Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winner's and Maps


Oh, come on!
Oh O.K.,! Well, since you’re all yelling at me….I guess you’re not gonna let me be the winner!
Come on…. please?!! Pretty please??? Man you girls are mean!

OH, All right all ready! So, if I can’t be the lucky pup to get this win (and I really wanted to be!) I’ll kindly pass it on to PIXIE!!!

Hon, you’ve just won yourself a free reading!!! WooHoo! Me Irish Greens are filled with envy! You lucky thing you! ;-)
Contact me at and I will explain how you get it. *be warned – I’ll try to talk you into giving it to me!* Teheheheheheee.

AND THE SECOND PLACE WINNER – For an Intuitive Drawing autographed by Leontine is our Contest Queen - Blodeuedd! Congrat’s Sweetie!
And you, contact me at the above addie and send me your snail mail address so I can pass that on to Leontine.

Leontine, it was awesome spending the week with you. I so enjoyed learning more about you and sharing it with all our blogger friends. You’re a wonderful person and I’m so glad we met on a more personal level, even if only in cyber space!

This has been a most enlightening week. Thank you for bringing such positive energy with you!


Now, on to this weeks blog.

Are You A Map Person?

250 million years ago there was a mass extinction on the planet and the very first Dinosaurs appeared on the Earth.

This is where my maps begin. I love maps. I could cover my walls in nothing but maps…I guess in some past life I must have been a map maker. I was looking at a series of maps today that showed how the Earth’s continents first looked. It’s amazing!

The original Earth was supposedly one huge landmass that stretched from pole to pole during the Triassic years (220 million years ago). If I were to use known lands to describe this mass; all continents were stuck together except for what we now call Asia, but only the upper portion of it was above water. It looks as if the Arabian Peninsula was cut half way up, and a part of the lower half of India was there, later a mountain ridge was produced when the land masses collided forming the Himalaya’s all the way up to the Kamchatka Peninsula. What a day that had to be….it would put a crimp into my shopping day, I tell ya’ that.
This one huge landmass surrounded by the Panthalassa Ocean was called Pangaea. It was filled with great herds of dinosaurs.

It took 65 million years later for the Earth to offer a new face…during this time the land began its movements…shaking and rocking until what is now knows as North America separated from the land we call Africa today. It split around the southern end of Mexcio just north of Guatemala and pulled away from Pangaea. At this time Pangaea Northern tip would have been the very north tip of Africa and been one solid piece of land all the way down to Australia.

An interesting side note: Did you know 500 million years ago Australia was in the northern hemisphere? It was and through millions of years floated all the way down to the South Pole then drifted North-East to where it sits today? My, I thought the Irish got around but those Aussie’s have out done us in this category.

A large Island, possibly the mystery land of Atlantis, or what looks like Europe today was formed and rested between this new landmass (North America) and another; what could be most of Asia all the way down to New Guinea. Forming a new continent called Laurasia.

Did you know the original name of Atlantis was Lamuria?

Anyway, this move formed an ocean called Tethys during what they call the Late Jurassic era.

By this time Pangaea is referred to as Gondwana. The lower half of this old continent separated as well, forming what would later become part of the South Pole and what would appear to be Australia.
During this space of time the Earth’s sea levels rose over 650 feet; making each of these continents separate from the other.

It took only 28 million years to change again. During this Cretaceous time most of lower half of North America was under water. What we know as New Foundland and Europe are floating islands during this time and China has an ocean view along the Himalaya Mountains.

Then disaster struck. It would seem in a very short 21 million year period during the Mid-Cretaceous time, about 106 Million years ago. An Island of jagged land in the western sea rises – today I’d call this island the Rocky Mountains. Only the upper half of North America is visible. Atlantis appears to have gone partly under raising the lands we know as Europe today, up to joined the land of Asia, forming what we know as the North European Plain. The British Isles haven’t separated as yet from this great mass, but the Northern half of Scandinavia is forming.

Mean while the solid mass of Gondwana has a major change in its continent as well. What becomes known as Africa separates from South America. And the island of Australia floats further east. The large landmass forming the South Pole pushes further south.

From this time to now…there was another mass extinction.

Cataclysmic change rocked our planet. Forming the Rocky Mountains; pushing them into the sky and into the North American continent connecting Central America and attaching it to South America. The United State emerges from under the sea. The Island which some may call Atlantis goes completely under and leaves the remnants of islands and land we now call the British Isles. Asia rises up higher and becomes the continent it is today. As the tops of other lands only remain to form Islands we call The East Indies, New Guinea and New Zealand.

Our world, like our lives, is constantly changing…I wonder what of my life would look like mapped out in front of me, as I look at the life our Earth has lived…and changed?

Why the changes in our landmasses? Because we believe we stand on solid land doesn’t mean it isn’t floating across this blue globe of ours. Our world is always changing and will continued to change long after human’s have left this Earth…it’s kind of like life, wouldn’t you say?


Blodeuedd said...

*doing the happy dance*
*insert evil laugh*
What, evil laugh, no need for that, thanks Hawk and Leontine! :D

will go email now

Houston A.W. Knight said...

LOL - Blodeuedd - see aren't you glad I challenged ya' just a wee bit...see what ya' might have missed?


Pixie said...

Yippee! Thanks Hawk and Leontine. I can't wait! I never win anything! :)

Have a great week ladies.


P.S. Great info on the constant changes of our planet. It is very true that the only constant is change. Very cool.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Congrats Honey for the win!

Glad you enjoyed blog.


Liza said...

Congrats Pixie & Blodeuedd!

Hawk, very cool information about our ever-changing planet.

Have a great week everyone!

M.V.Freeman said...

Hi Hawk,

I love maps! My mom was a cartographer for awhile. I have a map of Russia, with everything in cyrillic. I used to be able to pronounce the words...not any more!

Maps are wonderful, except when navigating--I tend to use all sorts of ummm...colorful words.

Salute! :-)
And congrats to Blodeuedd, and Pixie. :-)

~Sia McKye~ said...

Lolol! Sorry Hawk. But congratulations to Pixie & Blodeuedd. :-)

Oh I love history and geography. I also love looking at old maps. I have theories as to why the changes happened. But imagine being able to pop back, just for a short time and see the world then? Providing you didn't get eaten, lol! Must have protective, not good to eat gear on.

Your place here looks lovely sweetie. :-)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hey hon, it was a fun contest...with you could have joined time. I got one with Angie Fox coming up soon.

Yes, I wanted to include the maps I was looking at but couldn't get the o.k., from the owner...too bad. You guys would have loved seeing what I was incredible - one huge landmass!

Good to see ya' again sweetie!
Big hugs

Houston A.W. Knight said...


**My mom was a cartographer for awhile.**


**I have a map of Russia, with everything in cyrillic.**
Kak делa

***Maps are wonderful, except when navigating--I tend to use all sorts of ummm...colorful words.***
Ah, lol where would we be without the colorful words! *G*

Hope you're having an awesome day!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Sia! this the first you've seen it? Oh sweetie you've been MIA!

I've had this for several weeks now...but it is awesome isn't it? Cecile gave this to me as a X'mas gift and she had JennJ do the work. I love it!

How are you doing?

Oh, you have to give...what are your theories to the changes of the Earth's face? I want to know!


Big hugs (I've missed you!)

Natascha aka Ashleagh said...

Hi again,

First off congrats to the lucky winners, I hope you'll enjoy your prizes.

Hawk, as you are so interested in maps and how the earth is changing on the landmass base, are you also interested in the climate-changes that comes with that as well, or are you sticking with the earth-"element"?


M.V.Freeman said...

I hope your day was and is lovely Hawk!

It is amazing how life is in constant motion. At the moment, I'm just hanging

As for my mom teaching you, she'd enjoy teaching you.

and an answer to your question:

I had to dig out my books for that one, thank you Hawk. :-)
до сбйданья

Cecile said...

Hey honey!!!!! I am finally here! What a wonderful post!

First~ Congrats to Pixie and Blodeuedd!!!! OMGOSH!!!!! Great job!!!! You women rock, because I surely could not figure it out!

Houston, you know I love coming here to learn more about life and you. Wonderful post honey!
Oh by the way... Part three is up! hee hee!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

OMGosh, Girls!!! Cecile has part three of her story's awesome! If you missed the first two parts there's a link you can go to to read the whole thing...don't miss it! It's got a hunk and chocolate cake!

I'm on my way over now!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hey sweetie...sorry I missed your comment...but yes, I am interested in all the elements that affect the Earth.
Including the climate-changes... "element" of air, is it not? ;-)

I'm also concerned about the astral level and physical levels and the negativity that is so common today that is also affecting this planet.

And man's belief systems that are pushing the negative side of beliefs...

Hon...write me at - we'll chat!

Hugs and BB

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Tell your mom she's got a student...I love stuff like that! your Russian! Just hard to find all the symbols in the insert window...just to write a few words! I love speaking's a beautiful lang. I just have no one to speak it with and have lost most of what I did know. Just like my Japanese. :-(

I remember a few words here and there...sadly.

All's well here R U doing?


M.V.Freeman said...

Hey Hawk,
My secret is-- I googled a cyrillic key board...and I found my russian books so I could write what I did.
*cheeky grin*

Cecile, I Have to go read that story...


Cecile said...

MV come on over... I hope you enjoy it!

Eliza March said...

Congratulations, Pixie. I guess sometimes you do WIN!!!!!