Sunday, July 11, 2010

What’s in a name?

Which is more you; the Birth Name you were given or the Cyber Names you chose?

Have you ever noticed how creative and how much more a cyber name is in character to that person than their own birth name?
So what’s in a name? You have to wonder, don’t you? Compare the creativity in these:

NB: All of the online names below are real cyber names I’ve seen used (the regular names next to them were made up because I don’t know what the person’s real name is) But I put in average names to show my point.

Sweet September over a name like Sue
Pixie over a name like Kate
Pixie Wild Flower over a name like Mary
Park-avenue Princess over a name like Ramona
Fantasy Doctor over a name like John
Weekend Hippie over a name like Jake
Complete Dysfunction over a name like Bill
The Mad Hatter over a name like Rob
Bloody Crumpet over a name like Ann
Blue Jack
Sexy Mama

The names picked really say a lot more about the person than their real names. Ramona what does that common name tell us about her? Nothing! Nada! Zip! Now look at the Cyber name; Park-avenue Princess…Now we know something about this woman. She either lives on Park-avenue or wants to live on Park-avenue or she sees herself as a Park-avenue woman. The fact that she added Princess tells us she knows she spoiled, or that she’s daddy’s little girl and out of love/respect for her dad, she kept the title dad gave her. Or She might be Jewish…and sees the humor in the title. It tells us she loves beautiful clothes and homes (apartments/Condos), and that she likes city life.

How about Weekend Hippie. The name Jake…tells us nothing….but Weekend Hippie says he’s probably a straight laced business man during the week, who loves to let go and be free on his down time. It also tells us he has to be 50 or older to even think of the term hippie. Weekend Hippie says this is a guy who smiles a lot and doesn’t take life too seriously. He doesn’t let the small stuff bug him. He’ll be a hard worker but knows how to have fun as well. And he’s probably a ladies’ man. Most likely NOT Married. He’s not the kind of guy to commit too fast, but when he does…he’ll be loyal. He’d be good with children, most likely an active father in the raising, but not too firm with the hand. Weekend Hippie tells us he’s a reader...the kind of guy you like to talk to at parties.

Yetikeeper….{:-O well, I’d say he lives in Canada or loves that area…into SiFi and is fascinated with the paranormal or unusual things life has to offer. He loves the idea of surprises and he’s probably into si-fi horror flicks. Again, I’d guess he’s in his mid-forties…not too many young people would think to use this term, and he’s not an American…most American’s would say Big Foot, but if he is an American then I’d say he was a Native American Eskimo.

Complete Dysfunction and Sexy Mama pretty much says it all. LOL

Now the name Blue Jack is interesting…he could be sad, depressed or maybe that’s just his favorite color, but I’d say those guess’ are correct…1) because he can’t be sad all the time and when happy he wouldn’t want the reminder he was sad. 2) Most guys don’t wear their hearts on their sleeve and 3) Most guys don’t think of things like favorite colors. So, I’m thinking Blue Jack is more like a pilot or air force boy. Possibly a sailor in love with the sea. A simple man with simple interest. Might be into sports…watching them that is…on TV. My guess is he’d be married with children.

So, now that I’ve put this out there… tell me, what’s your cyber name say about you?
And for those of us that are authors and can’t really use a cyber name, what would you pick as one if you could?

Cyber hugs


Cecile said...

Oh wow... you really know how to get us thinking about "why did we pick that name"!!

Well... My Cyber name is Cecile, which happens to by my real name. Now the name of my blog is All I Want and More. So... Now I ask you (hee hee..) What does it say about me that I used my real first name?? Oh yeah, you knew I was going to go there, lmbo!!!

Now my blog name is what it is... All I want and more out of the books I read... I am always wanting more, more romance, more smutt, more love and heart ache, more paranormal, more of everything....

Great post honey. Yeah I am fixing to go to bed... It is late, lmbo!

Blodeuedd said...

Oh no Cecile beat me to it ;)

Well my name is Blodeuedd, my cybername that is, it comes from me hanging out at LOTR forums and there no one really had their own names, so Linda would have felt weird and boring. All the LOTR ones were of course taken so I went with Blodeuedd since she was in a story I was working on..then I used it on another place and someone remembered my name from that other one. So I thought hey why not, at least now people will think of perhaps it's B when the see the name around. And most of the times it's me.

My title comes from loving books, and Mur-y-castell was where B lived.

It's better not to think that much deeper about my name, cos she sure was special

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Sweetie!

LOL...What does it say about you using your real first name? In Our says we couldn't be creative only because you as a "Reviewer" and me as an "Author"...we have to keep our real names out there... a way you do have a cyber name Cecile...Ms Smutty Hussy! ;-) And that says a lot well, we know you're not smutty...because you're a romantic, and you're not a hussy because you're way too, your cyber names says it's more of a wish fulfillment...LOL
Being the independent girl that you's got to be hard to stay within the rules of society that they have but down for women to live by.

If a girl is free with the "Romance" she's a tart, slut or whatever in most peoples eyes...where as a man...well, he's just being a man.
Why are the rules for men so easy and women have to live up to a higher standard?

Hummmm, now you got me to thinking again Cecile, and you know what happens when you do that....future blogs....for thinking on.

LOL...go to bed babe, sweet dreams and chat with you later!


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Oh wow, that interesting to know...also, I think when those of us that are able to take on a cyber allows us to let go of the public image of who we are and become who we want to be if only for a short's a cool way to just be YOU without all the worries of "what will someone think of me if..."
And it's possible...the cyber names let's us become someone else all together and just us no one to answer to for why we said this or's an escape from the pressures of real life.

I loved hearing how you came about your cyber name and blog name! Wonderful story!

Hugs Honey!

Cheyenne said...

And what of mine?

Leontine said...

You make me remember my nickname revolution since I've been online since *wracks the memory here* since 2002. My very first cyber name was Lotus-Angel, the angel thing was probably cause everyone told my I was a "sunday's-child" have you ever heard of that expression before?? My aura pic was taken at the time showing a "golden halo" Yeah, go figure...

Then I went to Dark-Huntress inspired by my favorite series at the time, the Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Come over to the dark side, we've got cookies was something i couldn't resist.

And then...finally...I decided that all those cyber names was just "not me" anymore and wanted to be plain Leontine but most of the time when contacts becomes personal it gets shortened to Leo...why that is? It's been a phenomonen since my teenage years, still don't know what triggers it LOL

DL Hammons said...

Before I decided to ditch the cyber-name and go full-disclosure, I went by Misbehaving on some sites and Imposter on others. :)

Liza said...

My cyber name is Liza or mslizalou(on twitter). My parents named me Elizabeth Louise after both grandmothers, but I've been Liza since birth. In college, many of my friends started calling me Liza Lou and it stuck.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Yeah...why did you pick that name?

What did the name represent to you?


Houston A.W. Knight said...


(((HUGS))) WOW...since 2002! That's awesome...that tells me how you know so much about the computer!

you're a wonder of cyber names...and all of them discribe different sides of you...

I think at different stages of our lives or at major life changes in our lives...we change...and a new name says who we are in that moment of time.

Many Native American Indian people will change their names throughout their lives or at different stages of their lives for this very reason...they grow and change as a the name they had is no longer a name that fits them. So they take on a new name that discribe them at that time.

And I think that's how most of us come by our cyber's what fits us at the moment.

Glad you dropped in honey!
Big hugs

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Interesting choice of cyber names...says a lot about you! Why did you pick those names...come on share..what was going on in your life when you picked those names?


Houston A.W. Knight said...


So you didn't stray too far from your birth name...that's interesting. Why no "far out" cyber name for you?


Cecile said...

Hey honey, first you know it is my job to provoke and make you think a little farther!
Second... Well I let you guess now for the truth, lol... I used Cecile because I had no clue in this world of blogging that we were suppose to have a "cyber name." So Cecile it was. And besides I actually love my name. Not many Cecile's in the world. We are one in a million (okay do not try to google it cuz that is not the true number... but if you met me... ha.. you would say that!) Anyway... So, I opted to use my real name.
And now you touch on my Mrs. Smutty Hussy. Well, that was an adopted name when I started reading the "books" I started reading, lmbo. Hussy would be used.. and I then it got me thinking... Well, if that is what I am called because of what we read or wanting more eye candy on the covers... then Smutty Hussy I must be and it does not bother me at all... Even the hubs has come to use that name every once in while when he "talks" to me, lmbo. Yeah, go figure that one out.
But you are right, I am a romantic at heart.. true and true. I believe in the world of romance, being swept off your feet, hot steamy sex lasting for hours on end. I believe in the passion can be seen in the eyes of the lover... I believe in all those things that we read about... And damnit one day, I will get those things, lol!
But you are right, we as women get that double edge sword because if we act on what is in our mind we are then perceived as sluts, whores.. whatever. Well I have a thing or two to say to those people, they can kiss my ass, lol! Sorry for being frank here... But I know you will allow me to speak my mind. I say if a man can do, so can a woman... We are built for pleasure, we are built to couple with another human being. It is just our wiring that is a little different.

Okay back to the name thing, lmbo... See what you do to me... My name stands for what I believe in... All I want and more... and Smutty Hussy... Those are things that I stand for and believe in and *whispers* actually have my way sometimes, lmbo!

M.V.Freeman said...

Names fascinate me.
I use M.V, I've used others. but this says it all--a bit of something, and a whole lot of nothing.

I value my privacy, but I like to invoke some interest..especially as a writer.

Actually, I have a bad habit of reassigning names if I feel another name would suit you better. I do it all the time. It is quite embarassing...

Lovely post Hawk!

Liza said...


I've always liked both Liza and Liza Lou so I've never thought of another name really. Plus, when I first hit the internet, I didn't really think about using a "far out" cyber name. Maybe in the future I'll come up with a "far out" name or get someone to help me with one. LOL

Are you going to RWA since it is in Orlando?


Houston A.W. Knight said...


(((HUGS))) Now you know I think you're one in a million and when I googled it...why it says you're one in a billion. ;-) But to be honest I think it's closer to a trillion....that what a spercial friend you are to me.

And girl I'm with you on what's good for the goose is good for the gander!
I like smutty hussy...I wish I had a cool cyber name...I'm just Hawk.

Big Hugs!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


OMG, I'm like that too...if your name is Justin...but my mind say you look more like a mouth will keep saying Jason....this is bad - very bad, but that's just the way me brain is built!
Maybe it's a twin thing! LOL

M.V., Why that says a whole lot of something to me! ;-)


Houston A.W. Knight said...


If you find someone to help you with a cool far out cyber name let me know...I'll ask him to pick one out for me too! LOL

RWA National isn't happening for me this year even if it's in me own back yard! :-(
R U going?


Park Avenue Princess said...

I'm not even close to being a "Ramona" and I'm not "Jewish"...but you've got a lot of the rest pretty much right!

I love your blog by the way...

Feel free to visit my site anytime! I was really surprised you picked mine.

x0xx Park-Avenue Princess

A man called Valance said...

Interesting subject, Hawk, and engaging conversation from all, as always. I can’t help thinking the interpretation of a pen name depends on who is doing the interpreting. As a man called Valance, I see myself as an enigmatic character. Others might think ‘Goofball.’

Your persona intrigues me. I wonder if Houston AW Knight is your real name. Probably not, I’d guess, but ‘Hawk’ allows you to spread your fantasy wings, and express the romantic in you. (Though the devil in me wonders if your real name is Texas AL Knight. Or just plain Talkall Knight.)

And I’m sweating on Cheyenne’s explanation. If he turns out to be a shy female called Ann, I’m gonna feel lousy.

(See you in a few days, when I’m done drowning my sorrows in the Blogsville Saloon, and finding comfort down at Cordelia’s Parlor.)

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Mr. best not be hanging out at Cordelia’s'ver got no sorrows to be over there for!
Get yourself back home...we're all waiting for you!
(Any of you wondering why I'm saying this is just going to have to go over to MR. V's place and see why!)

Yeah, I was wondering about Chey's name meself...I hope he'll come back and tell us why he picked that name.

As far as my name...yes, it's my real name....least it was the last time I I'm guessing I'm stuck with it for the rest of me life.
But it fit me....I'm like Cecile...

hugs cowboy!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

BTW...funny Mr. V...Texas AL Knight. Or just plain Talkall Knight


Why are you saying I'm a chatty little lady?


Cheyenne said...

Why did I pick mine?....... Freedom! Freedom to be me, freedom to switch off the brain that works overtime.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I miss the action. When the adrenalin runs, and the mouth tastes of metal.

Riding and being an alternate character allows me to forget and be myself.
To be alone, is to be at war. The sanity of the stillness, the war is in the mind. It drives all of what we are, and will ever be. Dont get me wrong, I`m no fruitcake,lol! But here`s the deal, what do you do, when it all gets too much?

I ain`t growin` tomatos for the rest of my life!
Besides, everyone has an alternate persona, I dont care what they say.

Lori Sanders-Foley said...

oh, no. I don't have a cyber name. Help!

Lori, as it turns out is derivitive of laurel (gr. pertaining to crown or wreath).

Not chosen by me per se, but it works, I guess. I know several people who believe that people live up to the names their parents choose for them.

I do, however, take great care when choosing a name for a character. Now, I may just have to take a moment to try to select one for myself. Hmmmm...

Cheyenne said...

Just an addition, to my previous post: Cheyenne,they branched off from the Algonquian nations. They moved west, and settled. "Plains Indians", Wide open spaces, "Freedom!"

Plus, having spent some small time in Cheyenne, Wy. I can understand the open space.

Liza said...


I did decide to do RWA, even after it moved from Nashville. I'll be in Orlando for almost 5 days(flying in on Tuesday night). Wish you were going. I was looking forward to meeting you.


Houston A.W. Knight said...

OMG Chey,

I always wanted to go and possibly live in Cheyenne, Wy.

Amazing what forces of nature or the Gods draw people together.

of like minds and desires


Houston A.W. Knight said...


You're going hum...let me know when you get closer to going and let me see if I might be able to drive over there for a few hours one day...I'm only about an hour away from there.
But I won't know if it's possible until closer to that time.


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Love the story on how you got your name!

as far as cyber names you'll have to join me and Cecile over here in the corner of people using our real names. LOL


Liza said...


I'll shoot you an email closer to time and give you my travel details. Hope it works out for us to meet, but understand if it can't happen this time.


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Sounds good...and if I do make it there... expect a big party because I'd like to see each and everyone of you girls if I can make it over there, even just for one night!


Janette Harjo said...

I'm an author too, so I use my "kinda" real name of Janette Harjo. LOL! (Pseudonym) But I have an alter personality too, she is known as susie2kewt. Please do not think that I am vain; I Did Not choose that name for myself!

I was looking to use SusieKew because that's what my mama used to call me, but it was taken and I could not thik of another name I would want to use. That's when my dughter said, "Use susie2kewt"! Well, I thought that was "too cute,"so I used it. LOL!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Oh I love your cyber name and the story behind it is sweet!

How are things going on your new blog?


A man called Valance said...

'are you saying I'm a chatty little lady?'

I'd have said Windbag, but I reckon it amounts to the same thing.

Course you know I'm teasing again.

Yup, you're a chatty little lady with an infectious enthusiasm. And you've got a wonderful way of sparking people.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Mr. Valance!

You have such a way with words!


big hugs

Natascha said...

For years I've been in dislike with my realname Natascha so I went in search for names that suit me more, but as the years progress, my name grew back on me and now I think it suits me quite well.

The meaning of my name is birth date of Christ, now I am born in May so its a few months off but my mom thought Natascha was a great name. The way it's spelled is the Russian version and not very common so in that way it's a bit special.

I used Ashleagh (phonetic for Ashley) a while on the net meaning Ash grove (but it's origins with me came from somewhere else and cannot be taken from the name itselve.

I think the beauty with cyber-names is, that you can change it with every change you go through as well. We as humans are constantly changing, so why cant our name? But in the end I think my birthname holds something dear to me, because it was handpicked by people who love me.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I love your real name...but then I love the Russian's such a beautiful language...very romantic.

BTW...there are major questions about Christ being born in December...and why too cold for them to have slept (let alone give birth) in a barn had it, Christ being born in May or June would be closer to reality.

*I think the beauty with cyber-names is, that you can change it with every change you go through as well. We as humans are constantly changing, so why cant our name?*

Some very good points...points some people don't understand...glad to hear there are those who do think like me....and many Native American Indian people whose names changed as they grew into who they where. Most were given birth names but those were never used (too sacret) they went by names given at different time in their lives. As should we all.


The Kracken said...

Mine came from having to pick a name to go on the back of my dodge ball shirt. As far back as I can remember, I have been called Ape short for April.

It never occurred to me to be offended it was just my name but shorter. When I grew up (okay that hasn’t actually happened yet), and all my friends starting having kids, I became Apey or Apey Ape.

Fourteen years later and the kids still call me Apey Ape as do their parents.

For some reason I did not want to have to explain this to the 100+ folks in this new dodge ball league and I wanted a name that was intimidating but funny. Well, okay so I stole it from Clash of the Titans and did not make use of my Greek mythology for the spelling, but funny it was, because I am all of 5’2” and nowhere close to be a ferocious opponent or menacing!

When it was time for me to do a contest here that was on the radio for 8 weeks and a blog was required my cyber name Kracken was born.

And BTW I like what Mr. V said about your name...Hawk!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I was wondering about your name! Wow what a wonderful story...not sure I'd like anyone calling me an ape though. LOL

I'd strickly inforce APRIL!

It's like one person I knew called me Hawkie...NO, sorry the nic-name's Hawk - based on my ie after Hawk....and I don't answer to Hawkie...

LOL, ah, my Mr. Valance...he's a sweetie isn't he.