Wednesday, January 11, 2012

LEAKED PRE-RECORDED PRESIDENT SPEECH! What does he know that he should be WARNING us about?

I'm going to ask each of you to take the time to view these tapes...then tell me what you think. If your life is important...YOU'LL TAKE THE TIME and then think for yourself.

Obviously,  we've been semi-told...just given the wrong dates so those  of us who dare to put it out there now look foolish...but after you hear this pre-recorded message...from our very own United States  American've got to really wonder...He's talking about an astroid hit that Floridians and Californians are offering to give aid and help those states hit! He's even telling people to remain UNDERGROUND for 12 months - this would give credit to the Jesse Ventura tape below now wouldn't it?! This is where rumors of the New Denver Airport's underground city comes into focus for me.

Be sure to read the messages flashed on the screen...interestingly...they even pre-recorded the eletro-interference/techno-interference to give it some reality. What I'd like to know is...what's really going to  happened to these people?

Prerecorded speech by obama world devistation

Is this futher evidence of what they know? Have you stop to hear what some are saying about the New Denver Airport...

maybe you should go do a little research of your own...odd and questionable things are going on there.

This tape is frightening!!! Have any of you heard about this??? Even our own United States SPIES are speaking out!! We're being warned but are we listening? You've got to hear the end of this tape!!! We're being TRACKED by our own government!!!

ROCKERFELLER WARNED this man about the 911 event happening (it was planned!) 11 months before it happened!!! And what the USA was going to do after 911! And how this group of men use the media to make us believe them and follow like lambs!!!! What Rockerfeller's says on this tape is APPALLING!! Remember the 1st attack on the WTC was done by a CIA AGENT!!

The point of this odd opening is to show what we are being distracted with... listen hard to this tape!Then think....what is the TRUTH????


Plan to kill 80% of the population

Codex how to implement death of USA- interesting, the Life Extension fountation has been fighting with the FDA over this very thing since 1983!!!

IF you doubt this woman...listen to this DOCTOR- A Brain Surgeon, who called a radio station about OBAMAcare, then wake up and start thinking for yourself!!! 

I'll leave you with this

Now you tell me...are all these people crazy or is something really going on?


Johnny D. said...

Give me some time to go through them. I'm familiar with the story, but let me here this and watch the vids. Hi Hawk!

Johnny D. said...

First video is a video made when he was talking about the earthquake in Haiti. Not sure what anyone is trying to prove with that. More later.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Johnny,

Are you sure about Haiti? There wasn't worldwide devastation from that quaske, and Florida nor California did anything extra for the Haiti earthquake victims than anyone else...It really can't be different tapes put together because he's wearing the same tie and clothes...everything on him is the same; re hair cut, clothes, acne.

Have you googled out VIVOS Shelters...interesting bits there check these sites out.

They're all saying what these tapes are saying.

I don't know what to think.

Thanks for stopping in and chating with me tho' does give cause for thought especially when you've got ex-senators and other government people saying things very similar to these tapes.


Johnny D. said...

Well, that first tape is heavily edited. You can see where they splice in and out. I'm pretty sure that is from the Haiti thing. I think I watched it live when it happened.

Don't know what to say about Jesse's show. I've never watched any of it until the vid I just watched. I like him and respect him. Honestly, the only thing that I had issue with was the big concrete tunnels. Those looked like drainage blocks to me. I've seen them before and that's what they were. They connect them together and then bury them and they are big enough to carry a lot of river.

Still watching the other vids.

And you're welcome! I always read your stuff! I'm a Hawk fan! :-)

Johnny D. said...

Oh, and I need to finish my thoughts about Jesse's vid. What that stuff is in the Denver airport - I have no idea. He seems to think it means something, but he has a TV show to do and it has a title it has to live up to. That's not to say he's wrong, but how are we supposed to know?

Johnny D. said...

In the first video, watch right at 30 seconds how the vid is chopped just as he is about to name the government that we are helping. That's just one example of a LOT of editing done in the vid.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

BIG HUGS Johnny!!!!

VERY INTERESTING about the first tape...I watched it again and saw what you're saying...and I noticed this time around (when I wasn't emotionally watching it) that all the warnings about going underground and such were flashed on the screen...nothing ever came out of the Pres' mouth about that!!!

SOooooo, my questions is, why would someone do this fake tape? Is it possible the VIVOS Shelters aren't getting any people to buy a slot in their underground shelters and need money? So put a little fear in the people to push them to buy?

Shame on them if this is the case.

Yes, I too like Jesse, he's a smart man and I agree he has a that always has to be considered, but, I will say this, I have seen other reports on the same thing by people who don't have shows...I even have a sketch of the city below the DIA and those five buildings they have to admit that "buried buildings" was an odd move to make it you didn't want to get noticed. Yet, everything at the DIA seems to scream NOTICE US!!!!

You're are we suppose to know who's telling us the truth...that's why every now and then I put up post like this just to keep all of us awake and watchful.

Now, the smart ones of us keep open minds and keep the fear at bay so we can hear all thoughts on the matter like you and I are doing...then research some more until we can find answers.

You have to take it all with a grain of salt and then mix in logic....then and only then can you begin to fit the pieces of the puzzel together.

BTW...I'm a fan of you too! ;-)

You're a sweetheart for chating with one else was brave enough this week to comment

YES, me other guys and gals I'm talking about YOU!!!! Leave me hanging dry! Johnny get's me hero's button!!!

*wink to you all*
Big Hugs to you all
special hug to Johnny

Johnny D. said...

Aw thanks, Hawk. How very kind of you.

Honestly, I do think there is something going on behind the scenes, but I can't make sense of it. All I know for sure is that things never get better. Government always gets more power and grows bigger. We change teams from red to blue back to red again and so on, but government never really shrinks or takes less power.

I am positive (as I noted on my latest blog) that the world is run by the very wealthy and that politics and elections at the national level are real in the sense that they happen, but very controlled by the media and the very wealthy. You absolutely CANNOT be elected at the national level without a great deal of wealth behind you. And we will only pick between the selections the wealthy and media offer us.

What is actually going on, I do not know. I do know that I can't be overly concerned because I can't really do anything about it. All I can really try and control is my attitude and how I treat and care for my family and friends. Love is the fulfillment of the law and the best and brightest treasure our universe has to offer to the human condition. All I can do is love those around me and be a good husband to my wife and a good father to my sons and a loyal and true friend to my friends. :-)

Oscar said...

It's all a bunch of hooey to make money out of one way or another. Like Area 51, you don't hear much about that anymore. The Gov't does a lot of just-in-case stuff to pay everyone off for their donations to elections. I'm certainly not going to lose any sleep over it.

A man called Valance said...

Well, I guess that wraps that up. Well done Johnny.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Yap, that's what Johnny was saying...but what about the other tapes...not all are fakes. What about those?


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Cowboy! get your guns on over here! Now I ain't letting you off as easy as I did Oscar! Don't think you can skip out with such an easy didn't even listen to those tapes and I know you didn't because you don't like this kind of news...So I ain't gonna force you to watch them...but you best me knowing I know what you did...Hum! And to think I was giving you melons and pies! And don't be thinkin' I'll be bring steak and fried onions over to the porch anytime soon after wiggling your little behind on pass this post!

Miss Housty speaking up for Hawk!

A man called Valance said...

Guilt's written all over my face, huh?

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Yes! Just like when you're with those saloon gal's


A man called Valance said...

Well, I don't know how you knew, or even how you'd know I'd know you knew, but once I read Johnny's wise and sensible answers, I figured I had no reason to sit through all that baloney. Does this mean I'm in trouble again?

Houston A.W. Knight said...

LOL...Cowboy....No, you're not in trouble...with me, cain't say how you're doing with Miss Housty, but you're fine with me.


A man called Valance said...

She's got no call to be sore at me. I ain't done anything bad. Not lately, anyhow. The only reason I skipped your videos was so I could hurry back and give her a bunch of flowers.

Oscar said...

I take the tapes at face value, you can believe or not. I don't.