Sunday, June 13, 2010

Will The World Come To An End in 2012?

Oh gosh…I’ve been hearing this a lot of late…and frankly, I’ve got to say I don’t care if it does or doesn’t…what good will it do me to worry about what will happen in two years when I could get hit by a bus tomorrow?

I like to live in the NOW…it’s the only moment in time I actually have any control over. Think about it…can you change what happened two seconds ago? Nope, sorry it’s happened, you did or said whatever you did or said…you can’t change history, not even history that happened only two seconds ago! Can you predict the future and what will happen? Some people can, but most of us can’t…and those who can see the future will tell you they see only “possible” paths you can take. So, you can’t really make changes if you haven’t decided your fated path now can you? Can you decided right now to stop reading these words? YES! Right now in this moment you can control everything…you can read more, you can decide to stop reading and stand up or burst into song…NOW is the only time we can control in our lives.
LIFE IS IN THE MOMENT…we have no life in the past, its past and we have no life in the future either because it hasn’t happened yet. We only have life in the NOW.

Sorry for getting into the quantum physics of time with you, but I’m not a person who crosses bridges before I get to them…there are way too many “Jack Stories” one can give herself before she reaches the bridge…if you know what I mean.
I’ve found “Jack Stories” tend to complicate a person’s life. “Jack Stories” tend to attach unwanted baggage of envy, jealousy, negativity, and insecurities to a person.
So if you find your world filling up with things you don’t want in it….start living in the NOW…don’t worry about the future and stop living in the past…just BE in the moment and enjoy your life.


Cheyenne said...

Good thought. 2012? Mmm! I was chatting recently to an old friend of mine. He stated the world had ended, and that we hadnt realised! I thought for a minute, and finally agreed. So, if it has ended, then it cant possibly end in 2012.
Now that has removed the depression!

Leontine said...

The thought of the world ending in 2012...well, if it does then my soul goes on somewhere and it won't have any earthly worries like:

*scream* I wants to lurv my hubby and family until we're grey and wrinkeled.

My sister and I still have so many plans!

I haz lots and lots more books to read!

I want to see parts of the world and experience other cultures!

I ain't tired of this life yet!!

but all of the above won't matter cause my soul has gone to another plane of excistence...:)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


LOL...well if it's already ended I didn't get the memo!

Dang, if it's already ended then why am I still sitting here doing the same thing everyday?

Guess I ain't in heaven...or am I? I heard down under was the place to be if you wanted to have fun...dang it! How did I get stuck here?


Houston A.W. Knight said...


LOL...well hon...someone has to survive to keep the humans going...might as well be you and yours if you're all game to hang in there and get the ball rolling again.

big hugs

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Hawk!

Well if the world ends in 2012, we won't really know about it anyway, we will? One minute we'll be here and poof! In the next instant we won't.

Me, I live in the here and now, but when you think everyone's here and now the same? Maybe the world has ended, and this life is a fantasy carried on by our subconscious unwilling to accept the inevitable. Maybe that's what ghosts are or maybe we're the ghosts. LOL All too metaphysical for me.

And then I wonder about predetermination. Are we set upon a path to follow by the Gods....? Do we make our own destiny? Or is this some play put in motion eons ago and we're just dancing the steps? I've heard others say we make our own destinies, that destiny changes with a blink of an eye, decided in a split second. But what if the split second was already decided at the begin of time? Again metaphysics.

Me, I enjoying life while there's one to live. Trying care of what I can, helping, laughing, loving, living. There's no other way as far as I'm concerned.


Dottie :)

Lea said...

Yeegads Hawk!

I saw the title for this post and thought WTH???

LOLOLOL Um, well I guess I'll leave all this in fate's hands, there is enough stuff to be concerned about in this world without predictions of this sort.

I hope all is well with you Hawk!

Natascha / Ashleagh said...

Hey Hawk,

Great post, I've come across a lot about 2012 in my search for... I don't really know what, but it's lingering out there. I'm totally with you on the living in the now, I mean we can focus on something we want in the future but the path towards your goal (and how you live your life up till you reach your goal) is way more important, than the actual goal itself.

It's like you said, you can worry about so many things and then tomorrow, today or even a minute from now, something can happen and it all influences the rest of your life, rearranging your path. A friend of mine told me not to long ago, life is too short to worry about unimportant things, misunderstandings and such. Which ofcourse is so true!

Although I have to admit that I find it interesting to see which angles surface when people talk about Dec 21, 2012, and I for one would love to see which angle actually comes to fruition ;-)

Blodeuedd said...

Oh no, not first!
I did see this this morning, but went away from the computer and read instead. Living in the moment, trying to read all those books I love. And bf and I took a 2 hour walk, ok that was mostly a mistake. We tried to find this road, then we went into a forest, found a path and ran around for quite awhile :)Before making it out, was fun.

2012, I know people say that, but I more thing we will all have a change of mind, like they surely meant. A new world beginning, not an old ending

DL Hammons said...

I'm the king of living in the moment and ignoring things I have no control over! I'm always chuckling at people stressing over issues such as this. :) Nice post!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Dottie! (((BIG HUGS)))

Hey girl you've been missed! Glad you stopped in!

I like the way you think! Living in the here and now...yap, that's for me.

Destiny...hummmm, now that question could be another always make me think...and see what happens when you do this?


Houston A.W. Knight said...



Fate...that's something that puts a lot of questions in my mind...again, another blog to be don't be put off by the know me I like to keep things light!

Hugs Sweetie!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hi honey!

At this point in my life Dec 21 2012 is a million years away...don't have time to worry about it...when there's so much to think about right now.

As it was said...Life is just too dang short...what will be will be.

I have the feeling Dec 21 2012 will pass as fast a May 5th 1999 did...and life goes on.

Big hugs

Houston A.W. Knight said...


O.K., so you were here frist and that's what counts...comments come in when time allows! xoxo

Ah, your day with bf sounds wonderful and very romantic! Happiness can only be found in the go for it!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Glad you dropped into my NOW and I'm happy you enjoyed the post!

I'll be by your place tomorrow!

Girls...go check his place sharp!


Liza said...

Great post Hawk! Never really think about when the world would end. I just try to enjoy each day as it comes. Funny enough, I just started reading Jessica Andersen's Final Prophecy series last night and it is all about the world ending in 2012.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


OMGosh...That has to be she basing it on the Nostradamus predictions?

What's suppose to happen to bring our end? I wonder if it isn't more like Blodeuedd won't really be a total end but more like a spring cleaning...dust out the bad and start it's an end to the old way of life on earth but the beginning of a newer way for mankind.

If you think about it...really, there is only so much we human's can learn in this repeated circle of life...we need to change the circle to a square for a wee bit so we can all learn something new to advance our souls.

Big hugs sweetie!

~Sia McKye~ said...

First everyone jumped onto the Lost Book of Nostradamas and his hoopla about the end and now it's the Mayan doomsday calendar. I'm thinking when the end comes, it's going to be on a different time table than men have thought of.

I live in the now, but don't lose track of the fact that what I do today will effect my tomorrow.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

You're right. The world comes to an end for all of us soon or late. The trick is to fully live each moment that is given to us.

It's not just dooms but goals that divert us from fully living each breath. Everything will be fantastic when I get published, or meet that special someone, or become wealthy.

No. We are happy when we appreciate what we have right at this moment. Thanks for such an inspirational post. Roland

Liza said...

The Final Prophecy series is based on the Mayan doomsday calendar.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Very wise words...'what you do today will effect your tomorrow'

HOW VERY TRUE this is...

Makes a person realize they should think before they speak.

I always love your comments!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Exactly! Live in the NOW and the rest takes care of itself.

I'm guilty of preparing for the future...and just learned a hard lesson about, from here on out...I live in the NOW.

I'm so glad you stopped by to visit Roland...and I'm really happy you commented...your words couldn't be more true...happiness is in the now.

Do come back!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I'll go check that out unless you're willing to come back an tell us all about it in a post with me.
Care to be interviewed?


A man called Valance said...

Yup, live for today and to hell with tomorrow. It's all temporary anyway.

Liza said...


I'm happy to tell you about the book I'm reading. I'll also post about the book on my blog.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Mr. V,

You couldn't be more right!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


LOL, o.k., then I'll come to your blog and read about it! ;-)

Hugs big time sweetie!

Judi said...

Hey, Hawk!

No, it won't. And I know this because I came up with another reason in my latest, Genie Knows Best. Sadly, we have to wait a year to find out what it is!

Sorry I haven't been around - major deadline and life stuff.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


OMG...sooooo good to hear from you honey! (((HUGS)))

OH, LOL, I fully understand the deadline know I adore you and I know whenever you can you'll drop in! xoxox

SO...when's the next awesome book coming out? I need to do a give-away soon! ;-)

O.K., I got time I'll wait a year to find out what the genie

Hugs Hon

Oscar said...

What the Hell! 2012?? The reason this myth was created was that the Mayan rock carver ran out of rock and couldn't show what happens in his calendar year!

Oscar said...

Woops, damnit, I left out a word: "next" in "his next calendar

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Oscar!'re probably right about this!


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