Friday, January 28, 2011

Do you want to STIMULATE your brain today?

COME ON! Let's get our minds going for the New Year!

What do you see?

They say you can find nine people in this picture. I found only eight. How many do you see?

If you find six they say you've got ordinary powers of observation. Seven makes you above average in your powers of observation. Eight makes you a very observant person just like me! Congratulations! And if you want to claim you've found nine ...well, you are very observant, and extremely creative!

Now how about this picture...How many men do you see? LOL, just testing you.

Can you see the man playing a saxophone and the woman's face that is watching him?

Now this one I just couldn't see anything but a young girl...I was told there is an old lady hiding in there as well. How about you...which do you see?

The one below is odd. Children will see several dolphins playing. But adults have dirty minds and see this.

It's called Message of Love from the Dolphins (by Sandro Del-Prete).

Some would say this is a mind teaser...but it's a real image that our satellite photographed just in case you were wondering. I put it in here just to wake you up. 
Oh o.k. calm down and clear your brains...just stare at the dot in the center of the circle. When you're ready move your head closer to it and tell me what you see.

Cool. Did you know all numbers can be created by using only two numerals - 4 and 8?

This one's for Valance.

Guess which picture I'm talking about? Teheheheheheee

Step back and you'll be able to read the message.

This classic optical illusions - it is called dancing elephant. Try to count the number of his legs (by Roger Shepard).

This house is a wee bit odd, don't ya' think? If you cover the upper half of the picture the corner of the building come out. But if you look at the top of the windows or cover the bottom of the picture the corner of the building goes in.

Interesting sketch made from a word...can you see the word "liar"? Read from top to bottom.

And I have to end with this:
Which word you see tells me a lot about your mind set.
I hope you all see the word victory and not the word defeat. (by Veja Magazine).



Blodeuedd said...

I am so the wrong person for this. Today I read an article about the book Across the universe and realized there are two faces on the cover *headdesk*

SY said...

Nice thanks for the stimulation..It did the brain some good..
- SY

elaing8 said...

The first one I got I guess in ordinary :)
LOl..about the man
yes to saxophone and lady

I see the young girl and the old lady..the necklace on the young girl is the old ladies mouth,young ones ear is old ladies eye.

the two circles-one moves clockwise while the other counter

LMAO at Eye examination..No Sex Causes Bad Eyes

The don't really need to cover you can see the way it is drawn.

Word Liar-yes I see it

I saw Victory right away..but wanted to check to see if I could find defeat and I did.

this was fun.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Most be some cover! Usually I can count on you to play....Now I'm going to have to go get that book so I can see what stumped you. LOL

Big Hugs

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Thanks for stopping by!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Thanks for playing with me! For the life of me I couldn't find the old lady...but after you told me where to look I SAW HER!!! Awesome.

Yeah...I never did see the dolphins...I think it has to do with the human's arms but I can see 'em.

Awesome...I'm glad you saw Victory! Did you find defeat hiding in there?


A man called Valance said...

Picture 1 – I found just three people. If there’s a dunce’s hat in there, you’d better let me have it.

Picture 2 – Just one man, and that was one man too many.

Picture 3 – yup, I see both.

Picture 4 – Yup, I saw the young girl and the old woman.

Picture 5 – I must be dirty minded. No dolphins, but from another angle I might have seen Flipper.

Picture 6 – the dot in the circle. Five minutes of hard staring and I’m still seeing a dot in a circle.

Picture 7 – Darn, this is the dot in the circle I’m supposed to be staring at. OK, I did it. The outer circle started turning.

Picture 8 – Clever. I didn’t know that.

Picture 9 – The picture for me? The horses on the snowy landscape, I guess. I ain’t lucky enough to be presented with a sultry siren on the beach.

Picture 10 – Hell, I walked so far I can’t even see the sign now. *winks*

Picture 11 – I can barely see the elephant. I counted five legs, but one of them could be his trunk. (Unless I’m looking at the wrong end.)

Picture 12 – the house. Very clever.

Picture 13 – Yup, I see liar.

Picture 14 – Yup, Victory straight away, defeat after close scrutiny.

Thanks Hawk. Consider me stimulated.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

LOL Valance!

Picture 1 - O.K., here's your dunce hat. ;-)

Picture 2 – LOL...oh Valance.

Picture 3 – O.K., give me back the dunce hat.

Picture 4 – I couldn't see the old woman until Elaine told me where to look.

Picture 5 – "I must be dirty minded. No dolphins"

And I'm dirty minded with you...'cuz I still don't see any dolphins either...and I've been looking! So I'm now wearing the dunce hat because I was the idiot who put it up there. LOL

Picture 6 – O.K., now you get to have the dunce hat back...that's proof of a UFO.

Picture 7 – See I knew I could make you look.

Picture 8 – That why you're wearing the dunce hat! But I'm sharing it with you because I didn't know that either. Teeheheehe

Picture 9 – BUZZZZZZZ!! Wrong!!! Today was your lucky day...the sultry siren on the beach was for you Cowboy!

Picture 10 – step forward! You really need to read this sign! ;-)*winks back*

Picture 11 – LOL

Picture 12 – Odd!

Picture 13 – don't need glasses then.

Picture 14 – :-) HUGS

"Thanks Hawk. Consider me stimulated."

Valance....I am sorely tempted! *WINK*

Have a great day Pard!
Big Hugs

A man called Valance said...

OK, we'll share the dunce's hat.

'Valance....I am sorely tempted! *WINK*'

Hmm, sounds to me like someone's been leading you astray. Maybe you're mixing with the wrong company.