Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What do you mean you didn’t know I was a writer?

Yes, I am a published author who is breaking into the romance genre and praying hard for my first sale! But I’ve heard several of you say…”I didn’t know you were a writer” and follow up with “But…your blog isn’t like other writer’s blogs”

My answer to this is: Yes, I’m a writer and No, my blog isn’t like other authors. I didn’t want my blog to be categorized and made to fit into a writer’s format of blogs.

Don't get me wrong...nothing wrong with that, if you don't mind sharing a lot of personal stuff. And you've got a lot of interesting things happening in your life to share...I don't.

I guess it's the Irish in me. Just got to be different. I wanted to entertain and inspire my readers with awesome articles, blurbs and thought provoking questions…I wanted my blog to be fun. Telling you I'm in front of my computer all day isn't my idea of fun.

So, I didn’t do the usual “Here’s what’s happening in my day.”

Now you're asking…well, how will a visiting editor know you’re an author if you don’t fit into the writer’s blog format and talk about writing?

My answer: I could be wrong but I think my blog header and the tabs below it say it all as far as telling blogs villagers and editors I’m a writer. I would assume based on the articles I write and publish here…most of the time…a visiting editor can tell I know how to write…and entertain with my words.

So…what do I do all day?

I sit here in me den and write. I work hard to find ways to carry my readers to far and distant lands and worlds never traveled. I seek to scare,

make dreamy,

and create fantasies


Mysteries and

the Paranormal

for your heart and mind to remember long after you’ve put one of my books down.

Why do you do it, you ask?

I write because I have to. Yap, it’s as simple as that. I DO NOT know how NOT to write. It’s a passion that drives me to sit here 16 hours a day, every day…I do it because I love writing.

My head is filled with wonders and worlds never seen…people who want and need a voice to speak to you through me…my writing allows that for them; my characters. Each seeking to find you and tell you their tale…of mystery, of the future, the paranormal and their historical past. They all want to share the story of their greatest love…because its true love and they want you to know…true love exists.

So, a rare moment I step out of my world of privacy and share with you a wee bit of me and why I do what I do.



Blodeuedd said...

I love your writing, you are always so weird, lovely, fun :D

I do love that you feel that need to write, I think I lost mine, it's sad, cos my head is spinning with stories that wants to crawl out

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Blodeuedd, haven't lost it...those stories are still spinning in your you haven't lost it.

There are times in life when we have to give life it's due...that's all you're doing right now...letting life guide you down fate's day, when the time it right you will grab life by the neck and say, "I make me own fate" and then...then you will write again.

So for now, just enjoy will find time to write again one day!

hugs and love

Janette Harjo said...

Pretty deep passage, HAWK ;) I'd love to meet all those characters in your world. I now you've awakened mine this morning! We should allow them all to meet sometime.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Sounds like a plan to me!


~Sia McKye~ said...

You're a writer? *gasping, holding my hand to my chest.

lololol! Honey, ain't no way a person could miss it with your gift of words.

IMO, a writer's blog needs to show something about the writer, whether it's the design or articles. The worse articles I see out there is where the author does nothing but push THE BOOK. Hard sell, *yawn

The best ones show the personality behind the books. We are people oriented. We like to know about the person, or I do, rather than just a book they wrote. Tibits always fascinate me as does the way they present those musings, tidbits, and life's observations.

You do a fine job, my dear. :-D

A man called Valance said...

Hello Hawk. Achieving your aim will take a lot of work, a huge slice of luck, and any amount of mule headed stubborness. I hope you make it. Whatever happens, the pleasure of writing is a gift in itself. Cherish it.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


LOL, This is why I adore you sooooo dearly!

I agree with you about author's blogs that do nothing but PR their says nothing about them, their writing, or their voice...and this is sad because this is where their readers can discover the author they love to read.

Thank you for the kind words about how I'm doing with mine! I want to always keep it special for those who like to visit me regularly and take time to comment...they all mean a lot to me and this is my way to show them I care.

And YOU young know how much I adore you!

big hugs

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Those are words of wisdom and ones I take to heart. I have a goal and I aim to get it...and I'm Irish...we're as bull head as they come!

Cherish it do...that's why I'm working at making this dream come true.


Christine said...

Hi Hawk: I love your new blog's new look. Thanks for sharing a snippet of a peek into your writing life :-)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


OMG girl where have you been?!!! (((HUGS)))

Glad you like the new look and newer posts! It's busy here these days! lol

Drop by more often! You're missed!