEETIE!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


LOL your tales had me laughing, I so can see me own Zeus doing a lot of those things.

Mine is a pouter!

I say, with all mine puts me through, it's a good, very good thing, I love him so much! LOL he is a devil at times.

Big Hugs Dottie!