Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The Ohoopee River where this rattler was killed is outside the city of Vidalia, South Georgia which is near Lyons Georgia!

By-the-way... the guy is 6'-2".

Frightening thing about these huge snakes is THEY DON'T RATTLE THEIR TAILS BEFORE STRIKING!!!

After seeing this big snake - I'm packing for Ireland - I'll finish me book over there!

Yap, I'm still wroking on the WIP!



~Sia McKye~ said...

Holy cow, it looks like a speckled anaconda! I don't mind snakes, over all, but I'm glad we only have to really deal with water mocs or copperheads here--not to say there aren't rattlers in the state, there are, just not so much where I live. Still I'm always careful when out and about on the ranch.

You keep working on that book, Hawk. And btw, after living where you are with all that sunshine, don't you think Ireland would be a bit of a culture shock? lolol!

Sia McKye's Thoughts...OVER COFFEE

Anonymous said...

Ack!I don't mind snakes, but I wouldn't want to run into one that big in my yard!

~*Jessica Rabbit*~ said...

Speaking of snakes I almost stepped on one just half an hour ago, lol. A lot smaller than this one but still. And my brother and I are calling bull on the size of that monster, it looks more like 8. Just stinking HUGE!!!

Oh and I will be more than happy to go with you to Ireland. :)

Kracken said...

I hope that thing doesn't end up in Mr. V's Crittter soup!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hi All!

I'm just taking a break to have some lunch and thought I'd drop by here first to say hi and what a wonderful surprise I have to see all me friends here commenting!

BIG CYBER HUGS TO YOU ALL -I've missed each and every one of you!

Sia...darlin' you always make me laugh! And seeing your HOLY COW reminded me how long it's been since we've talked...I miss you girl!
Me books coming along and I'm going to take a retreat to get even more done.
LOL, based on the fact that I'm stuck in me writer's cave most of the time...rain or shine...I wouldn't have a clue on any Ireland will be just fine. ;-)

hey Anonymous...thanks for the comment...don't be afraid join the fun and give us a name next time so we can welcome you into this crazy world of mine.

Jessica! BIG BIG HUGS!!! I've missed you hon! xoxox

Kracken...I think the snake would be better grilled don't you...and Valance ain't that good at making soup. He away so I don't think he'll be seeing this monster anyway.
I adore you darlin' and have missed your humor! Major hugs!

Love ya' all

becca said...

that totally freaked me out

Everyday Life

elaing8 said...

OMFG...yikes..that thing is scary.Note to self..don't visit that state :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Hey sweetie! Scary isn't it? I'm worried about them making their way into Florida!


Elaing!!! Big cyber hugs honey...I've missed you...hey those monsters
aren't here in my you can still come here can't you?


Big hugs to you both...see ya'll later! Back to me book!


Leontien said...

MY GOSH that is a big SNAKE!!!
don't show my mom this pic otherwise she will move with you to Ireland!

And yes i did like the book. Not normally what i read but very enjoyable! hehe