Sunday, September 26, 2010

Romantic Sunday's Fantasy

I don't know about most of you girls but I can't resist a man who knows what he wants (you) and isn't afraid to let you know it with every heated glance, every cocky word, and every action he makes is in reaction to you.

A man who makes you his focal point. A man who takes every chance he gets to press the heat of his passion against you in chase of your virtue, but never pushes that far....he waits...he towers over you; only an inch away, nothing touches but the heat of him caresses you, tantalizes you and waits for you to move just that little inch closer to his lips that finally says YES to his rapture.

The man of the past...the man who did the chasing and allowed us girls to be women of passion and sexual rapture to his seduction. The man who had the balls to TELL us we wanted him, even when we insisted we didn't, yet allowed us to keep our little secret of desire for him, until he could tempt us into his wanton world of lust.

What kind of man is your desire?


Blodeuedd said...

Hm, can't say I have anyone chasing my virtue,,and to be honest I do teh most chasing in our home ;) Cos I am wicked

Stephanie Faris said...

I had that problem when I was just don't fight for women anymore. They seem so apathetic about relationships.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


It's sad that romance has slipped away...I don't understand why men have given up the chase? It's want made them men in my eyes.

The man chased me until I caught him...that was the fun, that was the romance, that was man and woman.

Sad that the art of romance has been lost by man.

It's nice the younger women have tried to keep romance alive by being wicked and filling in for the lack of interest from their men, but it can't be the same with the roles being reversed.

How sad...seducing was the art of a true man.


Houston A.W. Knight said...


I have to wonder if this is one of the reasons why romance books have picked up so much interest...women are craving the lost art of romance from their men.

Why have men given up their role as a man? I don't understand. Men use to love the chase? What happened?

I look at your picture and I wonder if those guys were nuts...look at you! You're beautiful and they weren't feeling the urge to chase you down and seduce you? What is wrong with them? Are they crazy!??


Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Hawk

I'm with B, didn't want and don't need a guy around to chase my virtue, lol! I'll chase if I want, but there was this one guy in college that offered to carry my virtue (as well as supporting my boobs)... weird...

Dottie :)

Blodeuedd said...

Aye, it's sad, but I do like being the seducer, it suits me :) and sometimes I just tempt away all day and let him do the rest..I wonder if I am secretly a man, hm

Houston A.W. Knight said...


ROTFLOL...he wanted to support your boobies? LOL...well, best thing about had big enough boobies to look like they needed support...I'd nev er have gotten that offer...gosh, I didn't sprout boobies until I was 30 late for a college boy to support 'em. LOL

HUmmmm, I don't know about me chasing a in a me that's his role. I want to let him know I'm interested but he'd better damn well do the work of chasing me OR I will move on to one who does!

I don't like lazy men and if he can't get up and chase me...another guy's gonna get the goods!

Call me old fashioned but I expect a man to seduce me...he might need a lot of poking from me but he will set his feet to the chase or I'm out of there.


Houston A.W. Knight said...


as they say, as long as you and the BF are happy with it that way...go for it! Enjoy your life....

As far as you being a way! LOL


JJ Cocker said...

Ummm... What kind of man is my desire? One with sexy eyes who's not frightened to hold my gaze and look into my soul. One that cares enough to how I feel without taking away my independence, and can make me laugh, especially at times when I want to cry!

Oh... And one that won't charge for his services but still give a 100% satisfaction!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


He sounds perfect for you...and when you aren't looking for him...he'll be banging at your door...just wait and see!

Big hugs