Friday, October 22, 2010

Storytime from The Smutty Hussy.... Last Part

A Night To Never Forget

He lay her on the bed. "Relax, darlin'," he said with an easy grin as he stepped away from her. Celia let a sigh of disappointment escape her lips. Feeling the lost of contact from him, she felt her body craving him, till she saw what he was fixing to do.... Celia loved it when he gave her a personal strip tease show.

He began by unloosing the knot of his tie. Very slowly working it down, watching her under his lashes. He slipped the tie over his head and tossed it on the bed. "I've got plans for that later," he teased. She grew warm at the thought of what he would do with it. Painstakingly slow, he eased his shirt from his slacks. Celia's gaze was riveted to his fingers as he slowly turned each button. She watched, growing wet with each flick of his fingers, anticipating the ripple of muscles across his chest as he shrugged the shirt over his broad shoulders. The wait was nearly killing her, but she knew he would make it worth every excruciating moment. And besides payback was a bitch.

Once he was free of his shirt, he put one foot on the edge of the bed and proceeded to take off one shoe at at a time,followed by his socks. He's smiling the whole time, taking his own sweet time, knowing the agony she's in. She knows, too, it's payback for the car ride home. He straightened and Celia looked on him as she'd never done before. Here was her dream man, her ultimate fantasy. Deliciously wicked thoughts crossed her mind and he must have known her thoughts because he smiled spoke softly, "In due time."

His hands moved to his belt and he unfastened it slowly, pulling it from the loops as if there was no rush at all-- except the rush of molten heat coursing through her veins. He tossed the belt to the floor. His fingers wrapped around the button, slowly undoing it; his grin was that of the cat that ate the carny. He knew what he was doing to her and he enjoyed it as much as she did.

His fingers clutched the zipper and she inhaled a hiss. Damn this man was going to be the death of her. Slowly, lazily sliding the zipper down.

Once the zipper was down, he slowly pushed the slacks down-- heavens above--there is a God. Caleb was wearing her favorite pair of purple boxer briefs, the ones she'd given him for his birthday. They clung to his thighs like chocolate on strawberries. She saw the gleam in his eyes and knew he'd done this just for her.

This was her birthday dessert and she wanted to savor every luscious morsel.

Dark wavy hair, deep blue eyes, luscious lips. Built like an athlete of the gods. She loved him with every fiber of her being. How could she want for anything more on her birthday or any day before or after? Celia was in heaven. There were only two words on her mind as she took him in from head to toe. "Come here." And he complied before another word could escape her lips, except when she said his name in a shuddering sigh.

Two words, "Come here," and he was on top of her before any other words could escape her lips; expect his name of course.

Thank you for joining in my little storytime...
I hope you have had some smutty, hussified dreams!

This is a story written solely by me - Cecile B Smith (with editing help from a very great, dear friend of mine - I owe you my heart). Please no copying this withOUT my consent. If you do, I promise you one thing, I will hunt you down and cast a spell of bed bugs forever in your pj's!!!
I hope you enjoyed the story!!!!!!!

And remember... Keep it dirty, smutty and hussy!
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Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Oh my! Steamy stuff!! Super sizzling....

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Cecile is a steamy writer for sure...Glad you enjoyed her story. I always enjoy her creative mind!


Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Hey Carolina! Thanks for coming over! I enjoyed writing this little story!

Hawk.. today is baby girl's bday!
You always say the darnest things... Thank you honey! Hugs to you!! I got your messages.... I hope all is well and give a hug for me to T!

Blodeuedd said...

You sure bring the steam girl!

elaing8 said...

great conclusion Cecile

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Blodeuedd~ Hey honey! Thank you for coming over... I try to bring the steam baby!!!

elaing8~ Ohhh I am glad that you liked the story honey!! Hugs to you!

JJ Cocker said...

"They clung to his thighs like chocolate on strawberries."

My kinda desert. Yummy!