Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winner and Surprise Announcement and why do men age better than us?

I want to thank all of you who showed your support and actually visited my twin's website and blog and left comments... xoxox. I put your names into my hat and I'm happy to announce Cecile as the winner of Linda Howard's book Death Angel. Boy, this girl has all the luck!


Janna - you just won a free copy of New York Best Bestselling Author CHRISTINA DODD's book Storm of Visions! Woo Hoo!


The other surprise announcement is -- Jes' is giving a special gift to LIZA! Yap, girl you just won a free set of tooled leather book markers because you added her site to your favorites list! ;-) Yahoo Sweetie!

Congrat's to all the winners this week. Thanks for being such awesome friends and for showing how much you care. I adore you all! xoxox

O.K., Janna and Liza - I need you two to contact me at and give me your snail mail addy and we'll will get your gifts right out to you! Cecile has won so many times here I've got her addie memorized! I swear that little devil of a girl has an angel watching over her! How else does she do it!???

Before I move on to the post for this week I want to remind everyone to go to Cecile's Blog Party -

this week, March 1st Beth Kery will be arriving to join in all the crazy fun over there! DON'T MISS IT!

Now for my post question. Have you ever noticed men get better looking with age? Look at these guys and tell me I'm wrong.

Did you know... though we all have seven layers of skin...the man's layers are thicker, which prevents them from ageing a fast as a woman?

Is this really fair?

And then when they do age - LOOK AT THEM! They get more handsome?

Shouldn't we women be blessed with this same thick skin? I think God was playing favorites!

Why did the woman get stuck with it ALL? Why couldn't God have made it half and month aunt Flow visit's me, and the next month she visits hubby...that would be fair...wouldn't it?

And why are we women the only ones who get stuck carrying a baby, and we have to do it for NINE MONTHS...even Squirrels have it better than us! Is there anything that carries a baby longer than a human woman?

So what's God got against us? Why'd he make us age faster, carry babies longer and we get stuck with aunt flow? Not only that, why don't guys get Cellulite? Why don't they get the wide hips?

And did you notice...guys get all the cool careers? And they get paid more.

What's God got against us girls?

Then when men do age...look at them -->

When they get wrinkles they look sexier, wiser and distinguished! BTW, me Irish neighbor, the one I told you about that brough me the Irish soil, looks very much like Sean (above) and he sounds very much like him too.

Anyway back to what I was saying....So I ask you...what's with that?

Even when a guy isn't "pretty boy" handsome...he's a "rugged" handsome!

We women...we're either beautiful or not...there's no in come?

And what about hair...notice how good guys look with hair on their legs or on their upper lip...yet not us girls? Is that fair? God help the woman who walks around with that one dark hair on her chin!

And we can just forget about having hairy chest!

What about body heat? Ever notice how guys are always warmer than if we're lost on a mountain top in the middle of a snow storm all their hair and body warmth will keep them alive while we women will be done in for...nice...thank you God.

Never see one of them having a bad hair day....

or having to put on ten outfits to find the one that doesn't make him look fat that morning. And when was the last time a guy had to spend an hour on his make-up...will you tell me that please?

Guys just have all the luck!



Blodeuedd said...

Congrats to the winners :D

Unfair, unfair, unfair!!!!!
*sulks in the corner* Stupid men. Why do they get to be all pretty

Houston A.W. Knight said...

blodeuedd, LOL girl...that's exactly what I'm saying...unfair! ;-)

Men get all the luck don't they? Or do they? Most of us women have the wonders of experiencing motherhood that a man can't ever experience.

We women have an inner knowledge, some call the sixth sense, that most men can't seem to tap into...and though our youthful beauty may fade in time...while we are young, a woman has a beauty that can build kingdoms.

So...maybe we can let the guys have the thicker skin.

Hugs Darlin' Blodeuedd!

M.V.Freeman said...

Well done to all the winners.

As for men...what else do they have going for them???

Now I have to say, for all the pretty boys out there, there are some that look like they hit a wall at age 30 and its down hill from there.

And lets face it, at about 70-80 it all equals out...LOL

Who said life was fair? Its not...I think we need to create our own fairness. Although, I think leg and eyebrow waxing was invented by a man....

:-) Hawk have a glorious day,


Lea said...


Great post Hawk!!

Yes, there is no justice. Men do seem to "age well" don't they? Maybe that is why so many of them 'stray' in their 50's?? - YIKES!

I hope you are well!!


Liza said...

Thanks Hawk & Jes! I'll email you right now.

Doesn't really seem fair that most men age much better than women.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hey there darlin'!

LOL, oh you're right about that...I have seen a few men that didn't get in the right line and got suck like us girls the thin skin line. Tehehehehee
And it was before they hit 70. LOL

Life is not fair...a dear friend said that to me when I was 16 and I agreed with him then and I still agree with that statement...

Life is not fair.

And if you know that, expect that, then you'll have a good life.

Keep the positive and happy thoughts and you're doing alright!

Super hugs Babe!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Well sweetie, your little voice has been missed...I'm so happy you came by!

OH men...let's talk about you!How are you doing, hon?


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Liza....I passed on your addie! Woohoo to your win!

Yeah, but you know, the best thing about us aging is we don't have to see it...we can look over at our men and they look so handsome and beautiful we forget we're old, because we keep thinking we look like them...
I don't think mine will ever age beyond kidding - he looks like he's sixteen to me. But he always looked like he was 16 from the first day that I met him...and he was in his 20's.
It was one of the reasons I keep telling him to go away...and leave me alone!

LOL Thank the Gods he didn't listen to me then any more then he listens to me now! LOL

MEN! Can't live with them can't live without 'em....thank the Gods. LOL

CYber HUgs

Cecile said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you!!! You are too much! Yea, guess I am the devil (I was actually one for Halloween on year) hee hee!
Congrats to the other winners! You never know what Hawk has up her sleeve!!!! **evil wink**

Oh men... that is another story completely!!! You are so right about all of their aspects. But oh to be a woman.... I so love my curves - eve if they are a few more than I had when I was 18... I love being and feeling sexy.... Knowing that with just one look I can make a man **cough cough** happy... I love being a woman!!! LMBO!!!!

I will be back for more....
I hope you had a great weekend! hugs to you honey!

Cecile said...

Oh and FYI... love the pictures!!!!

Jes' Mysictal Treasures said...

Hi everyone twin Sister here,
Hawk bad girl bad girl, I just love 007 Sean/Shawn and the man that can leave his boots under my bed Sam Elliott .... dream land! It seems as tho' they age better, but I'm with Cecile...we are blessed to be women really. I think and elephant carries her baby one year so don't feel bad, besides carring babies for nine's a feeling I miss. I loved being pg. really I did. I know most women don't but I loved it. Now when it comes to Ms Flow well we could do without that I would agree. Remember, they might look younger longer, but when they think it's the young thing they Vegas they want us old girls because they don't really care for the young girls ways now days...however in Vegas the young men want us old girls equals out more for the older women here. These young girls want lots of money, big houses, and high price cars. And they don't want to earn them, they want the guy to give it freely to them, without question. The women here thing men owe them evrything and should just hand it over if the sex is ok. That's how they think here. We old women are in demand in Vegas, so if your into the young things girls there is a man in vegas looking for you. Love Jes

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Me devilish Cecile!

Which siprits have you bribed to work the elements so you keep getting your name drawn from me hat? You name them now! I want to know! }:-/'re a girl with more luck than the average, aren't ya' now?

Enjoy the book babe.
Super hugs

Houston A.W. Knight said...



Young men in Vegas! CECILE, did you hear that???
Well, you're such a cutie and a sweetheart I'm sure those young guys would overlook your youth and take a look at you and all those sexy curves you've got!

If they don't...I can do a makeover and put make-up on you in a way that would make you look older by just a wee bit and then those young fellows will be chasing you down! So, you got running shoes?

O.K., who else needs a young guy...speak up now Jes' will set you up! ;-D

Well actually, the way I watched it happen to her while I was there - all you have to do is walk through a casino and the young men I watched stop dead in their tracks (mouths wide open BTW)or they'd stumble all over themselves to watch me twin walk by.

I thought it was amusing, but me hubby...he wasn't wasn't amused.

I can tell you every word she said is true, but then me twin alway drew the guys like flies! LOL

I think it's because she always smells good. She must have a secret perfume she makes up with her oils that just brings on the men!

Hey, me twin is sexy...what can I say.

Well, having never had a child...I can't know the joy of carrying even though, to me, it looks painful to do - your tummy way out there...and the back problems I would think you'd be feeling...I'll take your word on the beauty of carrying a child.

And Cecile...well, she obviously loves being a woman so...I guess I need to try to take a more positive view of being one.

LOL - see Blodeuedd, even I have me negative days. Hard to be positive all the time....but I do try.

Hugs to all
and kiss to the sis!

Helen Hardt said...

Ah yes, men are like fine wine. They definitely improve with age. Those silver temples and laugh lines only make them more handsome.

Us? Hair color and botox city. Not fair!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


LOL, your words couldn't be more true! I had to laugh at your parting words....NOT right!

super big hugs

Marissa said...

Hi Hawk,

Droppin by to say hi! Not enough hours in a day lately..,

Love the man candy, and yes most of them age so well, not fair!!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Marissa, Hey Honey!

Oh don't I know about no time! Seems to be catching. LOL

But I think it was sweet of you to find a wee bit of it for me and to drop by for a fast visit...I'll take a quick drop in any old day!

Big hugs and Thank you for coming by!


Dottie (My Blog 2.0-Tink's Place) said...

Hi Hawk!

Well as for gestation periods, elephants are pregnant for almost 2 years, humpback whale 1 2/3 years, and killer whales for about a year. Yeah, suck to be an over sized mammal. But it's only the female of the species that has to endure the pregnancy while the males are off living the good life, bragging to their buddies, living their wildest dreams, and having all the adventures. Just goes to show that God has a sense of humor and justice, after all, it was Eve in her deviousness that got Adam to take that fateful bite of the Red Delicious. It did cost man his immortality and was one of the first cases of full blown nagging. I mean, can you just hear the argument between Adam and Eve.

"Come on Adam, it's got to taste good. Just look at it all red, juicy, (she plucks an apple from the branch) smell how good it smells." Eve holds the apple under Adam's nose.

"Look Eve, God said he'd come down and kick my ass if I even touched the friggin apple. Put it back before someone sees." Adam pushes her rudely away.

"Come on baby, just one little taste. I have it from serpent over there that it's wonderful." She weedles again as Adam looks at the serpent.

"Besides, he said that if you won't, you're just not brave enough for a woman like Me." Eve pushes the ladies out for Adam to inspect.

All Adam has to do is look at the ladies, and he's lost. God wouldn't have given him Eve if he wasn't supposed to enjoy her.

"What to do you mean I'm not brave enough? What the Hell does a serpent know anyway?" Adam juts his chiseled chin out, grabs the apple, taking a full mouth bite as juice drips down his chin.

Suddenly lightning flashes overhead and Eve looks crestfallen.

"Gee, ya big ape, I didn't know you'd do it for real."

God hastes their retreat from the garden with lightning bolts thrown for good measure. The serpents wraps itself around it's own body.

"God, I thought they'd never leave."

Dottie :)

Dottie (My Blog 2.0-Tink's Place) said...

Congrats winners!

Dottie :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hugs Dottie!

OMG...those poor poor animals.

Man! What's Gods got against them anyway?

LOL on the Adam and Eve story! Very funny indeed! I've got me coffee all over the place right now!


Cyber hugs

Hilda said...

Ah, I know exactly what you're talking about - it seems like men approaching 40 or that are 40 already get handsomer... something about showing maturity I guess (which they lack in their younger years and possibly much after)

But they have a disadvantage. After certain age they do stop 'functioning' properly... and we, well, we function pretty well no matter how old we are. So there, they're prettier, but at least there's no 'stopping' us.
(that's lame, it IS unfair!!!!!)

Us women just have to deal and see it as a good thing. We can pretend we have hot younger hubbies or bfs ;)
...And pray they don't realize this -.-

Houston A.W. Knight said...


OMG...thanks for coming by sweetie!

LOL, I never thought of the "things stop working" thing! Teheheheheheee, but you are very right!
But then can't tell looking at a man if it works or he's just good looking and fun to flirt with and it may or may not go past that. But we women...we start looking old, and who wants to flirt with wrinkles?

But not to worry...I've solved the problem...I've got a team of bad girls headed by Cecile who has orders to go out and distroy all eye glasses. Everywhere! Now no one can see we've aged. LOL

Sound like a good plan?

Thanks for coming by sweetie. I hope you came back and visit with us again.