Sunday, November 15, 2009


I have two winners – The way I picked them is;

1) They’re the only ones to get all the answer correct…but I want to thank all of you who picked the picture of Pamela Anderson as me, {8-D (Man is me head big now) xoxox to you all.

2) The girl who answered correctly first is the number one winner and the other is our second winner.

Now let me tell you want you get and who it is:

DOTTIE is our #1 winner. She will get the free, signed Holly Jacobs book “Unexpected Gifts” from Holly.
WooHoo! Congrats Sweetie! xoxox

WANDA is our #2 winner. I will be sending you Holly Jacobs book “Found and Lost”. Yahoo and congrats on your win!

I will contact you both for your snail mail addies and soon after you should have them!

Thanks to you all for playing in my contest! I had a great time and enjoyed all the comments!

For those of you who are wondering who all those babies were – see below.

Winking baby - unknown but such a cutie!

Ricky Martin!

Avril Lauigne

Bruce Wills

Demi Moore

Angelina Jolie

Julie Roberts


Marilyn Manson

Nicole Kidman

Pamela Anderson

George Clooney

Robert De Niro

Keanu Reeves

Now, I’ve got a question for you girls. You all remember BRAN –

well, I showed him to a girlfriend of mine and she turned her nose up at him …she said she didn’t like a man with prettier hair or longer hair than hers.


So, my question is – how do you feel about men’s hair? What is sexy to you, long and wind blown or short and neat? Is a man with long hair too girly like or hot and sexy? What’s your preference? Here is some eye candy (Thanks to Cecile) for you to consider before you answer.
Teeheeeheee, aren't I bad? But what a way to start a day. ;-)


Erotic Horizon said...

Congrats ladies on your win..

I am definitely getting that book, I love the blurb - sound like my before bed reading material...

As for your question my dear...

I can't imagine going to bed with a man with tall hair, especially that tall...
It's just the thought of all that hair in unmentionable places..

It's the vanity of it as well - I have hair issues so I would be extremely jealous....

On the other hand - I am a looker - I will stop and stare at a man with tall hair...

Orlando Bloom - Lord of The Ring.... and others

Even in books - just describe a man with a little bit of hair longer than shoulder length and I am done for...

You and your guy have a great day today...


Leontine said...

HAWK, this post is making me drool again...not the kids or baby *eewww* but the men. I like hair ala Antonio Bandaras, a bit wild, curly, shoulder long. Makes my hormones jingle ;) And chest hair, don't mind that either *rowr*...even facial gruff is preferred *oh yes* makes the man look a bit dark and dangerous...such visual chocolate *yummy*

and dare i say; is George Clooney sporting a left black eye in his year school photo??

And finaly a PS and off-topic: a certain Mrs. Smutty Hussy send me some jelly beans...not only did hubby and I had a night long sugar rush we also favor the black and the red ones LOL

Blodeuedd said...

Congrats :D

Here I though you tried to trick us again. Lol I was so wrong, I knew some and then I tried to be smart, nope. Did not work. Shall find comfort in those men instead

Blodeuedd said...

As for you question, yeah he looks hot but nope too long hair. Only legolas can pull it off, and Eomer cos he is so rough and dirty

Houston A.W. Knight said...

EH! (((HUGS)))

Good to hear from you sweetie, I know I don't make it over your way that often...I'm trying to get a book finished - time is moving way too fast....but I will try to get over there some time today.

LOL - no tall hair for you, yet you respond to it. Now that's interesting! It's a turn on to you, yet you won't allow a tall haired man in your bed?

O.K., now ya' got me wonderin' - I'll have to brain pick this ya' know.

What are ya' hair issues? and why would his hair falling over his manhood or touching the top part of his butt cheeks, bother ya'?
And what about the long hair makes you stop, breathlessly and look?

Teehehehe, I'm a devil ta'day, am I not?


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Leontine -

LOL, that was my intention! I thought you girls needed a reward after taking that hard contest!

I checked out the school pic of GC and it sure does look like a black eye, doesn't it. Ah, a tough guy...just like you said you liked, a bad boy, with just a wee bit wild, dark and dangrous in 'em...the chocolate of chocolate! ;-)

OMG! Mrs. Smutty Hussy send you jelly beans!!!??? OMG, she's soooo bad. I'll have to stop her from doing that ya' know. Yesterday she was given out wine! Such a naughty girl! I'm going to distract her with Bran for a wee bit, whatcha think?

cyber hugs

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Blodeuedd, sweetie -

Don't ya' know me by now? Just when ya' think you've got me figured out - I'll switch it up every time! I've got ta' keep ya' on your toes!

NEVER will I run the exact same contest, ya' know! If it's similar...ya' best be on tip toe 'cuz I will be puttin' a cog in that wheel!

LOL, ain't I mean?

No longer hair for you either? OMG, I love long hair on a man, but he's got to have a strong face to pull it off. Otherwise he just looks like a girl -not into that!

Who's legolas and any pic's?


Erotic Horizon said...

Hey Hawk...

My main grouse with the long hair - especially the longer hair is that I am a snuggler by nature...

I love hugs and squeeze and think nothing of lazing in bed in hubbies arms for hours on end... hubby has been know to wake a wee bit more tired than when he went to bed..

Can you imagine me having to find that "just so" space on the bed to rest my bum, plus moving arms and leg to suit ME, plus the blankets/duvet and now you want me to even thing of hair in that process...

No Way....


I am a big fantasy lover and I always associate my fantasy man with hair to die for ( I am entitled to have a fantasy man), that just so look and I always think men are more into hair cosmetic than woman and who wouldn't stop and just a man with windblown, luster full hair...

Definitely me



Christine said...

I have no care about length of hair--it's the package it comes with that I care about and mmmmm what packages!!


Congrats on the wins ladies--I missed by a "hair."


Leontine said...

"wild, dark and dangerous" me likes the description! and Mrs. Smutty Hussy was handing out wine?? I so missed a cool party then.

I'm with EH, we all deserve some virtual boyfriends/ fantasy lover :D The term fantasy lover makes me think of Kenyon's FANTASY LOVER where two friends celebrate one's birthday with pizza and wine ( to me the perfect way to celebrate one's birthday)and end up conjuring a man from a book who happens to be a Spartan warrior who has to fulfill Grace's sensual fantasies. After that book I seriously pondered where to get me one of those books. Up till this day I haven’t found me one.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Ah ha, a bed snuggler - well, you make a very good point ... after moving all the limbs and such, I think the hair would be a bit, now I know why Bran's kept as a fantasy man...oh, but what a fantasy!



Houston A.W. Knight said...

Christine - ya' missed out by a hair ... LOL that's cute!

You always make me smile!


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Yes, Mrs. Smutty Hussy was handing out wine!! And she missed me too! M.V. told me the party was way too cool and she ended up missing for days!

Oh I agree, we all deserve some virtual eye candy!

Celebrate one's birthday with pizza and wine is a great way to have a fab B-day! I'm down with that.

The book that you're looking for... for conjuring up a man...Cecile has that - I saw it under her bed. That's where she came up with all of Bran's brothers...hey, we can raid her place tonight...I'll get Bran to get her out of the house and then we'll nab the book and be gone before she's knows it's missing!

Are you in?


Houston A.W. Knight said...

LEONTINE - the above message is for you!

Leontine said...

HAWK getting my fabulous body hugging leather cat suit out of the closet, my knee high boots and my awesome looking identity hiding mask out of its secret cabinet. This is also known as my raiding outfit *grin*

You get Bran in on the plans and at how many hundred hours do we meet? I needs me that book! Do you hear that HAWK?? Is it...yea, it is...

*insert Theme - (from "Mission Impossible")*

adrenaline starts to flow in blood...

Leontine said...

PS: I knew that if one person would be in possession of such a book it would be Cecile *grin*

Liza said...

Congrats to the winners! I really did better than I expected on my guesses.

I'm good with some long hair, but not too long. I think hair about to their shoulders is fine. That way he can tie it back(like Roarke in the In Death books), and still be sexy with it back or down.

Carol Henry said...

I'm not getting into the hair debate, altough there have been times I've wanted to run my hands through a man's hair that just called to me, but I wanted to say that I'm so glad you included a pictures of Pierce B. He is my man!

M.V.Freeman said...

Congratulations to the winners! It is well deserved! :-)

As for me...Some men look better in long hair, others with short. It all depends on attitude and lifestyle.

My only requirement is that the man is fit. For example one of my favorite eye candy is Dwayne Johnson (The Rock-from wrestling).

*fanning self*

I better not drink anymore wine.

Otherwise, I hope everyone has a great week!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Agent Leo -

It goes down at 2100 hours, Bran's suited up for the kill (meaning he's looking drop dead gorgeous) Cecile won't be able to turn him down.

I'm getting out my black flight suite and got all the tools for entry. Meet me at the airport by 1900 hours.

The latest update from Dottie's best spy (TinkerBell) says Cecile got wind (we think it came from Canada, sent MIB to keep an eye on Lea - she might be Cecile's lookout) of someone wanting to nab the book and has moved it to her safe. But, don't worry M.V.'s got the code...and Christine said she'd get it out of her even if she had to use M&M's to do it!

I'd hate to see that torture session go's going to be messy!

Carol said she'd bake some of her chocolate chip bread to keep Cecile distracted should Bran fail in his mission.

Hey! Can someone turn that music off! It's giving us away.

Has anyone recruited EH in on this? We could use her help, Liza's and Blodeuedds. Anyone see Judi? Whose side is she on?

Heart pounding in excitement as I pace the blacktop.

{{:-D Hawk

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Glad you dropped in...we're raiding Ceciles house for the "conjuring a Spartan warrior who has to fulfill your sensual fantasies" book. You in?


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Carol - you can stay out of the hair debate if you want but your involved in this heist?

Do you have some chocolate bread ready? If not, I believe it's in your Fruit & Vegetable Nut Breads cookbook - page 29 wasn't it?!

BTW, it's awesome, Yummy. Girls, don't forget Carol's got that up for sale during the holidays!

Now, back to business - Carol, get baking! You've got to keep Bran and Cecile busy!

It all goes down at 2100 tonight!

Hawk ;-)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


OMG - the ROCK! HOT! But only with long hair, IMHO.

((((Looking at you slyly and wondering))))


(((Give a knowing smile for what's awaiting her.)))


Leontine said...

Agent HAWK...agent Leo here. It is 2100 hours exactly and I am on site. Reading your encrypted message as we speak. Good to hear we have back-up on this mission!

I’m putting on my night goggles…
…target in sight; ooohhhh, dang, Bran and Christine are definitely working Cecile over. They are showing no mercy towards captive Cecile. The M&M strike and full frontal of Bran is in full progress, oh oh, Bran is taking out the cuffs and sidhe ambrosia…this is getting ugly for Cecile real fast. How to resist Bran shackled and licking ambrosia from your skin. There is no way out!! Woohoo, go Carol with a new batch of baked chocolate chip bread. This three-way attack is genius Agent HAWK, genius!

Agent HAWK what is your position as we speak [over] and give me an encrypted message what the sign is to go forward in getting objective. [over] kkkkccchhhhhh Dang, did you get the message Agent Hawk [over] Agent HAWK??.......................

PS: I “took care” of orchestra dude. No one kills our mojo…the objective is too valuable!

Carol Henry said...

Okay, ladies, I'm sorry I've been absent the last few hours. Been baking up a storm, need to keep Bran and his BROTHERS fed and happy! Who knew he had brothers and where have they been hiding? Who's been hiding them? And what have you been doing with him? Cecile, are you the one hogging them all to youself? Let me know and I'll get some Yam Pecan Bread going along with the Zucchini Pineapple that's sure to bring those guys around. Hawk, help me out here, I don't think M&Ms are going to work this time. We need to keep these guys happy. Hair or nor hair, I want to meet these guys!

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Hawk!

If I'd known you were having a party, I would have stopped by earlier!! I've been crazy, offline is killing me!!

Woohoo! Can't believe I guessed right! How's that for dumb luck!?!

Now to the question of hair??

I'm with Christine. It doesn't matter to me one bit, I could roll in the luxury of the long locks or run my fingers through short lengths. It's all good. It's what's inside that counts for me, the external packaging is a plus. Beauty and strength is found behind the layers. Eyes are what I find myself most attracted to, the reflection of what's inside. The man who can deliver an intelligent conversation and still show compassion to all those around him wins my heart.

All that being said, Bran is lovely, dark and mysterious. Pierce is sexy and dark without ever trying. I'm glad you included my hunk for all time, Paul Newman, he had the best eyes in history. Antonio exemplifies sex appeal. Orlando Bloom, just his name is electric, and again, the eyes have it! And Blodeuedd is right, Chris Edgerly was definitely sexy as Eomer.

Thanks for all the sexy pics!! It was too fun!


Dottie :)

Cecile said...

Hey Hey hey.... What is going on!!!! Bran takes off the blindfolds and what do I found.. Chocolate chip bread... m&m.... Bran naked.... Cuffs... Ambrosia.... Bran naked...Hey wait a minute... I hear some noise.... Bran do you hear that?? I hear the Mission Impossible theme song. Do you hear it....
Walking in on you girls trying to steal my book!! What is going on?????
I m gone for just a while and this is what you do..... Oh wait till I cast a spell over you!!! Of course, it will have to wait till I am finish with Bran!!!!
No more eye candy for you ladies... MMaaawwwhhhaawwww!!

Cecile said...

OH PS... Congrats to the winners!!
Yayayay for Dottie!!!! And Wanda!! Happy Reading ladies!!!

Liza said...

Count me in Hawk!

M.V.Freeman said...

**Agent M.V. here**

Never fear, I have the code...while all this was going on I slipped in and opened the vault...

Oh no....Cecile has found me...and is that Bran with her???


This is fun!!!

(Hawk, oh yes, The Rock is SO much hotter with long hair..but when he gives that megawatt smile...eep!)

Cecile said...

That is Bran and he was demonstrating the difference between handcuffs and couplings.. I mean cupplings... Or was that cuff rings... oh damn...
**closes door**
You will never find the book... MMaawwhhhawwww!!!

M.V.Freeman said...

You are wicked Cecile!!! ;-)


Carol Henry said...

Oh, my, Cecile, is there really a difference between cufflinks and cuff rings? Could you describe their uses, or how Bran uses them! Or, are you the one using them? Oh, gosh, now I'm really curious as to what you two are really up to. And is chocolate chips better than m&ms? And is that very sought after book still under that bed. Oh, wait, I can't remember, were the brothers hiding under the bed, you ladies are getting me so excited I've lost track of the entire thread here. Hawk. Where are you, what's really going on? Guess I'll have to go back and look at all that eye candy and sort myself out again.

Cecile said...

OH MV... IF you only knew how wicked I could be... Bran is finding out right now... hee hee!!

Oh. Ms. Carol....
There is a difference between cufflinks and cuff rings... Or at least that is what Bran is telling me... **What's that Bran, I wasn't suppose to say anything. He is blushing**
Eating m&m's off Bran is better than chocolate chips... because M&M melt in my mouth and not on his.... O_O...
And my book.... is hidden in a spot the girls will never ever find... no matter how hard they look for it! And the brothers... Oh man... They come in every once in a while to "relive" Bran of his tortuous duties!!!
It was Hawk's idea to send in the brothers, lol!!!
OH man, this is really fun!!!!! OH I meant to say this is really tortuous girls. You really know how to dish out the punishment... Hee hee!!!!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Watch out Agent Leo and Liza!

Cecile's right behind you! She tackled M.V.,

Get her Bran...That's it just lay on top of her and hold her down!

We've almost got the book!
M.V., said she nearly had it. M.V. Where you running off to?
Get her Agent Liza...she's trying to get away with the magic book!

OH NO,Carol, feed Bran's Brothers fast it looks as if their siding with M.V.
OMG, they got distracked with the Yam Pecan Bread!

That's good but dang it, I was hoping when this mission was over I could take that home and serve it with my Thanksgiving Dinner! OH MAN!

HEY! Hands off that Zucchini Pineapple Bread (OMG that's my favorite!)

You sexy boys get over there and help Bran! Oh...looks like he's got Cecile covered...I'm mean really COVERED with his naked body...Hummm, anyone ever see THAT position before? Interesting. Man that boy really puts himself into his work, doesn't he? ;-)

E.H. toss a few bits of the Chocolate Bread at Bran's brothers, and see if they'll follow them over here!
To get that book out of M.V.'S hands - that she's got clinched to her breast like a last breath!

Agent Liza grab the book!

Agent Leo? Did Liza get the book? Do you have it? Who has the book?

Where Cecile? Can someone tell me what's going on? Is the mission------


Dead silence.

Only the lonely sound of white snow cracked over the walkie talkie.

A deep sexy voice rang out. "I've got the book, and I won't give it up until I have it all, the Yam Pecan bread, the Zucchini Pineapple Bread and Carol, the lady of me dreams. Those are my demands or I burn the book, agent Leo.

{{8-O OMG!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

OMG - Agent Hawk just discovers the Voice was the ROCK and he's after Carol!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

O.K., BRAN!!! BRAN!!! Get off of Cecile!

Cecile, stop it - leave that boy alone, you naughty girl!

We've got bigger troubles here...The Rock has taken the book and Carol and all the Breads!

Whose got a plan!?? We can't have a man holding the magic book!!!!

M.V.Freeman said...

I'll cover the Rock!

Hawk you tackle the brothers...

I can get that book, but what a distraction.

Wait...I need back up!

Judi Fennell said...

I like hair to the top of the collar. Much longer and it only looks good in photo shoots, imo.

That second to last guy showed up on my blog a few weeks ago. don't know who he is, but yum....!

Cecile said...

You see what happens when you mess with "THE BOOK."

**casting spell...
Eye of newt, tail of toad.
I gather my powers for the good of the book
- no tickling Bran -
Feel thy power within thy body, I command ye now to return to thy hands. Smoke bellows, waters part... Know your way home to my heart**

Watches as the book floats out of Carol's hand and into mine...
Mmmmaaaaawwwwwhhhhhhaaaaawwwwww Told you ladies not to mess with the book!!
But if you want to try again... Just send Bran and his brothers because we sure had fun, I mean... they tortured the hell outta me!!! And those positions Hawk... Let me tell you, that man knows his way around a woman... but any day... Feel free to send him back my way.... hee hee

Now onto the good part, for you lovely ladies trying to pry the book from my hands... I will have all the goodies you want. Carol was in the kitchen all morning long baking... It smells like pure heaven in here. So, you see, I am a nice witch after all!!!

Erotic Horizon said...

I want none of you hussies to get me involved in your drama..

A good hunter knows when to go in for the kill...

I am waiting until all you evil witches run of steam them I'll nab that man for my self...

hell - I just gave away the plan...

You all have been warned... I am plotting and planning, and no sweets are involved ... LOL

Now to get him across "The Pond"... can he swim.. This plotting is tiring business


Cecile said...

E.H., I will find him a way to send him across the pond if you do not tell them where the book is... hee hee...
But no one truly knows where the book is... hee hee!!!!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Finishing off Carol's Zucchini Pineapple Bread

(BTW, you girl should really try this in real life...I made some and it's aawesome, for real!)

Looking at all the choas around me. Raise walkie-talkie to me lips, "Boss, the missions when down under. Cecile's got the book (she thinks I don't know she has it), M.V. ran off with the Rock, E.H. deserted the mission and ran off with all of Bran's brothers. Liza, a good woman is still here with me eating Carol's Breads with some cute guy I've never seen before...who knows where he came from...all these woman attracted handsome heroes for sure. And Carol ran off with the CAKE BOSS. He tasted her Breads and promised to turn her book of breads into a number one best seller. He's going to make her breads and offer them for sale in his, I'm returning to home base and getting lost in the future with a very haunting tale to telling."

;-( Hawk

Marissa said...

Drooling here....

Found my way to your blog as well, love it too!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Everyone -

Some of you already know Marissa but for those of you who don't - please welcome her (a new friend) to the sisterhood!

She's got a fab blog - go check it out. There's a link to it on the right side bar of my blog under "Reviews..."

See ya' all tomorrow! I hope you enjoy the post!
Because after this contest you'll be back to readering my meanderings until it's time for Angie Fox to come visit with us all and tell us about her news book!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Drooling is allowed here!

LOL - Glad you liked my boys - Cecile actually get first credit for them - without her I wouldn't have found them!

Glad you dropped in, hon!

Erotic Horizon said...

Hey Marissa...

Welcome to the madness... Please join me on the sidelines and wait until these hussy tire themself and then we swoop in for the kill...

The mark of a true huntress - fighting dirty.... LOL

Welcome hon..


Cecile said...

Hey Hawk, I know Marissa, hello sister friend! Glad you made your way to Hawk's blog!!!
Thanks for the credit Hawk! You know I do mind doing a little research! It was for a good cause! The cause of finding hot freaking men!!!! Drool worthy... oh yea!!!
Anytime, anything honey, you know I am there for you!

Erotic, I know how you play, that is why I keep my favorite men stashed away in my bedroom, lmao!!!
But I do leave some out for you guys to have!

I hope everyone had a great week! and a wonderful weekend!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

EH, ???? Madness??? Is this crazy Irish girl's blog a wee bit over the top, is that what ya' sayin'?

ROTFLOL - now fightin' is an Irish girls talent E.H. You'll not be beatin' me at that...I don't be carein' how young ya' are...I will wait and wait for the perfect time and strike like a don't ya' be thinkin' you'll be wearin' me out!

Ya' may try ta' swoop in for the kill but just before ya' do your swoopin' I'll pull it out from ya' grasp quicker than leprechaun snatchin' a pot o gold!

Teheheheheheheheee. Now who's the drity fighter?

Hugs - sister of me sisterhood! ;-)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hey Sweetie - so you've been holding out on me?
Keeping the hottie hidden!

B-but ...why? Where sisters under the skin...and you're holding out?!!

Great - just great! O.K., just for that I'm going to make a really hard contest for this next book give-away! }:-/

Hey, I had an awesome weekend and I've got a lot of great things and people to share with you girls in the coming weeks...

It's going to be fun and awesome!