Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Little tikes: and things they don’t tell you!

I once had a beautiful tabby cat. His name was coffee and he was a scrawny stray kitten I saved from the SPCA.

When I got him home I knew one thing, he would either live or die that night…and if I could see him make it through the night I could make him better, I could help him recover and become the beautiful cat The Gods intended for him to be.

Well, me little kitten lived…and I felt blessed. My beautiful cat could have been a show cat with his matched markings, he was that stunning. I believed he would be with me for a long long time.

Sadly, I only had Coffee for seven short months. What my Vet didn’t tell me was that Male Tabby Cat’s can’t eat ash, which you’ll find in most cat foods.

By not giving me this very important information I did as most and feed my cat standard cat food…ignorant to what it was doing to Coffee.

I was due to go out of town and noticed me tike had a swelling on his left side and rushed him to my Vet. I was told nothing even when I asked what was wrong…I got a shrug and told, “Ah, just a little kidney problem but I’ve given him a shot and he’ll be fine.”

Saddly...I trusted my Vet.

What I should have been told was the ASH in cat food wasn’t good for male Tabbies and to take him off it right away. The ASH had damaged his kidneys…but I wasn’t told. When the lump returned and it had a matching lump on the other side…I returned to the Vet and I was told he had to be put down…then is when I was told what caused the problem! Then…when it was too late to save my Cat.

And Now, many many years later, I have a sweet Yorkie-Poo. But this time, I’m suspicious of Vet’s and their motives of care for my pet. I’m thankfully more informed because I can ask the internet questions and get real honest answers. So, I did a ton of research and continue to do so whenever I see a problem with my tike.

There are things Vet should be telling us and they aren’t…WHY?
How many of you know about Anal Sac drainage for small, toy and tea cups dogs?

For that matter, even for bigger dogs. Any dog that does not have hard stool bowel movements!

And don’t trust the hard movement completely…some have hard movements and still don’t drain.

This is DANGEROUS! Yet not one Vet has told me about this!!! WHY?

Yet due to the health of my little dog, he does not drain his anal sac naturally…left un-drained these anal sac’s fill up, and like an abscess become infected and if left untreated (because we humans don’t know to be watching for this) the sac’s will erupt inside the dog or erupt through his skin making a huge hole next to his anus…hard to heal…if you’re lucky and your dog doesn’t die first!

Yet, it’s easy enough to take care of our little tikes. No, it isn’t a pleasant job to do BUT neither is changing a baby’s diaper. But if you love your dog you’ll do it or take him to the vet and ask them to do it for you.

If you see your dog scoot is butt across the floor (it isn’t always worms), He may be trying to drain that sac! He may sniff his bottom or tail a lot or if he cries out when you touch his back end…or what happened to me to make me aware of this problem…one day, out of the blue with NO SIGNS at all, you pick your little guy up and find a black gel on your arm…you’d better check him out.

It’s easy enough.

If you have a big dog…I’d take him OUTSIDE (wear gloves this is going to be messy) or if he’s a little one, put him in the tub and gently pick up his tail, use your other hand, placing your index finger and thumb around his anus in the 4 and 8 o’clock position, gently but firmly push in and up towards his tail…push IN just like you do squeezing a blemish…you might have to hold the push in a wee bit to get it to drain. Do it several times to drain it completely.

A yellow/brown liquid will come out. This color is good I’m told. If he’s infected this liquid will be gel like and be dark brown or worse - black (he’ll need medicine to cure this infection). IT WILL SMELL BAD! EXPECT THIS. And if the sac is over packed it will shoot out pretty far…so if you have the little guy in the sink, before you start - MOVE everything out of the way and be prepared to clean and sterilize everything afterwards.

I used a natural herbs to cure my dog…it’s your choice what you trust for his health…if you have a good Vet…take him in….and ASK questions and demand they answer you.

I don’t understand. VETS know this about our pets…why don’t they tell us what to watch for? It took me years to get over the early death of my Coffee…it was like losing a family member…

What is it VETS don’t get?

Pets - they may be…but like us…their animals…with health needs. They trust us, who have tamed them, to take care of them. Why are we not being given the information to do this?

Love your pet.


Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Honey. I am sorry to hear the sad story about Coffee but glad to hear that you are taking extra special care of your current little one.

God bless you and yours darling!

Christine said...

The babies we bring into our lives are under our care and you are a wonderful pet owner to bring such good care to your Coffee and your new tike.


Blodeuedd said...

*sniff* How sad :(
How could you know

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Thank you for the kind words about me coffee...I loved him dearly. I cried for months after his passing.

Yes, my little tike now is me heart for sure....he may be wee in size but he's big in name (Zeus) and I think he believe's his name...he thinks he's BIG because he sure likes to bark real mean like at the big dogs.

Do you have any pets?


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hugs darlin'...I've missed ya!

Thank you for the nice words...yes, I love me dog and yes I may spoil him...but for the joy he gives me it's so little that I do.
The gods have blessed me...


Houston A.W. Knight said...


That's just it, I couldn't.

That's why we pay Vets...we pay them to take care of our little tikes and inform us of what we should know.

Well, A little wiser now...I know better than to trust anyone with my health or me dog's! I research everything and I inform meself of things I should know.

It took me a very long time to get over the high price my cat paid for my stupidly trusting someone else to tell me what I needed to know to keep him healthy.

The experience woke me up to the reality around me and now I trust NO ONE with my health care or me dog's...except ME!

I'm older and wiser and I feel like any 4 legged animal is the best creation the Gods have ever made...I'm bless to have been given another chance to care for one...and this time, I will do it right.


SVZ said...

Hawk, I sure do! Two fat cats and a old puppy.

Oscar said...

Sorry about Coffee, Hawk! A little too detailed on the other. I took my dog to the Vet, and I trusted this fellow. He even sent a nice card and made a donation to Colorado State Vet School in his name after "Boney" died. Nice pics!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Thank you for the kind words about me coffee. (hugs)

I'm glad you have a good vet...KEEP HIM!

Good Vets are hard to find where I live...people here keep asking each other who their Vets are and then tell you a sad story about the one they took their pet to.


Kracken said...

Poor coffee and Hawk...I am so sorry to here that. I have two kitties and they are my babies. Thank you for telling us and I had no idea about the Ash.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Sweet you pets are beautiful! Looks like they got a mommy that loves them!

Go on, admit it, you spoil yours like I do mine!

LOL...ain't life grand! And it's the little tikes that make it so wonderful.


Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Spoil? You bet! You did see that I made my dog special "pup" cakes for his birthday, right? ;)

A man called Valance said...

I never did like cats. They got a sneaky way of looking at you, that makes me glad I ain't the same size as a mouse. Wouldn't wish any suffering upon them though. I know what's it like to take the family dog on a one way trip to the vets. What a lousy day that was.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I've had both and dogs are my favorite...something about a dog.

Sorry you had that same road to walk that I had that's rough to walk a road like that alone. Empty.


A man called Valance said...


Natascha said...

So sorry to hear about what happened to Coffee! Love the name though.

I know what you mean, if your pet no matter which one, mouse, cat, dog, horse, sheep and everything in between is sick, you want the best quality care.

Thank God I have this great vet, who even rings up if your pet is really ill to see how he/she's doing, and I knew about the anal sac drainage so that is one less worry off my mind but they are an instant addition to your family, they grasp your heart and hold on tight and each time either my dog or my cats give me a hug or even put their pawn gently to my face I'm reminded of their unconditional love and only hope I'm giving them back the same love and more!