Monday, September 30, 2013


Sometimes people come into your life, and you're not sure why, but you're damn grateful they did. This is the case for me when Evan Marshall and Martha Jewett contacted me...I want to thank my special guests Evan and Martha for stepping into my world for this short but wonderful moment in time. IT HAS BEEN MY PLEASURE WORKING WITH YOU BOTH AND I HOPE WE CAN DO IT AGAIN IN THE FUTURE.

For those of you who missed this months awesome contest and give away ~ I'm posting the covers and links (just click on the photos to go to the links) where you can find the software, many helpful articles of interest for writers and non-writers and their e-books.

For those of you who didn't see my post about this software...YES, I do have the software and I highly recommend it for all levels of writers and authors.

Evan and Martha, again thank you both for such a great month and for the fabulous article you shared with my readers.  I thank you for the contest and all the very lucky winners who received your wonderful gifts.

For those who won...Congratulations!

For those who didn't, I hope you had a great time this month and will take my advice and go out and buy this wonderful software...I kid you not, this is a must for all writers at every level!

for all who missed this big event, here are the links:


To my's good to be back and able to offer you such a fantastic return to posting...without all of you this blog would not be possible! I love you all!


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