Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The New World Order?

Hi All,

I guessed I missed my calling...I should have been a reproter...I know this looks like a long post but it is my first posting since my return...and it might be one of my last if these videos are telling us the truth. I recommend you view them all in full.

what I find interesting is that the artist painted the twin towers in ruins by the hand of an Asia Nation in 1995. Makes me wonder if the towers falling that day was as unexpected as we were lead to believe...or was it like another Pearl Harbor? Something our government knew about, and let happen, or possibly even orchestrated?

I think this says more than I can...

BTW ~ 'AUAG' are ALSO the letters used for an Austalian Hepatitis Virus A. An AIRBORNE SPREAD Virus that affects the lungs.

Don't stop here. View the rest. PEOPLE HAVE SEEN IT! REAL PHOTOS.

What did the workers see that sacred them? Why are they staying silent? If you still don't believe it...KEEP WATCHING

WAS PHIL SNYER INVOLVED IN THE BUILDING OF THIS UNDERGROUND WORLD built for just a chosen few? Was Phil, like several other SCIENTIST recently, (whom, coincidently have died from accidents and sudden heart failure)
made out to APPEAR like a man who'd gone crazy but was MURDERED BECAUSE OF WHAT HE REALLY  KNEW and was willing to talk?

And it's not just here!


Russia is doing it too!

BTW, Did you know the NIBIRU ASTEROID IS HEADING TOWARDS EARTH and is expected to hit somewhere near the Bering Sea THIS coming OCT. 16th or 17th? Yes, just a few days from now. It's debrie will hit us by the 18th.


What do you think?


~Sia McKye~ said...

Wow, perhaps you should have been a reporter, lol! These are some thought provoking videos.

Sia McKye's Thoughts...OVER COFFEE

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Sia!

Out of 162 viewers so far you're the first to comment...makes me wonder even more what people are they even care, or have we all become numbed by our governments lies and secrets...we just don't care anymore?

Thought provoking...I'd mad me angry to see where my tax dollars have gone and why America can't pay it's bills to other countries...yet still cry poor and want us to SAVE THEM with more tax dollars to keep the government open!!!

Worse, they spent MY MONEY without asking me if I would agree to spending those $$ to build this place for only a few special chosen ones!!!! And to be honest...those chosen aren't that special ~ nor would they be the ones I would choose to go there!

I thought this article would have more of a responce by those of us that have been lied to and used.

Guess that's how our government has gotten by with stuff like this for so long.

A sad day for us all

Cheyenne said...

I think?....That the Annunaki, may return. However, they may not. However the Summarian texts, to which this all comes from, may be also correct, who knows what is in our past?
Yet, the orbit of this Planet x? Nibiru, is in a 3600 year orbit, which takes it nearer our sun by 2012.??
Also, it is said that our own race, the Homo Sapien, was the result of alterations by the race of peoples, from Nibiru!

I have read this before. But thanks HAWK.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Chey,

Perhaps the first article I did on Government Secrets about the giant hominoid skeletons found buried here on earth were the Annunaki you speak about.

Annunaki actually means 'powerful Sumerian God'

As for Nibiru I'd read it was an asteroid the size of New York State, not a planet...well, if you're right and it's a planet that's supposed to hit our planet near or around the Bering Sea ... I don't think those underground cities are going to do those 'special' people any you?

Our Scientist are still guessing as to the day and time of the actual hit... they say Nibiru can hit anywhere from this Oct. 16th until Jan 29th of 2012.

I wonder what happened to the American 'Star Wars' system that was built to stop things like Nibiru from hitting us? Guess they never really made it and used OUR TAX money for underground cities for those 'special people' instead...

AND naturally, they forgot to tell us they changed the plan. *cough cough* yeah right!

I think I'll drive the chevy to the levy and watch the fireworks...

Blodeuedd said...

Really? Gonna hit us? Why do we not know this :/

Hopeing it will hit there then and not Finland by mistake

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Blodeuedd Sweetie,

Yap, so they say. The American Star Wars Program that we 'supposedly' spent billions of our TAX dollars on to build it was supposed to shoot these thing out of the sky so they wouldn't hit us...guess that money went else where instead....but it isn't going to help "those special' people because if that thing hits it'll knock the planet for a spin and NO ONE will survive that above ground or below....but that's just MHO.

My LIFE Motto has always been - live each day as if it were you're last and learn as though you'll live forever.

Big cyber hugs

A man called Valance said...

Could be that folks come here to escape all that stuff. Could be this place is a sanctuary from all the doom and gloom in the world outside, you know... a place where fantasy becomes reality, for just a moment in time.