Sunday, January 3, 2010


Isn't it funny...we meet people, befriend people and spend a lot of time with people...we even call some friends...friends we've had for years. But you know, the best thing about it matter how much time we spend with someone there's always more to learn from them and about them.
We've all come to know this little face.

No, no girls...look at the cute Avatar not the sexy hunk next to it! Stay focused here! ;-) But how many know this pretty little face?

THIS IS OUR Leontine! Our little sweetheart of the blogging world...but how many of you know Leontine has a talent with the paintbrush and pencil?
I was quite impressed with your artwork. looks as if talent runs in the family. This beautiful artwork below is done by your sister Natascha Both you girl have an awesome talent!

I also love to draw. What got you started in sketching?
I once saw an intuitive artist working with soft pastel crayons and instantly fell in love with this method of drawing. With just a few lines I could smudge the colors and make them as bold or as soft as I wanted. These kind of crayons aren’t cheap so when I got some unexpected money I invested in my case full of rainbow colors and started on a sheet of paper. When I “open up” to the energy I let that guide me to whatever drawing is willing to come out and at the same time it nurtures the creative side of me.

Have you taken your talents with art further? Do you do Graphic’s?

Oh my gosh, you do beautiful work!

You're such a talented woman! You do such a variety of a styles and sizes you should open your doors for business, darlin'!

Oh I love the fantasy of your work, awesome Avatar!

Oh, you do Banners too?!


Leontine, These are wonderful! So creative!

Are you into photography as well as Computer Graphic's?

Yes, I’ve always been a creative person and I expressed this via my drawings and later on my brother introduced me to the wonders of the photoshop program. A new way for me to express my creativity was born and I am still learning the ropes in making this program my own. I also enjoy making photographs but my dogs won’t sit and do pretty when I ask them, neither does my family and I’ve never taken my digi camara into nature.

Obviously, reading romance has captured most of your interest, why?
Ever since I was this pre-teen and opened up my first romance I was taken by all the emotional ups and downs two people had to go through, to get to that moment where they took that ultimate leap of faith and declared their love to each other, that’s when I knew I wanted lots more of those stories. Life isn’t all fairytale happy but love is one of the strongest emotions out there that makes all the lesser things in life worthwhile!

You have an awesome blog that reviews books called
Leontine’s Book Realm
and you also share a review site with your sister,
Ashleagh, at Realms On Our Bookshelves.

How did you get into doing reviews?
Ones upon a time there was this site called eBay where I purchased my first book by Karen Marie Moning titled; THE IMMORTAL HIGHLANDER. I received it on a Friday, opened it up to the first page and started reading. I don’t think I put that book down for anything save to get me a drink and after closing the book I knew I had to tell my fellow romance lovers out there that this book was made of pure awesome. I wrote me up a summary of the tale and a short impression of what I thought. I was still such a green horn and had no clue I wrote me my first review. It was the moment when I got more involved with the online romance community and we started ROOB that I took reviewing a step further.

What made you want to read American Books of Romance?
I can be a very stubborn person *did I just really admit that?!*

Yes, you did! LOL

Since we were teens my sister told me to go read in the original language, which was mainly English. I told her the translated novels contained the same story so I didn’t see the necessity in it. Until I wanted to explore more authors, the translations didn’t keep up with my appetite for the romance novels. So I turned to the original language…English. I fell for the discovered authors and how I experienced the emotions/humor and storyline even more in its original English. America has a huge romance novel industry and is the Walhalla for a gal like me : )

Which do you prefer Netherlands or American authors?
The Netherlands has a very small author community and I don’t think all that many are romance authors, or at least not the ones I tent to read. Just about every romance novel I have read is a translation from mainly foreign published authors. So I can’t really compare one to the other since basically every author I read was an American or foreign author.

You also raise dogs? What kind of pups are they and how long have you been doing this with your sweeties?

It was at the tender age of 20 when I moved in with my hubby and I went from a nine person family to a two person household and I fell into a gap. It was so very quiet in our apartment and I cooked dinners where hubby and I could eat three days from *sigh* I had to learn to cook small portions. Anyway, I missed the energetic household and that is when my mother and her neighbor got a litter of Shih-Tzu pups. I discussed it with hubby and we decided to get two pups so in the hours that I worked they would have each other. Shih-Tzu’s are known for their need to be around people. So when my mother called the litter was born we went, we saw Romy

Aah, now me hearts melting...such sweeties! Sooo cute!

and she concurred our hearts at the spot. A few weeks later the neighbors litter was born and I chose Esmé.

I was there each step as they grew but they weren’t ours until the moment we brought them home. It is really weird how that emotions was instantly there, seeing them dally with their toys, they were home and they were ours to raise. If we did a good job is up for interpretation *grin* They have quite the arrogant streak inside them. After Romy and Esmé we got Jasmijn (who died a few years back) and we got our to Alpha dogs;
Luka and Eros. I had a total of 7 litters with my three ladies and I just absolutely had a grand time, to feel the pups grow inside the mothers, feel the pups move, see them get born, hear their little first sounds and see their wobbly first steps.

Now Romy and Esmé are twelve and Eros and Luka 10, they are getting old, they love to do nothing more than cuddle, sleep, walk outside and sleep some more. I really hope I get to keep them for another three-four years and I so do not want to think of the time they’re not around anymore.

So, tell us Leontine, many true gypsies don’t really know where their bloodline come from, do you?
I really wish I could delve into my memory and deliver some fabulous tales of my bloodline but alas, it isn’t meant to be right now. My grandmother was the result of a gypsy riding into town on his horse one day and have a hot fling with my great-grandmother.
Sounds like that could have been the beginning of a romance tale. I’d love to hear the rest of that story. Now some gypsies claim the only true gypsy is of Romanian birth, what is your take on that?

I think that might well be the case! The one thing I regret is that lots of family and culture history is lost to me as many stories aren’t retold to descendants. My family regurgitates many stories at family events, sometimes hilarious, sometimes to the undying shame of the family member in question of such a story but it keeps those stories alive. You say you’re of the Pagan Religion but are you talking about today’s modern Pagan beliefs; a mix of wicca and new age beliefs, or do your beliefs come from the old kingdom of Druid Pagan style beliefs?

I think it is more of the today’s modern pagan beliefs. Yet I do not like to pin myself down to one religion.
LOL, being an Irish girl of druid pagan past with a modern touch of Irish Catholic but having a full blooded Sioux Indian brother raising me as a child (my parents worked)…I don’t peg into any formed religious hole either. So, I hear you on this.

I absolutely found my niche with nature and the animals, I have a strong affinity with the Pagan religion but I also love the angels, elementals/Faeries/Sidhe etc and the pantheon’s of the gods and goddesses.
Oh, we’re so much alike…me twin’s this way as well.

I also believe that it doesn’t matter in the end to who you might call/evoke or pray to, it is the fact that you do. To ask for guidance, to ask for the energy that can help you to work through the hardships as well as the joy’s in life. To ask for what you need so you might help another person.
I so agree with you on this. It is my joy in life to enjoy what the Gods have offered us and let the Gods/God do the judging of the paths we walked while here. You said when you were young, your sister took you to a New Age occult book store, it’s there you first saw Rune Stones, Tarot cards, and other such items. Items you said drew your soul home. You discovered things that made you feel as if you’d finally found yourself, your woman’s power, your true beliefs and a comfort you hadn’t felt with more structured Christian religions. Can you tell us more about this discovered feeling or power you felt?

It is very difficult for me to explain with words what I felt. It was like a warm glow spreading from within, first gentle giving me a jittery feeling of finally understanding a part of me which I didn’t know I was searching for. Then it became bold, I remember lying on my bed, closing my eyes and just let the energy flow and it was a kaleidoscope of colors going through me. I was a bit scared at first but at the same time I could cry because it felt so much like home, a piece of my soul was discovered and I could rejoice in its strength. I remember calling Miss. X from that new Age shop after the colors and feelings subsided. She picked up and I said my name and all she said was; “Beautiful wasn’t it! That was a welcome for you.”
OMG…what a beautiful recount of a wonderful awakening experience! Sometimes some of us are lucky enough to be touched by someone who has the hand of God to grant such an awareness to our souls.

What was the first item that drew you?
I need to dig my memory again but what I still clearly remember is that I walked through the new age shop and was instantly drawn to the Rune stones and a Tourmaline gemstone necklace. I still have both items, the Rune stones a gift from my sister and the necklace a gift to myself for my birthday.

Do you still work with them?
Yes I still work with my Rune stones from time to time and the necklace is one of my most treasures jewelry, very powerful gemstones.

Being of Native American Indian Beliefs with a wee bit of Ancient Celtic Druidism *if I had to pigeonhole meself* I strongly believe in the energy and power The Gods have given all things. Trees, Rocks, Water...even the air around's called life.

So, how long have you read Tarot Cards?
I think that is for about eight years now, reading Tarot cards is not a black and white answer to any question, it is more a guidance tool. Your own actions and decisions affect your future so you can get a reading one week and the next week again and find some things have altered the outcome of the cards to the same question.

Another favorite subject of yours within New Age is?
That would definitely be Reiki.

To channel an energy and give another a bit of insight in a problem, or healing for emotional wounds, or to transfer the energy in to a drawing, gemstone or other object for that person to use is a very gratifying feeling. That is why I love handmade stuff, perhaps even unknowingly a person can add the energies that be or even something good of themselves into an object that might be picked up by another who buys it. Reiki works with the chakra’s, with symbols, but I like to use it as intuitively as possible. Reiki is something I have by nature but I explored at that New Age shop under the guidance of a wonderful woman.

So, Leontine are you ready to have some fun and give one of our lucky bloggers a free reading?
Flexing fingers, getting in tune with a spirit realm and smile. You bet I’m ready Hawk!

That’s right girls…whoever can name these items

will have their names tossed into me Irish cauldron and a name will be picked for a free reading by The Gypsy of the Netherlands; Leontine.

She has also graciously offer a second place prize! The lucky second place winner will get an intuitive drawing (15 by 20 cm) personally send from Leontine to the winner (internationally)!!! And The winners will be announced next weekend!

Thank you Leontine for the wonderful interview and enlightening us all.

Hugs – May we all keep the positive light and energy around us and those we love!


Leontine said...

Hawk, I had a blast doing this with you and OMGosh, you really used my real life pic...can i just say I have squinting eyes cause I'm not wearing my glasses and the bags under my eyes, well...the last litter I had was of Jasmijn, and she delivered a whopping nine pups (normally it is between 3-5)They were delivered via a c-section and because Jasmijn's body had to work so hard to create nine healthy pups she lost her life...which meant I had nine pups to give the bottle every three hors o-0 Hubby, sis and brother helped out, they all survived and this was a pic taken during their first bath at 6 weeks, we were toast by then :)

I really loved how you just put all my creativity out there HAWK, it was such a trip to see what I created over the last few years.

And wow Hawk, an Irish having her roots in Druid Paganism, a wee bit of Irish catholic and raised by a Sioux Indian brother, now that is extending your horizon. I feel real comfortable with the indian culture, the three books that tought me a few things and have remained on my shelves are: Kenneth Meadows - Earth Medicine, Ted Andrews - Animal Speak,The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great And Small. The last one is of a Dutch author; Barbare Driessen - The Healing Powers of the Medcine Wheel (I losely translated the title)

I'm off right now to cuddle with me month old god twin but I'll be back to join in the convo :)

PS: I would even be distracted by the sexy hunk in avatar (which is created by Jenn, she just knows all my weaknesses)

Blodeuedd said...

So much I did not know about you Leontine :=D
I do love learning more.

Hm, a pentagram, cauldron? Oh I am at loss with all those pics, I have seen them but I can not name them all.

I do have a friend who is into reiki and I really should ask her to try it on me

ErotRomReader (Janna) said...

It's really fun to learn more about you, honey! I melted away at the pics of your sweet little dogs, they are so cute!!
Thanks Hawk, for having our fellow Dutch girl in the spotlights today!
Love ya both :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hey Sweetie! Sorry I'm late...hubby's not up to par today...I've been playing nurse but not in a fun way. :-( I'm actually taking care of a sick tummy and other symptoms for me Lad.

OH Leontine you're a breath of fresh air...I so enjoyed working with you on this interview...really I did. It was fun and I learned so much about you that I love and adore!

STOP...squinting eyes!??? That's the sweetest little face I ever did see! Hon, you've a beautiful soul with a pretty face to match!
And if those eyes are squinty...they were squinty for a saintly save (nine!) sweet little lives and saw to their mothering when their mama couldn't. Bless you hon...those pups were lucky to be born into your hands.'ve a great Talent in so many're amazing! I had to share! ;-)

The Druids were in Ireland long before the Christians...Yes, the Native American Indian culture fit home with me, but once again...when's roots are similar to Pagan, Celtic and Druid as well as wiccan....they're all religions of nature and the study of herbs.

Jenn!? Ah put that sexy hunk in there!? I should have known! ;-)
Great work, Jenn!

hugs to you both

Houston A.W. Knight said...


WHAT...this contest has stopped you...YOU who research's every answer for everyone to copy so I've got a million girls winning and don't know what to do?

Come on you're half way there...check into your pagan, wiccan, celtic and druid symbols *hint*

hugs Babe...If you don't get them...I'll give a very loud shout out that I finally got one over on the GREAT Blodeuedd!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hey sweetie...glad you enjoyed the post!

Isn't it amazing what we learn about our friends when we get a chance to chat! forgot to enter the contest! Leontine is offering a FREE reading and a sketch to the second place winner...I wish I could enter me own contest...I'd love to get a free reading on my publishing career.

Christine said...

so here it is... I hurt my finger and can't type well BUT.. I don't know the signs... BUT I have read tarot, I am of dutch birth, and I want be gaelic... do I win?

do I get sympathy points?

Christine said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention... it's my bday on the 19th so I need a present....

Cecile said...

Hey Ladies!!! Awesome interview Hawk!!! And Leontine, it is always a pleasure to learn more about the people we call friends!!
And can I say, AWWWWW on those adorable pups!!!!! I have two of my own. Isn't it amazing how they warm your heart instantly!
I will have to be back to answer the signs becuase I have no idea... lol!!! It really is a challenge, I must admit that!! You even stumped Blodeuedd with this one!!!!
Wishing everyone good luck!

Leontine said...

Sorry i was AFK yesterday, I had to utter cute 5 week old baby niece and nephew to cuddle up. They are exactly 5,5 pounds and so utterly, utterly sweet. Okay, hormones, settle down please!!!

@blodeuedd - The symbols are all familiar to me but the exact name is something I have to look up too. If you could Reiki is a wonderful way of energizing the spirit, you definitely should try it if you feel comfortable to do so :)

@Janna - I always told new possible owners that if they brought kids, they were going to buy. But the adults were just as smitten with the pups as the kids were. It were busy but oh so fun times that I wouldn't trade for anything.

@HAWK - Oh noes, I hope that hubby is doing better now with you * being the nurse (*I first wanted to write 'nursing him back to health' but don't know if that is an accurate - non breast involving - expression)

@Christine - *looks at HAWK* You get a sympathy point!

@Cecile - hi hon, glad you could drop when you're so busy. You're so right, I had the pleasure of watching Esmé and Romy grow up from birth but the moment we brought them home they were ours and made our home all the more richer now that they were in it.

Natascha aka Ashleagh said...

Hello Hawk,

Thanks to my sis I found your blog. We are joined at the hip *figuratively speaking that is*

I loved to read this feature and the others as well, it's always great to see which memories boil up at interviews like this.

@Blodeuedd Reiki is a loving and healing flow of energy, to be able to share that with your friend is even more special so I'd say go for it!

I'm going to leave the contest open for all you other lovely bloggers out there - good luck!!!!

Warm Wishes
Natascha aka Ashleagh

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Oh, I hope your finger's better! O.K., now when ya' say you're wantin' to be a lass of Ireland AND it's your B-day on the 19th, and Leontine's elbowing could I say no?

But to be fair, I'll have to give all the girls a brownie point as well...besides... without Blodeuedd here to give you all the researched answers....I'm thinking not many of you will know the symbols. LOL...but don't feel bad, I didn't know all the symbols either. LOL I had to look them up!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Sweet Cecile,

Hey honey...I'll be by your place later today!

Glad you enjoyed the interview - it was a fun one and I love learning about my firends!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Oh I'm so glad you joined us! This is awesome.

Ladies! This is Leontine's sister. She did the second picture!

It's such a pleasure to cyber meet you!

Oh me twin would give anything to learn more about Reiki...she's told me about it many times. I wish I knew more and I really should have asked Leontine more questions about it...o.k., I'll have to do another interview. LOL're as talented as your sister. I admire you both for the things you've done and the happiness you've brought to people's lives with those sweet puppies.

Please come back to visit -You're always welcome here.


elaing8 said...

Great interview.Itwas nice to learn more about oyu leontine. And put a face to the name :)

Natascha aka Ashleagh said...

Hi Hawk,

Thank you so much for your warm welcoming words.

It was a blessing to be able to raise those puppies and for them to make it through and find great new owners was just the icing on the cake really, ofcourse the saying goodbye part was not without teary eyes but I'll do it all over again!

Looking forward to cybermeeting you more ;-). I'm going to head offline for the night so 'Oíche mhaith, codladh sámh'

Warm wishes
Natascha aka Ashleagh

Pixie said...

Great interview, ladies. It's always fun to get to know people we talk to a little better.

So here is my attempt at remembering these familiar symbols.

1. pentacle
2. cauldron
3. pentagram
4. horned god
5. triple moon

What say you? ;)

Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,
I agree with Pixie and she is right.
I Love the interview and I say A friend is one who knows all about you and likes you anyway. You all sound like wonderful people and may we all hold a glass up, to open minds and open hearts, for in doing so we can fill our world with pure true love, and of course romance...can't live without that;<)
Hugs from Vegas

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hey sweetie...The best about interviews is all the little things we discover about each other that we would have never known...and to think we could have missed out on seeing this talented side of Leontine because of the water between us...

Thanks to cyber space we all just got a little closer to each understand and love in each other what makes each of us so wonderfully different.


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Ah how sweet...I hope you had a 'Oíche mhaith, codladh Samha' too.

Girl's this mean to have a good night in the Irish tongue.

Oh the hardest thing had to be the parting with the pups you raised...not sure I could...but I'm more than sure the new owners were glad you did, because I'm sure they fell in love with those cute little faces the instant they saw them.'re a talented as your sister with the drawing! Beautiful sketch. Love the colors!

(((hugs))) I"m so glad you joined us and I do hope you be popping back in...join the sisterhood darlin'.


Houston A.W. Knight said...


I never would have guessed...maybe I should do and interview with you next! LOL

Good guess. I've got you down!


Houston A.W. Knight said...



You crazy girl!

I'm joining you in holding me glass up high to open minds, open hearts and pure love!

I'm taking you're in agreement with Pixie and that your guess' are the same as hers...your names in the cauldron.

Hugs and Love

Leontine said...

@Elaing8 - Leontine is revealed now ;) Oh gawd, I talk about myself in the third i wacko now/

@Pixie - Oh niiiice answers!

@Natascha - Hon I knew you were going to use some of your gaelic here LOL And I have very fond memories of Jasmijn's litter too. I actually stumbled on some old photo's of us *grin*

@Vegas - I'm celebrating the love and the romance with you. It's what makes me love life so much :) Thanks for dropping by.

JennJ said...

Great interview ladies sorry I'm so late in getting here this week has been a bear so far.

Loved getting to see the real famous Ms. Leontine! And your doggies are just way to cute! I had no idea you were a breeder that's too cool! :)
Big hugs!!!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hey Sweetie...from my heart - thank you for making it by this week...

Yes, I think this year has started off with a huge bang for everyone! OMGosh, can the day move any faster...I can't keep up~!

Big Hugs

Blodeuedd said...

I was about to let this one slide, but you angered the monster in me ;D The I want it all monster. And she will go hunting...mostly cos I am sick and tired of my homework. But even more cos I can't let you win mouwhahahahahahahahaah

Blodeuedd said...

horned god
triple moon /Goddess

I kind of went up down, middle up, down

Thyne challenge has been accepted oh mighty hawk.

Yes I do must try Reiki :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I didn't think you'd let me lay claim to your contest Queen's Dethroning!

You arrived late for the contest, but I'm glad you showed up...I'll be watching for the next opportuniy to take your thorne! *evil grin*


Natascha aka Ashleagh said...

Hi Hawk,

I don't have a lot of drawings of my hand in my home but this is one that I've cherished ever since I was able to make it. It's very special to me as - though it's subtle - it's one half of a man and one half of a woman combined as one energetic form.

The colours used are the one's that "speak" when I sit down. Funny thing is that the most beautiful things happen when Leontine and I sit down and we do either tarot, runes, or being creative together.

@Leontine OMG though I love the memories of that time, I'm sure on those photo's I'm looking overly tired, pale, baggy eyed and everything in between that can be considered a sideeffect of sleepdeprivation!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hugs sweetie! I did notice it was a combined energy form...kind of like we all are on the other side.

I realize there "the other side" we have a choice to be one sex form or the other but can switch when the mood strikes us...unlike here.

When I first saw your sketch me first thought was you'd picked up on one of your overseers when you drew this, and that's possibly why you feel so close to this drawing.

Vegas "Me Twin" (still learning how to post) noticed you used the Astral colors but found it very unique how you didn't make the colors go all the way around the being. Both of us would love to know why?

I totally understand what you mean when you say..."most beautiful things happen when Leontine and I sit down and we do either tarot, runes, or being creative together" The same thing happens when me and my twin sit down togeher... It's a magic of two beings drawing the energies of the Great it not?
A wonderful feeling...pure love, truths and honor.

So when are you two come over here for a visit? We'll all head out to Vegas and pick Cecile up on the way! We can't leave that little devil out. LOL

Big hugs and Love

Eliza March said...

Leontine looked so cute in her real picture and it was great getting to know all of you better.

Hawk, the blog looks fabulous. I know I said it before but it takes my breath away when it opens. GRIN

Convenor said...

Would you mind letting your readers know about the most recent issue of our Catholic Heritage Journal from Ireland:

It would also be very kind if you would link/blogroll/follow our blog:

Please pray for me!

God bless you!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Ah you're such a sweetheart...I still react as you do when I see it. Jenn is Fab at what she does!

for stopping in.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I think you managed to inform everyone quite well yourself! ;-)


Blodeuedd said...

Oh I guard my throne very jealously ;=D
But I know you will keep trying, lol

Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch Army Black Knights,i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.