Friday, July 26, 2013



SADLY, I'm here to tell you all that we've lost another one of our friends, Mz Havens, to word press. 

That's right, she is moving her blog...seems blogger doesn't want adult themes on their site anymore, so she's following Miss Cecile. I'm shouting out for all to hear, so you can keep tabs on them and know where they've gone. Sad to see them go.

You can find her over there at        

Give her until the weekend to get her site moved over and get it running. Then drop in to give her a big welcome, she'll be happy to see you all, I know that.

I have to admit, I wasn't happy to hear of the changes blogger is making, it rubs me Irish blood wrong, it feels like a form of control...guess they never heard of FREEDOM OF SPEECH. 

To me that was what blogging was all about. The blogs we visited were places we each had the freedom to go to and experience another persons point of view, make believe world, fantasy land, or to be swept off our feet in some new erotic world...if we disagreed with it too strongly, we just didn't go back...BUT WE MADE THAT CHOICE...someone didn't MAKE IT FOR US.

So, seeing that I don't agree with BLOGGERS point of view on this issue... I'm tipping me hat to all the thousands of readers I've enjoyed sharing my point of view with, and I will be making the move with Miss Cecile and Mz Havens to WORD PRESS, who seem to still honor what Americans have always fought for....FREEDOM.

I haven't gotten my blog there dressed up yet...give me until next weekend when I hope to have a grand opening ~ waiting for your "welcome home" party when you come see me.



Houston Havens said...

I'll see you there Hawk!


Houston A.W. Knight said...

June M!

Thank you for being the first follower to my new blog over on word's not up and running yet but I think you're so sweet to go over there and show you're support! I won't forget you were the first one to visit not so ready to go site! MY choice to move was a quick you found out...but do go back because I'll have it up and running soon!

big hugs and thank you!

Oscar said...

Sorry to see you leaving, but will check in at wordpress occasionally to keep tabs. Good luck!

Limos in Miami said...

I will definitely visit you there!!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Oscar! HUGS! Don't stop visiting...I might be here for awhile yet. I'm checking on how to get soooo many years here moved over there...I will have an auto link so when I do move when you come here it'll flip you over there.

I want to make this as easy on my readers as I can.

Talk to you soon
Big hugs

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Limos in Miami!

Thank you for coming to visit and for following..I'll be here for a while yet...I've soooo much to move over...but not to worry, when I do move there will be an auto link to get you over to visit me there!

and right now I'm coming over to see you at your place!


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Aaah Limo's all I got was an ad!

:-( I'll catch you next time when you're here to visit.