Monday, April 11, 2011

Name That Picture Moony Monday #2

Study each picture and try to determine what it represents, before looking at the answer.


Pool Table
Light Beer
I Pod
Hole Milk
Card Shark

How many did you get right this week?

Here is what you’re really here for?

Pleasant Moony Monday!


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Well since you showed us how to play this game last week this week was easy!

This was cute...I enjoyed this creative post....have an awesome Moonday sweetie!


becca said...

love the pics

~Sia McKye~ said...

#1 Well that should keep the kids occupied for awhile...
#2 Beer with a buzz
#3 This wasn't quite what I meant when I said I wanted to go Green
#4 I'm hole-ey confused. Am I an optimist or pessimist?
#5 At last! Breakfast made easy. Can you do that with money?
#6 So THAT'S what happened to my Canasta deck. Sheeh, they eat anything...

Holy powder puff. Blue briefs? Well Scratch him off my list.

She better not let powder blue see those briefs, just sayin'

Have a good week, Hawk!


Psst I need to put this stuff in my coffee more often....lolol!

elaing8 said...

Hi HAWK,becca and Sia
This weeks was easier.The only one I didn't get was the Ipod.
Sia you are cracking me up.
I'm glad you all liked the moony pics

Houston A.W. Knight said...


ROTFLMAO!!! Hey, send me some of that stuff you put in your coffee...I still can't stop laughing at your answers...sooooooo much better than the real answers!!!!

Big hugs Sweetie...I'm so glad you've made me day - I'll be smiling all the way through it because of you!!!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hey Sweetie! They are great pictures huh...wonder how they did it?

Did you see Sia's answers - she had me laughing so hard...I was spitting me coffee all over the key board.

Hugs darlin'

Oscar said...

Whoopee! I got the light beer and that's about it.

Leontien said...

Ha! i'm your 100st follower isn't that funny!


~Sia McKye~ said...

Deep family secret. If I shared it I'd hafta kill yah.

Glad you liked my answers. Actually those, um, captions, if you were, was just off the top of my head as I looked at the pics. It was fun tho.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I think you've got a little Italian in you...LOL

You're a funny lady and I adore you


Kracken said...

Wow I got all but two right! I am getting smarter or those pic got much easier. Since smarter is not really a viable option I say it is the pics!! Love those things! FUN!

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I agree it was easier this time around!

I had fun too...Elaine always knows how to make us laugh for sure. I'd be lost without her.


Leontien said...

Hello Hello!
I have no idea what a snail mail addie is!!! haha

But if you want my mail adress and stuff go to and you'll find everything!


Leontien said...