Sunday, March 28, 2010

What do you say when you can't find anything to blog about?

Meet my boss.

Nice looking guy huh. As you can see...he's not an easy Dog to please. He's always on my heels barking at me to turn in something New, Different, Interesting...yeah, I always love hearing that if every article I blog isn't interesting!

So he comes up to me at the last minute before posting and says there was research done showing some odd test were done to turn human's into animals! OMG, the possibility that the animal kingdom would be polluted with these human creatures was terrifying every animal in town.

So my boss set me out on a mission to uncover this story and bring back the truth. I had no time to waste. Could these test be real? My boss frowned and flipped this picture down on my desk.

OMG and I only had until Sunday to get this story wrapped up! Talk about stress!

So this got me to thinking....hummmm, who did I know that could give me some leads.

I thought and thought

Well, as you can see I couldn't call Toby...he'd just worked the night shift and was ready for a little nap in front of the TV.

So I set me sights on Mary...but when I told her about the human animal people, she told me she was way too busy planning a surprise for her sister Cecile...she had no time to worry about that.

So, I called my buddy Biff...I didn't get a chance to tell him I needed help before he told me he was depressed because he was having an Identity Crisis...something about not being as perfect as the stuffed toys they were making these days.

My next hope was ...Brick and Brack. Not sure how much help they'd be. They tend to be hermits and stay in their cups a lot. But Brack gave me a warm welcome. She told me Brink was still alseep. I told her my news and Brack said she had no interest in human animal discovery...That didn't surprise me...she never was much interested in venturing out beyond the rim of her cup. As I got ready to leave she asked me to stay...she was alway a little needed for my taste. But when she saw I was leaving she told me she'd tell Brink about my needing some help. She'd have him call me.

With no luck so far I had to stop for a drink. And a few prayers were in order. I had a deadline to get an interesting blog done by Sunday, and my boss wanted it now!

Then I remembered the Twins, so I stopped by to see if they'd help me hunt this story down. They said they'd heard the same rumor and wanted nothing to do with it so that sent me packing...back to the bar this was getting late and I still didn't have one piece of evidence on the human animal people.

Oh, the 'Sex on the Beach' drink was refreshing and got my mind going
I had a second one and took one for the was a long road so I was stretched out for a wee bit...but I kept going.
My mind was racing and I knew if I didn't get some help soon I'd be out of a job! YOU SAW MY BOSS, right?
So, then it hit me...I didn't need my friends I needed wisdom...I could ask me mom and that was my plan. On unsteady paws I made me way home.

I found mom on the path...I gave her a hugs and told her my problems. She told me to go talk to my dad.

He was out I slowly made my way there and found him snoozing in the late day sun.

After hearing me out he said he'd never heard of such a rediculous tale. Then went into this rant about the world going mad and driving him nuts. I walked off and he was still talking to himself when I said my goodbye's to mom and promised to be back for Sunday dinner - story or no story. But I left there determined to look high.....

and low. I was going to turn every cup over in town if I had find my story!

While I was looking I found a psychic who told me these creations did exists. She said I'd find all the answers if I visited her friend Dino...he was a dragon who lived under the sea. Can someone tell me how a cat gets a friend who lives under the water??? Something wasn't right here.
She made my skin was something 'human' about her I got out of there and made my way to the ocean even though I knew this was crazy...but what choice did I have? I was running out of time!

I did just as the psychic said and told the water what I needed...and something strange happened...I got an image...from where I don't know but it was of my friend off I went to find him.

Ah, at last a friend I know who could help me. I saw him at a distance first and as I got closer I saw he was watching someone...when he turned to see who was approaching I noticed he held a rose in his mouth for his one and only love...Rover had found his life mate.... *&%^#**#!!! I waved and kept way was his mind going to be anywhere in the realm of helping me.

I thought of my friend Midnight but she was afraid of her own point in stopping over there...If I told her the news she's really freak out!

But Midnight did live near my Uncle....He was wise I walked on ahead and when I arrived he was watching the set of the sun. Man my luck was 0 and 0...when uncle is watching the sky there's no disturbing's his meditation time....

So, I went in the house to find my Aunt.... I found her but she wasn't in the mood for visitors...or for a chat about silly things like human animals. She was listening to her Jazz music and wanted to be left alone. Told me my cousin was outside on the back patio to go visit with him

So I did.
Nutmeg was a funny kind of day he was your friend and the next day he wasn't...I saw he had his girlfriend Sofee' with him. When I waved Nutmeg gave me the look that said I was interupting something romantic to keep I did.

Then it hit me...Barney! Barney would help me find my story...I rushed across town and found him in the garden. But when I approached he hid behind the tree...asked if I was real! I asked him what the heck was wrong with him...of course I was real! Then he said he didn't trust anyone these days...he'd run into a human animal and it'd bit him on his tail.

I told him to give me the whole story and all the facts...he said everyone was calling him crazy...but insisted it was real...even got a picture of it.

But some in town were saying he'd fix the shot...looking for fame. That he was just crazy and a real nutcase...seeing human such thing.

So I had a I had to find an expert to confirm Barney's picture. Then I had my story!

There was Yen and Yang but they were always at odds with each other's opinions. Yen was always too negative in his view and Yang was way too positive, her views were always up in the clouds with the silver linings...She'd probably tell me the human animals were a good thing and didn't understand why everyone was so up set.

So, what now? I had my best friend Bruno...yeah, I could go see him. Yap, I'd go get his opinion. When I found him ...well...let just say he was having a few issues I moved on.

I was running out of leads and friends so I tried Brick and Brack again. Well, they'd found their way into their shoes at lease.....

Brink had mentioned they were going dancing that afternoon over at the Disco Cat-house.

thought I might get a lead from his friend Ted...I didn't get anywhere with the guy but he was a great guitarist...the cat could play!

So I headed home...thought I'd do a wee bit of research on the computer. My paws were worn. I was beat. What a day!

I did fine a few things out about these human animals...enough to make me want to hide in my protective little world and not come out.

But as a good reporter I had to push through my fears and keep researching...making calls, faxing whoever I could to give me more leads. Did you ever realizes how long some dudes take to get back to you've got all night to wait! Man, I'm working on a deadline, can't anyone call me back?

Finally...I got a return call from Chip and White Shadow who they said there was something to the story. They've been busy with odd cases about this very thing I was investigating but they hadn't turned up anything so far.

But they did give me a lead to a flower shop...the owners there, Snow and Flake, told me about a friend of theirs that claims he had a third encounter with one.

So, off I go to check out this story. The guys name was York...he told me he saw these half human half animal people in England! Said the farm next to the one he grew up on had all kinds of strange things going on. Said that's why he moved to America.

York was a nice guy but nothing he said helped me gather evidence for my story. He did tell me about a Wolf with wings though. Maybe, if I was lucky I'd find someone else who'd seen it.

You remember my boss don't you?

Does he look like the kind of guy that's going to take no for an answer. I had to come up with a story and fast! So, a winged wolf was bettter than nothing. York told me the photo had been taken by a photographer named spotty, just on the other side of I went over there to check out the facts of the picture.

Though Spotty was a bit overwhelmed with a photo shoot, she told me the picture was a fake...created in the developer's lab.

So I did what any good reporter would do. I found a human that would give me some help in the prayer department. Man, I needed some help!

And wouldn't you know...while I was there visiting and getting an ear rub I ran into the cat of my dreams...her name is Moonglow and she was the prettiest kitten I ever did see.

She liked me...I could tell...she even gave me two cups of milk before I left and she told me to go see her friend, Tabby, if I really wanted to know something about the human animals. I was a little disappointed to discover Tabby was another psychic...but my mind was quickly changed when she glanced into her crystal ball and told me to go see a Tom-Cat named, Salty-pepper. Tabby said this guy would know if the human animals were real. He had all the facts I'd need to get my story.
So off I went to the park where I found Salty-Pepper chatting it up with two street informers. Funny thing, they were talking about the rumor of the animal people, said evidence showed they were real. Even gave me a picture to prove it.

Well, the picture they handed me wasn't that exciting...and I wouldn't call it a human animal but a dog suffering with a bad hair day.

So...It comes down to... I didn't have much of a story...what was I going to tell my boss? Gulp. I needed to come up with something or lose my job.

And the bad hair day dog wasn't going to make my boss I went back and visited with Spotty...I told her my story and how some were saying the animal people were real...but I had no evidence! She went into her dark room and worked a wee bit of magic and gave me this to give to my boss...
So, what do you my boss gonna believe this or not? O.K.! O.K., so

But I had to come up with something for this blog!


Blodeuedd said...

Wohoo first! Everyone must have listened to you hehe.

Awww *sound of heart breaking form too much cuteness*
Cutest blogpost I have seen in ages

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Blodeuedd...LOL now who would dare cross an Irish girl with a temper? Of course everyone listened!

LOL...glad you enjoyed it...I wanted something light...I can't be making you girls work every Sunday now can I?


Lea said...

Wow, for someone who couldn't find anything to blog about Hawk, I'd say you did a damn fine job.

Such cute picks. I love the little critters. ;)

M.V.Freeman said...

Hugs to you Hawk,

Lovely, light hearted post, and the pictures were adorable, and your boss, needs new dental work..:-P

Hope you have a glorious week, and inspiration comes over to stay. (I'm trying to bribe inspiration to stay...*sigh* but procrastination wants to move in instead)


Pixie said...

Adorable post. Brought a smile to my face when I needed it most. Have a great week, sweetie.


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Lea! Sweetie!

Awesome to see you back again! I've missed you!

Glad you liked the post...I love animals and when I found these cute photos I had to share!


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hugs right back at you M.V.! ((((hugggsssss))))

Inspiration has struck for sure over here, soooo does that mean procrastination is paying the rent right now over there at your place?

It sucks not being able to do anything about my inspiration tho' she's hitting me with tons of great stuff but I'm unable to do anything about it as I try to recover from a very had neck pinch...can't do anything but rest for now.
When hubby isn't around I do sneak over here and answer a few comments before he gets back. :-(
Then back in bed I go for the rest of the day.

HUgs to you babe...may all those kind words you send out to us all come back to you ten fold!

Hugs and Love

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hey Sweetie nice to see you here for a visit.

I know ...times are rough for us all...we have to find ways to make each other smile when we can...and what better way than with a cute kitten or a pup!

Cyber hugs darlin' stay positive things will turn around!


M.V.Freeman said...

Ahhh! Poor Hawk!
Pox on the neck pinch!!! That is the worst pain ever! Even I cringe when I think of it. :)

I'm hoping Inspiration moves in for you and sets up house, and stays for when you are better! :-)

As for Procrastination--that one, if it's staying, has to do the laundry and dishes. Then work with me a bit on plotting. That will get it to move out. :-P

Aways glad to send good thoughts to all! :-)
It's monday, and my Coffee awaits (The closest thing I am getting to a chariot today).
May this day go swiftly...


Cecile said...

You girls crack me up!!!!

Blodeuedd ~ we never cross an Irish woman with a temper! Believe me it is not healthy!!!!

Hawk, sorry to hear about your neck honey! {Hugs to you}

As far as this post... for someone who did not know what to write about...girl you wrote!!! And you mentioned me.. Awww you are sch a sweeties! You know I love ya! And you are always in my thoughts and prayers!

Now.. if inspiration comes in the form of a 5'9" dark hair, blue eyes... toned body... tight butt.. and a body that just makes me turn into puddles right there.. I am all for him staying at my house!! heee heee!!!!

I agree with hubby, you need rest young lady!
I am trying to call it an early night as well.. try to catch up on some zzzzz's! Here's to a great night!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Thanks for the magic you did on me neck...I made it through yesterday with very little pain...and I had a very busy day for washer and dryer! And boy was I using it...I was nearly out of to keep hubby happy I'd toss in a wash and go back to bed, then get up and put it in the dryer, then return to bed and then get back up and put in a get the picture...what we have to do to keep the "protective" hero's in our lives happy. LOL day did turn out pretty good...but by night time I was ready for bed and a good neck rest!

Big hugs for the magic!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


{{8-O you're afraid of me Irish temper? LOL

Hey }:-/ I'm down with a bad neck and you're trying to take inspiration from me?!!!!
Not right! M.V., sent him to me! And yes he is in the form of a 5'9" dark hair, blue eyes... toned body... tight butt.. and his body will turn you into puddles! AND he's staying with me at my house!!
He's nursing me back to good health! Tehehehehehe

Love ya' darlin'
Big Hugs

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I've just been to your blog! You can have inspiration if I can have the guy in the glasses!



Cecile said...

Aaaaahhhh do I see a weakness there.... Of course I will trade, lol! You know I at least share!

I hope you are feeling better today sis!!!!!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Cecile...a weakness? In an Irish girl? Hell's called RESEARCH darlin!


Hugs and love me sister!

M.V.Freeman said...

Any time Hawk! ((hugs))
Glad you are feeling better!

And Cecile, I like that idea of inspiration....add another few inches, a bit more muscle, and I'll have that one stay for good. :-P

Here is to a glorious rest of the week...may everyone find a bit a laughter and someone to share it with!


Cecile said...

OH MV, I like the way you think!!!! =) I think we can conjure up something!!! LMBO!

Oh Hawk, you know I love ya temper and all... Where is Jes to back me up on this one... Cuz her's is worst than your's!!! LMBO!!!!

But Lord knows how I love you two!!!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I hope you're not listening to Cecile...Good God, the girl's never heard me angry yet...she's only seen me get annoyed! And I'm not that bad...not like she's making out I am! LOL

Now me twin...well, she's heard the start of her temper...and she's got an Irish temper for sure! Even I run from her temper! LOL

All in a good day of fun!
Hugs Honey!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Whatever do you mean!

Naw temper isn't like that at all...I'm tame in temper until you make me angry then I'd suggest anyone in the area seek out a real good hiding place....tehehehehe

But I give warning - like a Diamond-back snake - I'll warn you're on dangerous ground and if you don't watch out...and you keep coming...I'll make a deadly strike....but I warned you first.

{8-O Jes to back you up! Hey, no ganging up on me like you two want to do all the time!

Lord help me for introducing you two trouble makers...I'm always your target!Not right...not right at all!

Yeah, Yeah...I adore you both but that's no cause for picking on me!
Keep it up and you'll see me Irish for sure!
*first warning*

Hugs and Love

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Hawk!

Such cute pics and a nifty little to story to go along with them, too sweet. (Some of others pics are down right scary, a science experiment gone really bad!)


Dottie :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Dottie!

LOL...I write better romances I think. ROTFLOL.

How have you been sweetie?


Anonymous said...

Very very cute pics that really did make me smile - thanks! :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hi Anonymous!

Glad you came by to visit and I'm happy to know I made you smile with my pictures!

I hope you're having a great Easter!

Come back soon!