Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Just a note!

Me move's taking longer than I just never know how much junk you gather until you move, and that's what I'm finding out about moving me blog. 

I've got years worth of posts and comments I don't want to it'll be a little while longer before I complete this "big move"....not to worry, when I do make it over there it will automatically switch you over and you'll see my 'Welcome to my new home' post when that happens!

Until then...anyone wanting to help me move...speak up! *WINK* funny how all your friends vanish when you've got to move! LOL ....  I KNOW YOU'RE ALL HIDING FROM ME!



Neil Waring’s –Western Ramblings said...

Still helping Valance get out of jail then I'll be over, but remember my bad back and sore feet, but I can supervise.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Why Neil, you're the sweetest cowboy around...and a supervisor would be welcome...where shall we start?

Thanks for stopping in Neil

Big hugs

Oscar said...

As me Daddy used to say, "Take yer time, but hurry up about!" We're all waiting on pins and needles and maybe a toddy.rarytAc

Houston A.W. Knight said...

LOL Oscar...I'm doing the best I can but it's one of me dearest friends that is actually making my move for me since she knows how to do it and I don''s a lot of work and right now she's been busy with more important things...seems we all are right you'll be stuck with me awhile

big hugs for the visit