Sunday, May 9, 2010

Did you know…what you do first thing in the morning will set your entire day’s mode?

Think about it…what do you do when you get up? O.K., besides the obvious…SS&S…what do you do?

Do you turn on the radio? No? Why not? Is your mind already scheduling your day? Organizing what needs to be done first and all that follows….Are you going over and over in your head scenarios to disperse or avoid a confrontation you know will be facing you the minute you walk into the building, and how you want to deal with it professionally instead of blurting out what you really want to tell that B*tc…..person?

Negative thoughts can set a mode for a very long and bad day.

Or is your quiet morning one of breathing in the morning dew and sipping a cup of warm coffee or tea while enjoying the twitters of a morning Lark, the chirps of two Squirrels in love and the distant sounds of cars passing as you become one with nature before the actual work day begins?

Music is a good way to get a day going right and get your conversation over the breakfast table starting with “I Love you honey” with twinkling eyes and gentle smiles.

But if it's the wrong kind of music your day could begin with, “This day hasn’t begun and it’s already bad!” sour kind of expressions with no eye contact? So beware the type of music!

If you turn on the radio…is it a shock Jock or music? IT DOES MATTER WHAT YOU LISTEN TOO!

Short story…well o.k., maybe not so short, but here’s the Irish version of a short story. I have a girlfriend who has a hubby who enjoys the Shock Jocks, and she hate them…from what she tells me…it seems to have become a standard practice for “Shock Jocks” to talk abusively to and about women (fowl language and name calling). It would appear their (shock jocks) daily targets are to pick on and berate women and the womanhood…something that she quite frankly got quite tired of…

“…that’s all they scream about every morning!” She yelled at me.
“It’s like waking up to a nasty mean relative everyday that never has anything nice to say because he’s bitter over his wife leaving him!”
My only response was, “Why do you listen to the radio if it’s making you that unhappy?”
“I have no choice," she screamed. "My hubby puts it on every morning!”

She went on to confess…that she found when they listened to the Shock Jocks…her hubby’s day didn’t seem too affected by the way their day started - listening to all that negative talk and shouting and cussing and downright rudeness they heard.
But for her...she discovered she was getting more and more grumpy. She told me she was getting quicker to react in a negative fashion and seeing the bad things around her…the good just magically slipped away.

She found she was slowly building a deep resentment towards men in general. She admitted to becoming angry, and the longer she didn’t express that anger the more it built inside of her. Not a good way to start each day.

But as the months went on, she started to see little changes in the hubby that said he was hearing those Shock Jocks and their negative ways towards woman. She told me she saw it in the way he drove and reacted to other drivers…he’s shout about that foolish driver being a “blank, blank woman!” even when it was plain to see it was a man! But the woman was blamed.

She told me she saw other small changes in her hubby she didn’t like…he wasn’t the man she’d married. She cried about how her hubby was always thoughtful and caring….but of late he’d become more distant.

What was happening?

That’s when she decided to put the brakes on this Shock Jock ride. Negativity was sneaking into her life because of them! Their negative words had a subtle effect, but it was there. And she was letting these nasty mean and cruel Shock Jokes into her home every morning through a radio!

When her sweet request for hubby to find another station with nice music to listen to went ignored…she tried a new tactic…she became her own “shock Jock” and gave a loud, very loud voice to expression…in an angry, grumpy, and curt way (like a real Shock Jock!) she demanded they listen to something else! It worked.

She explained to her hubby how these guys screaming all this negative stuff at them every morning was affecting her as a woman, and how it affected their day together…at first he didn’t really believe her…he declare it was harmless…she asked him when nasty mean words become harmless.

He said it was a joke. So, being the quick wit that she was, she made a few mean nasty remarks in joking form about men…he didn’t find it funny.

Then she asked him how he would like to start everyday defending men. And how would he like to listen to woman berate men like these guys were doing to women every morning? He had to admit he wouldn’t.

Her point was made.

Now they listen to upbeat music first thing in the morning to get their day going and in a positive light. When they leave the house it’s with a smile on their faces and love in their hearts. She’d gotten her hubby back before it was too late!

So…if the radio is a way to start the day make sure it’s tuned to happy music. And if it’s the T.V. make sure it’s on a happy morning program.

What color did you pick to wear? Did you know red tends to make humans react in a feisty way? If it’s going to be a rough day ahead and you know it…pick a white or a softer color to wear that won’t make you the target of the fighting.

Cowboy boots, tennis shoes or 6” heels, and why? If its heels that make you feel happy and sexy…why did you pick out the flats on a day when you’re feeling like a wall-flower? Pick your mood! And for my male readers…If it’s those cowboy boots that give you more confidence…then why are you wearing those tennis shoes…get your boots on!

What’s the weather and how are you reacting to it? If it’s raining…choose to be different from all those complaining about the rain…enjoy the shower of the Gods – its full of negative Ions that are very good for you! ;-)

All these simple acts can set you up for a good or bad day. But like life…it’s your choice…you choose what your day will be in how you start your day. Don’t believe me…watch yourself for the next few days and see!



Cheyenne said...

Nice psych post! i understand the concept, and agree the results can be surprisingly obvious. I dont listen to anything in the morning. Not even my wife! lol!

Hilda said...

Hey Hun! Loved the post.
Jes has been teaching me some of this stuff, and I gotta say, wow, it's changed my life. I've been 'setting my own mood' for a few days, and it just seems to work every time.
I'm still, let's say, practicing, so sometimes I set the mood wrong, like today. I woke up feeling really lazy and thinking lazy, and I was lazy. But I've also had good experiences.

I can't wait to make this part of my life for real :)

Love ya!

Blodeuedd said...

Very cool post Hawk :D
I really should follow the advice.
But sometime the wrong mood gets you :(

Houston A.W. Knight said...


LOL, just remember "A happy wife makes a happy life" listening to the wife in the mornings might start your days off even better. LOL


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hilda! (((hugs)))

I know what you mean...Jes' told me about the secret and after listening to those CD's my life changed as well. Wonderful things happen when we think positive. But as you know and as Blodeuedd times we all slip back into a negative space...but the more we work to stay positive the less we slip and the faster our recovery time from a slip.

So...keep up the good work babe!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hey sweetie! I know - it's not an easy thing to do but once we realize all the negative things we allow to enter our lives with little knowledge and discover that we actually can control their effects by dumping them out of our lives...that step alone is a major one! The next step in choosing our happiness is easy.

Keep trying!


Kelly Moran said...

LOL. Love this post. Usually I crawl out of bed, feed the kids, fight to get them dressed, then slam a pot of coffee.

How have you been, hon?

Check out my good news over on the blog!


A man called Valance said...

Interesting post, Hawk. Course I've known all along that a woman's mood can swing at the least trivial thing, but now it's official. The wrong song at the wrong time... and some poor fella gets hell all day long. I don't blame Cheyenne for not taking any chances.

I reckon you're right about the rain though. Next time I'm wet through and chilled to the bone, with ions dripping off the end of my nose, I think I'll just smile and sing a couple of verses of 'What a Wonderful World.'

Liza said...

I wake up to the news each morning, just so I know what the weather will be. It is a local station that has a great morning crew who always bring a smile to my face. I have music on all day at work in the background. I can't always hear every song, but just knowing the music is playing keeps me in a good mood.

Jes' Mystical Treasures said...

Hawk I love this post!!
I hope all your readers take the positive path and hence positive things will come to them all.
It's sad that men feel the only way to deal with women is to down grade them, it shows that men have a LOT of growing to do. Why...why do men feel they have to put women down...if it weren't for women men would not be here period!
Did you all know... all baby's are born female it is not until, I think, the 14th week that this change from female to male comes.
Women We have the power and men well your a second thought after how do men like these apples?
Sorry if I pissed any one off with this but the saddest thing is we as women and men need one another, this is why God made us the way he did, it's now time to honor one another not take each other down. They need us as we need them, it's time for both sides to come together and stop this action. It is a negative act. It's time to be adults and get out of high school. We all have faults...let's grow up and help one to women, woman to man, when we do this the world will come together in peace.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey All Sorry I haven't been around...Life gets in the way sometimes, all have been busy little bees chatting away while I was gone hummmmm.


Kelly! Hey sweetie...for sure I'll make my way over to your place...sorry I've been MIA for awhile.

HUmmmmm, try telling the kids to go to school naked and I'll bet they find something to wear real fast, LOL, then put on the song "It's in his kiss" By Cher and dance around the room and act you'll stop the fighting that way! ;-D

Big hugs
Hawk --- let me know if it works!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Mr. Valance!

Ah, well we women may take all day to cool down from that wrong song, but, once we do... you know you'll have a very nice evening.

Happy ions!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Liza! (((Hugs)))

Ah ha,,,sounds like you know about the secret!

Good news and music makes for a very happy day!

Hugs darlin' and happy to hear you're on the path on happy days!


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Jes! BIG hugs!!!

ROTFLOL...So, fact is we're all born female and then some get a y factor dropped in and become what you're saying is in fact Eve Came first and then Adam was built....hum, make sense to me...I kind of like those apples! LOL one can get mad at you for your personal don't worry about that. We each have a right to what we believe even if it doesn't match with other peoples beliefs.


Cecile said...

You do know how to stir the kettle of the mind honey! Hugs to you first!! Yes, I have missed you and yes, I will be getting in touch with you sooner than the weekend!!!!!
Okay.. This post hit the nail on the head!!! Awesome awesome awesome, but you don't need me to tell you that.

Everything affects us... even done to how we get out of bed and the metal thinking that we start with right there.
I make sure to tell my daughter that I love her and I watch her go to school every morning with one of my pups in hands (the baby). And we watch her together... and that is the best thing for me. Since she is not a baby any more and I can not cuddle with her like that, lmbo... me and pup have a moment and watch my big baby leave. But that is the first thing I do... Then when I get to work, I find me ~ my music of the day ~ and get my coffee and let the day begin... Great post honey!!!! LOVE YA!!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hey Sweetie Pea!

Now watching the Baby go off to school sounds like an awesome way to start any day!
And it explains why you're such an up beat person!
I've never met anyone with as much energy as you! xoxoxo
Right now I wished you pass some on to me! LOL I'd also like to learn some dance about it?

Big Hugs

Cecile said...

Yea, that is a great way for me to start my morning... I only have her for two more years... then she is off into the big world by herself! So, I am absorbing all I can right now!

I just try to stay positive. Even when I am in a funk, I try to think positive things. I mean really... what good does it do to you or anyone else if you are in a bad mood besides set them off in a grouchy mood too. Because like it or not we feed off each other... So, I try to be positive. Hell, I even apologize when I am in a funk to my friends, cuz I do not want to bring them down too...

Anytime you want to learn some dance moves honey, you know where to find me!!

Have a great day honey!

Jes' Mystical Treasures said...

Hi Hawk and Cecile,
WEll if your teaching dancing I want to come, or better yet you two come here and I know of a nice club we can go to. It kind of has all those guys Ms. Cecile plays around with...yap they hang out here when not busy with Ms. Cecile.
Any takers...Vegas is full of them kind of guys.
Hug and Kisses to ya both

Cecile said...

Hey Jes, you know one day I will make it down there.... First to see you, then to hit the clubs to see those men!!! Cuz you know I how I love to play with them at my place... but oh what fun can be had at your place!!! =)

Jes' Mystical Treasures said...

Hi Cecile and Hawk,
yap that's my place, a place to relax and have a great time. That what I like fun, and the more the better.
Hay, do you think we should invite Mr. Valance and show him the city life? Poor guy his head would spin from the women in Vegas...he thinks we are bad wait till he get to vegas...wild women really wild..we girl are mild...if he only knew what other women are like..
and Cheyenne, you must be a cowboy as well...not even your wife?? Yap he's a cowboy...funny thing is they never fig. out what they are doing's called listening to the wife to stay out of trouble...but we know cowboys..they are always in trouble.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hey sweetie!

Looks like you will be teaching Jes and me to dance! I'm ready!

Hon, you're right when it comes to the funk...I do the same when I feel depression trying to take over I try very hard to move on to something nice...good music, good food, happy's the best way to get over it and not go with the negativity. Why give away your power to a negative force? Right?

Big Big Hugs!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Now you don't be teasing Mr. V or Chey! They're good o' two girls be good and play nice!
ROTFLOL! Yeah, right! Boy oh boy are Mr. V and Chey introuble if they ever go to Vegas!

Hugs Darlin'

A man called Valance said...