Wednesday, November 24, 2010

FINAL day with Mister Valance.

*Hawk caresses Mister Valance's bottom lip. Memories of its softness against her skin fill her thoughts and her emotions. Making this the final interview would be hard. Mister Valance was the kind of man no woman could hold...not for long anyway.*

I'm glad you agreed to the interview Levitt. I know it wasn't easy for you, but I've enjoyed these three weeks with you.

Me too Miss Hawk, Me too. Well, let's get this final show done and over with.

Lights, camera and action! The people cheer as Miss Hawk and Mister Valance walk out and greet them.

Wow, is it my outfit or are you all just gald to see me?

I think there happy to see you. Valance smiles and finds a comfortable seat to relax in.

Well O.K., then. Let's have fun with this last interview with our fascinating Cowboy here. Valance, have you always been a fan of westerns?

I wouldn’t say I was fanatical about them, but I was raised on westerns and my affection endures. In an era when westerns ruled on TV, Gil Favor, Bronco Layne, Major Adams and the rest were mine and many other little boys’ heroes. I’m grown up and in my mid-fifties now. I don’t play Cowboys and Indians in the street anymore, and I’ve just about gotten over wishing I’d been called Tommy, or Billy, or Johnny. But my love of a good western lives on, in the spirit of the little boy inside. Here, in a place free of barbed wire, barred doors and backshooters, creativity can roam free. Here, on open range, dreamers can dream, and little boys of all ages can just be. I could be a Tommy, or a Billy, or a Johnny. Instead, I call myself a man called Valance.

*Hawk clears her throat* You ever considered having a Mrs Valance?

*Valance...Coughs! Chokes and Splutters!*

Well, you do seem to get a lot of girl visitors at The Porch Why is that?

Ain’t sure. You’d have to ask them. Male or female, everyone’s a friend ‘less they choose not to be. All I know is ladies need treating right – with civility and good manners. Course a little teasing is expected, but that works both ways, and I’m careful not to step over the line. I see ladies adding little affections or kisses to their posts sometimes, but that don’t mean anything. It’s a woman thing. Ladies are made that way. Show me a man who does the same thing and I’ll show you a man who’s heading for trouble.

Is it because you’re also a charmer… and a slow talking, mossy walking kind of fella who can light a fire under a woman’s skin quicker than snake bite?

Really? You think I'm all that?

I know you are. I've seen you in action.

I guess it’s a gift *Shrugs*

Valance, you’re a rogue – a rogue in the black hat.

Well, maybe I am, sometimes.

But a likeable one.

Thank you Hawk. You’re pretty cute yourself.

*Valance leans over and whispers something into Hawk's ear. Then says for all to hear.*

Have we finished now?

* with a devil's light in her eyes, she whispers to him,* In front of the cameras, yes.

Then stands and says;
Well girls this here is Mister Levitt E Valance. A charmer he is and a wee bit of a romantic rogue…this interview is a sample of how it goes at the porch…but with a bit more flair! Miss Houston has more fire in her soul than me. {;-)

Go visit and see for yourself this interesting cowboy…who I promise will entertain you and make your days start out right - with a laugh, a giggle and a smile.

Thank you Mr. Valance for dropping in to visit! See ya’ on the porch!

Valance comes up and sweeps Miss Hawk off her feet and takes her from the stage. And Miss Hawk is heard to say to Valance, "I knew you'd walk off into the sunset with me one day, Levitt. What took you sooooo long?"
Valance then dunks her in the water and says, "I'm a stubborn man...I thought I'd just cool your Irish heat down a bit, but it takes me awhile to see things, I just come to know one thing, and that's ... I Love You Miss Houston.

Hell's about time!

BTW...Elaine, Cecile and I want to wish you all a


Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Well golly gee! I didn't think I would live to see the day! *big grin* Happy days to you both as well!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Sweets...and ending that can only happen here...

Happy Thanksgiving Hon!

Stephanie Faris said...

Awww, a love story. How sweet. :-)

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Stephanie...of course it has to be a love story...that's what we all live for isn't it?

I know that's why I write romance...for the love story at the end!

Glad you liked it! ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving Honey!


Oscar said...

I gotta hand it to you and Mr. Valance, Hawk. Enjoyed the part about... oh shucks, I enjoyed all the parts of that interview to be honest, and the ending was terrific. Glad it didn't end with a handshake. Good luck to you both.

A man called Valance said...

You ain't the only one who didn't think they'd live to see the day, Miss Sweet.

Thanks Stephanie.

Howdy Oscar. A handshake might not have been a bad thing. I'm still wondering how this started out as an interview with Levitt E. Valance, and finished up as an interview with Levitt E. Valentino.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


A woman has to run just fast enough to catch the man....if not on the porch then at the saloon!

;-) my mama didn't raise no dumb bunny.


elaing8 said...

Great Interview Valance and HAWK.. Nice to see it ended with a HEA ;)

I hope everyone who's celebrating today,had a great Thanksgiving

JJ Cocker said...