Sunday, August 1, 2010

I want me a cowboy baby!

What is it about COWBOYS anyway?


Standing there all sexy like and looking like western wiseguys! Is that what's so attractive about them? They have a silent power?

Oh, well, o.k., I can see they've got the good looking bodies going on...I ain't dead yet for Pete's sake, but...what is it that draw a woman like a fly to ....well, ya'll know the saying....


And yes I can see they're all good looking men....but it's the hat that does me in I think.

sexy Pictures, Images and Photos
Nothing as sexy as that hat! When they wear it low you think powerful, sexy and dangerous. When they wear it back on their heads you think cute, funny and sweetie enough to eat. Find a cowman wearing it any other way he isn't a cowboy but a city folk trying to look like a cowboy!

There's just something about a cowboy hat that makes the man....

or is it the man under the hat that makes my legs weak? ;-)
cowboy sexy Pictures, Images and Photos
Then again...a lot can be said about jeans on a man...what is it that makes jeans sexy on a cowboy? Is it the way he wears them without a shirt...ever notice a real cowboy never wears a T-shirt....100% cotton shirt with snap buttons and when he's wearing it it's only buttoned half way up...yummy! He always leave a little something for the lady's if his jeans don't show us enough. LOL

As the music of Kid Rock's "I wanna be a cowboy baby" rock through me head I have to wonder...what is it about cowboys that's so attractive?

Sexy Cowboy Pictures, Images and Photos Is it the way he handles his horse...or all those muscles? Is it his sexy over confidence that sways a girl? How is it a cowboy gets by with all that cockiness and other guys can't?

Is it the romantic yet innocent way a cowboy looks at a girl that makes her lose her mind? Or the way he speaks...soft, yet so self assured "he will have you" that makes the woman melt on the spot?
cowboy sexy Pictures, Images and Photos
A lot can be said about his boots too...something very sexy about could be the leather or the heel, I'm not sure but they sure do make the cowman look ready to protect the weaker sexy in a minute....they give the cowboy a seductive kind of walk too! Now how's a girl to resist all this temptation?

OH, OH...and that coat! Did you ever see such a provocative garment...reminds me of a knight's cape...a cowboy of the past! Can't miss a rainy day in Texas!

Cowboy sexy Pictures, Images and Photos And most cowboy's have such kind manners (there's one or two I know *coughs* that are rogues) but most are so sweet talking. A girl can't help but be enticed...

cowboy and cowgirl Pictures, Images and Photos
I did know a cowboy (whom I won't name) who was kind enough to let me use his tub to wash up in...once...but he turned out to be a devilish me IRISH up something fierce, he did. Then thought to tame me temper by showing me his pet snake...being the city girl I am, I'm not sure if snakes look like that, but I can sure say it was huge! Didn't think snakes got that large!

*Wink Wink* Pictures, Images and Photos
But what's a city girl know about snakes.

cowboy sexy Pictures, Images and Photos And another thing...cowboy are always prepared...gosh, it's surprising just how much they can put in their bedroll! They never ask a girl to put anything in her purse!

Let's not forget how talented cowboys are with a rope...and what guys, other than a cowboy, can make work gloves look sexy? Just look at this guy below! Notice his hands!
cowboy Pictures, Images and Photos

Huh, girls! I'm talking about the gloves. Keep your minds focused....Teheheeheheehe

Or maybe what's so sexy about a cowman is the romance that one day he'll ride off into the set set with you in his arms....and keep you safe from all those bad snakes out there in the wild, wild, west.

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Erotic Horizon said...

Houston you made my really did..

I love me a cowboy.. not enough to have his baby though, but love him none the less..

The hat

The manners

The jeans

The outdoorsy thing they have going on - all those does it for me..

but the fact they are the full package - man, manners, brooding bad boy hidden under all that somewhere - and the horse.. Let me not forget a man on a horse... som make them irresistable.

A man who will defend my honour - just because I am the little lady or even just because....


I am rethinking that baby thing .....


Houston A.W. Knight said...


OH Big Hugs darlin' it's been a spell since I've seen ya' sweetie!

Oh yes...I'm with you...yummy cowboys can make a morning, afternoon and evening for sure! ;-)

lol on the baby thing! That's the thing about Cowboys...they can make us girls do something we normally wouldn' have babies or have fun trying. Teheheheheheheee

Have a great weekend!

Valerie said...

Gee Hawk, you sure know how to start my day.... smiling. Of course, over here we don't get to see much in the cowboy stakes but a gal can dream, can't she? I wonder ... if I took an ORDINARY man and dressed him in THOSE clothes, would he be transformed to a sexy hunky thing? Just wonderin.......

Cheyenne said...

You sure are a one! I kinda see you as the First Mate, all kinda soft, with that hidden something. Maybe, its the words, or the slinky way you string `em together. I`m not sure, but I`ll say this, you can ride my horse..............anytime! xxx!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


LOL, My aim is to please. Glad you like my cowboys.

Well, to answer your of those cowboys you saw pictured was one of your men...not an American Cowboy and he looks mighty awesome as a cowman...don't you think? yes, take any man and dress him in cowboy clothes and you can transform him into a sexy hunk of Cowboy!

Gettie up!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Why Chey...

You can make a girl blush and a woman grow warm with words like that.


A man called Valance said...

It might have escaped your attention Hawk, but there's an odd man out in this selection of pretty boys. And not because the individual in question has a face like a constipated moose. Nope, it's because he's the only one who clearly ain't in love with himself. And what's more, he's the only one who owns a shirt.

'or is it the man under the hat that makes my legs weak? ;-)'

Nope, it's that big gaping space between your ears.

And if you really want a cowboy baby that bad, then I reckon you ought to see Cheyenne. He's practically volunteered.

Erotic Horizon said...

Ohhhh Hawk -... the ball is your court now...

Let me know early, so I can ship off my baby pressy in time for the little cowboy baby.....


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Why Mr. Valance, I swear you need glasses...if you look again...there are three other cowboys with shirts and that's not counting the one you referred to as the constipated moose faced cowboy.
Why I thought that Cowboy was a sexy rugged kind of handsome cowboy.

We ladies like all kinds from pretty cowboys to rugged cowmen!

Gosh, most of these cowboy are way too clothed...There's the one who owns a scarf, poor boy that's about all he could afford after buying his horse.

And there's the one who managed to find a really sexy rain coat.

Then there's the one *cough* who's wearing chaps, and the last who has Yummy *double coughs* gloves on...oh, yeah...they're all handsome looking men to a lady's lusty eyes, even with their clothes on.

Why Mr. Valance, they're all sexy in different ways.
Us ladies love "La' differenace!"

*Nope, it's because he's the only one who clearly ain't in love with himself.*

Ah, now I know which "Odd man out" cowboy you're talking about...and you know Valance...I noticed that about the second guy pictured as well...he seems very grounded unlike the other cowboys up there...the rest are rogues for sure...but soooo sexy to a woman!

*And what's more, he's the only one who owns a shirt.*

Now which one of the cowmen in shirts are you talking about, Mr. Valance?
Teheheheheeeee...I'd love to know.

*'or is it the man under the hat that makes my legs weak? ;-)'
Nope, it's that big gaping space between your ears.*

Why Mr. Valance...such a thing to say to a lady! I was being discrete...I never said which cowboy made my knees feel weak...why....I'm sure no one knew I was talking about the cowboy in the yellow hat below that statement...and only a cowboy in love with himself would assume I meant him.

Though you did make a fine point about most of the cowboys pictured are full of themselves...
Why I'll be more careful in the future. LOL *Gotcha*

*And if you really want a cowboy baby that bad, then I reckon you ought to see Cheyenne. He's practically volunteered.*

Why Mr. Valance...I do believe you sound jealous.
Cheyenne and I are just friends, though I do admit he's made a soft spot in me heart.


Blodeuedd said...

Hawk, a cowboy post, now this is something that I like.

It's the clothes, hat, landscape, and yes talking 19th century here ;)
I do think bf would like great as a cowboy

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Sooo, how did I do with the Valance situation? Did I catch the ball or what?


As far as the baby cowboy...hey, there's a lot of 'em to pick from...have at it...I hear Cheyenne's ready to give a tossing here and you might want ot check him out first...rumor as it he's fast out of the gate but slows the pace down once the action gets going....that's a good thing! ;-)


Houston A.W. Knight said...


You're late today honey! Look how many got here before you...what's with that...girl, you've been missing things of late...who's keeping you these days?

Ah, so you love the cowboy why don't all our men across the world dress more like them?
Or should I say act more like them?

Hum...another post to ponder. *G*

Hugs babe!

A man called Valance said...

'LOL *Gotcha*'

Yup, I reckon you did.

'Why I'll be more careful in the future.'

Yeah, me too. Leastways I'll know in future, that opening my mouth is an invitation for you to talk me to death.

And Cheyenne was right... you have got a slinky way of stringing words together.

Cheyenne said...

Well I do declare! There ain`t nothin` in this world like sharin`views! Seems to this ol` calf nurse, it ain`t whats be in said, it what ain`t be in said!
An` ah do think that this here post has raised some sparks in these here ladies!
Sure as hell, ladies need sparkin`! Anyway`s, I cant go without a little home spun logic!
"If you ain`t in bed by midnight, go home son!"......Love ya honey!

M.V.Freeman said...

Ahh Hawk!

Cowboys...its the whole loner type..the mystique, just like you said-A Knight. They have their own rules they live by. They have many layers.

Just think, an Onion and a Cowboy are similar...good in a meal, but can bring tears to your eyes.

(Ok, ok, so I was pushing it for the whole metaphor thing...)

Have a lovely day all


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Mr. Valance,

I'm an Irish girl...I have to talk or....well, you know....

*Cheyenne was right... you have got a slinky way of stringing words together.*

Teheheheeee, I'm kind of like a mystery writer... you can't skip a word or you will get lost....if that's what you're saying....but me gut's telling me... you're saying I'm sneaky.

Why Mr. Valance, are you saying that?
(((( careful, be very careful how you answer!))))) ;-)


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Sweet Chey!

*There ain`t nothin` in this world like sharin`views!*

Oh I'm all for it...speak up!

*Seems to this ol` calf nurse,*

{8-0 who are you calling a ol' calf nurse...why Chey are you saying I'm long in the tooth? Are you saying I'm old!?

*it ain`t whats be in said, it what ain`t be in said!*

Teheeheeee. Why Chey I do believe you're telling on me!

*An` ah do think that this here post has raised some sparks in these here ladies!*

It sure has...anything cowboy can raise a lady's temperature fast!

*Sure as hell, ladies need sparkin`! Anyway`s, I cant go without a little home spun logic!
"If you ain`t in bed by midnight, go home son!"

LOL...very wise words Chey!

*Love ya honey!*

I know Chey! *Houston gives a big hug*


Houston A.W. Knight said...


ONIONS...ROTFLOL, do they smell that bad too? :-D

You're right about them bringing tears to a lady's to run as fast as you can when you see one of those handsome critters...(One in particular I'm well aware of - you better run very fast!)
Them there cowboys will break a heart faster than a lightning strike!

I haven't seen you on the porch sweet...where you been?

Big CYBER HUGS - I've been think about you...I'll write you later!

Oscar said...

That whole post was DISGUSTING, Hawk, except for one or two photos. A real cowboy wouldn't be caught dead without a shirt; he has to protect his body from the hot sun while he's out ridin' and ropin' and chasing them cows around the prairies. The only real cowbody-lookin' cowboy there was that one talking about a moose.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Oscar, Oscar, got to allow us girls something to ohhh and ahhh about...what's life without a little rubbernecking?


Kracken said...

Mr. Chey said you could ride anytime. I personally think it best to save the horse and ride a cowboy...or is that just me? GiddyUP!!

I'm just sayin....

Houston A.W. Knight said...


ROTFLOL! OMG!! I'm still laughing too hard to type!

Girl...have you been spending time at the Hussy's palace? Sure sounds like you have!

Well...I say...giddy up and rid'em girl!


Kracken said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

BTW...the cowboy with a hat and smoke is hotness personified!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Anon, ;-)

I have to whole heartedly agree with you...he is the sexest one there!

Major hugs

A man called Valance said...

Hmm, must be my Aunt Mabel.

Cheyenne said...

Hey! Miss "H", I never looked at the photos, until now!

Say where on earth did you get that one of me?????
The one in the coat and hat! Jeez, I thought there were no more copies! Just goes to show, ya cant trust no one!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

LOL, why Chey, didn't you know...they're posted on every tree in blogsvill! That's where I got this one.

Big hugs

Cheyenne said...

Yeah?... Maybe I didnt want to "Branch out", or perhaps I was hopin` some one would "twig on", but maybe just look at them and "Turn over a new Leaf!"
Who knows?....Although I have to say, it looks like you wus "Barkin` up the wrong tree!" ...Lol!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


LOL...not the wrong tree it's a "Wanted" tree....ROTFLOL...they were pinned to the trunks because you're "Wanted"!


~Sia McKye~ said...

Some nice lookin' cowboys you have visiting, Hawk.

Let's say, I've not met many cowboys that look quite this clean and most have shirts on. I HAVE met a number of sexy ones, soft drawl, slow hands, wicked smiles.

Part of what draws one is the sense of indepenence and self assured attitudes. Real ones are some hard working men.

Hugs, sweetie!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I have to agree with you as per the real for the ones here in my world of romance...fantasy becomes reality if only for a moment in time!

hugs darlin'

Eliza March said...

I've been busy writing about two cowboys and a lady so I've only been able to lurk about your blog until recently. I'm back!
Cowboys? I like the denim worn out in strategic places, the tailored shirts identify the total fitness of the man, and then there's the horses. Any man who's good to his horse, all that petting and stroking, can't be all bad in bed.

Eliza March (ANY WAY WEST)

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Eliza, have you been young lady?

I so understand...I'm knee deep in vampire blood at the moment. LOL.

Glad you found a minute to've been missed. I've been bad meself at blog hopping of late as well... do have a way with words when it comes to describing cowboys!


JJ Cocker said...

Um... An interesting collection of Cowboys, there, Miss Hawk. I suppose you gotta cater for all tastes. ;o)

Houston A.W. Knight said...

J.J.! (((hugs)))

Yeah, but it's that forth cowboy that is the most interesting and colorful of them all!

He's the type that is dangerously quiet and can run off with a girl's heart before she knows it...wouldn't you say? LOL

Big hugs

Janette Harjo said...

This cowgirl (from way back)has always loved those Cowboys! The Real Ones, ya know? ;)