Sunday, August 8, 2010


Why aren’t we Americans told about all the wonderful discoveries our scientists have discovered…and why aren’t their discoveries blasted across the world in headline news?

How many of you know what a Hieronymus Machine is? Exactly my point! And I’ll bet if you ask someone who was alive back in 1949, when these machines were invented, if they knew what it was, they wouldn’t know about it either…why not?

Well just so you know I'm not a crazy Irish is a picture of one.

There are several kinds of Hieronymus Machine better known as "black boxes" that A Doctor Thomas Galen Hieronymus invented. These boxes could do wonderful things…like exterminate insects at a distance and without pesticides…and it was done just by taking a photograph of the infested field, outlined the area of the pest destroying the crop in the photograph in ink and then slipping the picture into a Hieronymus Machine. Several days later the pests were all dead.

So why is our government allowing our farmers to use deadly pesticides directly on the food they know we and our innocent children will eat? Pesticides we know are giving us Cancers and other illnesses?

How about a Hieronymus Machine that will find anyone anywhere? Say our government really wanted to find someone like this guy

Osama Bin Laden…why don’t they just use the Hieronymus Machine that all they have to do is insert a photograph of him into one side of the machine and on the other side insert a map of the area in Afghanistan we know he’s in…the operator of the Hieronymus Machine will then rub his fingers over a metal plate until his fingers stick. Once his fingers stick a more detailed map is placed into the machine and the operator continues to work through these detailed maps until they get it down to the exact building Bin Laden’s in. From there they get blue prints of the building – say a hotel he’s hiding out in and they go through the floors of the hotel until they get the floor he’s on. Then they insert a floor plan and find the room he’s in…Yeap, surprise, it’s that easy…yet our government is still acting like they’re trying really hard to find him (with all those tax Dollars of ours)….why all this expense when they have a machine that cost so little to make that will actually find the Osama Bin Laden?

And think of all those lost or kidnapped children that could be found IF the public knew about the wonderful Hieronymus Machines.

There’s even a psionic machine that you can put a drop of blood on a plate attached to an inside out camera and it will diagnose preganacy at ten weeks.

There are other machines that will reveal the illness or illnesses a person is suffering from…and it is accurate to the T! All from a small drop of blood.

What about Kirlian cameras? That actually appears to photograph our spiritual energy. A camera that will show the outline of a leg that had been amputated years earlier…a camera that shows our energies and through the colors and placements of our energy’s light can tell us about our state of health?

Why are the American people and insurance company’s spending billions of dollars on Tests that can be tainted, incorrect, tampered with or just read wrong? Tests that most of the time have to be redone and the results are still only 85 to 90 % accurate? Why...when there are machine with 100% accuracy?

Why are we still being put into hard, sometimes soft cast when we break our arms or legs? The limb NEVER repairs correctly…but if the majority of people knew the exposure of a mild electromagnetic field speeds the healing of our bones and allows them to repair in a natural state for the optimum repair…why aren’t our doctors’s using them?

The cost of these Hieronymus Machine are so little compared to the methods our Medical Society chooses to use and charge us and the insurance companies for…why are we being asked to absorb these outrageous prices for machines and methods that don’t work as well as the Hieronymus Machines and other psionic machines?


Is the advance of mankind being held back out of greed because there isn’t any money to be made by the big boys off of these wonderful and harmless machines?

I'm just asking


A man called Valance said...

Shame, if they haven't found a way of using one of those things to zap that *******

Valerie said...

My reply has to be 'I don't know' but then I was never a brightie in the field of science or inventions or even saving the world.

Cheyenne said...

My father had one!...No thats wrong, he had two, I remember that just after the war, he bought one of an itinerant miner from Alsace-Lorraine, he used them to help his tomato plants grow,mind you, they were also good at shelling peas and making tea!

Cheyenne said...
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Houston A.W. Knight said...

Mister Valance! to elaborate on that statement? I wouldn't want anyone to fill in the blanks wrong.

*Remember you're not at MS Smutty Hussy's Palace...*
;-) LOL

Such a rogue ya' are Mr. V!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hey sweetie how are you doing?

Well none of us would have to be the brightest color-cran in the box if our scientests discoveries were revealed to us...isn't that why we have them? They have a knowledge we don't, so when they find out something it would be nice if we were told about it.

LOL...I think the world is beyond saving at this point by man...Mother Nature is going to have to take care of herself this time around....and she will...only problem with that...she tends to do it in a rather BIG WAY!

...if you know what I mean, but man's really left her no other choice at this point.

;-) I think I've made all my points...haven't I?

Big Hugs

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Why I do believe you're making fun of me!

These machines are real you little devil! You can read all about them in a book called;MAGIC:SCIENCE OF THE FUTURE by JOSEPH F. GOODAVAGE 1976 is the first print of it...just about that time when I bought the book and read it for the first time. I was all of twenty years old...but I've always been somewhat of a science geek.

Hugs you devil boy!

A man called Valance said...

' to elaborate on that statement?'


Oscar said...

I think it was one of those machines that they used to make ships invisible to the enemy in WWII or was it the other way around?

Cheyenne said...

Hi Hawk, thought you should read this, "Hieronymus Machine" is a general term that refers to the patented Radionics devices invented by electrical engineer Dr. Thomas Galen Hieronymus born 21 November 1895–died 1988). Hieronymus received a U.S. Patent for his invention in 1949.

The most well-known Hieronymus Machine is the Eloptic Medical Analyzer, which supposedly analyzes and transmits eloptic energy to diagnose and treat medical conditions in plants and animals.

However, this has not been shown to work nor could the inventor get it to work! A chap by the name of Campbell built some of these machines, which is the one you have in the photo.
My Dear!
These are a load of s***! Not to be taken seriously, nor internally!

Cecile said...

Hey, I saw that comment up there... about my place! **hands on hips** I never make anyone talk, lmbo.. I don't have to...

Wow.. Okay I was like huh, what is that... I will just stick to the subject at hand... I will just say that I have no clue and keep on truickin honey!

Hope you had a great weekend!!! Hugs to you honey!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I hate to disagree with you
sweetie, but if you read the book I mentioned you will see they DO WORK

Here in America...each one was tested and's all documented.
Read the book I mentioned.

I don't know what information you have in Europe but here in America they worked...

As well...I happened to have had a dear friend who worked for NSA. He admitted they worked. We discussed these machines and why our government refused to admit they work...perhaps your government has the same reason for putting out false information about them as well???

You work for the government over there...go check it out.

Test were done with the military reconnaissance here in Pennsylvania Dutch Country with a technician here and it worked. Dr. Willian J. Hale in Florida with the DOW Chemical Company here tested it and it worked...the one J.P. Boyce of Victorville California did his test and it worked...

I could list on and on...but it would be easier if you buy the'll see they do work...ALL OF THEM WORK or I wouldn't have written about it.


Houston A.W. Knight said...




Houston A.W. Knight said...

BTW Chey,

I do believe to get anything mechanical patented in the USA - you have to prove it works.


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Yes I heard about those machines as well, in another book I read called "The Eight Tower" But I don't remember the author's name. Sorry...but those aren't Hieronymus Machine...the ones you're talking about were low frequency machines that our government was testing...they had some very odd results if I remember disappearing and finding themselves on shore and then reappearing on ship or having to find their way back...even some deaths I heard.


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Cecile! Many hugs sweetie!

Hummmm, I'm sure your place was talked about with the best of intentions...*cough* in mind. ROTFLOL....

I adore you sweetie!

~Sia McKye~ said...

You come up with some of the most interest musings, my dear, lolol!

I'm thinking the military has even more sophisticated equipment. However, most of those sort of things are not for public knowledge. They have a blanket of secrecy on them. There is much *we* are not told.

Also interesting, many things have been invented to help people medically or otherwise but if there is an application that can be programed in to destroy things, ie in wars, it's patents are bought up and streamlined by the *government* for that purpose.

Off the top of my head, there are inventions that work well in a test setting or in limited trials but the dollars needed to make it viable in larger applications are prohibitive.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hugs Sweetie.

You said friend that work at the National Security Agency said...machines like that work but the problem is they can't be controlled...anyone can make them and who knows for what purpose they will be used...these machines can be used to kill people or spy on cheating mates or on governments.

This is why they have not been talked about much and I'm sure their designs have been altered...

Just like Remote Viewing (Psychic Spies)...anyone can learn to do it...and if anyone can do it...NO ONE - INCLUDING GOVERNMENTS - COULD HAVE A SECRET.

Hugs Darlin'