Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So Far So Good!

Since we're all still here, I thought I'd share a few sweet moments...with the little ones that make our lives so full...besides, a certain person I won't name *cough Valance cough* commented that he came here to get away from all the gloom and doom the world has to other words, he wasn't happy with last weeks here we go!

This is a perfect example of how we all can get along.

and if they get fussy...just knock him over and sit on him! That'll usually calm him down...least that works for me! ;-)

Yes, you can try this method too...males tend to follow if you pull on their *tails*... I find

covering their eyes or even a nip or two can work wondering in motivation!

Then sometimes just giving in and doing what he wants now and then is a must in keeping the male happy...

it works for me! When the male's happy the female's usually all smiles.

It's nice to be loved and even nicer to have someone to love.

So...when you find or have already found that special someone...don't forget why you fell in love with them in the first place...and remember to tell them how much you love them, and never, ever, forget to give them a



elaing8 said...

Great post Hawk.
When I find him,I'll be sure to tell him ;)

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Thanks for popping in sweetie!


Johnny D. said...

Hi Hawk. I just found you on facebook! :-)

Great post, and I tell her that every single day - probably ten times a day at least. Our 28th anniversary is October 30th! Yay us!

A man called Valance said...

Now just a minute... I never said I didn't like last week's post. I was just speculating as to why that political chicanery had so few comments from so many views. And I only did that to be helpful, since you were getting into an awful pout over it.

Anyway... on to today's post. Count me in as romantic, just like Johnny.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Johnny!

Big hugs for seeking me out on face day I'll get over there...I tend to hang out here...I prefer this forum of expression.

Happy 28th Anniversary!!! It's awesome to hear you've been married that long! I'd say you found the secret to happiness!


Houston A.W. Knight said...


You did too say you didn't like it when you said people came to blogsville to get away from gloom and doom...that article was as gloomy and doomy as they was talking about this month being the end of the world as we know it.

LOL....I could never count you as anything BUT a *Cough* romantic...well, at least a skirt chaser ... you move so fast I'm not sure how much time you've got for romance before moving on to the next skirt...can you enlighten us or at least let Miss Housty in on that?

;-D Hugs

A man called Valance said...

I said no such thing, but as I've said before, there ain't no sense in arguing with someone that could twist the balls off a bear.

And I'm no skirt chaser, either. I'm just a sweet loving fella, that's all.