Saturday, June 11, 2011


I protested...but it isn't going to do me any good so here it goes...

Seven Things I HAVE to answer and I'm sure none of you want to know. I warn you'll now...don't read any further! You'll be sorry!

1. Do you think you're hot?

I know I'm hot...I live in the tropics!!! It's 90* today with humidity at nearly 80% WHAT DO YOU THINK? I'M HOT!!!!

2. Upload a picture or wallpaper you're using at the moment.

Must I?

3. When was the last time you ate chicken?

I'll be eating it tonight...I'm making Chicken Marsala with a very nice salad.
4. The song you listened to recently:

It's a Native American Song called, Ly-O-LAY ALE LOYA = (In English) The Counterclockwise Circle Dance.
The last American song I heard was Smooth Operator by Sade.
5. What were you thinking as you were doing this?

You really don't want to know! ;-)
6. Do you have nicknames? What are they?

You all know me's Hawk. My name is Houston A.W. Knight. My initials form the nickname Hawk. And for those who have been wanting to ask...the A stands for Alexandria and the W is for Winona. Now you know.
7. Tag 3 other bloggers so they can answer these questions:

You got it. I tag....EVERYONE who reads this blog and you can answer it in the comments area! you'll didn't expect that!!!! Ain't I a bad little Irish gal?

And don't think you can read this and act like you didn't! I'll know you came over...I got ways of knowing who's coming to, start talking or I'll hunt you down!

Big cyber hugs y'all


Oscar said...

1.Not hot or cold, either.
2.Don't know how.
3.Yesterday, I think.
4.Some Big Band crap on PBS.
5.My mind was blank as usual.
6.Yes. Awk, Curly, Oz, Hey you!
7.The first three commenters are tagged, again.

becca said...

1. yes but it only comes in flashes now
2. don't know how
3. last night
4. Fever by Adam Lambert i'm completely obsessed by his hotness
5. that i need new blog kidding
6. becky,becca, and my fav book slut
7. Tag you're it

Kracken said...

1.With all my extra padding I stay hot.
2.Don't know how to do the upload thing for the pic but is a tropical scene I got from your site months ago.
3. Last weekend. BBQ chicken nachos. MMMMMM.
4.I am listening to the radio right now. Don't have a clue who it is.
5. I need to be working.
6. Ape, Apey,Annie,Keebler or Corky
7.Wouldn't that inlcude you Oscar?

Johnny D. said...

1. Eh, I'm just me. I think I used to be, but I'm getting too old.

2. Too ignorant.

3. I reckon it was last evening.

4. Blackwater Park by Opeth.

5. It's hot in this house.

6. Johnny D. Wife often calls me just "Johnny."

7. Tag?

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

OMG - That background is CREEPY!

Becca - I LOVE Adam!

I got tagged too by JJ - Mine is up at Undercover Cupcake:

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey All!

I just poked me head up from writing me book and thought I'd drop on it and say HI!

WHAT? No one but Sweet knows how to up load a picture to a post? Hummm, not sure you all aren't pulling me leg just to get out of it!

LOL...looks like Oscar has tagged becca, Kracken and Johnny D! Tehehehehehee AGAIN!

becca...{{8-O need a new blog friend?!!!! Nooooo! O.K., I take it back you don't have to play if you don't want.

o.k. Corky Kracken I want some of those BBQ chicken nachos....girl... you're making me just just stop that kind of talk! Right now...well, nnot right now...after you give me some of those chick nachos then stop!

Valance, don't even be tempted!

Johnny D...form the pic Icon I see you look might fine!

Me Sweet...that background is a hint at the book I'm writing right now...and that's the hero! kidding.

Hugs to all and thanks for coming by while I'm off working it's so nice to see me friends supporting me even when I'm gone!