Sunday, December 13, 2009


First, I just wanted to say Thank You Elaing8 for this beautiful Christmas gift! It's're a talented lady, for sure!


Now, for teh question; If you could see your future would you really want to know what it held?

Most people answer, “Yes, but don’t tell me anything bad.” Which makes me ask myself; Do they really want to know what the future holds?

Isn’t it the bad events in our lives that CHANGE LIFE as we know it? So, why wouldn’t you want to know those changes and be prepared for them?

It’s like knowing the exact day you’re going to die. Most people say. “Oh, don’t tell me that. I don’t what to know that.” I have to ask WHY?

Me? I hate, HATE the unknown. I want to know…that way (being the over organized person that I am) I can be prepared and have all my papers in order. I can also make sure I get to do everything I want to do before that date comes. I can also eat all the bar-b-q potatoes chips I want and not have to worry about fitting into my jeans the day after that date.

People telling me, they don’t want to know when the end of the world is coming, makes me wonder why. Is it fear of death? Or the pain of life that they fear?
Is it the fear of the unknown? But is it really unknown? Don’t they know their “heaven”, or whatever it is they believe in, will be there?
Or do they doubt their beliefs? Is that it, they doubt the strength of their religious beliefs? Do they? Or do they fear they weren’t all they could have been while they were here and don’t want to have to explain themselves once they get home?

What is it that they fear? Or is it as simple as not wanting to leave those they love? I really don’t know.

As most of you know, I’ve had the death experience and I saw a lot of things while I was there…so I’ve had an unfair advantage when it comes to answering that question.
Because of that experience - I do not fear the transition. I know what I’m going home to. So, my answers are based from knowledge, whereas for most, they don’t know what I know and have only been told “to believe”. Belief alone is not easy when it’s all you have to hold you strong for the great change.

They say ancient man was more aware of the two sides of our reality and how each side of our existence played its role in our physical lives. As man turned away from the truth of our two worlds (physical and non-physical and how EACH had an important part in our belief of reality) man became less. Man became more unsure. Man lost his path…and lost the light to the Gods.
From what I’ve seen I have to agree. Our reaction to death is evident of the dark path most of us have come to walk…our lost knowledge of our true realities and how they work has left most of us with a black hole of ambiguity, which has cause us to fear our return home. It’s causing a lot of us to fear living as well.

As for the future, I have heard some say, “Tell me, will I meet Mister Right?” An odd question I think, don’t you? What do you care if you meet Mister Right if it all ends badly. Shouldn’t the question be; “When I meet my Mister Right, will we be happily together till the end of our days?”
I don’t know about you guys…but I’ve seen a lot of Mr. & Mrs. Right’s who love each other but just can’t live together.

O.K., how about the favorite question; “Will I have a lot of money?”
There are several things wrong with this question…first, what’s a lot of money to one person is not a lot to another…so specify the amount, PLEASE!

Second, what do you care if you have a lot of money if you’re unhappy? Trust me, I grew up in a world around people who had more money than they knew what to do with…but many of them were not happy. They longed for true love (lots of money can’t buy that). They longed for a man who would treat them right (lot’s of money isn’t a guarantee a man will). They longed for happy children (and money didn’t guarantee that either). They wanted for nothing and longed for everything (Money can’t buy – a real life.)

I say for those of you who worry about the other side, or fear death, or doubt the Gods just remember one thing…It was once said by someone somewhere that Jesus said - When your will weakens and you feel life just isn’t worth it all - look up and see the rainbow…it’s God’s way of reminding you of the promise he made to us. Never doubt or fear the beauty that awaits us at home.

And that is why….I live each day to its fullest; learn as if I will live forever and live as if I will die tonight.

Enjoy you life and be happy.

So, what say you? Do you want to know your future? Do you really?



Before I close this weeks blog, I'd like to thank
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Where is your cell phone? make-up table

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Your mother? Mommy Dearest

Your father? Happy Irishman

Your favorite food? Chinese

Your dream last night? I don't dream

Your favorite drink? Mimosa

Your dream/goal? To be a top author

What room are you in? Where else - my den

Your hobby? No time for that - I'm a writer

Your fear? That's my secret - never let anyone know your weak points

Where do you want to be in 6 years? I heard the world was coming to an end in I don't really have any plans for 2014. LOL

Where were you last night? Where else, here in my den - working.

Something you aren't? I'm not green

Muffins? Blueberry

Wish list item? To be published

Where did you grow up? Everywhere but the longest stay was Japan.

Last thing you did? Learned how to build sliders for my blog.

What are you wearing? Jeans and a sweat shirt

Your TV? What's that?

Your pets? 1 black yorkiepoo

Friends? Many and I love them all!

Your life? Mines's yours?

Your mood? Irish...always Irish...which means I'm quick with a tongue of fire....when I need to be. Is there a problem with that? {;-) Teheheheheheehe

Missing someone? Me twin

Vehicle? Those all belong to hubby.

Something your not wearing? The God awful MAN invented BRA! I hate those things...perhaps if I had something to put in it - they would fit better! I need to buy some of those man invented Boobies! ;-)

Your favorite store? Any Book store with lots of books!

Your favorite color? Black

When was the last time you laughed? Last night

Last time you cried? Too long ago to remember.

Your best friend? Ah! Me list is too long!

One place that I go to over and over? My front of my laptop.

One person who emails me regularly? Again...too many to name.

Favorite place to eat? My kitchen...I'm a great cook from what others tell me.

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1. What’s the last thing you wrote? What’s the first thing you wrote that you still have?
Last thing: a sizzling sex scene in my latest WIP.
First thing: an article I wrote to be accepted into a professional writing school, and it got published.

2. Write poetry? NO.

3. Angsty poetry? No.

4. Favorite genre of writing? Fantasy and paranormal

5. Most annoying character you’ve ever created? Pagdon.

6. Best plot you’ve ever created? Best? LOL, mine are all good! ;-) How’s that for a modest Irish girl?

7. Coolest plot twist you’ve ever created? Can’t tell you. I think they’re all unique in their own way, so I can’t pick one.

8. How often do you get writer’s block? Never had it. Don’t know what that is.

9. Write fan fiction? No.

10. Do you type or write by hand? Type

11. Do you save everything you write? Yes.

12. Do you ever go back to an idea after you’ve abandoned it? Yes, once I find the right place for it.

13. What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever written? A love note to me hubby and I love writing love scenes. Lots of hot Romance and Sex to go in them.

14. What’s everyone else’s favorite story that you’ve written? You’ll have to ask them. A western I wrote was love dearly by those readers of mine who love westerns…but my paranormal was loved as well by the para readers and My fantasy is loved by the fantasy lovers - so, so far I’ve got 100% satisfaction from everything I’ve written.

15. Ever written romance or angsty teen drama? That’s what I write. Romance.

16. What’s your favorite setting for your characters? The future. I never look back.

17. How many writing projects are you working on right now? Too many.

18. Have you ever won an award for your writing? I’m not a contest writer.

19. What are your five favorite words? HONOR, LOVE, TRUTH, LOYALITY, and RESPONCIBILITY. Now in the sex department those five words would be rapture, smoldering, heat, kisses and ecstasy.

20. What character have you created that is most like yourself? Black Hawk.

21. Where do you get ideas for your characters? They come to me. They tell me to write their story. I don’t create a thing.

22. Do you ever write based on your dreams? I don’t dream.

23. Do you favor happy endings? NO, not really but in Romance you have to give it one. So…I do…but a “demanded” happy end doesn’t always mean that was the best ending for the story.
Remember “LOVE STORY” who could forget?

24. Are you concerned with spelling and grammar as you write? My computer takes care of that

25. Does music help you write? Sometimes.

26. Quote something you’ve written. Whatever pops into your head. He watched her body tense with the sinful liberty he took of lifting her skirt to stroke his fingertips intimately up the inside of her leg, before pulling her panties off.

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Blodeuedd said...

Pretty :D
Same goes for the lovely button!

Nice post, I have never thought about it like that. Yes why ask about Mr Right and not ask if it will be a perfect HEA.

As far as the future goes, I want to know, I do not want to know. If everything turns out perfectly yes, but life is seldom that sweet

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Blodeuedd!

OMG...The blog change was a Christmas gift from Cecile! I'm still stunned by her wonderful kind act...the girl amazes me!

I'm beginning to think me little devil girl is an angel in disguise.

Oh...I love the button!

That's what I always wondered - why ask if you'll meet Mr. Right without the follow up question...odd no?

LOL...well a perfect life is all in how we choose to see it...isn't it?
What we believe is our reality, is our reality... isn't it?

Perception is our reality.
We make our lives as they are with our beliefs and our thoughts. If we think negative we draw that to us. If we think positive that is what comes to us...reality is what we think.

warm hugs

Lea said...

Hey Hawk:

Lovely new banner and layout Hawk. Nice Avatar too.

I'll e-mail you about your blog awards.

I'm feeling better by the way. :)

Best to you

Liza said...

Love the new look of your blog, Hawk!

I'm pretty sure I don't want to know what the future holds. Surprises are one of the best things in life. Knowing the future would take all of the surprise out of life.

Anonymous said...

I like the new look Hawk...nice job Jenn did....really sweet.

I'd say Cecile's a pretty good friend to do that for you...does she want any more friends!? LOL


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Ah, I'm so happy to hear your doing better... you had us all worried about you.

Just grateful to know you didn't have the swine flu!

I'm so glad you like my new face blog wise and avatar! LOL ;-)

I'll e you hon!
Hugs Hawk

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Thank you for the nice comment about my new blog page...I love it too.

Knowing the future...I guess I can go either way...I can know or not doesn't matter really because I try to live each moment at a time.

Tho' I do tend to get obsessed with organizing my time and day and when I get like that I want to KNOW EVERYTHING so I can work it into my schedule and I get annoyed if a surprise pops up I'm not ready for or that will bust up my planned day.

I try to relax but .... well I do try.

So...I guess I do want to know...'cuz I hate wasting time!

One day I'll make up my mind, but until then I'll waste my time thinking about it. ROTFLOL

Hawk xoxox

Houston A.W. Knight said...

T! xoxox glad you came back!

woo hooo...yes I love the new look!

Hey you forgot to say what you you want to know the future or not?


Houston A.W. Knight said...

BTW T...LOL on your comment about being friends with Cecile!

Cecile is an awesome person and if you're blessed enough to have Cecile as your friend.... then you've felt the touch of God!
She's the best!

Pray hard she might befriend you! ;-)


elaing8 said...

Your blog looks great.Can your repair man come over and fix my pipes?***breaks pipe,evil grin***

As for if I want to know the future?Yep 100%.As much good vibes as I put out there and stay positive,if something bad is gonna happen its gonna happen to me,no fail.So if I can know what it is, I can change/avoid the situations.

M.V.Freeman said...

Ah Hawk,

The future, I will let it take care of itself--all we have control over is how we react to the here and now (Granted, I am not always together regarding that)

As for death---I do not fear it, but embrace it. My only sorrow is if it is time for me to go, I have to leave my loved ones behind. ( and how I go is the issue, but again, I leave that in other hands. :-))

Thanks for Tagging me Hawk, can I answer all those questions here?
;-) I will await your decision.

Until then, may this evening be one filled with mysteries...(yeah, I am in a whimsical mood tonight)


Cecile said...

((((Hugs to you hon)))
I am so loving up your place!!!!!! I loved it before, but now ~ it is so you!!!!! I am just glad that you loved it!!! Merry Christmas honey!

There is no need for me to know my future, God knows what it is and where I am headed. He guides me on my path. I agree with MV though, my actions/words/and the road I sometime go down may lead me down a different one He had for me, but the ending will be the same. For He knows my heart. If I knew the ending what would I do with, I would still have to wait for it to come. So, enjoy today for what it is... that is why it is called the present... God gave you the present of today - enjoy.

Now if my future consist of my getting to meet some of my eye candy and acting out some of the scenes I secretly hoard in my books... then my all means, let me know, lmbo!!!!!

What a wonderful post Houston! You always get us to think....

~Sia McKye~ said...

I don't particularly want to die, but I'm not afraid what's on the other side. Sometimes, I'd like to know my future so I can make plans, other times, I don't care. I just live each day the best I can. Some are good days, some are great, others need to be flushed.
Life is what it is. To me, there is existence and living. Not the same thing. Living leaves you with less regrets over what you didn't do.

btw, Mr. Right? hmm. I'm married. If there is another Mr. Right, I sure as hell don't want to know. ye gads, I just have this one barely trained after 20 some years, lol!

I see you've been doing some *housework* on your blog. Very nice.

BTW, does Elaing8 need a new friend? I'm constantly amazed at the talent some of our cyber community has.

Blessings and hugs to you Hawk!

Lorelei Confer said...

Love the new look of your blog and what a great Christmas present. Not sure I'm ready to go yet but not afraid if I do. So many friends and family on the other side I'd love to see again but so much ere I'd miss. If I only could see into the future I would know how to live my last day(s) like to the fullest. Just like I should anyway! LOL

Vicki said...

Hawk I love the new look on the blog. It totally ROCKS!!!

I'm slammed at work right now so I'll be back later to read the post, but I had to leave you a quick note.

We missed you big time on Saturday!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

OMG...Look at all the comments!!! WooHooo Let's celebrate! Where are me party girls!

O.K.,Elaing8 - I've sent the repairman your way...he's all yours, I'm still gaga for Bran! Tho' I've had to fight with me twin over him and I noticed Julianna Sage took him for her header! }-( So now me Bran works part of the day....less time for me and I'm all dressed up now...see my new hair style?

Ah, you're like me on knowing the want to be too! It would make organizing our time easier wouldn't it?

LOL wiht many hugs

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hey Darlin' how you doing!
OMG, me hubby's Italian is rubbing off on ARE you doing? 'Tis better no? Now me Irish is back. LOL

No, lol - NO don't answer them here...this blog is long enough - answer the questions on your blog as a post then tag someone else!

Hawk - the devil!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Cecile - (((big Hugs)))

ROTFLOL...playing with the eye're so bad for an Angel at heart!

Hum, maybe heaven wouldn't be as boreing as I thought...are all angels as free spirited as you? Tehehehehehehehe

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Sia...Your Mr. Right remark had me laughing...but if you ask me it sounds as if you've got a Mr. Right...he was trainable! LOL doesn't that make him a Mr. Right?

I adore you Sia...sounds like you've got the right thinking going on...Life is for living not existing. I try to live each moment as if it were me last...
It works for me.


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hey Hon!

Yes, I have to each day...each moment as if it's your doing that you'd be surprised just what you don't even bother getting up set about or getting angry is too short to those emotions when you live each moment...and you'll leave here with fewer regrets.

TO LIFE in the NEW YEAR...Let's commit to living each moment!

I adore you hon...and I'm happy you like my new, Jenn can work wonders at dropping years off my life .... nice pic of me no? Tehehehehe...I wish!

Cyber hugs

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Vicki...thank you for the comment. Glad to hear you had a great time at the Tara party...I heard it was a blast!


Houston A.W. Knight said...

OMG you all have to go to Cat's place to see HER SANTA! Catch her link at my right side bar!


My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Hawk!

I'm all for letting the future take care of itself. I'd much rather let life be a surprise, though sometimes surprises aren't good and I'm not terribly fond of the bad ones, lol. Still, I love the mystery of what's around the corner yet to be discovered. What's life if there's no chance, no undiscovered countries, no more bafflement, lol?

I can understand wanting to know if your heart's desire awaits and suspense can be hard, but it's also part of the fun for me. After all, I'm a dark urban fantasy type gal, I believe in the make believe, lol. Wouldn't it be cool to travel to new worlds and realize there's more what meets the eye?

Anyway, that's my two cents worth (actually, it's more like fifty cents worth, lol.)

(((hugs))) Hawk!

Dottie :)

Cecile said...

Hey T, I am not to sure about those things that Hawk said about me... I am a little hussy devil at heart, lmbo!!!! But if you want to be my friend... Done! If you are a friend of Hawks... Consider it done... But I gotta warn ya, I am a devil!!!!

I am so loving up the look hon and I have you featured at my place honey... Check out when you can!!
Have a great night and a wonderful day!!

Oh and I think Elaing and the repairman might be still fixing some pipes or something like that!!! haa haa!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cecile,

It really was a great job you and JennJ did on Hawk's site. I like it.

Oh I am a friend of Hawk's and have been for some time...just never commented before, and I'm happy to meet you! No, I've seen all the chatter you girls make but I also see a strong support system in work I believe Hawk when she says you're an angel wearing devils clothes. LOL

Have a great holiday!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Happy holidays! Have ya' ears been ringing...I've been talking about you!
All good - you know!

Ah, so me Dottie's a girl who loved a wee bit of mystery in her life, huh?
Interesting. I didn't know that about you, darlin'.

I wish I were more that way - enjoy the fantasy of life...these days I've got so much going on I don't have time for the mystery -

I need to know everything so I can organize it in the time I've got allowed for things to happen...any surprises and the whole apple cart is toss over and then me Irish temper kicks in...because me schedule is off!

In other words I'm a grumpy grump...I'm a stressful grumpy grump. Or I should say...I'm a stress filled Irish grumpy grump.

Well whatever I get me drift, right? LOL

I'm a fired tongue Irish lass that you'll be wanting to get out of the way of in other words. LOL

Aren't I a mean?


My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Hawk!

So you've been talking about me? lol. My ears are ringing now.

How is your sister? I hope she's doing better. Are you going for another visit over Christmas for a few days? Send her all of our hugs when you talk to her next.

I do love the mystery of life, there's always something new out there. I was such a scifi geek as a kid, and I guess I just never got over the fact that there's still so much to discover.


Dottie :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I always talk about you Sweetie! :-)

No, I haven't had a X'mas with me sis in 30 years...our trips just never work for the holidays. I drive to see her and I can't get over the mountain (snow -will close them down sometimes for months) passes if I wait too late into the season. I miss the holidays with her. So I always have a blue Christmas.

Ah, I loved and still love Science...I'm a real Geek! My leisure time reading is usually science mags or books like Parallel Universes by Wolf, Bridging Science and the Spirit by Friedman or Exploring The Fourth Dimension by John Ralphs.

I also enjoy for my down time, mags like Life Extention - they have articles on the latest world wide research on things like Apigenin - it explains that Apigenin is a flavonoid (found in plants)that blocks the development of Cancer at each stage of its development. Oh, I could talk about stuff like this forever but most people don't enjoy this kind of chat.....soooooo.

But coming home from the National last year there was a man sitting in my row on the airplane, he was a micro-surgeon and I enjoyed a chat with him about the 4th dimension! I so enjoyed my return trip with him...he was interesting to talk to. Fascinating man, he was.

Life is forever never stays the will always be a mystery even if we knew the future.

Cyber hugs - can you feel 'em?

ErotRomReader (Janna) said...

Hi Hawk!
I wanted to thank you for coming over to my place! I'm so pleased with your visit, it made my day! Thanks!!
I love your new looks and the button is beautiful! Isn't Cecile the best friend evah?
And your post nearly blew me away. I'm pretty much a live-in-the-moment kinda girl. I think I wouldn't want to know about the future, because good or bad, it will change the now and here. I wouldn't want to change the way I enjoy life like I do now!
I'm adding your blog to my blogroll now, so be prepared to see me around ;)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Ah, thank you for the sweet complements about my visit!

LoL, you did the same for me when you became a follower...I was so excited to see your tag!

Oh, I've been by to visit you before I just never left a comment...but now that we've know I'll be back to visit and comment. ;-)

Oh Cecile ...OMG, this girl is an angel in me eyes! As is me darlin' JennJ. All the girls in me sisterhood are special to me. I adore them all. Each of them are wonderful beings with hearts so big it's unreal!

You'll like visiting here at the full of love and happiness.
Even the hard times we lovingly help each other through. We are a sisterhood of like souls...

Glad you enjoyed the blog, wait till you see next weeks.

Hon, you're so sweet to add me to your blogroll! xoxo I've had you on mine for some time.

I'll be visiting you soon.


ErotRomReader (Janna) said...

Thanks, you're the sweetest!
I'm glad we met and talked! And I'm feeling very welcome and love what you're telling about the sisterhood :) It sounds so wonderful!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


You're always welcome here!


Cecile said...

Hey hon, I just coming over to see what's going on today!! You are something else!
You, my dear friend is the one that rocks! =)

I am still loving up the new place! Hope you are still loving it up too!!!
Seems you have some pretty interesting comments here on this post!
Hope you are having a great day!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


{{8-O do I still LOVE IT?
Hey Babe, I'll have to be 30,000 years old before I'll want to change this blog page! Of course I still love it!

THIS IS AWESOME WORK here! Look at it! Did you look at it? It's AWESOME!!!


Carol Henry said...

Hi, Hawk, as usual I'm jumping in rather late. I love your new look, very mysterious looking. Goes along with your new post. As for me, I'd rather not know too much. I'm organized enough and old enough to know that I've been fortunate to live the life I live, that the family I'll leave behind is okay and that will be able to cope without me, albiet a bit sad for a while. As for looking ahead, I take one day at a time, enjoy the postive, deal with the negative in a positive way, and surround myself with fiends like you, Hawk! I am so blessed.
I hope everyone enjoyes the holidays in their own way, and I wish everyone publication deals in 2010! You're all a creative bunch, I'm sure your writing is spitting with all that grit and pizzaz! And caring and sharing, too.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Ah, thank you for the beautiful year's blessing...spoken (ah written) like a true friend! xoxoxo
I adore you!

LOL, well...I guess I've gotten to the point where I don't care anymore if I know or don't know...if I knew I'd just get things into order but since I know they won't let us know...I've given up the fight and I'm so old now it's like...well, it'll be here soon enough so I better have everything in order anyway. LOL

I'm prepared for anything these days.

So I'm just enjoying me good friends like YOU and life as it comes.

Happy holidays!

Leontine said...

HAWK, you've got revamped and I am drooling here!! Absolutely dig the new vibe of your place.

And I so got a trembling lip as I read the last 2 paragraphs of your "DO I REALLY WANT TO KNOW" section of your post. I just needed the reminder *(((hugs))) HAWK for a moment*

Though I am a curious kitten by nature I so do not want to know what lies in store for me in the future. If I knew it all it would be laced with a bittersweet feeling of knowing what came ahead. And I want to live the ups and downs in life in the emotion of the moment, may it be happiness or sadness.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Oh My God Girl ((((hugs back as tight as I can))) I'm always here for hugs.

I'm happy you liked the's my passion to share the experience I had when I know it brings a peace to other's souls.

What I said is this and know it in your heart, my dear...and always remember the rainbow...never let his reminder fade from your heart and bless yourself and others when you see Gods promise, then remembers his words and home are real...


Hey! OGM, I'm dancing with my new look - I love it and I'm happy you do too! Jenn is amazingly talented, and our little Cecile is an angel in devil's clothes for buying me such a wonderful X'mas gift as this!

I love all my sister's of the sisterhood!

Big hugs to my special Leontine too! Love ya' big darlin'