Friday, March 4, 2011

It's ...

And I've just been wondering what's been going on in your heads of late...

Are you happy? Are you in love? Are you so busy you can't see straight? Or have you been like me with a wee bit of time to day dream and let the mind go to mysterious places...I've been thinking about bats a lot...they are the cutes little guys, but you have to wonder about their choice of living quarters...
My Minds been taking me to places beyond my world into other worlds rich in fantasy...

with dangers unknown and lovers unexpected.
I've seen handsome heros turn into awesome mythical creatures and the ugliest beast become ... well...this...

I've gone to lands unknown to most and found worlds only the mind can find....

with heros only I can see...
But in all my dreams it always ends with this

What wonders Day Dreams can be!
So....where has your mind been this week? And if it hasn't taken you anywhere...then come with me to my worlds and let me show you the Fantasy if only for a moment in time.

Happy Fantasy Friday and thanks for coming by.


~Sia McKye~ said...

lol! Chocolate is always a nice addition to the day. :-)

My mind has been wandering too. Too bad my on and off energy hasn't allowed for much more than mind wandering. sigh. But I'm doing better and I think I'll actually be able to work the keyboard tomorrow for MY stuff.

Good choice with Daniel Villa. He's a hot one! I have several pictures of him. Purely research, you understand.


I really the article today!


Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Hawk!

Where has my mind been wondering to??

Well, my leg has been bothering me A LOT this week, so, staying off of it as much as I can... I hate it when it keeps me awake.. (like now, lol). Can't even think when it like this...

Since I've been lazing on the couch, keeping my leg propped up, I've been doing some editing on this years NaNoWriMo entry.... I figured it was far enough away from November that I could stand to look at it again, lol! Added about 11000 words, still need about 9000 words more to reach the magical 70000 word mark that most paranormal romances have. The story is starting to shape up, I've enjoyed revisiting it. It's getting close to done... Maybe one day I'll submit one of these massively wandering, meandering tales.... though I really did enjoy researching this last one. I enjoyed the research on the first too, maybe I should get a job as someones research assistant?

I've read 4 books this week, two really awesome YA novels, and two very grown up novels (hot, hot, hot!). I haven't been blogging at all! But, I'll probably post tomorrow since it's Friday, and our responses to the flash prompt post then.... still try to figure this one out!! lol


have a great weekend!!

Dottie :)

becca said...

my heads been everywhere but i must say love the pictures you posted

Blodeuedd said...

I have been in Los Angels a bit, and Wales ;)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


*snort* ...oh yes, you've got to love research...and I soooo enjoy it meself... add chocolate and I'll be there forever...*cough* researching that is. ;-D

Ssssshhh, I ran off with Daniel from Cecile's place...she hasn't noticed he's missing yet...our secret! ;-)


I will be buying 'The Second Duchess' by Elizabeth SOUNDS AWESOME!!!!


Houston A.W. Knight said...

((HUGS SWEETIE)) Dottie!!!

GIRL you have been MISSED!!!

OMG...I hope your leg gets better...but what a way to spend your down time!! Maybe I should hurt me leg so I can get me some of that kind of time to finish me book and a few other things to get caught up on! ;-)
Thanks for the idea...*Now, where was that rabbit hole? That's deep enough for a good twisted ankle*
LOL...all kidding aside sweetie I do hope your leg get better. (HUGS)

Oh posting tomorrow..OH I'll be there!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Good to see you sweetie!

Thanks for stopping in...just once in awhile you've got to cool down from Cecile's hot hot boiling Wednesdays...LOL and this is the place to do it. Monday's will heat you up for Wednesdays...that day will burn your soul with wantoness and Fridays will send you who knows where!

Thank for visiting!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


You were here in LA!!! Well, what did you think of it? I wish I had known!!! It's me old stomping ground! Next time tell me!!!


Christine said...

Hi Hawk: I've been busy--doing a lot of revising. Waiting for my revisions to be sent back to me. I've been dreaming about my future. It looks bright. I can taste the success. Chocolate and champagne might be involved. I dream it. I wish it. I live it.

Thanks for a beautiful post.


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Christine! (((HUGS and a kiss)))

OMG Girl - I thought you'd forgotten me forever! Where have you been...oh, like the rest of us living behind our computer hum...Yap, I'm doing the same thing as you...I'm pushing one that I plan to sell this year! It's gonna happen!

Glad you stopped by and said hi! I miss you so don't be so long in coming by next time!

Hey...remember me when you make your first sale...I want to PR you young lady and your first book!

Miss you bunches!

JJ Cocker said...

I'm happier than I've been in many a year... I live at the seaside you know. My heart is on the mend, I've had a few lusty thoughts, and been thinking about the possibility of dreams, too!

Not too bad, I guess!

Christine said...

Hi Hawk: Thanks so much for the offer to PR my first sale. Same here! I have a debut novel blog that celebrates the first call and book. This will be your year. I know it.

And yes, I've been a ghost because the writing has overtaken all. I am in a huge revision and crossing fingers and toesies that this one will be the one.


Kracken said...

Odd as this may sound, my mind has been on pancakes. I don't normally eat them but I have had a hankering. This morning, alas, my hankering was fulfilled. Sure I have thought about love, lust and losing weight, but pancakes were something I could have right now!! Good eats I say!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


The sea's the place to mend a heart and soul. And I think it's wonderful you've found your inner happiness...once you've got that the rest will follow.

Big super hugs

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Yap, I've been there and done that...writing can and will take over your life...

Big hugs and I've got me fingers crossed for you sweetie...TO THE SALE!!!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


OMG, I had a craving for Pancakes for almost a year until I finally did something about it and boy were they good...I had maple walnut syrup on them...OH MY GOD!!! The were worth the weight...I mean wait! ;-)

What did you put on yours?

LOL Hawk