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From her website, about the author:

Veronica is a twenty year old author and marketing professional who published her first book "Guardians" in March of 2013

I've always loved reading. Books are the one place where a person can be whoever they want. Anything and everything you want to find, whether its magic, witches, unicorns, vampires, superheros, or angels, you can find hiding in the worlds stored in rows on your shelves.  Growing up I wrote silly little stories that I always just tossed aside, until one day an idea struck me that I simply couldn't shake. It followed me everywhere continuing to build until I finally gave in, picked up my laptop and started typing. Four years later I've built a world I hope all of you will enjoy getting lost in and love as much as I do.

I suppose I should tell you a little bit more about myself. I love art and travel. It's my goal to see every inch of this world before I leave. Fashion is my morning obsession as I dot my floor with shoes and drape clothes over every available surface in my room while I try to assemble an outfit. Reading is my free time. I'm convinced cracking the cover of a book speeds up time. In those rare moments when there is nothing to do, and I'm bored with this world, I spend time in another. Finally, I am a compulsive daydreamer who is constantly absorbed into and lost in my thoughts. Without a map or compass, I just explore so that when I find my way out, I can recreate that world on paper. I love to write ... shocker (grin), but most importantly I love meeting new people, so please check out the links BELOW and say hi.

From her Website Blurb:
Imagine being the strongest being in existence. It could get a little boring, right?  The Guardians knew this all too well. After centuries of unrivaled governance, the Guardians began to turn on each other. Their sadistic leader played his men like pawns and war soon swallowed the kingdom.  When the Guardians flushed out all the corrupt, they were cast out into the unexplored realms beyond the kingdom. From that point on the realms were split between the two opposing sides, the Guardians and the Fallen. Little did they know there was one more player, the humans. Earth rested smack in the middle of the two territories and the two seemed intent on tearing it to pieces as they deemed the new-found planet their battleground.  

Azalea Johnson is no typical human, but that’s news to her. In fact, the humans are completely unaware of the war that is threatening their existence. Since its beginning, the war has been fought in secret. It is kept hidden, fought on the very edges of human existence. The Guardians fought to keep the humans out of direct fire, but the Fallen’s influence did not go completely unnoticed. Their tainted energy began to change the humans. They learned to hate and lie, and the human’s corruption only fed the Fallen’s numbers. When the Guardians discovered that they may in fact lose the war, they too took advantage of the impressionable humans … but they took it a step further. They created a human. 

Azalea is born with a bright red target on her back and spends 18 long years on Earth blissfully unaware of what she is. She was created with the ability to possess the power of each of the Guardian elders. She is an unparalleled weapon whose loyalty will ultimately determine the outcome of the war… but there is just one problem. Being human means Azalea was born with a touch of the Fallen’s tainted energy, and being able to harness the power of both the Guardians and the Fallen makes her vulnerable to both. When the Guardians, desperate to protect their insurance, steal Azalea away from earth, the question remains. Were all of the tainted Guardians removed during their revolt, or is there something stronger brewing?

Life for Azalea becomes a dangerous game of hide and seek and her days are no longer minutes to outrun, but seconds to survive. 

Excerpt from the book: 

I sat brushing my hair. Aaron hadn’t spoken a word to me since we'd left Cathy back at Antioch. I watched him through the mirror as he stood beside my bed gazing around. He ducked down out of sight and I rolled my eyes. It was easier to focus on Aaron and this current moment than thinking back over all that had happened today. I refused to let myself be overwhelmed so I kept myself here: in the now. Aaron stepped back into view looking frustrated. I grinned at the thought of what in my room could have caused him such annoyance. His head snapped up then, his eyes meeting mine through the reflection of the mirror.
"Where is it?" his voice was thick with frustration.
"What?" he'd caught me truly off guard.
He vanished from the mirror. Just as I swung around to see where he'd gone, a hand grasped the back of my chair and jerked. Hard!
It scraped across the floor, rocking to a stop.  The motion nearly sent me toppling onto the floor. I scrambled off the chair and onto my feet. I took hold of his arm trying to steady myself, but the eyes I met when I looked up weren’t Aaron’s.
He was absolutely beautiful. His eyes were black as night and they locked onto mine. I moved to find Aaron who was now crouched by my bed tearing boxes and papers out from underneath.  The cold seemed to seep straight to my bones as I realized something was wrong. He wasn’t angry, he was frantic. 
The man's hand caught my face, slowly turning it back to his. Meeting his eyes was like being locked into a trance. The world seemed to slow to a stop. Aaron's shouted questions faded away like the volume on a stereo being slowly turned down.
I stood, caught in the snare of his eyes, trying desperately to determine what it was that was different about this Guardian. Just as I thought I'd been wrong and the panic began to ease, I found the answer I'd been looking for clear on his face. Like hot wax the flesh melted from his bones and underneath hid the most inhuman creature I could’ve imagined. To my horror, his face quickly snapped back to an absolutely beautiful mask. I stared into his eyes as something far off in my head clicked. His eyes, pitch black, stared back. He smiled now.
“Azalea…” he hissed.
 I ripped my frozen arm away from him, almost knocking myself over it in my haste, but it wasn’t fast enough to escape the snare of his hand. Burning raked through me and screams erupted, rattling through my mind as if they had nested themselves in my head. I screamed before I could catch myself. I cupped my hand over my mouth trying to smother them. I couldn’t have Dad or Erick come to find me with this monster. I moved my hand from my mouth and began to claw at his hand and face to no avail. I did absolutely no damage, but when I lifted my head to face him, there was no head to be found. His hand went limp and as the burning and screaming finally ceased, so did I. The complete absence of the overwhelming pain left me numb and dizzy, but I was aware that I was stumbling backwards. The beautiful face disintegrated in front of me, Aaron appearing from behind him. Its body crumpled to the ground, falling into a pile of stone: black shards of polished stone.
My stomach churned.
A picture grew before my eyes: piles and piles of the polished stone that had littered my property. I swallowed hard.
Aaron grabbed me, his arm locking around my waist, and heaved. I flew across the room soaring towards the wall. I screamed, sure I was seconds from slamming into the approaching wall, but before I reached it another set of arms took hold of me.
"Take a deep breath," I heard Noah say, and then it was like being dragged underwater. I could see nothing but black, my lungs were burning, begging for air. I was only aware that I was moving because of the rush against my skin. The blackness opened up into light, a familiar light with air. I was gasping, still in Noah's arms, still moving. He ran with me, the light growing darker. He was running me into the depths of my property.  I cringed, sinking into his arms. I didn’t want to be here, where the trees were packed so tightly that darkness fell upon the woods with an unnatural speed. With the sun sinking, there was nothing ahead but further darkness. The property drained the light from the sky and the trees swallowed all light and sound. It turned the property into a viscous game of hide-and-seek. Like a child left alone at night, I feared the monsters would find me when they emerged from their hiding places in the dark.
He set me down behind a large tree.
"Don’t move," he instructed before disappearing into the night.
I shook. Pressing my back as hard as I could against the tree, I wished it would just swallow me, holding me inside where no one would find me.
I could hear something moving deeper in the woods to my left. My skin erupted, sensations streaking down my back and through my chest. Try as I did, I couldn’t shake it, and it did nothing but enhance my awareness of the movement nearby.
"I was asked to watch you," a voice whispered. I screamed startled. I hadn’t realized I'd closed my eyes, but I found her face just inches from mine when I opened them.  It was a new face. She was young, barely older than me I figured. She crouched beside me, her hands clenched into fists at her side.
She seemed upset… no, I realized. She wasn’t upset. She was angry.
She turned harshly to me then and I struggled to see her face in the darkness. Lost as I was in my analysis of the girl, I didn’t notice the approaching Fallen.
I jumped when the girl suddenly screamed, clutching at her chest. She fell in front of me, a blade in her back, and stupidly I tried to catch her. I wanted to help, but as I leaned down to her a hand caught my ankle, yanking my legs out from underneath me. I screamed, my fingers tearing into the earth as I was dragged through the woods at an unbelievable speed. 


 Now on a more personal note, I asked Veronica a few questions so you can get to know her better.  I hope you enjoy the interview.

1)   Your new book 'Guardians' is a sci-fi - is this a genre' you've always been interested in and why?
a.    There will always be a soft spot in my heart for sci-fi and paranormal because I love the possibility of these mysteries existing in the real world, but I’m a bit of a genre hopper. I realized my love for reading when I was young and traveling with my parents. Each summer we would take a road trip to a new state, and each summer I looked forward to buying that new book for the car ride. As I got older I would bring two books, and when that wasn’t enough I started buying a new book on the road for the ride back. Once I finished a story, I always tried to read something on the other end of the spectrum. It was like exercising the different parts of my brain, but I enjoyed reading stories that had characters I could relate to, and that meant characters my age, so I’ve always been attracted to young adult.
2)   Do you see yourself writing in other genre's in the future?
a.    I can see myself writing in other genres. Just like I liked reading other genres, I’m already aching to stretch that new section of my brain and try my hand at another genre. I love the challenge it poses, but I know I won’t be able to escape my sci-fi genre for very long. It’s too much of a love of mine to every stray very far.
3)   What would you like everyone to know about you the author?
a.    Well, for starters I’m twenty years old, so I’m fairly new to the realm of published authors. But writing Guardians has stirred the writing fiend inside me, and I’ve reached the point of no return. In the beginning, when I would get discouraged I read this quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it” and it has become one of my absolute favorite quotes.
4)   What was your favorite scene to write and why?
a.    I loved writing chapter six. Chapter six has a lot of Cathy in it, and I absolutely love Cathy. You can’t help but love her. She is adorable, and hilarious, and honestly I have no idea where her character came from. But she also has secrets of her own, so she is quite a dynamic character to write. I also really enjoy weaving connections into my story, whether its connections between characters, or cause and effect from occurrences earlier in the story, I enjoy the challenge of fitting everything together.
5)   A lot of our readers are also authors who are considering self-publishing - why did you choose to do that over a more conventional means?
a.    It was a tough decision to make because of the war that seemed to be occurring between traditional publishing houses and the self-publishing route. So, after months and months of research I decided that it was time to think about what I wanted, and at the time, that was control. I was a bit of an over protective parent, and with a degree in marketing, I realized that I could play by my own rules and make my own success. Self-publishing was empowering. It made me work harder.
6)   Would you ever consider writing a romantic Sci-fi?
a.    I would love to weave some romance into the Guardians trilogy in the future.
7)   Are you a Star Trek fan or Super Hero fan?
a.    Super Hero. Super powers sum up my childhood fantasies. I wish I could be a super hero.
8)   Tell us something personal about Azalea Johnson, the heroine in 'Guardians', that isn't in the book? 
a.    Azalea’s inability to label herself with one title drives her mad. She is pulled in different directions, told what she is, but really she simply isn’t only one being. She was created for the Guardians, but her design was one of a kind. Unlike the Guardians, she kept her human form, and being human meant she also belonged to the Fallen. Human? Guardian? Fallen? Could she survive as all three?
9)   Is this book part of a series? If yes, what comes next? Give us a sneak preview 
a.    Yes, Guardians is part of a series. The Guardians have been straining to keep Azalea on their side, because by her design she is the weapon that could end the war between the Guardians and the Fallen. Her loyalty will determine who survives, but the light can’t claim her forever. It’s time Azalea learns the dark side of her design when she is stolen away by the Fallen.
10)  This book is in first person POV (Point of View) is this a preference and why? Or why not?
a.    Yes, first person is my preference. Writing in first person POV makes me work harder to understand my characters and really get inside their heads. It’s also just what comes natural. This is how I see the stories in my head, so that’s how I translate them onto paper (or onto my laptop anyway).
11)   Do you have any little rituals you do before or during your writing process?
a.    Music! I love listening to music. I curl up into a comfy spot and put in my headphones. Imagine Dragons is my current obsession.
12)     Where can your fans find you? (Web site and social media links)
a.    My website:
f.     Pinterest:
13)   What do you hope readers take away after reading one of your books?
a.    Inspiration, mystery, and hopefully a strong craving for more (grin).
14)    What do you like better ebook or paperback?
a.    I prefer paperbacks because of the nostalgia. The smell of a new book, and being able to dog ear my favorite pages, are just a few of my favorite characteristics, but I’ve realized that being able to carry hundreds of books with me on an app on my phone benefits my reading fanatic ways.
15)     What's the road to self-publishing been like?
a.    It’s been motivating, frustrating, a little lonely, and very empowering. Self-publishing has made me work harder and really think about what I want for my book and what it will take to get there, but it can also be frustrating because there is no one there to say, it’s okay if you don’t know how to get where you want to go. You don’t have the backing of an experienced agent or publishing house behind you. You have to learn how to do whatever it is that you don’t understand, on your own. But this has also been one of the most empowering experiences of my life. You are personally responsible for your own success. You gain an understanding of your audience and publishing that is much more personal.  You meet amazing people, like Hawk, that believe in you, and who teach you things that you wouldn’t have learned on your own. It drives you to succeed, and forces you to believe in yourself. 

Ah, did I tell you guys she was also SWEET?!
Well thank you hon. Honestly, it wasn't hard to believe in're the amazing one with a ton of talent...the minute I saw your blurb.. I was floored! You amazed me, as I'm sure you've amazed everyone here today!
Thanks for coming by. It was fun, and I'll see you over at The Smutty Hussy's (Cecile's) Place soon! I promise...I won't let her corrupt you! *wink* Like she did me!

 And if you want to check out Veronica's other "GIRL TALK AND OTHER  FUN THINGS" BLOG on fashion, crafts, writing and other delights, click here:



I want to thank all of you who have continued to visit my blog even in my absence. You're the best!



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